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Smart communities

  1. 1. Smart Community Si,es fac2ble en la2noamerica Nobuhiro Tanimura Voluntario Senior (JICA) 㻝
  2. 2. Mega-trends Forming the Near-future and the Smart Grid/Community 㻞
  3. 3. Mega-­‐trends Change Business Condi2ons: Popula2on Problems An escala:ng problem of urban concentra:on due to rapid increases in the world’s popula:on, centering on emerging economies The global population is expected to grow about 1.5 times by 2050, with most growth in the newly emerging economies of Africa and Asia. -­‐ Emerging economies: energy and environmental problems from rapid popula:on influx us to urban areas -­‐ Developed Countries: Aging popula:on, need for enhanced welfare, Stuck at high levels of per capita energy consump:on As of end of October, 2011 2000 2010 8 6 4 1950 1 2 1960 3 4 1970 5 6 1980 7 8 1990 9 10 11 12 13 14 2020 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 2030 2040 2050 2 estimation 㻥㻚㻝㻡㻌䈊 㻢㻚㻥㻝㻌䈊 㻟㻚㻢㻥㻌䈊 㻞㻚㻡㻟㻌䈊 㻡㻚㻞㻥㻌䈊 㻤㻚㻟㻝㻌䈊 㻻㼏㼑㼍㼚㼕㼍㻌䈊 㻜㻚㻜㻡 㻭㼒㼞㼕㼏㼍㻌䈊 㻞㻚㻜㻜 㻱㼡㼞㼛㼜㼑㻌䈊 㻜㻚㻣㻜 㻿㼛㼡㼠㼔 㻭㼙㼑㼞㼕㼏㼍㻌䈊 㻜㻚㻠㻤 㻺㼛㼞㼠㼔 㻭㼙㼑㼞㼕㼏㼍 㻜㻚㻣㻜㻌 䈊 㻜㻚㻣㻜 㻭㼟㼕㼍㻌䈊 㻡㻚㻞㻟 exceeding 7 billion people Source: UN, World Population Prospects The 2008 Revision. Ra:o of Urban Popula:on 0,73 1,51 3,42 4,54 6,29 1950 1975 2009 2025 2050 10 8 6 4 2 Urban 0,73 1,51 3,42 4,54 6,29 Non-Urban 1,8 2,55 3,41 3,47 2,86 㻳㼞㼛㼣㼠㼔㻌㼛㼒㻌㼁㼞㼎㼍㼚㻌㻼㼛㼜㼡㼘㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚 0 billion 0,3 0,81 2,5 3,52 5,19 1950 1975 2009 2025 2050 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 billion Developing 0,3 0,81 2,5 3,52 5,19 Developed 0,43 0,7 0,92 1,01 1,1 㻟
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Mega-­‐Trends Changing the World -­‐ Global Issues and Solu2ons -­‐ Emerging Economies Developed Countries Industrial Growth Changes in Diet Shortages of Resources Jumps in Resource Prices Use of sustainable energy/resources Vital needs support healthcare *1 Economic Globaliza:on Build Secure Informa:on Infrastructure Aging Society with Low Birthrate Upsurge in Population Urbanization Traffic Jams Digital Convergence Water Shortages Increased Energy Demand Food Scarcity Expansion of Internet Community Expansion of Commodity Markets Global warming Life-quality Improvement Mega Compe::on “Smart Community” provides solu:ons Price rise In Medical Care Medical Care Increase of For Aging Cyberterrorism Instant Communication *1 Vital Needs Support Healthcare: Services to support vital elements such as water, air, food, and enhanced care for aged popula:on and contribu:on to beZerment of health 㻡
  6. 6. Smart Community Concept Introduc2on (Nota;Todavia no hay definicion clara y acordado de “Smart Community”) 㻢
  7. 7. Vision of Smart Grid/ Community(1/2) Social Infrastructure Op:miza:on and Integra:on with Sensing Technology ×Control Technology × ICT Technology Heat Accumulation Battery Storage Community Heat Flexibility Cloud Service Mega PV Smart Grid Smart Meter BEMS PV Car Motor, Inverter Train Energy Management ITS Building Water Home Traffic Clinical Image Application System Medical Network Demand Forecast System Water Operation System BEMS FEMS Smart Elevator Medical Heat Electricity DC Home Appliance Control 㻵CT Car Battery Module 㻿ensing 㻣
