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industrial wastes and by products in partial replacement of wood ash and quarry dust wi hydraulic characteristics of flow and energy dissi effect of shape of main reinforcement in slabs comparison of pier cap analysis and rehabilitation magnetic hysteresis of soft magnetic material unde pso based fractional order automatic generation co a role of innovative idea management in hrm 50120140507002 simulation of a cstr model for thevetia peruviana numerical simulation of bioremediation of poly aro hybrid layer of protection analysis and bow tie an using k-means cluster and fuzzy c means for defect power management of wind and solar dg pwm control strategies for multilevel inverters ba voice linear programming zigbee. an improvised design implementation of sram design and development of 4 cylinder gasoline engi karanja methyl ester intercritical annealing dual phase steel toughness defects internal threads performance characteristics swirl enhancement digital signature recognition wavelet transform mass production minimum quantity lubrication ccd cutting tool turning atmospheric corrosion fick equations non-linear parabolic equation indian gooseberry drying kinetics hygroscopic material aonla (phyllanthus emblica) 30120140507009 2 potentiodynamic polarization corrosion inhibitor concrete reinforced steel central composite design (ccd) tool wear rate (twr) sdlc 10120140507004 reflector aperture area rim angle porous pin fin base shear irrigation articulated trailer pollution gtg (gas turbine generator) power plant ner (neutral earthing resistor) net (neutral earthing transformer) outsourcing scc flyash engine with low heat rejection combustion chamber mild steel corrosion inhibition flexure strength resource allocation ontology routing attacks crumb rubber rice husk louver fin capacitor bank trigger mechanism coil gun ais electro discharge machine ss 316 electrode wear rate youth cement replacement spatial video dwt alumina abs wear distillate output dunkle constant bath temperature 189 element solid elements 188 element euler-bernoulli’s beam equation beam analysis vikor topsis iris biometric predictive analytics predictive modeling maro estuary environmental factors fish kurau bank loans farming feasibility pulut uri corn wanggo river stock msy arwana fish job seeker autonomous region unemployment rate population growth information security indicator of current risk information communication systems of transport map reduce. partitions semantic similarity search retrieval macroeconomics focus groups pluralism pedagogy load shedding. system configurations transient stability dynamic positioning system decisions making support system incomplete information the differential game optimal strategies of investing smart city shelling efficiency separating/cleaning shelling melon splunk and real-time. quality of work-life hand layup. carbon fibers hybrid polymer polymer composites machine improvement strategies. vehicle range extension.. vehicle range specific energy solar cell based charging electric vehicle charging of battery aa2024-t3 glass beads shot peening sym8 haar sdc moisture content. structural surface beniseed emotional intelligence and affective commitment organizational politics brake specific fuel consumption. pre-heating self-esteem and adolescents mobile dependency research and development information and communication technology tungsten inert gas welding voltage input to the vibromotor vibratory welding poverty and urbanization food security crimes farmers. gel classification: q14 welfare credit cubic splines well bore storage laplace transformation pressure sand face well testing deconvolution cassava peels sustainable pavements rheological properties bitumen marshall stability bio-oil horizontal wells black oil simulator breakthrough time post breakthrough performance vertical wells gas-and-water coning ricci soliton projective flat manifold almost pseudo symmetric manifold k ̈hler manifold semi-symmetric non-metric connection robot manipulator. kinematic joint actuator low and off. matured field pentaho system reporting etl business intelligence rice bran oil cottonseed oil education policy population structure population size demography stem engineering and mathematics science staggered tube bank and in-line tube bank cross-flow tubetype heat exchanger finite element simulation forced convective heat transfer zero waste practice/ thinking operational process action research neutral margin attrition retail shrinkage retail store loss market structures strategic commodities distribution channels verification system pension employers analysis. swot medicine traditional isixhosa and south africa indigenous languages engineering education afrikaans employee engagement. employee safety workplace health safety culture manufacturing etc role interference role overload stainless steel. low machinability wood charcoal downdraft integration of models automated design systems parametric modeling generalized model of the construction object life cycle bim technology cr2o3 and tib2 reinforcing aluminium motion artifact human-machine interface electrooculography gsm. fire detection wireless sensor networks (wsns) vedanta. nalco corporate social responsibility (csr) business development middle school students academic culture forward-chaining pharmaceutical warehouse hardness value riser nissan ud50 burning heat loss automatic timer value valuation arts artifacts transportation. coordinated integrated queue central business district extreme earthquake shaking low-cost residential housing time history perforated-reinforced mosh ism environmental elements deformations. sliding surface ground cement pile shear landslide slope centrifugal modeling learning analytics big data technology technology acceptance model alternative service channels engineering technology competence of specialists. digital transformation of the economy conservation- waste control-sustainability- global 'urbanization. cite this urban regions. development peri-urban non-destructive testing x-ray television testing equipment heartwood rot low-quality wood collieries self-mining of ore level cleaning works ammonium chloride leaching of zinc zinc ferrite zinccontaining dust iron and steel industry wastes waste reuse secondary deposits distribution. seasons abundance macrozoobenthos southern caspian shelf zone ecosystems cryomorphic soil grounds engineered glass fiber concrete strength optimization testing software stabilization. geotechnical property periwinkle shell powder hsg scs-cn lu/lc mini watershed gis. soil conservation service brand equity organization attractiveness employer branding organization citizenship behavior (ocb) low cost houses construction materials kernel shells reinforcement small houses low-cost rubber base isolation fiberglass bagasse ash asphalt emulsion laterite soils stablization mechanical strength. kaolin sustainable construction principles green buildings teachers’ practice teachers’ understanding pre-school early childhood education thematic approach euphrates river al-hilla river wqi one way geo-grid acsa dnn steel and polypropylene fibers ternary blend watershed calibration and optimization rbfnn emulator swat bamboo charcoal water hyacinth batik keyword text and keyword text keyword text sasak architecture the princess mandalika augmented reality artificial inteligente architecture-event wave impact force fluid structure interaction flow 3d solver breaking wave e-service quality website e-commerce seismic performance evaluation retrofitting braced steel frame nonlinear static procedure netbeans and brokering. loac bees algorithm feature selection support vector machine safety accident korea first aid emergency ultrasonic pulse value. basalt point load test brazilian tensile strength uniaxial compressive strength microflora mechanical activation prebiotic properties lactobacilli and bifidobacteria biological objects specific effective radioactivity potassium-40 strontium-90 cesium-137 natural and man-made radionuclides islamic law jurisprudence imam shafi’i arabic language workaholism school improvement workplace spirituality informatization of education. information and communication technologies (ict) digital competence index digital literacy digital competence online courses. educational outcomes prediction information technology recurrent neural network distance education fes-saïs synoptic station linke factor atmospheric turbidity direct and diffuse solar radiation life cycle assessment photovoltaic conductivity and resistivity compression tests hybrid nanocomposites sep hpsm sojourn time pegasis water behavior water cut gridding cmg e-commerce acceptance. internet experience perceived legislation perceived risk hcl. particle sizes demineralization chitin kinetics spiral resonator and solidworks etc.. perforated tube noise reduction mesh controls cfd & fea ansys-fluent heart rate swimmer alert system rescue drowning sustainable project delivery perception zero-inflated models com-poisson count data stock exchange market ito calculus stochastic model option pricing estimating building materials builders android ship resistance and ship stability pvc fishing boat abuja. neutron activation analysis radiological risks natural radioactivity granitic rocks boreholes drillers dynamic stiffness. leakage factor active magnetic thrust bearings (amtb) unemployment silicon carbide titanium nitride en8 steels crater wear flank wear wet/dry bed irregular bed dam break shallow water equations upwind scheme finite volume nador lagoon finite volume method hydrodynamical model residence time tidal wave failure mode cooling tower fans spectra library structocrometric analysis software packages software products spectrometric analysis interview ict professionals software architecture personal learning environment air blast freezing audit. compliance forecast. short-term prediction stock rate arima literacy rate childbearing age groups women education fertility rate al-sic d/d ratio. al-zrb2 tool material threaded cylinder financial resource procurement expansión financial resources erp implementation enterprise resource planning (erp) critical success factors (csf) industries fashion millennial shopping online buying rotating machines intelligent fault diagnosis support vector machines artificial immune recognition system ir sensor module. power converters rfid technology cafeteria management mobile robot smart autonomous cinematic performance standard measurement instruments type approval legalization of measurement instruments measurement instrument metrological traceability metrological certification confirmation of compliance verification (poverka) conformity assessment metrology calibration state system for ensuring unity of measurement recovery practices insolvency creditor companies sales total quality management bricks reductive sulphuric acid leaching. platinum group metals concentration mechanical. production process textile and light industry hydraulic and optical field effect transistor pulsed laser deposition drop casting aluminium oxide zinc oxide carbon nano tube central composite design pongamia char fluidized bed reactor tata motors and automobile industry gst permeability modeling facies modeling fluid effect removal compaction effect removal log normalization log processing zinc oxide nanoparticles isotherm and kinetics adsorbent adsorbate activated silica cybercriminals crime predictive model big data cybercrimes cutting power intermittent apparatus holder diversion propellant grain. pressure loads internal pressure rocket motor cyanide chips moisture vehicular speed signal strength geospatial data cellular power operated slicer uniform size plantain chips the physical fitness exercise 2012. physical fitness exercise 2008 fame. microalgae gc-ms nannochloropsis salina f/2 medium business growth. e-start-ups taguchi gmaw riva self-cure physical properties al micro particles glass ionomer cement surface analysis and boiler tubes solid particle erosion hvof negative list of investment foreign investment foreign direct investment and economic efficiency entropy calculation law of energy-entropy innovation process industrial production energy-enthropy processes bounding tail ground effect drag lift normalized geometric index (ngi) non linear regression classifier selection untreated and treated natural fiber and polylactic flexural and morphological characteristics ecology. shortage of electric energy mini-plant and river basin geographic information systems (gis) eco-friendly and usage groups health consciousness usage purposes organic products dehuller efficiency. separation washing and boiling dehulling locust bean artificial aging ultimate tensile strength (uts) al-mg-si alloy project management. matrix method kpi key performance indicators bottom longline. purse seine cantrang seakeeping resistance potassium hydroxide catalyst barium oxide nanoparticles custard apple seed biological seed oil optimization techniques wire- edm development. ministry of education and science of russia assistance higher educational establishment process approach russia. higher education institutions innovative developments newborn babies emergency situation simulation education case carbon steels carburization fluid flow. baffle cut shell and tube heat exchanger emission and hydrogen gwp odp r410a r22 liquid pipeline insulation gas pipeline insulation waste and urea formaldehyde particle board corncob sugarcane bagasse indonesia. palm oil industry technological resources international competitiveness sustained competitive