Data-To-Value Builder Template

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Use our ”Data-To-Value Builder” to design how to achieve your business objectives with data.

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Data-To-Value Builder Template

  1. 1. © 2017 Orange HillsTM GmbH. All rights reserved. DATA-TO-VALUE BUILDEROrange HillsTM GmbH | | Follow us on Twitter: @orangehillsgmbh Data What internal and external data do we need to create the defined information? What information is required to a) derive the defined insights or b) achieve the business objectives (directly)? Information What insights do we need to understand to achieve the business objectives in the focus area? InsightsBusiness objectives Which business objectives do we want to achieve with data? Lean offerings post-launch Data can be used Qualify the data based on availability and usability Investment required Too difficult to get Focus Which of the objectives are most important for our business and we are confident enough about what insights / information / data we need to know? Confidence Importance Team DateIteration 1 2 3 What is the difference between data, information and insights? Data Information Insights Business objective ”raw”, unorganised and without meaning on its own. Example: 567 terminations of service agreements Example: Annual churn rate is 20% Industry benchmark is 30% interpreted data with contextual meaning. Example: Customer retention strategy better than average ...are conclusions derived from information. Ideation