  8. 8. Vision for Smart Community(2/2) Realization of Sustainable Community through Energy Management Transporta:on Solu:on 䕺Energy Management System Electricity, Gas, Heat, Water Grid Control䈊 䈊 䈊 Medical Solu:on Make Human Life BeZer ICT/Security Solu:on Smart Facility Solu:on BEMS セキュリティ Delivery of Total Energy Solu:on Genera:on Cogeneration Battery PV Wind Turbine Heat Pumps Fuel Cells Energy Storage Renewables New Technology Drivers Water Solu:on 空調 電源 照明 エレベーター 䕺Mobility Transportation System EV, LRT䈊 䕺Human Healthcare System䈊 䚷䚷Medical Information, State-of-art Medical Technology䈊 䕺Logistics Distribution System Market Mall (POSEMS) Build up incentives business schemes for Operators and Customers䚷䚷䚷䚷䚷䚷䚷䚷䚷 Benefits for Society Benefits for Ci:zens Consumers Benefits for Operators Exchange of Informa:on Livable Comfortable Energy Saving Ecology (Low Emission) Energy Solu:on 㻤
  9. 9. Migra:on from Smart Meters to Smart Community Ø Smart Metering is a Gateway to the Consumers Ø Bilateral Communica:on Interface to Consumers may expand to Smart Community Ø Smart Grid an Energy Management Solu:on will be the first Entrance and to meet the broader concept of Smart Community Ø Rela:onship with Governments and Public U:lity Companies is the Key Gas Heat (Co-­‐genera2on) 1. Smart Metering Market -­‐ Gateway to Consumers -­‐ Energy Data Monitoring 3. Smart Community Market -­‐ Introduc:on of CEMS for Community Energy Management -­‐ Introduc:on of Smart Building Home Appliances -­‐ Integra:on of Demand Side Energy Management System with CEMS and AMI(MDMS) -­‐ Integra:on of Smart Infrastructure DA System Smart Metering Smart Grid Smart Community 2. Smart Grid Market -­‐ Integra:on of AMI MDMS -­‐ BaZery Storage to meet Renewables -­‐ Upgrade of Distribu:on Network Management HEMS Expansion of Energy Service BEMS PV EV New Energy Facili2es Energy Management System Smart Meter 㻥
  10. 10. The system aims for remote metering of individual customers, reducing CO2 emissions by visualizing power consumptions of customers and at leveling loads by guiding customers to low-demand time zones for power consumption from power peak time zone. Transmission lines ! (Optical fiber cable, PLC, wireless and others) Wireless! Smart Meter Measures instantaneous values including power consumption, voltage, current, frequency and other data and sends values to the meter data management system and home displays. Meter Data Management System (MDMS)䈊 Remote metering of data measured by the smart meter. Real time data collection, management and analysis. Home Display䈊 Displays electric energy used, electric energy sold, CO2 emissions and other data measured by the smart meter. Smart Metering Market for the 1st Stage 㻝㻜
  11. 11. Supply (Genera2on) Smart Grid (Power System) Demand (Consumer) Smart Grid Market for the 2nd Stage -­‐ Set-­‐up Distributed Genera2on (DG) and BaSery Energy Storage System (BESS) at mul2ple loca2ons -­‐ Manage Renewable Energy efficiently with Micro-­‐EMS powered bi-­‐direc2onal ICT communica2on -­‐ Minimize Electricity Transmission Loss 㻝㻝
  12. 12. 㻝㻞 Smart Grid(Red Inteligente)= 1) Interac2ve(Two-­‐way) network of “Electricity” and “Informa2on” 2) Real-­‐2me adjustments of “Supply-­‐Demand” Different objec2ve, depend on area and/or company For example; 1)Improvement of transmission/distribu2on network reliability (Including Peak-­‐Cut purpose) 2)Steady collec2on of electricity charge (by Smart meter) 3)Introduc2on of renewable energy 4)Infrastructure set-­‐up for EV (Electric Vehicle) 5)Crea2on of ”New business” using informa2on around electricity (ICT company etc.,)