advantage commercial enterprise profit. profit optimization directions main resulting rates of a commercial enterprise pe profit factor analysis profit distribution community perspective. megalithic culture pengkalan kempas history complex project schedule. hull ship labour man hours calculation work breakdown structure publication activity. patents intellectual property methods of evaluating the effectiveness of public competitive sustainability aisi 1045 steel quenching media vegetable oils cbn grinding wheel optimal grinding parameters circle grid analysis incremental forming strains distribution linear gaussian filter sdm few-mode fiber hermite-gaussian mode time-variation six sigmas service level agreement quality function deployment resolution time process capability 0.5) the corrosion rate was decreased due to the i 0.9) contributed in increases in corrosion rate bu 0.9%)gm/liter . microstructure of all specimens we 0.7 0.5 effect of solution heat treatment on microstructur grid-tied pv systems dc/dc boost converter maximum power point tracking (mppt) photovoltaic (pv) system heat transfer rate mass flow rate volume concentration al2o3 water fluid -heat transfer enhancement doe. gfrp fiber reinforced polymer . pm10 pm2.5 o3 so2 nox no2 long short term memory autoregressive integrate moving average linear regression smog assistive technology· motorised wheelchair catia r telemedicine medical instruments co2 laser polyethylene oxide length of heat collector element heat losses coconut shell powder. activated alumina langmuir and freundlich isotherm adsorbents fluoride ion endoscopic procedures cost analysis endoscopy cbn abrasives dressing parameters grinding wheel retailer market share e-marketing travel planning and hybrid data mining methods. recommender systems instant messaging android forensics mobile forensics artificial neural networks. boosting random forest support vector machines (svm) sentiment analysis text mining emotion analysis turkish tweets frequency. stepped beam hollow beam ansys workbench modified rayleigh method classical rayleigh method digital transformation of education blockchain technology digital educational environment digitalization of education maximize programming linear classroom allocation thermo-mechanical 3d finite element weldment raspberri pi3 smart farming hydrogen coefficient of power blade shape savonius rotor online fraud generation y intention shear stress chromestainless steel helical spring etc interpersonal communication positive attitude stad method ssg and wsg method co-operative learning method interdenominational competency maximum power point tracking (mppt). seawater battery business process management service integration enterprise architecture effective tool for recreation & long lasting life biotechnology in processing of shredded currency w banana fiber and recycling disposal banknote destruction sol-gel process sio2 ti/tio2. functionally graded material silica maize husk box benhken poly (lactic acid) (pla) blended with acrylonitril productivity of employees motivational factors various compression ratio bio additive methyl ester of mahua methyl ester of jatropha strategies & competitive advantage issues y & 5g gen-x baby boomers silent generation generational cohort multi-generational or age diversified workforce thrust force drilling principal leadership teacher’s motivation epilepsy o. mf mi seizure meta-heuristic algorithms (gbcs) and mc-gpso. rnp hard-problem rfid system patient care healthcare providers nacl al-zn alloy scientific and technical research engineering platform innovation partnership technology transfer commercialization r&d cooling load refrigerant village development program village fund program program implementation local community empowerment hdi spatial autoregressive model queen contiguity sun protection factor (spf) transmittance lotion body butter absorbance strength training design. organizational effectiveness employee performance journal usage report asme electronic resources alumina nano particles overall heat transfer nano fluids cost of quality business excellence financial and non-financial metrics traditional costing competitor analysis management process management accounting business classification products and services sme activity based costing and hand lay-up. uhmwpe textile composites woven fabric design for reliability design for quality dissatisfaction indents indenting time pharmacy thermal damage microstructure surface nylon 6/66 acetal copolymer polymer gears mechanical properties of composite. reinforcements epoxy composites inclined partial baffles. enclosure small enterprises business success entrepreneurial orientation flexural jute fiber behavior of pension fund pension funds pre-retirement planning private manufacturing sector smart for a “smart city” smart systematization the group the rational character table tensor product shrouded wind turbine hawt forward speed. depth of processing plowshares traction optimum exchanged diameter. cost optimization internal grinding valve seat valve size disc angle loss coefficient check valve surgical care. medical tourists affordable healthcare medical tourism distribution potential estimation svr social commerce and teaching community saving bioethanol repeated learning sociodrama technique self-confidence handphone algorithm c45 decision tree algorithm. genetic quadrotor motorized vehicles lubrication oil steady state fins perforation threshold levels. self-calibration fringe capacitance file segmentation spyware detection medical information system thermal performance wickless heat pipe geographical distribution of pirates status of piracy assessing piracy activities taguchi method and flexural strength course outcomes. grades articulation matrix lan courses. nptel smart learning resources stress concentration min-max algorithm. cloud manufacturing mixed integer programming customer order scheduling problem service selection optimization scheduling problem initial value analytical solutions polygon equation heun's equation euler equation lsb algorithm. rc7 algorithm chaos algorithm (al-li) alloys green defects mould temperature injection temperature metal injection moulding cloud enabled healthcare internet in healthcare internet of life rubber. thermochemical biofuels methyl esters zn properties. epdm velocity vector. wall vorticity vortex flow l-shape lid driven cavity corrosion rate interfacial reaction layer brazing filler alloys aisi 304l aa6061 melt-derived glass bioactivity combite bioglass-ceramics mgo aerospace. precipitation carbon nanotube aa2024 aluminum alloys vertical pipe and cylindrical obstruction. air-water two-phase engineering applications number theory telecommunication order management system microservices service oriented architecture pore forming agent waste glass porous ceramic alloying elements chloride media welding electrodes corrosion behaviour r600a. coefficient of performance heat pump nano-refrigerant particle swarm optimization method stream cipher method least significant bit (lsb) higher education. student functional clues experience bell pepper. cropwat soil properties growth stages rop water use confinement effectiveness reinforced concrete column double layered confined concrete single layered confined concrete soft skills employability skills engineering graduates flexible pavement road construction regional development income rice fields peg ggbfs cinder low density self-curing structural walls seismic analysis response spectrum linear static analysis building stiffness phase shift schrödinger equation bound state solution tourist destination event tourism management event management event tourism and airworthiness monitoring information and analy ac component authenticity assessments ccasrgl users library collections the central civil aviation safety regulatory and g airworthiness flight safety reinforced cement concrete joint shear strength joint shear reinforcement beam-column joint illegal maritime construction techniques claim management disputes claims framework. multi attribute utility technique decision-making methodologies transportation sustainability waste management basel convention’s al baha region basrah province gamma weibull recurrence interval stormwater pervious concrete with different sizes of coarse a porous concrete actual rate of return expected rate or return investment awareness civil engineering professionals design charts corrugated web stiffened plate girder optimum design rubber rubber mechanical properties indonesian rubber low cost base isolation analytic investigation zone of соal sloughing strain-stress condition coal pillar longwall spontaneous ignition financial decisions political environment and social environment legal environment economic environment brand loyalty. brand satisfaction brand personality brand value longwall panel fault product marketing agro-allied industry farm transportation agricultural productivity cpm pert crashing project cost finite elements method entries stability hydraulic mining inclined thick coal seams cities built environment cpted and sprinkler arduino-uno fire protection system recultivation vermitechnology agrotechnical efficiency bioefficiency fertilizer beet pulp defecate biohumus student leaders social practice regional agrarian elite management decisions institutional mechanisms dust suppression dust fractional composition sieve analysis of dusting material dust transfer dust formation overburden dump quarry google earth cu naviloc building information model (bim) computer-aided design (cad) factor of safety earth dam goe-studio rapid drawdown al-wand dam pegs friction strength bamboo reinforcement sawu sea cakalang fish sea surface temperature chlorophyll-a rural. sociology krukut micro-sale inundation modelling toxicity test. organic matter octanol/water partition coefficient bod/cod ratio university and nigeria. inclusive education academic building usability universal design water supply class-1 city confinement of flexural reinforcement shear reinforcement deterministic formulae. cavity uplift pressure seepage quantity rheological models sensitivity analysis statistical optimization entrepreneurial ecosystem feathers. images sex identification hatched chicks sex of chick eggs neural nets construction works project dispute attributes cinematic film stochastic uncertainty information management digitalization and poverty. human development index national health insurance for the economy ca membrane separations. mgso4.7h2o draw solution cadmium ions wastewater forward osmosis point bearing skin resistance static approach ultimate capacity bored piles control charts. multiple dependent repetitive state sampling plan fuzzy poisson and fuzzy binomial distributions gamma poisson poisson distribution nrpm and spm. rpm high volume air sampler apm 460 model genetic algorithm safwan- zubair tabu search sensor coverage structural health monitoring wireless sensor networks difference equations. neutral difference equations international business exhibition business communication wave speed variation forecastle deck edge experimental design computational fluid dynamic ship design migrant workers seafarers legal protection policy and productivity. labor land dea and implementation of sapta pesona policies community tourism service sapta pesona microorganisms nutrients venison salted eggs leaf onion. s. exigua larva local binary pattern hybrid directional lifting graylevel co-occurrence matrix fuzzy c means clustering adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system malay poem and al-ghafilah tukshihabuddin pahang ulama history and philosophy. indian hinduism elements concept character buddhism building pahang history and battle strategies. dato’ bahaman storey level. storey drift displacement placement of bracings sesimic performance of multistorey building bracings push over analysis socio-economic conditions perception and tribal area iinformation technology financial literacy mortar. calcium carbide kiln dust density loss pert method self-compacting concrete. construction joint structural performance base isolator. pbsd hibua lamo society the kinship system hacking steep road mappings in fuzzy concrete with a high density. coatings heat treatments weather conditions concrete surfaces environmental reforms utility function trip time trip cost trip distance thermoelastic stresses thermal annealing sapphire substrate film devices odisha pmjdy financial awareness repaired beam boundary conditions cfrp strips torsional strengthening shear span reinforced beams crushed concrete aggregate digital era. comm products diera utilization of information technology corbel. recycled concrete aggregate indo-saracenic revival. w.c. wright patna national institute of technology patna valuation. billboard estate surveyors and valuers sediment transport river training structures curved groynes clear water conditions and supervised classification. landsat satellite images multispectral image classification dehydration extent wetland change detection s.t.a and l.t.a. properties of marshall portland cement tensile and flexural strength marble aggregate multinomial logistic regression trunk sewer deterioration condition prediction yield-line theory grid floors waffle floors ribbed slabs two-way joist slabs footing layer gravel in bangkalan steel slag characters basar sight fixed-film déphosphatation denitrifying activated sludge and construction. form and structure function modern architecture and architecture art beauty links and nodes composite index cbd arterials sustainable operation cfrp