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Folien zur Vorlesung Wirtschaftsinformatik

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Ein Bericht eines Absolventen - Karriere in der Consultingindustrie.

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Folien zur Vorlesung Wirtschaftsinformatik

  1. 1. Consulting. Design. Agile Projects. Products. Innovation Hosting. Alumni Uni Klagenfurt Reisebericht eines Informatikabsolventen (96-01) Walter Strametz, CTO - please follow me @WalterStrametz
  2. 2. 13.01.2016 2 Steckbrief ti&m 210 Mitarbeiter Schweiz Kein (Near¦Far)-Shoring Coole Technik Agile Innovation Design Thinking «Traue keinem der nicht pogrammiert!» www.ti8m.ch Walter Strametz, CTO Dipl.-Ing., IMD Executive MBA Member of the Executive board ti&m Head of Mobile/IoT, Architecture and Agile
  3. 3. 20 30 40 50 13.01.20163 Alumni – Beispiel Jack Ma Jack Ma CEO Alibaba bit.ly/1J2vKOW 60 Before you turn 20 years old, be a good student. …just to get some experience. Before you turn 30 years old, follow somebody. … go to a small company. Do all the things that you are good at. ……don’t try to jump into a new area, its to late. a new Work for the young people. …. invest in them, and make sure they’re good.
  4. 4. Alumni – My Way HAK Weiz (Stmk) Uni Klagenfurt Abroad term, Stony Brook, New York Diplom- arbeitspreis Ilogs Startup Workflow@UBS Head of Development ti&m, 1.0 Architekt SBB Founding Member ti&m Bern IMD No1 MBA CH ti&m, 2.0 CTO & Digital Leadership Board Member 20 25 30 35 40 Uni Klagenfurt Hands-on, relevant, direkter Kontakt, gute Umgebung
  5. 5. 13.01.2016 5 Hands-on Erfahrung (etwas bauen) ist für die ersten Jahre unersetzbar und ein Alumni - Consulting Bekannte Namen: Accenture, Altran Group, Capgemeni, BCG, McKinsey Bauen Software, oft auch Hands-on, aber grosse Firma. Wenn ja, dann sollte es dort jemanden geben, zu dem etwas lernen kann! Was tut man im Consulting? - Verschiedenste Projekte in verschiedenen Branchen umsetzen. - Oft Stress – den Letzten beissen die Hunde! - Ideal für Lernen, knüpfen von Netzwerken. - Consulting == keine Schwächen zeigen, immer auf dem neuesten Stand sein. Top-Notch Consulting Unternehmen verändern, transformieren, Menschen beeinflussen.
  6. 6. 13.01.2016 6 Die «garage» trifft den «Nerv» bei vielen grossen Organisationen Alumni – Beispiel Angewandtes Consulting Was erzählen wir unseren Kunden? Beispiel: «ti&m garage»
  7. 7. 13.01.2016 7 Consulting bietet insbesondere für Absolventen ein solides Sprungbrett! Alumni – Beispiel angewandtes Consulting «ti&m garage» Methodik, entstanden aus Erfahrungen aus dem Projektgeschäft zB Projekt «eamXchange» der Credit Suisse garage == Cross-Over zwischen Scrum, Lean-Startup und Design Thinking Bemerkung am Rande: - We are hiring! Absolventen, Masterarbeiten; ca 40 offene Stellen: - oder auch nur ein «Lab-Visit» in Zürich. - Mail, Social-Connect oder schaut einfach vorbei! PS: Don’t judge us by our website… ;)
  8. 8. Consulting. Design. Agile Projects. Products. Innovation Hosting. Let’s start … 13.01.20168
  9. 9. 13.01.2016 9 Only 20 % (or less) of functionality is used. Which 20 % ???
  10. 10. 13.01.2016 10 …building the right stuff right! It is about …
  11. 11. Design Thinking makes the use of a product or a service intuitive by involving the end-user. Design Thinking brings your product from  Here to there 
  12. 12. 13.01.2016 12 Why is it so hard?