  13. 13. We, as a ‘Corporate Ci2zen of Planet Earth’, aims to realize a low carbon emission society and reduce environmental load through comprehensive and efficient urban infrastructure while not compromising on comfort. We offer complete urban infrastructure solu2ons ranging from energy, water systems, transporta2on systems, health care to informa2on security as a packaged solu2on with bi-­‐direc2onal communica2on for op2mum management and efficiency. Energy Solutions Micro Energy Management System Low Carbon Emission Power Plants Mega Watt PV Wind Power City gas plant Water purification, seawater desalination Electric Power Network Gas Holder Pressure Regulator Distribution Station Water Power Tram ICT, Security Solutions EV HEMS BEMS FEMS Sewage treatment Optimization of lifeline flows Demand/Supply Optimization Collaboration with other communities Water Solutions Transport Solutions Logistics Infrastructure Efficiency Waste Management Medical Solutions Electricity storage Containerized Data Center Data Center Pole Mounted Transformer Fuel Cells Greenhouses LED Lights Pumping Sta2on Water Supply Inter-­‐Community Lifeline Network Other Communi2es Logistics Infrastructure (EV, Tram) Smart Community Market for the 3rd Stage
  14. 14. Smart community Proyectos 㻝㻠
  15. 15. Trend of the smart community project in the world 㻹㼛㼞㼑㻌㼠㼔㼍㼚㻌㻡㻜㻜㻌㻼㻶㻌㼜㼘㼍㼚㻌㼕㼚㻌㼠㼔㼑㻌㼣㼛㼞㼘㼐㻌㼎㼥㻌㼑㼤㼠㼑㼚㼟㼕㼛㼚㻌㼛㼒㻌㼑㼚㼑㼞㼓㼥㻘㻌㼙㼛㼎㼕㼘㼕㼠㼥㻘㻌㼑㼠㼏㻚 㻺㼛㼞㼠㼔㻌㻭㼙㼑㼞㼕㼏㼍䠖㻝㻝㻢㻌㻼㻶 䈄 㻱㼤㼜㼍㼚㼟㼕㼛㼚㻌㼛㼒㻌㻿㼙㼍㼞㼠㻌㻳㼞㼕㼐㻌㻼㻶 䈄 㻱㼤㼜㼍㼚㼟㼕㼛㼚㻌㼛㼒㻌㼟㼑㼞㼢㼕㼏㼑㻌㼛㼒㻌㻰㻾㻘㻌 㻳㼛㼢㼑㼞㼚㼙㼑㼚㼠㻘㻌㻱㼂㻌㼞㼑㼘㼍㼠㼑㼐㻌㼙㼛㼎㼕㼘㼕㼠㼥㻘㻌㼑㼠㼏 㻱㼡㼞㼛㼜㼑䠖㻤㻣㻌㻼㻶 䈄 㻿㼙㼍㼞㼠㻌㻳㼞㼕㼐䚸㻾㼑㼚㼑㼣㼍㼎㼘㼑㻌㻱㼚㼑㼞㼓㼥䚸㻼㼞㼛㼙㼛㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌㼛㼒㻌 㼠㼔㼑㻌㼑㼤㼕㼟㼠㼕㼚㼓㻌㼕㼚㼒㼞㼍㼟㼠㼞㼡㼏㼠㼡㼞㼑㻌㼞㼑㼐㼑㼢㼑㼘㼛㼜㼙㼑㼚㼠㻌 䈄 㻱㼤㼜㼍㼚㼟㼕㼛㼚㻌㼛㼒㻌㼟㼑㼞㼢㼕㼏㼑㻌㼛㼒㻌㻰㻾㻘㻌㻱㼂㻌㼞㼑㼘㼍㼠㼑㼐㻌 㼙㼛㼎㼕㼘㼕㼠㼥㻘㻌㼑㼠㼏㻚㻌 238 277 㻖㻌㻿㼛㼡㼞㼏㼑㻌㻦㻌㻺㼕㼗㼗㼑㼕㻌㻮㻼㻌㼏㼘㼑㼍㼚㻌㼠㼑㼏㼔㻌㼞㼑㼟㼑㼍㼞㼏㼔㻌㼕㼚㼟㼠㼕㼠㼡㼠㼑㻚㻌㼀㼛㼟㼔㼕㼎㼍㻌㼜㼞㼑㼟㼡㼙㼑㼟㻌㼒㼞㼛㼙㻌㼍㻌㼙㼍㼠㼑㼞㼕㼍㼘㻌㼒㼛㼞㻌㼕㼚㼢㼑㼟㼠㼕㼓㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻚㻌 㻭㼟㼕㼍㻘㻌㼑㼠㼏㻚䠖㻡㻟㻌㻼㻶 䈄 㻯㼕㼠㼥㻌㼍㼚㼐㻌㼕㼚㼐㼡㼟㼠㼞㼕㼍㼘㻌㼏㼛㼙㼜㼘㼑㼤㻌 㼕㼚㼒㼞㼍㼟㼠㼞㼡㼏㼠㼡㼞㼑㻌㼐㼑㼢㼑㼘㼛㼜㼙㼑㼚㼠 䈄 㻱㼚㼑㼞㼓㼥㻌㼟㼠㼍㼎㼘㼑㻌㼟㼡㼜㼜㼘㼕㼑㼟㻌 㻔㼕㼚㼐㼡㼟㼠㼞㼕㼍㼘㻌㼏㼛㼙㼜㼘㼑㼤㻌㼑㼠㼏㻚㻕 㻶㼍㼜㼍㼚䠖㻥㻠㻌㻼㻶 䈄 㼐㼕㼟㼍㼟㼠㼑㼞㻌㼞㼑㼏㼛㼚㼟㼠㼞㼡㼏㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌 䈄 㻾㼑㼚㼑㼣㼍㼎㼘㼑㻌㼑㼚㼑㼞㼓㼥㻌㼑㼤㼜㼍㼚㼟㼕㼛㼚 䈄 㻱㼚㼑㼞㼓㼥㻌㼂㼕㼟㼡㼍㼘㼕㼦㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻘㻌㻱㼤㼜㼍㼚㼟㼕㼛㼚㻌 㼛㼒㻌㼟㼑㼞㼢㼕㼏㼑㻌㼛㼒㻌㻱㼂㻘㻌㻴㼑㼍㼘㼠㼔㻌㼏㼍㼞㼑 㻯㼔㼕㼚㼍䠖㻝㻢㻡㻌㻼㻶 䈄 㻯㼕㼠㼥㻌㼍㼚㼐㻌㼕㼚㼐㼡㼟㼠㼞㼕㼍㼘㻌㼏㼛㼙㼜㼘㼑㼤㻌㼕㼚㼒㼞㼍㼟㼠㼞㼡㼏㼠㼡㼞㼑㻌㼐㼑㼢㼑㼘㼛㼜㼙㼑㼚㼠 䈄 㻺㼑㼤㼠㻙㼓㼑㼚㼑㼞㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌㼠㼞㼍㼒㼒㼕㼏㻌㼟㼥㼟㼠㼑㼙㻌㼕㼚㼠㼞㼛㼐㼡㼏㼠㼕㼛㼚 䛆㻞㻜㻝㻞ᖺ᫬Ⅼ䛇 46 70 84 127 38 33 54 22 31 10 㻿㼑㼞㼢㼕㼏㼑㻌㼕㼚㼠㼞㼛㼐㼡㼏㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌㻼㻶 㻵㼚㼒㼞㼍㼟㼠㼞㼡㼏㼠㼡㼞㼑㻌㼐㼑㼢㼑㼘㼛㼜㼙㼑㼚㼠㻌㻼㻶 䈄 㼀㼔㼑㻌㼟㼕㼦㼑㻌㼍㼚㼐㻌㼚㼡㼙㼎㼑㼞㻌㼛㼒㻌㼍㻌㼏㼕㼞㼏㼘㼑㻌 㻌㻌㼟㼔㼛㼣㻌㼠㼔㼑㻌㼚㼡㼙㼎㼑㼞㻌㼛㼒㻌㻼㻶㻚 㻱㼚㼑㼞㼓㼥㻌㼞㼑㼘㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌 㻹㼛㼎㼕㼘㼕㼠㼥㻌㼞㼑㼘㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌 㻭㼐㼙㼕㼚㼕㼟㼠㼞㼍㼠㼕㼢㼑㻙㼟㼑㼞㼢㼕㼏㼑㼟㻌㼞㼑㼘㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌 㻴㼑㼍㼘㼠㼔㻌㼏㼍㼞㼑㻌㼞㼑㼘㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌 㻻㼠㼔㼑㼞㼟 162 238 䠄㻞㻜㻝㻝ᖺ᫬Ⅼㄪᰝ䠅 䠠䠮䠖㻰㼑㼙㼍㼚㼐㻌㻾㼑㼟㼜㼛㼚㼟㼑 㻼㻶㻌㼜㼘㼍㼚㻌㼕㼚㻌㼠㼔㼑㻌㼣㼛㼞㼘㼐 㻠㻜㻜 㻡㻝㻡 㻹㼍㼞㼗㼑㼠㻌㼛㼚㻌㻞㻜㻝㻡䠖㻭㼎㼛㼡㼠㻌㻤㻌㼠㼞㼕㼘㼘㼕㼛㼚 㻠㻜㻑 㻟㻠㻑 㻥䠂 㻤䠂 㻥䠂 㻾㼑㼟㼑㼍㼞㼏㼔㻌㼍㼠㻌㻞㻜㻝㻝 㻾㼑㼟㼑㼍㼞㼏㼔㻌㼍㼠㻌㻞㻜㻝㻞 㻝㻡
  16. 16. Toshiba Leadership in Smart Community Projects France(1) India(2) Globally over 33 Projects ISHINOMAKI䚷䠬䠦 䛆Project Type䛇 䠖Smart grid type (incl. renewable energy) 䠖Smart Community (Re-development) 䠖㻿㼙㼍㼞㼠㻌㻯㼛㼙㼙㼡㼚㼕㼠㼥㻌㻔㻺㼑㼣㻌㻰㼑㼢㼑㼘㼛㼜㼙㼑㼚㼠㻕㻌䚷 UK(2) Italy(2) China(6) Thailand(1) Viet Nam(2) Malaysia(1) Japan(12) USA(2) LYON䚷䠬䠦 NEW MEXICO䚷䠬䠦 YOKOHAMA䚷䠬䠦 Central-­‐Eastern Europe䚷(2) 䠄㻌䠅䠖Number of Projects 㻝㻢
  17. 17. 㻝㻣 NEDO´s “Smart Community” Projects (outside of Japan) 1) Malaga, Spain 2) Lyon, France 3) New Mexico, U.S.A. 4) Hawaii, U.S.A. 5) Jawa, Indonesia 6) Putrajaya and Cyberjaya, Malaysia 7) Gongqingcheng, China
  18. 18. Who and What is NEDO? 㻝㻤
  19. 19. 䕔 Addressing energy and global environmental problems 䕔 Enhancement of Japan's industrial compe22veness 㻝㻥
  20. 20. JSCA 㻞㻜