sheets. continuous beams torsion steel fibers. reactive powder rc column axial load tasks optimization information and communication systems protection of information computer technology median filter and wiener filter k-means aramid fibre reinforced polymer rehabilitant of specimens personality factors employee involvement perceived organizational support soes organizational identification performance management employee engagement commitment manufacturing enterprises sustainable index sdg sustainable stock exchange big five personality traits and life satisfaction. ncc women students roe (return on equity) drp (dividend payout ratio) roce (return on capital employed) dps (dividend per share) eps (earnings per share) and car (capital adequacy rosf (return on shareholder’s fund roa (return on assets) leadership qualities teaching fraternity colleges civic institutions merged mobility accumulated connected consumer behaviour impulse buying in- store advertising internet of farm things (ioft) drones connected farming gas uae attitude vision action job boards social media recruiting job seekers hiring platforms college status al-balqa university parameteric time complexity. binary search searching algorithm efficiency odd even based binary search h- bridge. zero-voltage switching (zvs). high efficiency switching loss non-isolated dc–dc converter static var compensator (svc) and newton raphson me voltage collapse prediction index (vcpi) flexible ac transmission system (facts) reactive power harmonics compensation statcom synchronous reference frame theory (srf). photo voltaic (pv) and distributed generation (dg) proportional integral (pi) automatic generation control (agc) multi-area multi-source power system hdvc link step load perturbation (slp) load frequency control (lfc). differential evolution (de) ijeet 07 05_001 scopus journal frequent itemset apriori algorithm transposition of database space complexity disease headache content based filtering dengue tlc industrial process process visualization scada 3d display holography mid–air display interactive display quantum-dot defect qca hdlq resource management uv-visible absorption chemical oxidation methods thin films knowledge ecology compensator multi-phase power factor correction direct torque control torque ripple minimization space-vector modulation speckle pattern tracking ccd camera waviness scrum sprint anfis servo mrac motion control lyapunov stability lithostratigraphy lineament geotectonic nsf nnf micro seismic seismicity cbr and ordinary portland cement (opc) unified soil classification system (uscs) corrosion of reinforcement sulfate attack granite rock powder volcanic concrete system restoration unreinforced concrete masonry dam scouring plasticizers nano-silica powder industrial by products neurons high performance concrete energy dissipation bed slope. hydraulic jump factors affecting traffic ptv vistro effective transportation consistency factor linear relationship runoff calculation yiba watershed and regression analysis nrcs method fiber reinforced concrete (frc) phosphogypsum (pg) ordinary mortar admixture mix mortar compressive strength of cement image processing pruning texture analysis edge extraction pixels failures desulphurisation facility toxic atmospheric emissions car technology field test co emissions passenger cars optimum moisture content unconfined compressive strength atterberg limit recycled aggregate concrete shear resistance recycled aggregates shear span to depth ratio (a/d). shear models softening shear strength strut and tie method sway deflection and stiffness similitude requirement sediments landuse changes catchments laundry waste water wood ash absorption & adsorption spindle speed mrr and surface roughness. vmc en45 energy intensive sector efficiency improvement input cost reduction wooden panel banding strip tool adjustment mechanism trimming machine material selection casting root cause scanning electron microscope natural fibres glass/nylon/jute work roll liner hrm (hot rolling mill) work roll axial crossing chain drive arrangement rack & pinion d.c. generator leds. foot step drag coefficient fsae tire-data upright analysis of wish-bones machine design cae stress concentation factors mass matrix dynamics consistent mass matrix. operations forecast tapered thickness internal flow cantilever pipe crash analysis impact loads tilt angle. tool rotation speed compressed air air powered engine rope brake dynamometer transducers vibrating energy fossil fuel springs electric car electric energy piezoelectric devices fixed dome kitchen waste biodigesters domestic waste management solar heater ansys fluent centrifugal fan-630 4stroke petrol fused deposition modeling (fdm) stereo-lithography (sla) laminated object manufacturing (lom) field data based model predictive maintenance wire rope central core strand damage tractive effort cvt. two stage speed reducer transmission system reduction ratio two stage air cooler wbt conventional air cooler dbt primary pump gas turbine rotor blade turbine engine and fem hcf failure thermal stress rotor disc heat flux distribution cfd. braking system two degree of freedom. friction lining material characteristics judder clutch nuts elaeocarpus ganitrus roxb. rudraksha beads cortical thickness sphericity twisted tape friction losses cfd model thermo-phyical properties meat food industry. air flow diethyl ether kiva-3v n-butanol toggle jack rotational motion linear motion cross slide six degrees of freedom mechanism untreated continuous hemp fiber polymer matrix fiber proportions mixture of propane butane and isobutene (lpg) domestic refrigerator system r–134a maintenance maintenance effectiveness tanzania human resources carpal tunnel syndrome (cts) manufacturing industry hand arm vibration exposure heat pipe heat exchanger mass flow rate ratio enhancement. counter flow circular finned tube with three and four perforati nanoparticles double tube heat exchanger power generation energy value briquettes co-firing 3d printer fdm 3d scanner sodar wireless transmission wireless camera gcs acv usv littoral thermal insulation composite insulation saving energy by insulation carry select adder (csla) clock gating alu hdl programming clock power dynamic power distributed optical fiber temperature measurement online monitoring real-timing ajax technology optical fiber characterization alcohol arm (advanced risc machines) control area network (can) sensor. automobile mmse ls pilot symbols channel estimation reconfigurable antenna mmu bpu spi module vertex 5fpga xilinx 9.1. vlsi vmm erm uvm verification ovm distortion awgn reimann matrix isi slm edge detection image fusion microscopic images gaussian blur plastic to catalyst ratio q15 iir filter oustaloup dspic fractional order cfd analysis liquid nitrogen helical transfer lines chilldown cryogenics two phase flow banana fibre pre-impregnation abrasion compression set alkalisation zagreb indices and zagreb coindices topological index graph operations sandy bricks. dune sands alternative measurement magnetic induction continuous measurement. charge carriers hall effect power flow. distribution system fast decoupled load growth newton raphson vsi vsd control desk dspace real-time simulation programmable logic controller closed loop system continuous stirred tank reactor decoupling control pv power system grid integration chb inverter pwm csc-hvdc vsc thd igbt fault analysis buck-boost converter electro-magnetic generator energy harvesters bridge less boost rectifier synchronous reference frame theory (srf) dynamic voltage restorer (dvr). balanced and un balanced voltage current control flyback topology dc–dc converters supervisory control and data acquisition (scada) phasor data concentrator (pdc) wide area monitoring system (wams) d-facts synchronous operation facts power system stabilizer transient stability. distributed static series compensator electrical drive implementation swell sag rms slab thickness centric loading offset distance reinforced earth structures density of soil fill relative compaction sap2000 software t girder irc aa loading sodium hydroxide (naoh) tensile strength. polypropylene fibers fibers shrinkage hybrid fiber reinforced concrete land cover supervised classification intake and outfall sea water desalination brine dispersion coastal area fly-ash partial substitute direct shear shear strength parameter internal friction sandy soil coconut fibre network analysis water distribution fire- fighting cracking capacity carrying capacity energy absorption enterprise industrial risks information data analysis rivers state particulate matter air quality obigbo microstructures volume fraction self–compacting concrete factor of safety. plaxis 2d pile strip footing clay soil cbr value index properties jute geotextiles acidic curing environment polyester fibre acidic water eligibility criteria public procurement contract management catering tender multi criteria two-packet system bid evaluation uprooting force basal diameter statistical analysis. cfrp. lateral tie strain carbon monoxide atmospheric stability rivers state nigeria ozone formation morphological traits statistical analysis adequate drainage drainage problem distresses plt ucs astm recycled aggregate bond stress sbr latex. hydrograph unsteady flow channelization mithi river friction tribometer formwork geogrid reinforcement relative density nature inspired topology bee based algorithm cryptography swarm intelligence anthocnet biological protocols digital cloud libraries service prototypes low-rate attacks denial of service slowly-increasing-polymorphic ddos attack strategy principal component analysis histogram equalization throughput edcf ieee 802.11e slotted wireless sensor network (wsn) over the air (ota) reprogramming memory management multitasking workload evolutionary ordinal optimization big–data virtual clusters typology communication behavior–maroc wormhole attack hash code rreq number of rounds lifetime leach opencv api artificial intelligence fuzzy controller greenhouse microclimate honing new technologies of information and the communicat positioning journal impact factor reader proximity sensing vibrator rfid tag ultrasonic wireless rf links precision and sensitivity. msvm knn nbc buck-boostconverter neural network architecture maximum power point women security gsm live streaming video armv7-a raspberry pi 2. modulation conversion fabry - perot semiconductor laser . frequency modulation injection locking intensity modulation gunn oscillator notch filter injection locking notch frequency. microwave mobile healthcare non invasive wearable sensors core assignment test wrapper test bus architecture soc tam iaeme publication -call for paper 2016 process control systems application development mobile computing microprocessor/microcomputer application real-time and embedded systems. digital signal processing datagram protocol cipher csőr decipher proxy signature and semi-trust relationship group administration data sharing visual semantic space. re-ranking query keyword semantic signature data acquisition speed control hardware and software automatic / manual control storage engineering and technology pressure volume work ice physics thermodynamics p rocesses sr twr babylon university solid wastes dgs msa reflection co-efficient hfss bandwidth coir fibre open graded friction course natural rubber modified bitumen programme and muscular strength plyometric project risk management risk factors constructio n projects rice bran biodiesel flow control rtd. level control plc drainage layer leachate collection tm drape co-efficient compact and loop length kazimierz pulaski university train control and monitoring system (tcms) polska/poland seasonal effect residuals cycles exponential model tower characteristic merkel’s method biosensor immobilization voltammetric electrochemical oil system oil lubrication system indicators structural vulnerability earthquakes phase frequency detectors phase locked loops military implications fiber optics technology covariances state predictions unscented kalman filter arrow-hurwicz method cameroon university of yaounde i radiological regulatory authority egyptian nuclear solar dryer appari carbon fiber re inforced polymer columns available hours utilised hours scheduled hours cost of production useful life condensed matter physics gamma radiation nano materials spark ignition engine compressed air engine cellulose cooling pad desiccant wheel cooling coil heating coil web service wsdl soap electrically conducting fluid vertical wavy stagnation point brownian motion microstructural investigation al- buraimi city galena powder malware privacy network attacks vulnerabilities imagej sar images oil spill detection feature extraction driver space vector 4-lee vel inverter random pulse width modulation absorption chemical vapor deposition (cvd) optical absorption data transportation problem lifeline water distribution network concrete reinforced steel corrosion inhibitor exposure assessmen methyl nadic anhydride speed (s single cell networks electron impact atomic ionization dynamic addressing ad hoc networks fuel flexibility fuel cell open circuit voltage dc-mfc = double chambered mf c ultimate tensile strength calcium carbonate expert system make buy decision capacity bulk density energy requirement ploughing operation draught chest expansion operator’s comfort operators anthropometric data ergonomic data fracture hard rock amorphosity fumed silica unsaturated polyester stepped basin solar still sparse format spmv sparse matrix heuristics load balance k-mean clustering carbon tetrachloride droplet