egyptian coptic language egyptian language statues new kingdom art egyptian statues middle kingdom egyptian art sculpture inscriptions art history kunstgeschichte royal statuary privat statuary kunsthistorisches museum magic etymology vienna hamito-semitic egypt late period old kingdom hieroglyphs old dialects hstory" afroasiatic phonology voiced consonants emphatic consonants late grammar style narration report lexical roots dynasty 18 portraiture. old nubian amarna period 18 dynasty stelae palatalisation historical phonology case absolutive neues reich altes reich egyptian antiquities museum wien gematria incantations magical texts isopsephie rominian latin greek palatschinken palacsinta plakous dacia pannonia classification university school african languages african languages manufacturing statues project demotic egyptian lexicon root lexicon trieste egyptian collection vienna focalising constructions conjugations relative clauses second tenses relative constructions dialect variation sound change coptic language sculpture egyptian egyptian arabic serbian turkish royal statues. private statues ramesside period berlin corpus antiquitatum aegytiacarum second intermediate period caa hans goedicke egyptology non-royal statues nominal conjugated verb forms negative constructions verbal sentences kings pharaohs portraiture royal sculpture emphasizer -lo nubian language private persons egyptian reliefs egyptian sculpture succo mask sculptor's studies beja bedauye blemmyes ostraca inscriptions egypt d egyptian epigraphics statues "late period" hierogl stelae. vienna egyptian hieroglyphs canopics 18th dynasty opening of the sight abydos epigraphics "tomb stelae" egypt "new kingdom" "18 dynasty" "of egyptian and near eastern collection Ägyptisch-orientalische sammlung egyptian pharaonic medicine syntactic alignment afroasiati sound changes phonetics transcription afroasiatic languages egyptian art art 2dimensional art 3dimensional art cushitic languages afro-asiatic berber language gyptisch-orientalische sammlung tuthmosis iii amenophis iii echnaton akhenaten amarna hatschepsut 19th century napoleon dynasty 19 middle kingdom amarnakunsti plaster model plaster cast hungarian language classification verbal roots reduplication
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