  21. 21. 㻶㻿㻯㻭㻌㼣㼍㼟㻌㼑㼟㼠㼍㼎㼘㼕㼟㼔㼑㼐㻌㼒㼛㼞㻌㼏㼛㼚㼠㼞㼕㼎㼡JSCA (Smart C㼠o㼕㼛m㼚㻌㼠m㼛㻌㼓u㼘㼛n㼎㼍it㼘㼕y㼦㼍 A㼠㼕㼛ll㼚i㻌a㼍㼚n㼐c㻌㼐e㼛)㼙 㼑㼟㼠㼕㼏㻌㼟㼜㼞㼑㼍㼐㻌㼛㼒㻌 㼟㼙㼍㼞㼠㻌㼏㼛㼙㼙㼡㼚㼕㼠㼥㻌㼣㼔㼕㼏㼔㻌㼍㼞㼑㻌㼚㼑㼤㼠㻙㼓㼑㼚㼑㼞㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌㼑㼚㼑㼞㼓㼥㻌㼕㼚㼒㼞㼍㼟㼠㼞㼡㼏㼠㼡㼞㼑㼟㻌 㻼㼞㼑㼟㼕㼐㼑㼚㼠㻦㻌㼀㻻㻿㻴㻵㻮㻭 㻮㼛㼍㼞㼐㻦㻌㻴㼕㼠㼍㼏㼔㼕㻘㻌㻵㼀㻻㻯㻴㼁㻘㻌㻶㻳㻯㻘㻌 㻷㼍㼚㼟㼍㼕㻌㻱㼘㼑㼏㼠㼞㼕㼏㻌㻼㼛㼣㼑㼞㻘㻌㻹㻵㼀㻿㼁㻮㻵㻿㻴㻵㻌㻱㻾㻱㻯㼀㻾㻵㻯㻘 㻼㼍㼚㼍㼟㼛㼚㼕㼏㻘㻌㼀㼛㼗㼥㼛㻌㻳㼍㼟㻘㻌㼀㻻㼅㻻㼀㻭 㻿㼠㼑㼑㼞㼕㼚㼓㻌㻯㼛㼙㼙㼕㼠㼠㼑㼑 㻵㼚㼠㼑㼞㼚㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㼍㼘㻌㻿㼠㼞㼍㼠㼑㼓㼥㻌㼃㻳 㻵㼚㼐㼛㼚㼑㼟㼕㼍㻌㻿㼃㻳 㼀㼔㼍㼕㻌㻿㼃㻳 㻹㼥㼍㼚㼙㼍㼞㻌㻿㼃㻳 㻮㼞㼍㼦㼕㼘㻌㻿㼃㻳 㻱㼚㼓㼘㼍㼚㼐㻌㻿㼃㻳 㻳㼑㼞㼙㼍㼚㻌㻿㼃㻳 㻵㼚㼐㼕㼍㻌㻿㼃㻳 㻹㼍㼘㼍㼥㼟㼕㼍㻌㻿㼃㻳 㻿㼕㼚㼓㼍㼜㼛㼞㼑㻌㻿㼃㻳 㼂㼕㼑㼠㼚㼍㼙㻌㻌㻿㼃㻳 㻿㼑㼏㼞㼑㼠㼍㼞㼕㼍㼠㻦㻌㻺㻱㻰㻻 㻯㼔㼕㼚㼍㻌㻿㼃㻳 㻌㻺㼑㼣㻌㻱㼚㼑㼞㼓㼥㻌㼍㼚㼐㻌㻵㼚㼐㼡㼟㼠㼞㼕㼍㼘㻌㼀㼑㼏㼔㼚㼛㼘㼛㼓㼥 㻌㻰㼑㼢㼑㼘㼛㼜㼙㼑㼚㼠㻌㻻㼞㼓㼍㼚㼕㼦㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚 㻵㼚㼠㼑㼞㼚㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㼍㼘㻌㻿㼠㼍㼚㼐㼍㼞㼐㼕㼦㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌㼃㻳 㻾㼛㼍㼐㼙㼍㼜㻌㼃㻳 㻿㼙㼍㼞㼠㻌㼔㼛㼡㼟㼑㻌㻒㻌㻮㼡㼕㼘㼐㼕㼚㼓㻌㼃㻳 㻯㼛㼙㼜㼑㼠㼑㼚㼠㻌㼙㼕㼚㼕㼟㼠㼑㼞㻦㻌㻹㼕㼚㼕㼟㼠㼑㼞㻌㼛㼒㻌㻹㻱㼀㻵㻌 Membership:408 companies, organizations, etc. as of February 8, 2013 㻞㻝
  22. 22. Working on the Smart Community by JSCA u JSCA is working among the entire economic community overcoming the industry barrier. u The activity is promoting global deployment by the Japan initiative. 㻳㼘㼛㼎㼍㼘㼕㼦㼑㻌䠖Specification of area, country, project.䚷Market development Ø 㻌㻲㼛㼞㼙㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌㼛㼒㻌㼍㻌㼟㼛㼘㼡㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌㼜㼍㼏㼗㼍㼓㼑㻌㼒㼛㼞㻌㼑㼢㼑㼞㼥㻌㼍㼞㼑㼍㻌 Ø 㻌㻳㼛㼢㼑㼞㼚㼙㼑㼚㼠㻙㼍㼚㼐㻙㼜㼑㼛㼜㼘㼑㻌㼙㼕㼟㼟㼕㼛㼚㼟㻌㼐㼕㼟㼜㼍㼠㼏㼔㻌㼠㼛㼣㼍㼞㼐㼟㻌㼕㼚㼒㼞㼍㼟㼠㼞㼡㼏㼠㼡㼞㼑㻌㼑㼤㼜㼛㼞㼠㻌 Ø 㻌㻿㼑㼜㼍㼞㼍㼠㼑㻌㼚㼑㼓㼛㼠㼕㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㼟㻌㼎㼥㻌㼠㼔㼑㻌㼟㼡㼎㻌㼠㼑㼍㼙㻌㼏㼘㼍㼟㼟㼕㼒㼕㼑㼐㻌㼎㼥㻌㼏㼛㼡㼚㼠㼞㼥㻌 㻵㼚㼠㼑㼞㼚㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㼍㼘㻌㼟㼠㼍㼚㼐㼍㼞㼐㼕㼦㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌㼍㼏㼠㼕㼢㼕㼠㼥㻌 Ø 㻌㻼㼞㼛㼜㼛㼟㼑㻌㼕㼚㼠㼑㼞㼚㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㼍㼘㻙㼟㼠㼍㼚㼐㼍㼞㼐㼟㻌㼏㼞㼑㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌㼛㼒㻌㼍㻌㻎㼟㼙㼍㼞㼠㻌㼏㼕㼠㼥㻌㼕㼚㼒㼞㼍㼟㼠㼞㼡㼏㼠㼡㼞㼑㻌 㻌㻌㻌㼑㼢㼍㼘㼡㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌㼕㼚㼐㼑㼤㻎㻌㼠㼛㻌㻵㻿㻻㻚 㻌㻌㻌㻌㻔㻲㼑㼎㼞㼡㼍㼞㼥㻘㻌㻞㻜㻝㻞䠖㻌㼍㼜㼜㼞㼛㼢㼑㼐䚸㻶㼡㼚㼑㻘㻌㻞㻜㻝㻞䠖㻌㻿㼠㼍㼞㼠㻌㼠㼔㼑㻌㼍㼏㼠㼕㼢㼕㼠㼥㻌㼕㼚㻌㼠㼔㼑㻌㻵㻿㻻㻌㼏㼛㼙㼙㼕㼠㼠㼑㼑㻚㻕 Ø 㻌㻼㼞㼛㼙㼛㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌㼞㼑㼟㼜㼛㼚㼟㼑㻌㼠㼛㻌㼠㼔㼑㻌㼕㼚㼠㼑㼞㼚㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㼍㼘㻌㼟㼠㼍㼚㼐㼍㼞㼐㼕㼦㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌㼛㼒㻌㼕㼙㼜㼛㼞㼠㼍㼚㼠㻌㻡㻌㼒㼕㼑㼘㼐㼟㻌 㻔㻿㼠㼛㼞㼍㼓㼑㻌㼎㼍㼠㼠㼑㼞㼥㻘㻌㻱㻹㻿㻘㻌㻱㼘㼑㼏㼠㼞㼕㼏㼍㼘㻌㼜㼛㼣㼑㼞㻌㼓㼞㼕㼐㻌㼙㼍㼚㼍㼓㼑㼙㼑㼚㼠㻘㻌㻺㼑㼤㼠㻙㼓㼑㼚㼑㼞㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌㼏㼍㼞㻘㻌㻯㼛㼙㼙㼡㼚㼕㼏㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌㻵㻛㻲㻕 Ø “㻭㻌㼟㼙㼍㼞㼠㻌㼔㼛㼡㼟㼑㻌㼎㼡㼕㼘㼐㼕㼚㼓㻌㼟㼠㼍㼚㼐㼍㼞㼐㻌㼍㼚㼐㻌㼍㻌㼎㼡㼟㼕㼚㼑㼟㼟㻌㼜㼞㼛㼙㼛㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌㼕㼚㼢㼑㼟㼠㼕㼓㼍㼠㼕㼢㼑 㻌㻌㼏㼛㼙㼙㼕㼟㼟㼕㼛㼚䇾䚷㼍㼞㼑㻌㼕㼚㼟㼠㼍㼘㼘㼑㼐㻚㻌㻿㼡㼜㼜㼛㼞㼠㼑㼐㻌㼎㼥㻌㻹㼕㼚㼕㼟㼠㼞㼥㻌㼛㼒㻌㻱㼏㼛㼚㼛㼙㼥㻘㻌㼀㼞㼍㼐㼑㻌㼍㼚㼐㻌㻵㼚㼐㼡㼟㼠㼞㼥㻚 䚷㻔㻶㼡㼚㼑㻘㻌㻞㻜㻝㻞㻕 㻯㼛㼙㼙㼑㼞㼏㼕㼍㼘㼕㼦㼕㼚㼓㻌㼜㼞㼛㼙㼛㼠㼕㼛㼚 㻞㻞
  23. 23. Proyectos Tipicos 㻞㻟
  24. 24. YOKOHAMA Smart City Project (YSCP) ① Community Energy Management Demonstra2on Project (Started in Oct 2012) Construct Community Energy Management aiming to cut CO2 emission by 25%䈜1 CEMS䠖Community Energy Management System SCADA䠖Supervisory Control And Data Acquisi:on䚷 Storage SCADA (Toshiba) Storage SCADA Charging Sta:on (JX Nippon Oil Energy) Charging-­‐Discharging EV (Nissan, Hitachi, Orix, Orix Auto) GDC (Nissan) Clustered BEMS (Toshiba) CEMS (Toshiba, Accenture) Smart FEMS (Meidensya, Sumitomo Electric) Demand Supply Balancing BaZery Storage (Toshiba, Hitachi, Meidensha, NEC) HEMS (Panasonic) HEMS (Mitsui Fudosan Residen:al, Toshiba) Smart Condominium* (JX Nippon Oil Energy, Mitsui Fudosan Residen:al,Toshiba) Smart Condominium* (MEMS) (DAIKYO ASTAGE ) Smart BEMS (Meidensya,NEC) Smart BEMS (Toshiba, Taisei) Smart BEMS (Toshiba, Taisei) Office Building BEMS (Toshiba, Marubeni, Mitsubishi Estate,Mitsui Fudosan) Apartment HEMS (Tokyo Gas, NTT-­‐F, NTT Docomo) Commercial Facility BEMS (JGC) 䠤䠡䠩䠯 Started operation from visualization service 䠞䠡䠩䠯 㻯onnected to Cluster 㻮㻱㻹㻿 䠟䠡䠩䠯 Connected to 㻮㻱㻹㻿㻛㻴㻱㻹㻿㻛㻿torage 㻿㻯㻭㻰㻭㻌 with standard interface䠄㻻㼜㼑㼚㻌㻭㻰㻾䠅 # DR with large number of consumers # Power Network stabiliza2on by BaSery Storage EMS Target Scale 䚷䠤䠡䠩䠯㻌(4,000 units) 䚷䠞䠡䠩䠯㻌(800,000m2)䈜2 䚷䠡䠲㻌(2,000 cars) 䈜1䠖Yokohama-­‐City Comparison with 1990, target to achieve in 2020 䈜2䠖200 acres 㻞㻠
  25. 25. YOKOHAMA Smart City Project (YSCP) ② 㻱㼚㼑㼞㼓㼥㻌㼟㼍㼢㼕㼚㼓㻛㼟㼠㼛㼞㼍㼓㼑㻌㼠㼑㼏㼔㼚㼛㼘㼛㼓㼕㼑㼟㻌㼍㼚㼐㻌㻰㻾㻌㼒㼛㼞㻌㼎㼡㼕㼘㼐㼕㼚㼓㻌Clustered control Available capacity es2ma2on CEMS Internet Clustered BEMS Internet Capaci2es of tenant DR䠖― DR䠖䕧 Building facili2es/ equipments DR䠖䕿 DR䠖䖂 䈜䠖in comparison with before introduc:on of system (target) 㻗㻡㻑㻌㼎㼥㻌㻰㻾㻌㼒㼛㼞㻌㼎㼡㼕㼘㼐㼕㼚㼓㻌Clustered control䈜 # Apply the balanced remaining power distribu:on algorism for Clustered buildings first :me Peak cut +20% by electricity/heat parallel control which corresponds to DR䈜 # Cost reduc:on by controlling energy genera:on/storage equipments 㼀㻭㻵㻿㻱㻵㻌㻯㼛㼞㼜㻚㻌㼀㼑㼏㼔㻚㻌㻯㼑㼚㼠㼑㼞 㻿㼙㼍㼞㼠㻌㻮㼍㼠㼠㼑㼞㼥 㻭㼜㼍㼞㼠㼙㼑㼚㼠 㻿㼕㼚㼓㼘㼑㻌㼔㼛㼡㼟㼑㼟 㻴㻱㻹㻿 DR request DR distribu2on Energy saving control DR control Energy use informa2on Smart BEMS Smart BEMS 䠇㻌batteries BEMS ― Existing BEMS Capacity䠖䠉 Capacity䠖䕧 Capacity䠖䕿 Capacity䠖䖂 Peak cut up to 3MW in clustered buildings 㻞㻡
  26. 26. YOKOHAMA Smart City Project (YSCP) 䐡 㻾㼑㼍㼘㼕㼦㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌㼛㼒㻌㻞㻞㻑㻌㼛㼒㻌㼜㼑㼍㼗㻌㼏㼡㼠㻌㼣㼍㼟㻌㼏㼔㼑㼏㼗㼑㼐㻌㼍㼟㻌㼍㻌㻰㻾㻌㼍㼏㼠㼡㼍㼘㻌㼠㼑㼟㼠㻌㼞㼑㼟㼡㼘㼠㻚 CEMS Clustered BEMS Minatomirai 㻳rand Central Tower Yokohama Landmark Tower Yokohama Mitsui Building Yokohama World Porters Itoyokado Yokohama 㻮㼑㼟㼟㼔㼛 Taisei Corp. Technology Center 䐟㻌DR 㻌㻾㼑㼝㼡㼑㼟㼠㻌 㻌㼑㼚㼑㼞㼓㼥㻌 㻌㼟㼍㼢㼕㼚㼓㻌 䐠㻌㻰㻾 㻌㼍㼘㼘㼛㼏㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚 㻌㻌㼟㼑㼠㻌㼡㼜䚷 䐡㻌㻱㼘㼑㼏㼠㼞㼕㼏㼕㼠㼥㻌㼟㼍㼢㼕㼚㼓 䚷䚷㻱㼚㼑㼞㼓㼥㻌㼟㼍㼢㼕㼚㼓䚷䚷㻌 㻰㻾㻦 㻰㻾㻦㻌㻸㼍㼞㼓㼑 㻰㻾㻌㼕㼟㼟㼡㼑㼐 㼀㼕㼙㼑㻌㼦㼛㼚㼑 㻰㻾㻦 㼁㼟㼕㼚㼓㻌㼑㼚㼑㼞㼓㼥 㻨㻲㼘㼛㼣㻌㼏㼔㼍㼞㼠㻌㼛㼒㻌㻰㼑㼙㼍㼚㼐㻌㻾㼑㼟㼜㼛㼚㼟㼑㻪 㻝㻚㻌㻰㻾㻌㼕㼟㼟㼡㼑㻌㼒㼞㼛㼙㻌㻯㻱㻹㻿㻌㼠㼛㻌㻯㼘㼡㼟㼠㼑㼞㼑㼐㻌㻮㻱㻹㻿 㻞㻚㻌㻯㼘㼡㼟㼠㼑㼞㼑㼐㻌㻮㻱㻹㻿㻌㼐㼕㼟㼠㼞㼕㼎㼡㼠㼑㼟㻌㼠㼔㼑㻌㼍㼙㼛㼡㼚㼠㻌㼛㼒㻌 㻌㻌㻌㻌㻰㻾㻌㼞㼑㼝㼡㼑㼟㼠㼟㻌㼠㼛㻌㼑㼍㼏㼔㻌㼎㼡㼕㼘㼐㼕㼚㼓㻌㼍㼏㼏㼛㼞㼐㼕㼚㼓㻌㼠㼛㻌 㻌㻌㻌㻌㼠㼔㼑㻌㼜㼛㼣㼑㼞㻙㼟㼍㼢㼕㼚㼓㻌㼏㼍㼜㼍㼎㼕㼘㼕㼠㼥㻌㼛㼒㻌㼑㼍㼏㼔㻌㼎㼡㼕㼘㼐㼕㼚㼓㻚 㻟㻚㻌㻱㼍㼏㼔㻌㼎㼡㼕㼘㼐㼕㼚㼓㻌㼏㼛㼛㼜㼑㼞㼍㼠㼑㼟㻌㼍㼚㼐㻌㼜㼑㼞㼒㼛㼞㼙㼟㻌㼜㼛㼣㼑㼞㻌 㻌㻌㻌㻌㼟㼍㼢㼕㼚㼓㻌㼍㼚㼐㻌㼑㼚㼑㼞㼓㼥㻌㼟㼍㼢㼕㼚㼓㻌㼍㼏㼏㼛㼞㼐㼕㼚㼓㻌㼠㼛㻌㻰㻾㻚 㻿㼡㼜㼜㼘㼥㻌㼜㼘㼍㼚 㻰㻾㻌㼞㼑㼝㼡㼑㼟㼠 㻯㼘㼡㼟㼠㼑㼞㼑㼐㻌㻮㻱㻹㻿 㻰㼑㼙㼍㼚㼐㻌 㼒㼛㼞㼑㼏㼍㼟㼠㼕㼚㼓㻌 㻼㼛㼟㼟㼕㼎㼘㼑 㼜㼛㼣㼑㼞㻌㼙㼍㼞㼓㼕㼚 㻌㻭㼘㼘㼛㼏㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚 㻌㻌㼟㼑㼠㻌㼡㼜䚷 㻱㼤㼑㼏㼡㼠㼑 㻰㻾㻌㼏㼛㼚㼠㼞㼛㼘 㻱㼝㼡㼕㼜㼙㼑㼚㼠㼟 㻱㼚㼑㼞㼓㼥㻌 㻵㼚㼒㼛㼞㼙㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚 㻯㼍㼜㼍㼏㼕㼠㼕㼑㼟㻌㼛㼒㻌㼀㼑㼚㼍㼚㼠 㻰㻾㻦㻌㼆㼑㼞㼛 㻿㼙㼍㼘㼘 㻹㼕㼐 㻼㼑㼍㼗㻌㼏㼡㼠㻌㼒㼛㼞㻌㻞㻞㻑㻌 㼣㼍㼟㻌㼞㼑㼍㼘㼕㼦㼑㼐 㻔㼍㼏㼠㼡㼍㼘㻌㼐㼍㼠㼍㻕 㻞㻢
  27. 27. YOKOHAMA Smart City Project (YSCP) 㻸㼛㼏㼍㼘㻌㼑㼚㼑㼞㼓㼥㻌㼟㼠㼍㼎㼕㼘㼕㼦㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌㼎㼥㻌㼑㼒㼒㼕㼏㼕㼑㼚㼠㻌㼑㼚㼑㼞㼓㼥㻌㼟㼍㼢㼕㼚㼓㻌㼍㼠㻌㼔㼛㼙㼑㻌 㼍㼚㼐㻌㼘㼍㼞㼓㼑㻌㼟㼏㼍㼘㼑㻌㼏㼕㼢㼕㼏㻌㼜㼍㼞㼠㼕㼏㼕㼜㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌㻌(under tes2ng upto Sep/27 2013) 䈜䠖in comparison with before introduc:on of system (target) # Prepare PV, baSery, heat storage and EV joint opera2on for peak shiq and blackout 䚷 䞉Verifica2on test started at “Park Homes Okurayama” coopera2on with Mitsui Fudosan Residen2al Co. Ltd. 䠄䠵䠯䠟䠬䠅HEMS Park Homes Okurayama Introduce automa2c DR HEMS䈊 䚷Verification test of automatic household appliance control by DR data first time Reduce 12% of COs emission by visualiza2on(10%) and DR response (10%)䈊 䚷Verification test with 4,000 houses 䐢 CO2 10% reduc2on in whole apartment 㻞㻣