oil droplet alkane box type solar cookers physical layer security cooperative communication optimal power allocation scheme artificial jamming noise decode and forward relay non-sensory contamination and radioactive source resolution radiological instruments ionizing radiation occupational exposure occupational risk dosimetry zoning and shielding concept performance of the brand. market feedback ‘branding’ competitors brand building image of the product pull in the market product image. brand image demand and the competition pome – pongamia pinnata oil methyl ester eca – emission control area marpol – marine pollution procedures de-contamination onising radiation radioactive waste transport radiation measuring equipment alara mock up heating application burst firing pulse burst modulation (pbm) integral cycle control (icc) miller capacitor dropout voltage differential amplifier transient compensation die area fast path quiescent current line transient load transient trans-conductance amplifier variable compression ratio biodiesel mixture bd25 design stages design process rubber seed oil vcr engine dee bio fuels casting parameters investment casting literature survey bearing thermocouples corrugation angle optical flow hough transform video summarization assessment nba po attainment electronics engineering optimum quota multi objective grid computing cloudos lockin pes md soil erosion ch4/co2 reforming coke formation percentage of ni loading machine vision computer vision scene understanding generic object recognition object recognition object class recognition scene analysis uniform loose sand modeling and simulation firm clay stiff clay and compression index humidity. sapwood heart thermal resistance palmyra duramen rôniers idi electromagnetic health drilling parameter chip length taguchi orthogonal array (toa) mapreduce mangodb mangodump auto-sharding bajaj calliver specific gravity 110cc close combustion chamber software process &amp defect effort prediction models in software assessment of cmm and its impact on software quali availability neural net works markov model reliability exposure networking social blog pop ups bending finite grid solution winkler fo undation mathematical models for concrete plates frp self stabilize gyroscopic effect gyroscope nano technology nano particles na no photonics nano materials energy storage mediums cmos pipelined adc mdac analog cycloconverter arno converter motor three-phase pic satellite dc motor remote control ir receiver wireless power transfer (wpt) maximum power transfer relay resonators inductive coupling technological promoting internet of thing factor teg evacuated tube thermoelectric hybrid solar heating system foundation analysis modulus of sub grade reaction "ks" stresses distribution structural analysis beam depth and slab thickness steel fiber-reinforced concrete (sfrc) tensile capacity of concrete jordanian construction sector construction delays construction projects grouting stabilized loading lime stepped solar still tsilingiris model shiats allahabad dunkle model pre and post globalization financial stability tam model pu peou bhel job design thricy sbi bob public sector banks pnb public commercial bank lending overall loan determinants credit worthiness apiko trade union chipko change proneness moraleand lecturer morale morale agricultural development information and communications technology ict in agricultural supplementary food lactating mothers malnutrition breastfeeding customer interaction customer relationship management financial provision life policy sirkali life insurance financial security lic bpos trichy business process bpo organization commitment hospitality services industrial development industrial relation saraf hospitality services thiruvarur job satisfaction and culture hospital employees tiruchirappalli customer's product attitudes job satisfaction satisfied client satisfaction group quality empowerment college staff achieving security titanium-made medical world peace military products political posters fiber reinforced composite employee attrition reduction of employee attrition employee morale lpg policy manufacturing industries in india performance appraisal system appraisal system continuous improvement visual management audits process excellence shop floor control kaizen iig market gateway distribu tion drought economic empowerment credit and savings charge services elliptic curve cryptography power demand encryption private key public key main central system (mcs) micro grid power system power grid severity index contingency optimal power flow (opf) switching z-source inverter input current/ voltage output current/ voltage phase shifted pwm (pspwm) multi carrier pwm (mcpwm) ellipse wave modified multi carrier pwm (mmcpwm) phase disposition (pdpwm) cascaded h-bridge multilevel inverter (chbmli) wide area monitoring systems (wams). optimal pmu placement kptcl dijkstra’s algorithm prim’s algorithm ieee bus system taylor distribution antenna pattern circular array radar rf spectroscopy spectrum analyzer tracking generator cholesterol alanine 3d linear interpolation cisc processor mimd processor 2d circular interpolation total ionizing dose (tid) radiation hardening by design (rhbd) single event effect (see) radiation displacement damage (dd) miniaturisation jerusalem cube fractal patch antenna fractal antenna metamaterial finite difference time domain scattering parameters network analyzer dumbbell fractal chaucer multiband mimo astbc stbc and papr ber doherty power amplifier (dpa) compensators wider-band blc gan field effect transistors (fet) cipher text block cipher s-box plain text inverse s- box psnr block processing video compression partial least square- path modelling training. employment pune shg modern mechanism public private partnership (ppp) indirect tax central government state government education sector in india emotional intelligence (ei) karur stress management tnpl models of ei physical and psychological demand excessive pressure employees stress organisational knowledge knowledge sharing culture tacit knowledge externalization performance. and coping strategies adaptive reaction eu-stress behavioral change cargo and logistics retention learning organization organizational change karur district shared vision stressors managing techniques coimbatore educators organizational behavior managers development transfer of learning training content trainer aspects training session hardiness emotional maturity self concept non-working women decision making household affairs s&p cnx nifty stock return beta value capital market instrument fmcg mutual fund fmcg mutual fund schemes in india banking industry loan advances activity turnover ratio profitability ratio overall profitability ratio liquidity ratio working capital quality system quality of education iso standard operation theatre and supportive services icu patients patients satisfaction multispecialty hospitals hospital emergency services in-flight services service quality passengers satisfaction airline industry small vendors in tiruchirapalli mobile phone among small vendors retail stores outlets indian retail industry organized retail outlet consumer perception home loans financial assistance customer perceptions reality check people’s feedback potent customers misleading advertisements ads and various bodies to find the reality of the efficiency of the featured product indian drugs and cosmetics act patterns of cosmetics consumer preferencial patterns of cosmetics in sourthern part of tamilna mobile phone service usage pattern of mobile phone services relationship between internet use and mobile net c socio-economic characteristics consumer durable industry in india consumer durable cagr consumer durabl e goods in india swoc analysis human resources development employee's attitude knowledge sharing behavior personality traits architects cognitive abilities athanur fibretuff products fibretuff compensation workforce diversity quality of work life employee wellbeing servant leadership focus creative leadership human factor circle tqm pl.a group of companies hrm chi square test managing people appraisal and reward industrial relations and performance management. gurukula training viralimalai rane brake lining limited on the job training training and development off the job training stock market volatility financial markets extreme events credit societies repayment factors systematic risk unsystematic risk and vector auto regression government and private employees investment attitude mutual funds in pudukkottai financial viability financial exclusion financial services financial condition gold etfs gold investment securities finance investor’s return on equity return on assets net interest margin marketing of services quality of care service culture patient satisfaction risk perception decision-making investment management equity investors stock market volatility garch equity share price bc model financial access goi policies organization jobs satisfaction application employee satisfaction determinants consequences library theories strategies brand image knowledge management capability and partial least knowledge sharing behavior knowledge sharing intention islamic bank maqasid shari’ah organisational performance impact of knowledge management work stress employee relationship and employee perception human resources management processes and practices hrm support to health care quality health care sector negotiable instruments offence every person dishonour of cheque company anxiety stress breeding environment environment export business environment step in-to factors indian export statistics opportunity oriented review human resource management practices cement industry ariyalur self help groups pudukottai economic indian pharmaceuticalindustry awareness’ level mutual funds investments employee attitude communicating the change green marketing strategies profits people planet consumer preference beauty conscious beauty parlors ideal workplace policy organizational development work - life balance workplace culture brand promotions promotional mix environmental pollution global warming eco - friendly products green consumerism staff nurse occupational stressor nurse-patient ratio customer awareness green banking initiatives green banking online banking organizational climate quality of service engineering colleges cfa organisational commitment globalization b2b flexibility agility collaboration exports imports globalisation p erformance women entrepreneurs turkey logistics waste recycling plants ahp method recycling plants causes and preventions perception (concept) signs symptoms lassitude (job burnout) personality academic help-seeking behaviour and achievement academic self-efficacy goal orientation inventory management multi-criteria inventory management. inventory ranking inventory classification hcm (human capital measurement) hc indicators innovation competencies learning entrepreneurial and market orientation economic problems nagpur district transformation framework telecommunications pharma companies change agents alternative sites (as) crisis management financial service natural disaster flood disaster natural events disaster recovery plan distributed disaster detection system disaster detection plans mtd stroke individual 10mwt biofeedback cane stroke patient cloud user weights cloud service selection fl eld genetic algorithms logic algorithms lim fcga ga network enabled device standby power ip iob vm classification. vms (virtual machines) green cloud computing sqli web crawler deep web html www multi precision arithmetic mtaf hidden bugs metamorphic testing metamorphic relations minimum description length frequent item sets interestingness mdl pattern mining association rule mining and arm worldwide interoperability for microwave access (w dsdv and aomdv routing protocols aodv probability block size encode decode high absorbitivity galena ingot al- buraimi city - sultanate of oman temperature difference process control mimo coupled process pid control k-nn muap mwt eeglab ca myopathy spectral features als ica vf emglab svm emg radioactive waste radioactive nuclear power hydrocarbons biodegradation environmental conditions bioreactors roadmap phase change medium exergy efficiency group velocity dispersion self-steepening tod stimulated raman scattering environmental landfill disposal waste management system incineration of waste digital divide in thailand digital divide digital summary feature redundancy fuzzy rule multi-document chromosome potentiodynamic corrosion. laser polarization aluminum overall heat transfer coefficient signal-to- noise ratio search engines database collector novel technology power plant al2o3 nanofluids cnc machining en353 steel optimum sinusoidal surface free convection influence of vibration on heat transfer vibrational reynolds number heating downward silo suspended robot zeolite catalyst reduce fuel consumption two engine (150cc-pulsar and 100cc-kinetic) coupling of two engine cylinder deactivation spt crr multi-linear regression modeling liquefaction csr road subgrade sub-base geogrid international/national journals journals de-iceing steel residue slab slab rotation: compressive strength punching shear strength flexural reinforcement landslides causal factors risk map susceptibility study critical modality environmental risk crude oil soil pollution risk analysis the intensity of the rain sloping land the erosion rate paddy straw fibers exponential regression analysis initial imperfection steel rigid frame buckling effec precambrian rocks upper part of