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Camunda BPM 7.4 - What can you expect from the next release?

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A short preview of the next Camunda release.

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Camunda BPM 7.4 - What can you expect from the next release?

  1. 1. Camunda BPM 7.4 Preview Daniel Meyer @meyerdan
  2. 2. Camunda 7.4 Preview Camunda 7.4 is the upcoming minor release of Camunda BPM. We perform two minor releases per year. Camunda 7.4 will be released on 30.11.2015
  3. 3. Highlights of Camunda 7.4 ● Support for Business Decision Management based on DMN. ● Improved BPMN Support and Coverage. ● Improved CMMN Support and Coverage. ● Better Operations and Asynchronous Execution Performance. ● Improved Documentation.
  4. 4. DMN (Decision Model and Notation) is the new standard for Business Decision Management. DMN is developed by the OMG (Object Management Group), the same “guys” behind BPMN and CMMN. Related terms: - Business Rules Management (BRM), - Business Rules Engines, - Decision Tables, - JBoss Drools, Visual Rules, ... DMN and Business Decision Management
  5. 5. Decisions play an important role in Business Processes: Why Business Decision Management?
  6. 6. Example
  7. 7. Just like Processes, decisions are “Business Logic”. 1. Need to be understood by Business and IT, 2. Need to be implemented so that they can be a. versioned, b. monitored, c. changed quickly. Decisions are Business Logic
  8. 8. Read: “Why DMN is the next big thing and you will be excited” by Jakob Freund http://www.bpm-guide.de/2015/08/23/dmn-camunda/ Homework:
  9. 9. With Camunda 7.4 we release an end-to-end Framework for DMN: 1. Embeddable, super fast and lightweight Decision Engine written in Java, 2. Browser-based Decision Table Editor written in Javascript, 3. Seamless integration with Camunda BPMN and CMMN Engine a. Decision Repository, b. Business Rule Tasks, Scripts and Conditions, c. History and Audit Data, d. Rest API 4. Monitoring in Cockpit 5. Live Changes of Decisions in Cockpit DMN in Camunda 7.4
  10. 10. 1. BPMN Coverage a. Complete support for all Escalation Events b. Improved Support for Compensation i. Start Event (Event Subprocess) ii. Throwing End Event c. Improved Support for Signal Events (Event Subprocess) 2. Asynchronous Continuations for Multi Instance Activities Implemented in 3 weeks by Philipp: our continuous improvements and refactorings in the engine core have really payed off! Improved BPMN Support
  11. 11. BPMN Escalation
  12. 12. Improved CMMN Support CMMN Repetition Rule has landed!
  13. 13. Job Executor Improvements Important when you process 100000+ Jobs per day. 1. Powerful yet simple Job Prioritization Feature <bpmn:serviceTask … camunda:asyncBefore="true" camunda:jobPriority="100" /> 2. Scalability and Performance Enhancements
  14. 14. And much more ● Native Support for File Variables & File Upload (Engine + Tasklist), ● Tomcat 8 Support, ● Stack Overflow Bugfix, ● Improved Scripting Support (yet again), ● Cockpit usability improvements ● BPMN Heatmap ● ...
  15. 15. New Documentation ● Better usability ● Builds in < 1 second ● Easier to contribute to ● “Makes writing Documentation fun again” (Sebastian Menski) http://docs.camunda.org/manual/latest