  28. 28. Smart Grid verifica2on test in renewable energy leading area started Verification test with Smart Meters and HEMS Battery, Heat Storage and load control by DR 䠪䠽䠯㻌㼟㼠㼛㼞㼍㼓㼑 㻼㼂 䠄䠍䠩䠳䠅 䠄䠍䠩䠳䠅 䃛䠡䠩䠯 # Self-­‐sufficient Opera2on • PV (100kW), Fuel Cell, Energy Storage etc. • Suppress PV fluctua2ons by BEMS -­‐ μEMS coopera2on. Smart Building 䠄Mesa Del Sol䠅 • Introduce 20-­‐50% PV energy to distribu2on system • Power genera2on storage plan/control comb. with DR Albuquerque䠖 Smart Building 䠄Opera:on started in May ‘12䠅 㻌Los Alamos : Smart Grid䚷(Opera:on started in Sep. 2012) Stabilizing grid by controlling both of supply side and demand side with μEMS 太陽光発電 蓄熱 機器 スマートメータ スマート 家電 パワー ユニット 蓄電池 㻿㼙㼍㼞㼠㻌㻹㼑㼠㼑㼞 HEMS 㻴㻱㻹㻿 エアコン 㻭㼕㼞㻌㻯㼛㼚㼐㼕㼠㼕㼛㼚㼑㼞 㻼㼂 㻼㼛㼣㼑㼞 㼁㼚㼕㼠 㻮㼍㼠㼠㼑㼞㼥 㻴㼑㼍㼠 㻿㼠㼜㼞㼍㼓㼑 㻿㼙㼍㼞㼠 㻴㼛㼡㼟㼔㼛㼘㼐㻌 㻭㼜㼜㼘㼕㼍㼚㼏㼑㼟 Japan-­‐US Smart Grid Collabora:ve PJ in NM 㻞㻤
  29. 29. Lyon Confluence Smart Community Project Achieve targets 5 years ahead of the EU’s 20-­‐20-­‐20 Plan # 㻌PEB䈜 by 25% energy saving and renewable energy generation 㻸㼥㼛㼚㻌㻯㼛㼚㼒㼘㼡㼑㼚㼏㼑㻌㼞㼑㼐㼑㼢㼑㼘㼛㼜㼙㼑㼚㼠㻌㼍㼞㼑㼍㻌:150ha # 㻌Smart Life with EV A target agreed among EU greenhouse gases by 20%, icmoupnrotrviee se tnoe rrgeyd u ecffie ciency by 20%,and achieve renewable energy use of 20% by 2020, against 1990. 䞉㻮㻱㻹㻿㻌㼣㼕㼠㼔㻌㼕㼙㼍㼓㼑㻌㼟㼑㼚㼟㼛㼞 㻌㻌㻌㻌Detect human small movement 㻌䚷䚷㻌㻌㻌㻯㼛㼚㼠㼛㼘㻌㼍㼕㼞㻌㼏㼛㼚㼐㼕㼠㼕㼚㼕㼚㼓㻘㻌㼘㼕㼓㼔㼠㼕㼚㼓㻘㻌PC. 䞉㻴㻱㻹㻿㻌㼣㼕㼠㼔㻌㼎㼑㼔㼍㼢㼕㼛㼞㻌predic2on 㻌㻌㻌㻌Assume life scene by human sensing data 䚷䚷㻌㻌㻌㻌Classify into 27 paSerns and control household appliances to be his taste 䞉Dissolve traffic conges2on / parking space problem by car sharing 䞉Reduce 12% of COs emission by charging control system which works together with PV es2ma2on system # 㻌Visualization of community’s energy consumption. (home, building, transportation) 䈜䚷PEB䠖Posi:ve Energy Building 㻞㻥
  30. 30. Miyakojima City EMS Pilot Project for the En6re Island (1/2) Outline of the Project In order to facilitate the increasing introduc:on of renewable energy resources quan:ta:vely and efficiently, we need: (1) Integra:on of exis:ng conven:onal genera:on and renewable energy resources (2) Op:mal opera:on of renewable energy genera:on to meet the electricity demand of consumers (3) Electricity consump:on shiw by consumers to meet the state of renewable energy genera:on To implement this pilot project, op:mal control of energy use for the whole island is required. Objectives of the demonstration • Optimal use of renewable energy resources and realize the application of renewable energy resources. • Realization of energy saving/ service model research through visualization of energy consumption • Business model development for energy management of demand and supply Basic construc2on of the EMS BEMS Smart box Residen:al EMS Objectives䠖Local Production for Local Consumption (LPLC) of renewable energy and business model construction *EMS: Energy Management System Charge sta:on hotel BEMS Office building Thermal power sta:on Wind power Storage baZery Whole islands EMS Agriculture water pump EV Construc2on of whole islands EMS EV taxi LPLC of Renewable Ene r g y Construc:on Business Model Mega solar 㻟㻜
  31. 31. Isolated Island Micro Grid in Miyakojima(2/2) Objec:ves of the Project – To u2lize PV and Wind power and baSery – To evaluate the influence and validate the stabiliza2on methods of PV and Wind power and baSery Poblacion;51,000 p Superficie;160 km2 Brief Summary Operation: 15th October 2010 PV 4MW WP 2.4MW Battery 4MW Thermal 76.5MW SOURCE: Press䚷Release by The Okinawa Electric Power Company (released October 15, 2010) Remote Control Existing WT 600kW 900kW Karimata area Miyako Gas Turbine Station 15,000kW Miyako No.2 Generator Station 40,000kW Control System (Micro EMS) Remote Control 塔 Miyako Generator Station 21,500kW Demonstration Site Existing WT 900kW Fukusato area 㻟㻝