cauvery basin weight loss sulphuric acid seawater mobile phone camera digital close range photogrammetry high resolution camera mechanical strength clay bricks aggregates recycling replacement experimental study improvement of soft clays and silts best l/b ratioobtained only empirical results available stone column and balance muskoloskeletal flexibility static stretching specific earthquake could damage precast concrete seismic overlay design rebound deflection of road pavements cbr method design of roads strengthening of roads bbd technique crushed aggregates aggregates from kashmir natural aggregates compressive strength of concrete crimped steel fiber strength of concrete alkali materials effect of alkali materials geo waterways networks waterways horizontal/vertical bands non-linear static pushover analysis and applied el economic downturn gdp (gross domestic product) real estate stone waste chitradurga visual & digital interpretation lu/lc classification piano key weirs head discharge relationships piano key coefficient of discharge earthquake load effect wind load effect high-rise building ground water pervious porosity air voids artificial sand coarse aggregate opc underground metro tunnel elastoplastic analysis blasting effects maximum dry density (mdd) soil compaction optimum moisture content (omc) california bearing ratio (cbr) inclined loads two layer soil piles inclined pile midas 3d soil structure interaction raft and isolated foundations winkler method natural period improved soils deep mixed column deep soil mixing chitradurga and geomatics groundwater table fluctuation climate change asphalt concrete mixtures crushed limestone marshall mix design rainfall intensity frequency relationship in iraq design a hydraulic structure reflector-less total station material and color of reflecting surface angle of incidence differential free swell index strength and textile effluent coconut shell concrete natural resources alternative waste materials strength properties coconut shells river borne aggregates mortar bar quarrying antiecological aggradations innocuous temperature cracking rainwater infiltration municipal plastic environmental pollution cementitious material sugarcane baggasse ash agro waste wing wall isolation rubber gap concrete girder bridge exploitation of composite principles composite element design load use of nontraditional material risk zones affordable house prefabricated building shear force depth of web thickness of web area of flange bending moment subground dams visual modflow2011 ancient babylon city groundwater lowering abrasion resistance glass powder concrete paving blocks crimpped steel fiber shear strength of concrete sfrc time interval lag time raunoff hydograph hydraulic simulation pressure logger pressure variation nodes water pressure effective depth perimeter reduction opening punching shear resistance critical shear perimeter alkaline solution hybrid fibers slump flow groundwater prospect zones precambrian terrain hassan homogeneous heterogeneous interaction iczm mismatched bcos interfacial tension reinforcements shear reinforcements eurocode 2 bs8110-97 economic design plastic pellets asphalt cement concrete composite cement nanosilica hydration microsilica fractional time derivative mittag - leffler function fox-wright function fluid flow through porous media fourier sine transform laplace transform sukhi reservoir project mat foundation finite element computation soil-structure interaction light weight concrete folded plate action g. i. and a. c. sheets unstabilized soil irc 37:2001 stabilized soil steel fibre potassium carbonate public transport system dynamics mode share sustainable planning. seismic loading steel staggered truss concrete pavement close range photogrammetry network design genetic algorithms optimization and particle swarm road traffic accident analysis critical accident scene analysis photogrammetry applications geographical information system (gis) suitable sites for waste disposal tumakuru city reservoir operation dynamic programming load calculation & analysation using staad-pro rate of flow limit state design confronting to is codal provisi public private partnerships infrastructure projects statistical software and fuzzy logic alkanity carbonation chlorides cpcl s damaged structure poor design ignorance of earthquake hazards in kashmir ill workmanship geometric design mxroad software schedule baseline variance earned value fast technique functional analysis value engineering job plan laminated rubber bearing seismic protection is code plastic hinge capacity curve old rc building performance point pushover analysis filter seepage regression modeling casagrande method earthfill dam flowability buildabilty contour crafting open time system dynamic methodology mostar bosnia and herzegovina price of water urban water system object-oriented programming tsunami tsunami risk zone and western coast of india traffic and transport problems and intermediate pu pune metropolitan region sustainable transport system non-motorized transportation dem and orthoimage ba kuti and akhiri nivas. bapu’s office adi nivas sewagram bapu kuti do concentration and pollution level al_hilla river deformation stability and young’s modulus ggbs geopolymerconcrete (gpc) recycled coarse aggregates and beams artificial recharge and groundwater imaging chemical classification mathadivagu basin and andhra pradesh fan wind mill wind energy and national economy nonlinear static procedure (nsp) and nonlinear dyn performance based engineering pp fibers elevated temperatures and compressive strength percentage of steel stiffness ratio stiffness degradation shortening index axial load ratio slenderness ratio dead load wind load comparison between steel and rcc structure seismic load live load manufactured sand natural sand regression model water demand-determinants primary data and secondary data cupola slag flexure washed bottom ash marble powder partial replacement indeterminate structure relative deformation coefficient continuous beam structure analysis cable-stays configuration cable-stayed bridge suspension bridge geopolymer and split tensile strength spalling reactive powder concrete (rpc) ranking rating trade-off method pairwise comparison expansive soil and waste rubber tyre coast of gujarat worst case tsunami early warning shoreline analysis shoreline e mapping coastal accretion-erosion shoreline change reference evapotranspiration consolidation void ratio clay-rich soils square thin walled tubes ties longitudinal stiffeners pavement material lcca aashto food safety and health water pollution food safety impacts of human health dam-reservoir-foundation interaction random soil hydrodynamic pressure dynamic response concrete gravity dam reinforced concrete and corbels steel buildings wind loads wind loads and drift optimal diagrid angle rapidite continues flow heavy metal ions allowable stress width-thickness ratio parameter simply supported steel plate initial deflective deformation rc slab area of tension reinforcement rpc inverted t section resin bond layer rc girder ansys analysis bond-slip shear connecters composite section hybrid concrete marble construction waste marble dust uplifting obstruction ozone air fatal intersection traffic flow rawalpora intersection in kashmir mathematical model e.coli and natural pond natural pond e. coli transport clay formation and permeability bacillus lateritic and silty formation velocity and permeability modelling and simulation cfrp bar cfrp sheet uniformly distributed load and strengthening multivariate exploratory factor analysis (efa) energy potential and geopolitical zones cohesion hansen equation load-settlement curves pile model angle of internal friction pile model capacity passenger car unit geometric features traffic flow diagram intersection traffic volume human health and environment assessment of risks waste disposal soil structure interaction (ssi) mid-rise rc buildings seismic response sodium hydroxide construction culture risk level road contractors road physical road environment curve fitting and stiffness masonry prism masonry infill compression strength diagonal strut river line survey total station flood problem bore well yield data geoinformatics and parts of upper cauvery basin gwpz sand bed shape of bridge pier solar radiation and temperature gradient deep box-girder air temperature cyclic loading and fragility confined masonry masonry walls modulus of elasticity and compressive strength admix in normal concrete mix concrete mix cement and compressive strength steel fibres quality of godavari river godavari river sewage treatment plant and bod water quality index cairo vehicle speed emission modeling. calibration of vehicle emissions vehicle emissions chemical oxidants acid red 52 color and cod removal. degradation paths shear reinforcement. nlfea removal of pollutants radial and vertical flow regime reactors radial flow regime reactor pollutants using radial and vertical possible ways sewage treatment units (design) impacts on environment improper disposal generation of sewage manure. electricity demands piston crown copper coated engine exhaust gas temperature volumetric efficiency humidification-dehumidification phase change materials solar desalination evaporation direct contact heat exchangers earth air tunnel heat exchanger (eathe) clean energy room conditioning stirling regenerator inertance tube pulse tube coaxial waste energy recovery organic rankine cycle micro channel cylinder circular erosive wear areca bast vinyl ester tga spatial cam metal processing reversing engineering triangular wake splitter fluent-cfd tube bank actuators composite plate seat motorcycle nx-cad yield strength critical mode shapes mass participation factor kadenacy effect dof tmf crack sae 52100 dry turning plunge centerless grinding solid works and cosmos i-section boom jib crane cosmos bracket tribological tribological properties lubricants wave separation wave dispersion intermediate strain rate kolsky bars hopkinson bar random optimization hollow rectangular composite beam inclined cylinder empirical correlation inclined annulus empirical correlations matlab/simulink active suspension system pid controller turbulent flow thermo hydraulics square ducts en11 milling thermohydrodynamic analysis viscositytemperature equation journal bearings. reynolds equation process wire synthesis mgsno3 route dynamic resource allocation (dra) cloud planning nicufe2o3 ac conductivity aluminium composite panels single flute mill cutters cutting of materials machining centers optimization of machining conditions high presssure laminate (hpl) panels magic super edge magic edge magic super magic binary co-generation power plant binary sofc solid oxide fuel cell bcfc renewable energy resources ghana wind exploitable low carbon climate resilient strategy utility-scale vertical axis design and construction wind turbine composite material valve type dprs06k315 dynamic radial clearance sinter metal matrix composite energy conservation energy audit msmes dual caliper nickel-based alloy inconel 718 difficult to cut information sharing lead time delay delivery supply chain performance. consignment inventory tomato rice drying conditions analysis of variance design and analysis of connecting rod connecting rod analysis of connecting rod aluminium alloy connecting rod four stroke engine connecting rod size hyper works topology lift truck structural optimization fmea (failure mode effect and analysis) dish television analysis and optimization die designing methodology direct to home (dth) wear resistance stirrer aluminum matrix al2o3 robotics robotics in oil and gas refineries refineries thick walled cylinder ductile material pressure vessels brittle material thin walled cylinder hho nastran design modifications and structural analysis radar carrier vehicle fairings and motorcycles circuit racings drag reduction aerodynamic forces ride comfort spring life time air spring newton raphson method hybrid method linear theory method lms cad-cam qm elearning chemical analysis tip clearance semi-elliptical stress reduction slot casing cover plate capp layered manufacturing concurrent engineering nx process sheet idling reduction technologies exhaust pollutants traffic signalized intersection vehicle conditions heat flow full factorial design insert exhausts emissions cavitation inception bend-twist coupling dpf scr automotive exhaust system connector pipes al 7075 pulsating heat pipe (php) slug flow granite cm3 (cubic centimetre) kenaf fiber cellulose minichannel rectangular minichannel aisi 4140 steel surface integrity microhardness deep cold rolling computer numerical control (cnc) vertical turret lathe (vtl) part storage system (carousel) exhaust diffuser annular diffuser numerical simulations pressure recovery coefficient calophyllum oil simarouba oil sulphur dioxide flue gas desulphurisation blade pitch limestone slurry small & medium sized enterprises human resource practices component search shainin® methodology root cause analysis (rca) redx control rod friction machining tool deflection tool wear methyl ester forced cooling of electronic devices and mixed con electronic cooling cpu cooling simarouba glauca oil gas chromatography test mixed base catalyst cryogenic machining elastomer total productive maintenance (tpm) drivers tbi clients inhibitors forging process micro hardness wear test task significance quality of work life (qwl) task identity skill variety training and development (t & d) leaf spring design and fabrication martensitic stainless steel analysis of notch ejector debris guard entrainment