  13. 13. 13.01.2016 13 Bosses, silos, no-sayers, bureaucracy, compliance, Sarban Oxley Act, processes, platforms, powerful architects, best practices, senior staff and developers, missing interest, nobody actually cares, featuremania communication barriers, customers are too far away, big plans and projects, barriers, too much people are involved, daily routines, culture, geographical separation, misunderstandings, …………
  14. 14. 13.01.2016 14 get into the “garage” conclusion:
  15. 15. 13.01.2016 15 • Leave wherever you are working now. • Get you team into the garage (Co-location) • Apply a crossover between Scrum, Design Thinking and Lean Startup. methodology:
  16. 16. 13.01.2016 16 The garage is the physical melting pot of innovation, iteration and market focus. garage – Basis is Scrum Backlog Tasks Scrum Artefacts & ceremonies: - Daily Standup - Reviews, Retros - Backlog, Stories, Epics - Backlog Grooming - Planning Typical Learnings: - Is the product good? - Is it relevant? … are we still working on the “TV remote”? Product ? ? Where is the customer and the market? Scrum
  17. 17. 13.01.2016 17 The garage is the physical melting pot of innovation, iteration and market focus. garage – Method overview Backlog Tasks Use time blocker for the tools ti&m garage Empathize Artefacts & ceremonies: - Ideation, e.g. Brainstorms - Personas and Immersion - Paper prototypes & wireframes - Immersion, Interviews - Gut Check Fixed time block and budget, select tools you need that your product will pivot towards real needs. Scale artefacts & ceremonies: - Find first customers - Measure success – data driven decisions - Business model and its assumptions Product & Pitch
  18. 18. 13.01.2016 18 A typical ti&m garage lasts for 4-6 months or budgets about 20-30 months FTEs garage –Phases overlap co-located in the ti&m garage ti&m garage sets the stage for out-of-the- box innovations and speed. We create productive software within a short time frame to create the opportunity to learn from the market and also transform your company by building new capabilities. FTEs months iterate empathize scale Optional field research - Deep dive into customers, the job-to-be-done and pain points - Researchers accompany customers for some time - Create insights for innovations: Our partners will ensure that the research is “out-of-the-box”. co-location in ti&m garage
  19. 19. ImplementationRamp up Finish 13.01.2016 19 ti&m garage: Get something FAST, which is loved by customers and successful in the market! Team & Vision Contract Kick-off (alle) Set the stage garage …  Guarantees Agility.  Transparency for all.  Simply no waste. Get together in a room to work on the product. Visualize everything in the garage. garage– Sample garage project – duration 3 months Iterate – 12 Sprints – 2 weeks each
  20. 20. 13.01.2016 20 Examples
  21. 21. 13.01.2016 21 People inside the garage get transformed – new behaviours, understanding and communication structure evolve! This make ti&m garage a proper vehicle for digital transformation. garage – a developers journey through the garage Map current user journey & pain points Create paper prototype & “Play” to discuss the solution Vision, epics, stories for 1st planning ready Low-Res. Prototype& Interviews Expedition Pivot – dump initial ideas UX Lab Party! Research Visualization happens inside the ti&m garage DT tools as usually in-between sprints. Analytics to proof business model Scrum development 1.0 CHF 10,-
  22. 22. 13.01.2016 22 Make the MVP ready for C-level pitching. garage– PostFinance Chat: The Journey & Lessons Learned  Six weeks of learning instead of paper  Partial rollout  Integration in Devops-Mode  Successful MVP Paper prototype & Design Rollout OK Pitch ti&m garage / Scrum development Kickoff 08 09 10 Watson? FB Chat Mobile Integration 11 12 6 Wochen Development time
  23. 23. 13.01.2016 23 Come and see our garage in action: We invite you for a Lab-Visit @ ti&m! Picture: Design Thinking Workshop at a client’s site
  24. 24. Consulting. Design. Agile Projects. Products. Innovation Hosting. Tools
  25. 25. 13.01.2016 25 empathize Empathize Your product needs love. Big ideas must also feel good in customers hands. Feel your customer pain-points. Listen and observe customers to improve the product and learn from their ideas.