  32. 32. 㻟㻞 BaSery 1)Miyakojima Project a)Super-­‐Charge Ion BaSery (SCiB™) 20 Amp Hour Cell Total;100KW b)Sodium-­‐Sulfur (NaS) baSeries Total;4,000KW 2)Technology developement a)redox flow baSery (redox=reduc2on-­‐oxida2on reac2on) b)Combina2on with conven2onal type baSery(Lead-­‐Plomo) 䋻Hybrid BaSery System
  33. 33. Reconstruc:on Project ISHINOMAKI PJ Realize a city strong against a disaster by CEMS/HEMS/BEMS 䕔㻿㼔㼕㼚㻙㻴㼑㼎㼕㼠㼍 䕔㻿㼔㼕㼚㻙㼀㼛㼎㼍㼚㼕䠋㻷㼕㼠㼍㼓㼍㼙㼕 䚷㻌䠋㻯㼑㼚㼠㼞㼍㼘㻌㻯㼕㼠㼥㻌㼍㼞㼑㼍 Restored Housings Normal Condi2on Low Carbon Eco-­‐Town 䚷䞉20-30% CO2 Reduction by Disaster Prevention BEMS HEMS 䚷䞉Add life assistance function such as health care to HEMS In Emergency Uninterrupted Lighting Info. Network Large Scale PV (5MW) + Battery Storage (1.2MWh) + Grid Stabilization 䚷䚷Local production can cover 50% of local consumption Disaster Prevention Facilities Public Housing Deploy the Community Energy Management System verified in YSCP 㻟㻟
  34. 34. 㻟㻠 㻯㼛㼙㼟㼡㼙㼛㻌㼐㼑㻌㻱㼘㼑㼏㼠㼞㼕㼏㼕㼐㼍㼐㻌㻔㻶㼍㼜㼛㼚㻕 㻰㼍㼠㼍㻧㼅㼑㼍㼞㻌㻞㻜㻜㻤 㻯㼛㼚㼟㼡㼙㼛 㻵㼚㼐㼡㼠㼞㼕㼍 㼀㼞㼍㼚㼟㼜㼛㼞㼠㻚 㻿㼑㼞㼢㼕㼏㼕㼛 㻾㼑㼟㼕㼐㼑㼚㼏㼕㼍 㻔㼀㼃㼔㻕 䚷 䚷 㻔㻱㼐㼕㼏㼕㼒㼕㼛㻕 䚷 㻥㻢㻠 㻟㻞㻑 㻞㻑 㻟㻢㻑 㻟㻜㻑 Energy Saving Law Year 1979 For Factory 2009 For Large Building Residencial 2010 Rev. for Factory Increm ento de C onsum o(Electricidad) (unit;%) 1973 1998 (25 anos) Resid./Edif. 100 217 Transport. 100 274 Industria 100 106
  35. 35. 㻟㻡 Consumo de Energia Eléctrica en la Casa (Japón)
  36. 36. Cooperacion entre Japon y La:noamerica (Para Realizar Proyectos de Smart Community) 㻟㻢
  37. 37. Discussion to Realize Smart Community Acknowledge of Current Condi:ons • Clarify problems and challenges to the Society • Confirm Government Policy Objec:ves • Ensure Consistency to the City Planning Programs Iden2fy • Define Goals for Quality and Innova2on Levels of the Society • Selec2on of latest Technology Solu2ons of Smart Grid Community Build Basic Concept for Smart Community 㻟㻣
  38. 38. Turn to global deployment of Smart Community Business 㻳㼘㼛㼎㼍㼘㻌㼐㼑㼜㼘㼛㼥㼙㼑㼚㼠㻌㼍㼏㼏㼑㼘㼑㼞㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌㼎㼥㻌㼏㼛㼛㼜㼑㼞㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌 㼣㼕㼠㼔㻌㼠㼔㼑㻌㻳㼛㼢㼑㼞㼚㼙㼑㼚㼠㻘㻌㻶㻵㻯㻭㻘㻌㻺㻱㻰㻻㻘㻌㻶㻮㻵㻯㻘㻌㻺㻱㼄㻵㻘㻌㼑㼠㼏㻚㻌 l Maintenance of personnel training system l PR strengthening to the partner country government and a public institution. l Acceleration of formation of a local fit. l Promotion of standardization l Loan expansion to long-term PJ l Loan expansion to OUT-OUT business l Financing system maintenance to the advanced nations PJ l Correspondence to the finance scheme to diversify l Support for a bridge finance l Application at accidental force risk 㼀㼑㼏㼔㼚㼕㼏㼍㼘㻌 㻯㼛㼛㼜㼑㼞㼍㼠㼕㼛㼚㻌 㻵㼚㼟㼡㼞㼍㼚㼏㼑 㻳㼡㼍㼞㼍㼚㼠㼑㼑㻌 㻲㼕㼚㼍㼚㼏㼕㼚㼓㻌 㻟㻤
  39. 39. Criterios de selección para aplicar el enfoque de la Inicia6va Ciudades Emergentes y Sostenibles, y ciudades que ya lo están empleando 1. Población de entre 100.000 y 2.500.000 habitantes, la cual es una función de la población total del país 2. Disponibilidad de información que permita la obtención de datos y la posterior aplicación del análisis de los indicadores-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐ 㻟㻥 3. Existencia de un marco de planeación (por ejemplo, planes urbanís:cos y ambientales, estructura gubernamental suficientemente sólida, etc.), -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐ 4. Fuerte liderazgo de la oficina del alcalde de la ciudad y/o de las autoridades especializadas en temas urbanos/ambientales, de forma que se garan:ce la plena par:cipación y apoyo durante el periodo de ejecución.