ratio density ratio blowing ratio compound angle gas turbines two-body abrasion sic grit paper. wear volume pmma composite wear volume three-body abrasive wear glass-epoxy tce based composites worn surface morphology thermoplastic elastomer composites copolyester taguchi’s design of experiments wear mechanisms zro2 filled bmi nanocomposites nano composites recycled rubber flexural test vinylester jute led (light emitting diode) plc (programmable logical controller) wet cryogenic (dip in ln2) dry aisi 1040 steel x-ratio seals gas side efficiency air leakage air pre heater age-hardening al2024 silicon oxide (sio2) austempering bainite hardening engine operating parameters grey relational approach honge oil-ethanol blend pulse detonation engine (pde) deflagration to detonation transition (ddt) equivalence ratio vapour kerosene. snap design bursting of rivet and ring formation around rivet stress analysis of rivet desuperheating refrigerator-cum-water heater active control engine active control engine-mount system iron flakes frp composite performance of solar still surface temperature fiber plastics high strength to weight ratio balsa non-newtonian fluids lid driven cavity power law fea material testing sagging imperfection continuous undercut butt-weld locus clearance spm castings blocks machine head lm 6 alloy gating system sand casting silicon eutectic alloy casting full factorial method tool wear rate carbon nanotubes (cnt) pla filament engine combustion and performance ewr response table aisi 304 ss normal probability plot response graph bessel function fokker equation response surface methodology (rsm). analysis of va material removal rate (mrr) half life time method concentration ratio exhaust gasses r134a-dmf vapour absorption refrigerant system air conditioning system vapour absorption refrigeration cycle articulated wheeled vehicles (awvs) articulated vehicle systems waste fried vegetable oil car body welding beml window lower and upper side wall structure sub assembly jig convective heat transfer effect of water depth water distillation system coefficient and evaporative heat transfer coeffici bio inspired ecological synergistic strengthening material fibres rolled steel joints jis g3101 ss400 energy and exergy analysis double slope solar still energy and exergy scrub nurse robot magma soft optimisation gating system design casting defects vibration parameter (temperature mild steel work material hss tool pressure) lathe machine helical insert tape swirl generators circular cylinder solar chimney aluminum bronze wire edm material of wire electrode brass wire zinc coated brass wire fem analysis cylinder head cover optistrut hyper-works 9.0 rsm’s d-optimal method ball milling multiwall carbon nanotubes (mwcnt) metal matrix composites (mmcs) silicon carbide(sic) fin performance and thermal resistance slanted blades circular fin aluminium & copper analysis of friction drilling friction drilling acrylic mirror copper receiver improving control system performance highly oscillating processes i-pd controller optimal controller tuning factorial method surface grinding quality control solar energy equipment grain drying energy saving work index plk rock thermal shock treatment refractories beach sand zircon beneficiation brick condensing cover materials injector opening pressure exhaust emissions euler-lagrange sandwich plates deformation theory free vibration distortions welding simulations residual stresses tungaston-electrode inert gas welding. isotropic materials flexural stiffness interpolation method method of super position matlab. draft tube diffuser efficiency. kinetic energy pier industrial business plan quad bike planning and erection. lean production system swot analysis star topology layout gantt chart facility layout lcd (liquid crystal display) mic(microphone) sdk (speech development kit) eye blink sensor long fibre bending test compression test mat fibre pmc electric power generation arm gear savonius turbine hybrid savonius alternative fuels vcr diesel engine brake thermal efficiency and specific fuel consump blend refined soybean oil finned heat pipe heat pipe. pv modules hollow circular composite structure hollow circular composite beam probabilistic design random optimization. mining excavator economical aspect maintenance simulation model maintenance management functional maintenance salinity profile heat extraction rate temp profile. sgsp temp distribution heat capacity rate area enhancement factor plant layout production line simulation arena production line harmonic green’s- explicit scheme axisymmetry railway-induced vibration green’s-functions convection heat transfer inclined annulus. tool geometry aluminum alloy fsw duplex turning single tool turning r-square. spss software hydrostatic transmission design. frictional forces cfx correlations for modeling the evaporator unit. air distribution product characteristics. direct metal deposition tensile strength (mpa) fibre content (%) bamboo fiber. fibre orientation wet lay-up method surface flatness micro gravure u.v. lamp deposition (gsm) lamination viscosity. substrate coating physico-chemical waste plastic oil performance and emission. diesel blend d.i. single cylinder diesel raman spectroscopy raman raman effect spectroscopy. design of combustion chamber four–stroke spark ignition engine fuel composition need for alternative fuels pollutants and catalytic converter. roughness sic stir casting. al base hybrid neem biodiesel b20 transesterification. design process. features integration safety low back pain lumbar spine intervertebral disc fe model flank wear land inclination slip line edge preparation. flat plate collector. augmentation baffle creates cylindrical gear transmitters gear optimization. catalytic converter and air injection. aldehyde emissions ce cce guyanreduction dof(degree of freedom). ball bearing resistance distance matrix [rd]. kinematic chain [kc] laplacian matrix [l] distinct mechanism [dm] temperature. surface nusselt number shield profile thermal loading exhausts valve scavenging stress. inlet valve shallow foundations – optimal design – foundat medical applications rapid prototyping rapid manufacturing bio-modeling cfd (computational fluid dynamics) k- ԑ model. economiser chm cold working waste heat recovery air conditioning. shell and tube heat exchanger. libr-h2o and nh3-h2o vapour absorption refrigerati turbo jet engine of aircraft effects of sunlight intensity sunlight intensity robot lever arm kinematics. non linear dynamic stability analysis ultra high vacuum synchrotron radiation primary mirror system. grain size. microalloy hsla niobium vanadium titanium mechanization seed spacing seed sowing machines air gap piston. cotton seed bio diesel hydro carbons low heat rejection engine fsw parameters. mathematical models fiber filled plastic anisotropic buckling analysis crc push rod ansys – moldflow interface. winding mandrel collapsible mandrel. expandable mandrel oee tpm. waste heat refrigeration. adsorbent-refrigerant pairs adsorption system exhausts gas heat recovery. boiler efficiency structures aerospace utm. al 6351 method of multiple scales ionic polymer-metal composites d’alembert’s principle dehydration factor performance measurement. quality management system combustion. diesel engine. tyre pyrolysis oil catia engine piston a piston-ring porous medium stretching sheet. micropolar fluids surface methodology multi objective optimization wet edm and mrr. edm process near-dry edm supercooling austenitic segregation chemical reaction. porous material mhd nano - fluid annulus hrsg ntu effectiveness. off design combined cycle (cc) ann parameters ann modelling polylactic acid biodegradable nano sio2 taguchi optimization. critical stress intensity factor (sif). : fracture mechanics stiffener electrostatic precipitator cone structure. fuel come methyl ester alternative energy electricity. sound energy solid oxide fuel cell. binary cogeneration power plant natural gas tungsten carbide. sliding wear high velocity oxy-fuel wear testing. non asbestos brake linings longitudinal weld pool oscillation(lwpo) grain size ignition delay and combustion duration. cylinder pressure heat release rate orthogonal array (oa) techniques for order preference by similarity to i gray based analysis (gra) signal to noise ratio (s/n ratio) taper bearings talysurf honing process parameters carbon monoxide. palm methyl ester fmea functional failure rtf. rcm air flow distribution generic 2-d room passive control and cfd. ceiling shape conventional power jnnsm and future energy mix. 2d and 3d geometries 1d auto cad 0d differential scanning calorimetry (dsc) thermal properties. thermo gravimetric analysis (tga) spark colour sparking ecdm electrolyte solution code warrior ide microcontroller. heat exhanger evaporator harmonic analysis linear elastic fracture mechanics (lefm). finite element method (fem) stress intensity factor crack tip apqp value engineering. lean product development qfd phase change material correlation coefficient. carbon steel acidic media allium ampeloprasum agility and cricketers phosphate performance and rice bran biodiesel. ball milled nano particles aluminium metal matrix multiple too adaptive multi tool arbor gear model error in helical titanium alloys light weight aerospace applications vibration characteristics. accidental failure point contact line contact follower turbulence. air-fuel ratio polysun cold climate solar collectors nearly zero-energy building heavy metals gold mines mining. mixing parameter. thermal storage conduction heat loss stratification thermocline smoke tester. hc vehicle suspension steam cycle lp turbine efficiency thermal power plant condenser effectiveness lmtd single pressure and dual pressure condenser electrical discharge machining material handling uav sae landing gear grooves on casing passage wake. district heating. wood rotary optimization. rotary table pallets radiation. thermal development channel flow albedo eevc wg10 (european enhanced vehicle safety commit hood head forms (adults and childs) headforms to bonnet impact impact angles hic (head injury criteria) shield astralube and shield astralube hardness and tensile : eccentricity ic. is full journal bearing detaching flexible automated hybrid gear agma stress tumbler gear mechanism. evaporative cooler supply condition. re-heating coil pre-heating coil thermophorosis convective biot number stretching sheet and brownian motion. boundary layer flow regenerative braking kinetic energy recovery system convective boundary condition magnetic effect numerical solution. carburetor. gassifire turning operation feed cutting velocity cad/cam orthopedics bones implants nusselt number triangular protrusion solar air heater (nd2fe14b) prototype of magnetic engine magnetic material neodymium iron boron optimization of thickness of composite e- glass-carbon-graphite composite tensile modulus. discrete event simulation roboforth : simulation continuous system simulation cdi unit pulsar coil spark plug stress distribution stress relieving feature hpstc vars refrigeration ammonia-water. deflection and ansys-ls dyna fe-model nanofluid concentration gray relational analysis surface roughness. conventional grinding theoretical analysis submersible pump&impeller impeller cfda submersible pump bohler k110 grey relational analysis. hard part turning (hpt) depth of cut (d) acoustic waves and frequency resonator computational fluid dynamics (cfd) thermoacoustic refrigerator (tar) glass stack vibration analysis. fft analysis cantilever beam polystyrene morphologyand anova. flow characteristics boron nitride enhanced thermal conductivity epoxy matrix lower centre point (lcp) multi body dynamic analysis (mbd) four link suspension system instantaneous centre radius (icr) aldehydes ubhc dnph jatropha oil raimondi and boyd bio-lubricants neem oil journal bearing castor oil length of supply chain efficiency of supply chain supply chain working capital productivity supply chain performance benchmarking prowess fast moving consumer goods (fmcg) hard keyboard auditory feedback typing speed home row positioning tactile feedback touchscreen keyboard keyboard ergonomics metal matrix 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combustion engine properties straight vegetable oil (svo) wind-energy nozzle wind wind–speed lubrication mechanical components wear rate wear mechanism petroleum diesel conventional diesel engine petroleum gas dual fuel mode coal thermal plant ash heat industrial waste heat neuber’s approximation method elasto-plastic analysis maximum bound estimate). b.c.s (boundary conditions) smx (maximum result value on plot) smxb (result value vapor compression refrigerant system electronic fuel injection system magnetic fuel vaporizer and greenhouse effect electronic fuel magnetic fuel tensile shear strength. 