  26. 26. 13.01.2016 26 Groups co-create ideas by drawing solutions on a table and then switching it to push ideas further garage – World Café: Brainstroming for large groups Lsfkklj Lkfjlfj Lkfjljsjlkfj lkfjsjd Lsfkklj Lkfjlfj Lkfjljsjlkfj lkfjsjd Lsfkklj Lkfjlfj Lkfjljsjlkfj lkfjsjd 1. Lsfkklj Lkfjlfj Lkfjljsjlkfj lkfjsjd Lsfkklj Lkfjlfj Lkfjljsjlkfj lkfjsjd 2. Lsfkklj Lkfjlfj Lkfjljsjlkfj lkfjsjd Lsfkklj Lkfjlfj Lkfjljsjlkfj lkfjsjd
  27. 27. 13.01.2016 27 Design Thinking helps generating ideas, understanding customers, working together on a product idea or a way to solve complex problems by thinking out-of-the-box. garage– Design Thinking Walk in your customers’ shoes. Conduct fieldre- search, observe, talk, look for stories, interview, immerse yourself in their world. Group and synthesize your findings. Form a user point- of-view and define criteria for the product or service. Brainstorm to find a brought variety of solutions. Based on previous work, select the best fit or combine ideas. Show, don’t tell. Create a play, work on paper prototypes, wireframes and interact with them. Build a high grade prototype. Show your customers and learn from their feedback. Iterate for a better version. Source/Based on Standford Design School Empathize Define Ideate Prototype Test
  28. 28. 13.01.2016 28 Foster Customer Obsession with Human Centered Design garage – Human Centered Design Design & Usability Engineering User Experience Design & Usability before during usage after Expectations Experience Human Centered Design1 1) http://www.ideo.com/images/uploads/hcd_toolkit/IDEO_HCD_ToolKit.pdf
  29. 29. Tech Trends 13.01.2016 29 Do not get caught in “not invented here”: implementing the obvious > finding a great idea. garage – Open Innovation: “Crowd source” your ideas and challenges Competitors Internal Ideas Customer Ideas Open Innovation Platform Articles Studies research ti&m garage scaled products New market Current market
  30. 30. 13.01.2016 30 Iterate Iterate, but do it right. It is not about slicing down work from a big pile. Rethink your agenda, add time- blocker for the tools of the garage. Put artefacts on the wall of the garage and co-locate their members.
  31. 31. 13.01.2016 31 Incorprate all techniques into the iterations. Create a mindful and open mind for team members. garage – Scrum
  32. 32. 13.01.2016 32 Reliable, automated and EASY deployment are non-negotiable! garage – Slay the deploy dragon with DevOps Preconditions and tools  Infrastructure as a code  Technology and Know-How driven  Docker, Open-Shift  Unit and automated end-to-end tests  Cloud driven scalability  Deploy on «green»  Deploy on automated test-success?  Configs are in version control  Canary server and A/B testing  Data driven descisions DEV TEST UAT PRE-PROD PROD Cultural fit  Ready to fail?  QA has to let loose & developer teams are responsible for quality  Everybody is a developer, even the Ops-guys!  Establish and look at feedback loops Ship Run Build
  33. 33. 13.01.2016 33 Scale A product that customers love is worth nothing, if it doesn’t sell. Think about what it takes to make it a real success. Visualize your most important assumptions, and test these assumptions with new Stories in your Backlog.
  34. 34. 13.01.2016 34 The BMC creates awareness for features which help to create a successful business model. garage – Business Model Canvas Visualize your business  Think it through.  Put it on the wall.  See & capture how the model is changing!  Also developers have to understand the whole picture.
  35. 35. 13.01.2016 35 Our workshop of business model innovation helps to think of alterative ways for delivering value. garage - Business Model Innovation Auction? Cross Selling? Flat Rate? Freemium? Long-Tail? Or everything combined? Revolutionize your industry by building on 55 basic business model patterns as a powerful approach for executives and strategic innovators (1). Pay per weight 1) http://www.bmi-lab.ch/fileadmin/images/home/The_St.Gallen_Business_Model_Navigator.pdf
  36. 36. 13.01.2016 36 Never lose focus: A winning team, a compelling product and a clear business plan garage – The “Venture Pitch”: 7 Slides about the most important facts 1. Market opportunity  Total addressable market, current customer (buying) behaviours  Where is their pain point?  How much is spent on competitors product? 2. Your product/service  Technology, architecture  What if your plan fails? What are you assumptions?  Sales cycle – Pricing? Timing? 3. Your business model  Growth milestones  Plan B and C 4. Your competition  Who serves your customers right now?  What are they doing wrong or right? 5. Your team  Background; have they worked together?  Relevant connections 6. Your soft side  Do you know your stuff? Are you unsure? 7. Your valuation  Valuation based on future cash flows
  37. 37. Wir digitalisieren Ihr Unternehmen. Consulting. Design. Agile Projects. Products. Innovation Hosting. ti&m AG Buckhauserstrasse 24 CH-8048 Zürich Belpstrasse 39 CH-3007 Bern Telefon +41 44 497 75 00 E-Mail info@ti8m.ch Twitter @ti8m_ag Facebook ti8m.ch/fb www.ti8m.ch