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Reisebericht Miersch Okt 2012 BG/HU

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Reisebericht Miersch Okt 2012 BG/HU

  1. 1. Azubi – Europa Internship Calendary Bulgaria – Hungary 15th – 26th of october 2012 by Julia Miersch Trainee as eventmanager at„Lutherstadt Wittenberg Marketing GmbH“ This Project is cofinanced from the European Union (ESF) and the Federal State Saxony-Anhalt
  2. 2. Structure 1. 2. 3. 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 4. 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 4.7 4.8 4.9 5. 6. 7. The project azubi-europa The participants Bulgaria (general information, differences) Varna Airport Oiltanking Telepol & Alcomet Sightseeing Hungary (general information) Kalandpálya Csillebérc Tourist information Sightseeing The Hungarian Parliament Buildung Scavenger Hunt MOL Rail Cargo Hungaria BbS Petrik Lajos Lite Wellness Project work Freetime Sources
  3. 3. The project azubi-europa The project azubi-europa is organised and coordinated by the company isw (Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Beratung mbH) and cofunded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt.
  4. 4. The participants Kathleen Furkert, Michael Lenz, Andreas Patzer, Sabine Starke, Lucas Hickethier, Daniel Langbein, Sarah Franke, Felix Märtin, Julia Miersch
  5. 5. Our first week: Bulgaria key facts: Capital: Official language: form of government: Area: Population: Official script: Currency: Sofia Bulgarian republic 110.994 sq km 7,6 million Cyrillic Leva
  6. 6. Some important facts about Bulgaria: Membership: EU since 2007 Important industries: chemical industry food-processing industry metallurgy - important trading partner: Germany, Russia, Turkey - over 500 German companies in Bulgaria
  7. 7. Varna Airport - One Runway 2500 m - 24 hour operations, no slot constraints - 10 739 ATM’s in 2012 - 1 221 468 passengers in 2012 - more than 100 destinations in 57 countries - Catchment area of 2,8 Mln passengers a tour by Dimitar Kostadinov A fascinating look behind the scenes of an airport and its security
  8. 8. Oiltanking has in Varna -the largest and busiest port in Bulgaria- has short distances to other markets like Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and good road and rail connections in every directions. It has a jetty capacity of 25,000 dwt and can transport sulphur acid through tanker, railcar and pipeline. It was interesting to learn about customer acquisition and retention of a multinational company on the Bulgarian market. …impressive insights!
  9. 9. Getting to know the biggest aluminium producer company on a balkan peninsula and a company for security systems and technics ended with a guided tour and a breathtaking view in Shumen.
  10. 10. Sightseeing in Varna Ivan Vazov – National Theater The cathedral – the orthodox symbol The Roman Baths
  11. 11. Our second week: Hungary Key facts: Capital: Official language: form of government: Area: Population: Currency: Budapest Hungarian republic 93.036 sq km 10,1 million Forint
  12. 12. Some important facts about Hungary: Membership: EU since 2004 Important industries: pharmaceuticals food-processing industry automotive - important trading partner: Germany, Austria, Italy - Main industry locations: Győr, Miskolc, Budapest
  13. 13. Kalandpálya CSILLEBERC Adventure-event and team-building I gained lots of new experiences about the marketing of the theme park. In a course we got to know our strengths and weeknesses which created self-confidence and made us trust in others.
  14. 14. While talking to an employee of the tourist information we received lots of information on current events in Budapest and surroundings. Occupational background information on local eventmanagement and city marketing completed our visit.
  15. 15. Sightseeing in Budapest
  16. 16. The Hungarian Parliament Building Experience the Hungarian history … … magnificent and breathtaking!
  17. 17. Scavenger Hunt Independent orientation in teams Little Princess Central Market Hall Heroe s Square
  18. 18. Getting to know one of the largest and worldwide operating company of Hungary. MOL is an integrated oil and gas group in Hungary
  19. 19. BILK - as Hungary's leading novelty, the intermodal terminal has since 2003 successfully been fulfilling non-accompanied (container, swap-body, semi-trailer) cargo needs managing the intermodal freight transport units and operating as a crossroad for East-West intermodal freight forwarding in the CEE region Container as far as the eye can reach!
  20. 20. BbS Petrik Lajos Presentation of the Hungarian and German vocational education and training and group discussion about the differences of both systems, especially the dual system in Germany. Taking part in an english lesson Comparing the everyday life of both nations.
  21. 21. Lite Wellness Guided tour through an established Hungarian fitness studio and learning about its marketing department.
  22. 22. project work During the project work we learned about the countries, their economy and culture, intercultural communication preparing us for the final test. Also we learned some useful words Hungarian and Bulgarian for the every day life.
  23. 23. freetime
  24. 24. Sources -my own notes -www.varna-airport.bg -www.oiltanking.com -www.telepol.com -www.kalandpalya.com -www.tourinform.hu -www.nkogy.hu -www.mol.hu -www.railcargo.hu -www.petrik.hu - www.litewellness.hu -www.azubi-europa.de -www.wikipedia.de
  25. 25. Thank you for your attention!