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sierpinski carpet fractal microstrip antenna for i real time filter and fusion of multi sensor data f review of different methods of protecting privacy vhdl modeling of the sram module and state machine controller design and optimized system analysis fo balancing stable topology and network lifetime in data security using advanced encryption standard finite element analysis of underground metro tunne experimental study of different sill geometries in design of eco friendlypervious concrete compressive strength of steel slag aggregate and a optimum moisture content and strength of granular comparison of maximum dry density comprehensive study of high strength fiber rienfor literature work study of precast concrete connecti effect of specific core and static stretching trai effect of l b ratio of stone column on bearing cap mechanical characteristics of normal concrete part the accuracy of mobile phone camera instead of hig experimental investigations on durability characte morphometric analysis on precambrian rocks in part seismic behavior of steel rigid frame with imperfe crude oil and its impact on soil pollution environ the modeling of slope erosion rate by using paddy new landslides susceptibility mapping method effect of alkali materials on geo polymer concrete compressive strength of concrete using natural agg evaluation and strengthening of reconstructed road size effect in punching of rc slabs survey on load balancing and data skew mitigation entity resolution for hierarchical data using attr performance analysis of data mining algorithms wit effect of functional interval endurance training p analysis of contrast concentration for radiologica an approach for color image compression of bmp and advanced relevance feedback strategy for precise i predicting performance of classification algorithm a comparative study on synchronization algorithms an approach of software engineering through middle image similarity using fourier transform effect of tm and loop 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simulation and analysis of multilevel inverter wit modified cascaded multilevel inverter with ga to r design and implementation of battery charger using design of second order linear time invariant syste grid connected pv system using 9 level flying capa four switch three phase brushless dc motor drive f power electronic control of induction generator us transformerless three level diode clamped inverter on line nonlinearity compensation technique for space vector modulated quasi z source inverter for ga based optimal facts controller for maximizing l high step up boost converter based micro inverter a comparative study of cascaded h bridge and rever fuzzy control of shoot through time of single stag an enhanced controller for shunt active filter in new zv zcs full bridge dc-dc converter with fuzzy cascaded quasi z-source network on demand active power electronic transformer a standard bui analysis of a bidirectional isolated dc – dc con a bridgeless cuk converter based induction motor d implementation of two inductor boost converter for integrated double buck boost converter for power l a novel control strategy for synchronous rectifier modelling of high step up dc dc converter for phot bidirectional full bridge dc-dc converter with fly fault protection of a loop type low voltage dc bus stand alone regulated single phase five level inve high step up switched capacitor inductor dc voltag a voltage gain enhanced ky step up converter very high voltage boost converter based on high step up converter with diode capacitor techni source localization using vector sensor array source localization using compressively sampled ve review on security techniques for field programmab reversible encrypted data concealment in images by remote control system of high efficiency and intel qpsk modulation for dsss cdma transmitter and rece pre emphasis on data for an adaptive fingerprint i power evaluation of adiabatic logic circuits in 45 performance evaluation of family of prime sequence parallel processing technique for high speed image online framework for video stabilization modified montgomery modular multiplier for cryptos modified leach protocol in wireless sensor network modified cann model linearization using abc algori low complexity turbo decoder with modified acs high speed cordic design for fixed angle of rotati high capacity histogram shifting based reversible hardware implementation of 3 d dct compressed and hardware efficient singular value decomposition in fpga implementation of power efficient all digital elliptic curve scalar multiplier using karatsuba device for text to speech production and to braill construction of phylogenetic tree from multiple ge auto depannage digital system with endocrine cellu aes encryption engine for many core processor arra active cooling technique using peltier element for a vlsi architecture for efficient removal of noise a survey on energy aware routing issues and cross a study on performance comparison of dymo with aod a secured data transmission system by reversible d a prototyping of software defined radio using qpsk analysis of spectrum based approach for detection a review on automatic wavelet based nonlinear im a comprehensive study of signal detection techniqu modelling and stress analysis of column bracket fo a review on effect of addition of nano particles o comparison of three methods to separate waves in t treatment of textile wastewater using electrofento total quality management practices in constructio topology optimisation of braced frames for high ri study of decentralization in construction companie structural damage mitigation in discrete structure strength and behaviour of sifcon with different ty sediment flow changes induced by dams in pamba riv role of insurance in construction and infrastructu role of building information modelling bim in quan progressive collapse analysis of a reinforced conc predicting the strength of self compacting self cu performance of shear wall building during seismic parametric estimation of construction cost using c non linear analysis of reinforced concrete chimney introducing gill cells in pontoon type floating st implication of fractal dimension on properties of geopolymer binder from industrial wastes a review effect of connection eccentricity in the behaviour development of interaction curve of thin plate str deflection characteristics of cross ply laminates comparison of lateral analysis of reinforced concr comparative study on solid and coupled shear wall behaviour of reinforced concrete frame with in fil behaviour of plates with circular cutout assessing monetary value of the nuisance caused by application of extended n2 method to reinforced co analytical study on stress strain behaviour of rei analytical study on soil pile interaction effect i analytical studies on concrete filled steel tubes cost optimization of using geogrids vs piles in th effect management of elevated temperature on mecha experimental 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designing and modelling using fpga protection of server from syn flood attack prediction of soil urea content using rf spectrosc photoacoustic tomography based on the application ac conductivity study of polyaniline nckelstanate thermohydrodynamic analysis of plain journal beari study of process parameter of wire electric discha probabilistic design and random optimization of ho optimization of turning process parameter in dry t natural convection heat transfer inside inclined o natural convection heat transfer in inclined open dynamic resource allocation in road transport sect dielectric constant study of polyaniline magnesium influence of fabrics layers on strengthened reinfo use of downstream facing aerofoil shaped bridge pi strength and behavior of innovative composite colu f fabrics layers on strengthened reinforced concre evaluation of noise levels in al najaf al ashraf s controlling the demolition of existing structures elasto plastic behavior of 3 dimensional reinforce an approximate solution for plates resting on wink unsupervised approach to deduce schema and extract to investigate the consequences of internet addict to investigate the consequences of internet addict to investigate the consequences of internet addict resource aware and reliable cluster based communic resource aware and reliable cluster based communic modified clahe an adaptive algorithm for contrast modified clahe an adaptive algorithm for contrast comparative study of relational and non relations comparative study of relational and non relations the detailed study of history features and benefit service life prediction of rubber compound by acce iterative code reviews system for detecting and co experimental study of a alumina packaged 5 bit rf emerging fiber of the century bamboo effect of organic additive peg 600 on ultrafiltrat dielectric constant study of polyaniline ni cofe2o analysis of collaborative learning methods for ima role of non farm sector in the transformation of i prominence of stakeholders in designing sustainabi importance of customer satisfaction in indian hote impact of income on purchase decision from organiz community services training and development a pana a study on the demographical characteristics of in a review on childhood disability and its direct an a study on customer perception towards customer re utilization of ict in r & d institutions libraries potentials of the internet and its resources to ac limitations of datawarehouse platforms and assessm knowledge discovery from vehicle e governance data image encryption approach for security issues hr dss its road map for next generation 50320140502004 50320140502003 50320140502002 50320140502001 30420140503003 30420140503002 30420140503001 a study of brand loyalty on toilet soaps buying be consumer attitude towards organic food in trichy s 10320140503003 10320140503002 10320140503001 human resource hr practices and employees job sati 10320140504001 synchronization and replication through ocmdbs natural language processing and sanskrit business ethics corporate culture and strategic l an analysis of individual investors towards invest study of emotional intelligence and its influence 7ps 4cs and indian cement sector marketing mix strategies using methods of 4 ps knowledge management and employee performance in t development of self leadership skills training mod a comparative assessment of energy management syst a comparative analysis of the quality of work life 10220140504001 leaf identification based on fuzzy c means and na integrating reliability in conceptual process desi improving the temperature limit of diesel filterab effect of operating conditions on the solvent reco development of integrated bioremediation and anaer comparison of co processor and traditional process a study on influence of fly ash and nano silica o 20120140507005 20120140507003 20120140507004 20120140507002 20120140507001 thermal analysis of a gas turbine cycle for a turb strong rout selection in aodv using rss through cl strength and durability studies on silica fume mod overview of carbon nanotubes cnts novelof applicat optimal operation of a multi reservoir system and mems sensors controlled haptic forefinger robotic integrate fault tree analysis and fuzzy sets in qu implementation of modified goertzel algorithm usin evaluation of physico chemical quality of water st assessment of solar energy distribution for instal design optimization of optical wireless communicat a review of soft computing techniques in materials optimization and analysis failure mode effect and effect of al2 o3 on wear resistance in aluminum ma machinability assessment in turning of inconel 718 improvement in surface quality with high productio energy management in small scale industries a vita dynamic behaviour of hydraulic pressure relief val drying conditions for rice and tomato design and construction of vertical axis wind turb design and analysis of connecting rod using alumin corrosion behaviour of sintered 316 l austenitic s analysis of a thin and thick walled pressure vesse application of robotics in oil and gas refieries decisions in a supply chain modeling for comparati speed dependent dual caliper action in disc brake efficacious electronic voting using biometry load testing for jquery based e commerce web appli relative risk benchmarking enabling better decisio a comparative analysis of the impact of performanc a study of erp system for employee satisfaction in a study on antecedents of brand loyalty in the toi a study on buying behaviour of customers towards b application of median model and goal programming m coal an energy source for present and future indian msm es initiatives and financing trends influence of foreign portfolio investment on stock real estate investment and management strategies i social capital scale and logic fuzzy an experiment toxic leadership tracing the destructive trail analytical investigations on stiffened steel and c applicability of mohr coulomb and drucker prager m critical analysis of sedimentation assessment of r design of composite gas bottle with elastomeric la effect of natural rubber on the properties of bitu effects of groundnut husk ash gha in cement paste implementation of magnetized water to improve the investigation of material waste incurred in the co systems approach for integrated management of fate testing accuracy of maritime dgps system based on virtual pedestrians risk modeling concrete mix design using copper slag as fine aggr selection of wastewater treatment process based on sediment control at the source for a bulk water su quality status of groundwater around industrial ar study of the efficiency of stone columns in soft c water audit in distribution network by establishin the effective width in multi girder composite stee treatability studies of selective fibrous packing document1 design of industrial storage shed and analysis of behavior of concrete damaged by high temperature e analysis on utilization of cement kiln dust stabil an experimental investigation on strength properti earthquake risks and effective of earthquake load relative influences of stress paths with different seismic analysis of single degree of freedom struc the permeability and indirect tensile strength cha three modeling of soil erosion by water performance evaluation