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How to earn money online (eXopin)

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Our detailed pitch for the free Wordpress plugin eXopin, which helps you to sell your blog postings easily via your own Paypal account.

It gives you a solid overview of the ideas behind it and stays away from these senseless "get rich quick" ideas by promoting a solid content quality approach.

Join the blogging for money movement the right way!

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How to earn money online (eXopin)

  1. 1. How to earn money online Using WordPress and a fabulous free plug-in called eXopin Earn Money Online
  2. 2. Are you tired of the daily slog to the office? Earn Money Online
  3. 3. Is there no hope at all of self- expression... ...or creativity in your job? Earn Money Online
  4. 4. Can you WRITE... ...about ANY SUBJECT? Earn Money Online
  5. 5. Marketing Execs all over the Internet need original WordPress content - URGENTLY • In 2013, blogs are used extensively by companies to market their products • Corporate marketing teams can't keep up with the workload • Many of them are outsourcing the work to independent bloggers – and offering good money! Earn Money Online
  6. 6. If you have a WordPress blog… …you too can SELL your posts! Earn Money Online
  7. 7. It's actually a really simple concept... • Run one or more blogs on any subject you like • Write blog posts about topics you are knowledgable about • Directly or indirectly promote products: corporate sites need "neutral" content from subject matter experts • They can't produce this material in-house, so they need writers like you! Earn Money Online
  8. 8. Pick a topic, then write Your WordPress site becomes a fast, steady source of income Earn Money Online
  9. 9. But what about the technical hurdles? • No problem. There's a tool called eXopin that handles this automatically • Just install the free plug-in for WordPress • Authenticate with PayPal Access • Then you can add a Buy Button to your own blog posts • The eXopin tool collects payment and passes it on to you • And transfers the blog content to the buyer's WordPress site Earn Money Online
  10. 10. Sound too good to be true? It's not! Earn Money Online
  11. 11. Not only that… • All published posts are listed in the eXopin marketplace • A top browsing location for marketing teams looking for blog content! • You don't need to look for clients: they'll find your blog posts in seconds! Earn Money Online
  12. 12. Example Successful WordPress Sites using eXopin Earn Money Online
  13. 13. With eXopin, there's no more dull office work! Enjoy being paid to write from home. Earn Money Online
  14. 14. Try it today! It's free. http://www.exopin.com Earn Money Online