  40. 40. 㻠㻜 Govierno de Japon; Plan “Future City Ini2a2ve” BID; Plan “Inicia2va de Ciudades Emergentes y Sostenibles” (ICES) 㼫 JICA; ar:culación entre ambas inicia:vas 㻌㻌㻌㻌㻌㻌㻌㻌㻌㻌Por ejemplo; -­‐Invitación a representantes de ciudades par:cipantes de la ICES al Seminario sobre “Future City Ini:a:ve” en Japon (Oct/2013) -­‐Asistencia técnica a proyectos incluidos en el Plan de Accion de la ICES 㼫
  41. 41. Oficinas de JICA en La:noamérica
  42. 42. Muchas gracias 㻠㻞
  43. 43. Anexo 㻠㻟
  44. 44. Case study of LOUVERE Museum LOUVRE MUSEUM PLACE :Musée du Louvre, 75058 Paris YEAR : 2011 “Innova2on of form” that is both aesthe2c and durable 㻠㻠
  45. 45. Water Water Leakage Leakage Detector Detector A Water Leakage Detector detects leakage of water from water pipe by sensing noise of water leakage. This sensor can be applied for both distribution pipes and service pipes. Sensor time soun d signal transform leakage judge display results 㻠㻡
  46. 46. Home Energy Management Systems(HEMS) 㻠㻢
  47. 47. Building Solu6ons (BEMS) Neuro PMV Control (Reduce Waste Energy) Control Air Condi:oning System to keep Comfort Index (PMV Index) constant level. Achieve the balance of energy saving and comfortable. Model Based Control High efficiency heat source and air condi2oning Low Energy Consump2on Elevator LED Ligh2ng PV power genera2on Power Generator High efficiency UPS BaSery BEMS Make a model of the hotel to realize the minimum energy consump:on/usage for Air Condi:oning systems. BCP (Business Con2nuous Plan) Considering importance for the Guests in the case of disaster, provide energy source for their safety. Remote Management (For Small size buildings) Remote Management Service provides facility controls and management services outside the Buildings from command center. Product and Store Energy Keep energy balance of the produc:on (PV system) and storage (baZeries). Realize peak cut or peak shiw contribu:ng reduc:on of CO2. Peak Shiq Control By es:ma:ng the usage of energy, make a schedule for the peak shiw control for baZeries and heat storage. Smart BaSery To combinate some types of baZeries like SCiB, Ni, Pb etc, keep balance of life :me and costs with smart control. Case of TOSHIBA build. 䊻energy saving:6.2% (US$300,000 /year) By Installed Neuro PMV 㻠㻣
  48. 48. Inter-­‐EMS Power Coordina2on 㻠㻤
  49. 49. 㻠㻥 SCiB™ 2P12S Module Specifications Nominal Voltage 27.6 V (18 to 32.4 V) Nominal Capacity 40 Ah (0.2 C) Size 187 W x 359 D x 123 H (mm) Weight Approximately 14 kg Functions Voltage/Temperature Sensor, CAN Communication to BMU SCiB™ 20 Ah Cell Specifications Nominal Voltage 2.3 V (1.5 to 2.7 V) Nominal Capacity 20 Ah (0.2 C) Energy Density 177 Wh/L Size 115 W x 22 D x 103 H (mm) Excluding Terminals Weight Approximately 510 g
  50. 50. NEDO´s “Smart Community” Projects(1/2) (Dissemina:ng Japanese Technology through Overseas Demonstra:on Projects) 1)Malaga, Spain This demonstra:on project is being conducted in coordina:on with the Smart City Malaga project. It focuses on infrastructure construc:on and includes an EV system designed to accommodate a large increase in the number of EVs, in addi:on to informa:on systems and charging sta:ons and their placement. 2)Jawa, Indonesia A demonstra:on of technologies rela:ng to Japanese Smart Communi:es is being conducted on the island of Java, which is experiencing increased power demand. It focuses primarily on power quality stabiliza:on at industrial parks. Industrial park where demonstra:on will be conducted Industrial park where development is progressing. 㻡㻜
  51. 51. 3)Malaysia Putrajaya and Cyberjaya Japan and Malaysia have jointly established a specific Ac:on Plan with the goal of crea:ng a Low Carbon City /Smart Community vision for these two ci:es in Malaysia. 4)Hawaii, U.S.A. This demonstra:on project features a system for managing EV charging, etc. to enable the u:liza:on of as much energy as possible from PV and wind power genera:on. It is based on Japan -­‐ U. S. coopera:on on clean energy technology. 5)New Mexico, U.S.A. This project will demonstrate an advanced smart grid and smart house capable of absorbing the output fluctua:ons produced when large quan::es of generated PV power are introduced. The demonstra:on is being conducted in coopera:on with the government of New Mexico, the Los Alamos Na:onal Laboratory and local power companies and other local en::es, based on Japan -­‐ U. S. coopera:on on clean energy technology. 6)Lyon, France This project will demonstrate an EV sharing system that u:lizes the energy from a newly constructed building that is “energy posi:ve” (genera:ng more energy than it consumes), as well as the energy generated from PV panels. 㻡㻝