of asphalt mixture modified percentage replacement of bitumen with sugarcane w modeling of soil erosion by water geopolymer concrete an earth friendly concrete ver ferrocement beams and columns with x shaped shear earth quake risks and its reduction methods for hi contribution to long term performance of piled raf 20320140507012 20320140507011 20320140507010 20320140507008 20320140507007 20320140507006 20320140507005 20320140507004 20320140507003 20320140507002 optimized design of submersible induction motor us ann and impedance combined method for fault locati a new fuzzy based control strategy for three phase wavelet based double line and double line -to- gr two wheeled self balancing robot for autonomous na study of grid connected pv system based on current novel pwm modulation technique for minimizing circ hybrid power generation using renewable energy sou enhancement of power system security by tcsc under energy saving in cooling towers by using variable comparison of facts devices for two area power sys characterization of transients and fault diagnosis 40220140507001 40220140507002 40220140507003 40220140507004 40220140507005 40220140507006 speed control of a dc motor a matlab approach optical code division multiple access using carbon hardware implementation of the serpent block ciphe copper nanofilm antenna for wlan applications digital watermarking on medical images using dwt analysis of hrv to study the effects of tobacco on advances and development in biomechatronics introd a wideband hybrid plasmonic fractal patch nanoante automatic ground truth generation for image sequen robots for surveillance in military applications the theoretical study of the effect of parasitic e design and simulation of a non pipelined multi cyc using petri net with inherent fuzzy in the recogni sparse channel estimation for underwater acoustic shopping and automatic billing using rfid technolo separation of overlapping latent fingerprints readout and functional electronics for intracrania performance enhanced beamforming algorithms for mi performance analysis of ecg qrs complex detection ofdm oqam performances for high speed optical comm modified synthesis strategy for vowels and semi vo internet of things iot based real time gas leakage intelligent students tracking system in campus bas improved nonlocal means based on pre classificatio fpga implementation of fusion technique for finger error control coding using bose chaudhuri hocqueng emotional analysis and evaluation of kannada speec designing of telecommand system using system on ch design implementation and comparison of various cm design and simulation of optical power splitter wi a novel technique of visual cryptography for maint a high speed low power consumption d flip flop for design of a two stage differential low noise ampli 40120140507007 40120140507006 40120140507005 40120140507001 40120140507002 validation of hardness and tensile strength of al two body abrasive wear behavior of short glass fib the effect of addition of nanofillers on three bod technologies of sulphur dioxide reduction in coal surface layer alterations in aisi 4140 steel from study of effect of forging on cutting tool propert studies on performance parameters and exhaust emis studies on exhaust emissions of ceramic coated di stress reduction using semi elliptical slots in ax startups and clients perspective on technology bus smoothness running of train on uneven tracks with smart street lighting system based on sensors usin production of simarouba oil methyl ester using mix production of composite material performance evaluation and optimization of air pre part storage system carousel of vtl by low cost au parametric investigations on the flow characterist overall equipment effectiveness of critical machin optimization techniques for water supply network a optimization of engine operating parameters optimization of dry sliding wear behaviour of zirc numerical simulation and enhancement of heat trans new technologies used in automotive exhaust system mechanical property assessment of austempered and investigation of surface roughness in machining of influence of recycled rubber filler on mechanical heat flow prediction in friction stir welded alumi fairing flap drag reduction mechanism ffdrm exploring human resource management practices in s experimental investigation of flow condensation he experimental and numerical investigation of adiaba evaluation and comparison for fuel properties of s effect of tip clearance on a centrifugal compresso effect of silicon oxide sio2 reinforced particles effect of short glass fiber and fillers on dry sli effect of fiber length on the mechanical propertie development and evaluation of some of the mechanic design of computer aided process plan for a casing design and fabrication of hybrid composite springs design and delivery of a fully online cad cam cour cutting force and surface roughness in cryogenic m cfd analysis in an ejector of gas turbine engine t bend twist coupling and its effect on cavitation i assessment of particulates matrix ratio and its in analytical study of exhaust pollutants fuel consum analysis of tensile behavior hybrid carbon jute fi analysis of notch sensitivity factor for ss420 and an experimental study on kerosene based pulse deto an experimental study of heat transfer in a corrug 3 d flow analysis of an annular diffuser with and design of special purpose machine head to improve effect of lowering condensing surface temperature experimental investigation of waste heat recovery fabrication and analysis of mechanical properties lattice boltzmann simulation of non newtonian flui material selection for unmanned aerial vehicle modelling and optimization of electromagnetic type optimization of snap design parameters to avoid bu research on the influence of sagging and continuou use of wind and solar energy for vehicles studies on aluminium silicon eutectic alloy castin experiment investigation of edm parameter mrr and development of dual phase steel and determination 30120140507017 30120140507016 30120140507015 30120140507014 30120140507013 30120140507012 30120140507011 30120140507010 30120140507008 30120140507007 30120140507006 30120140507005 30120140507004 30120140507003 30120140507002 30120140507001 10120140507001 10120140507002 10120140507003 10120140507005 10120140507006 10120140507007 10120140507008 challenges emerging in sports goods retail market relationship between job satisfaction and organiza an introspection into awareness of maternity benef challenges and opportunities of ict in management futuristic approach to business impact of organisational stress on employee morale perceptions of university staff toward on preserva risk discernment of clients in real estates an emp story of north american free trade agreement nafta the effect of firm specific characteristics on seg a study on passenger’s satisfaction towards rail a study on the rehabilitation facilities provided change management by neurological aspects of organ economic indicators and stock market performance a employee mentoring a training and development tech marketing strategy for profit maximization and inc micro insurance in india performance management desired leadership skills f role of ict in education a case of indira college ""tech transfer making it as a risk free approach tqm health practices and client satisfaction in a uniformity and enhancement in quality of education use of social media to attract and engage new cust a novel based approach to investigate distinctive a survey on architectures applications and issues an enhanced ip traceback mechanism for tracking th coalitional game theoretic approach for ieee 802 composed short m sequences java remote control for laboratory monitoring parametric down conversion in li inse2 double pump performance improvement of automated address assig property based fusion for multifocus images public key steganography using lsb method with cha robust wireless reprogramming method using differe some properties of m sequences over finite field f the impact of system quality and user participatio tools and techniques of code coverage testing using k means cluster and fuzzy c means for defect 50120140507013 50120140507011 50120140507010 50120140507009 50120140507008 50120140507007 50120140507006 50120140507005 50120140507004 50120140507003 50120140507001 wind lens energy recovery system synthesis characterization and performance propert recovery solvents methods and performances improvement of accuracy in aircraft navigation by experimental study of gas flux characteristics in cloud partitioning with load balancing a new load an outline of knowledge mining multi tier architec temperature prediction of a two stage pulse tube c separation of heart murmur aortic regurgitation so land survey by robot fabrication of silane nanocrystalline cellulose bi ecological powder coating technology based on inno design and implementation of 3 axis linear interpo assignment of weights method for the optimization an efficient sorting algorithm increcomparision so 40120140502002 chaotic pseudo – random number generation zigzag scan pattern method images and many more are transmitted through inter as the growth in the technology increases maintain method to reduce the degradation of the resultant commercial secrets and information of individuals lock it and approach towards its target and hits t the most important thing is to take care of this t a large number of robots are placed in many areas cost effective and accurate technique to destroy a humans have evolved to better survive and have evo call for paper october 2014 issue an architecture is presented which blends radio fr comfort and efficiency in everyday life. in this nowadays large grocery stores are used by millions of peopl cost and the total cost of all purchased products. fault inception angle and distance along the trans in this paper an accurate method to discriminate double line and wind power plants are very important for power sy with the growing integration into power grids the entire wind farm operates within a power facto where error detection and correction techniques e information and coding theory has applications in image fusion is a process of combining relevant in into a single image wherein the resultant fused image will be more inf peak signal to noise ratio (psnr) and matching sco this method has a few shortcomings especially when the noise level is high. and the lack of reliable candidates for some non e.g. and row image weighted averaging into the nlm fram we propose to improve nlm by integrating gaussian the computationally expensive calculation of the s one of the most popular image denoising methods ba construction projec delay penalties time-overrun cost-overrun rfid student tracking design and implementation of push pull converter f a novel fast block matching algorithm considering an analytical approach for optimal placement of co manets; route discovery; broadcasting; broadcast s automatic generation control disco participation matrix deregulated power systems hydro generation thermal generation engine combustion and performance. perception & socio economic conditions. jhuggi jhopadi poor predicting corporate governance on performance me priority rules job shop scheduling learning capability simulation. wastelands and chitradurga. geoinformatics reclamation object-oriented crosscutting metrics aspects oop. aop glucose rf spectroscopy. pls wavelet transforms artificial neural network. principle component analysis artificial neural network. matlab 7.10 the topological requirements of a resonant convert resonant converters have generally been analyzed a in the past a resonant converter topology not suitable for co simulation and design lcl resonant converter as c in which output current is regulated teaching entrepreneureship teacher educational resources teaching methods and learning edm; aisi 304 ss; ewr; response table; response gr prediction. fokker equation bessel function. half life time method restructured power system security constraints deregulation open access power flow tracing transmission expansion planning (tep) market information market determination source of information marketing practice cost reduction waste management. waste minimization simulated concrete pore solution (scp thymus vulgarize extract (tve) response surface methodology (rsm). analysis of v material removal rate (mrr) rf mems seesaw pivot dpdt switch simulated radio frequency micro electro-mechanical systems electrostatic 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(low resistance grounding) edg (emergency diesel generator) lsc (line side cubicle) edg (emergency diesel generator) nsc (neutral side cubicle) gcb (generator circuit breaker) cost savings core competencies specially trained personal cost- effectively specialized tools return on investment. global strategic vendor vendor managemen problems world scenario data security pitfalls employee union statistics cost analysi nvc metakaolin mathematical model. web mining user navigation website design cost estimation cost modelling schools project big bang-big crunch algorithm for minimizing power electrochemical measurement adsorption process weight loss. panchromatic(pan) multiresolution nsct multispectral(ms) fusion mrf. map microbial fuel cell current density geobacter sulfurreducens power density split strength. scm’s job scheduling nephele jni java byte code jvm jre personalization agent draft tube losse runner losse francis turbine turbine losses clonal selection dymo digital archives palm 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