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illicit rural development ocde stakeholder engagement paris collaborative on green budgeting - june 2018 oecd-6th-strategic-crisis-management-workshop-2017 fake goods civil service policy making illicit trade strategic crisis managment oecd southeast asia regional forum oecd-conference-on-enforcement-and-inspections wco-oecd-dialogue oecdpemengagement2015 public leadership employee engagement regulation schools of government digital government strategies cyber threats swiss federal chancellery risks whistleblowing paris collaborative on green budgeting - may 2018 sbo-perf-results-nov-2017 trust in government data counterfeit tunisia digital government water governance gender public life urban development ria evaluation cities sbo35-june-2014 lobbying seminar 2014 presentations-pcgb-april23 counterfeit goods fifth-workshop-on-strategic-crisis-management-oecd risk governance trade regional development policy water local government high level risk forum oecd-ifi-cwg-dec22 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development policy coherence sustainable development digital transformation argentina access to information morocco lac region session-6-justice-latvia-2018 anticorrupcion disaster cost evidence-informed workshop maroc opsi research skills gaps hrm practices hr ocde gestion risques maroc atelier mai 2017 oecd 6th-strategic-crisis-management-workshop-2017 korea citizens confidence in government public trust trust gobierno digital nspa innovative thinking subnational data evidence based decision making environment health denmark jobs housing local finances habitat iii rural reform working-group-i-on-civil-service-and-integrity sme southeast asia asean public expenditure budget public service energy cities and productivity weather citizen engagement economic growth government policy public life regional governance national urban policies rural urban public governance review women costa rica development youth forum green growth citizens’ participation centre of government mulit-level governance hurricane council recommendations legal instrument private investment social media gouvernance publique secteur public la gouvernance de l'eau money in politics wa e-government green procurement effective public investment global forum 2014 procurement infra-proc-2023 türkiye digital strategy 23-sbo-survey-budget-glossary 2023-sbo-survey-budget oecd trust policies evaluation iceland open democracy sustainability transport yps brazil deliberative processes uk regulations irc regulatory cooperation container ships sousse citizen charter pharmaceutical trade trade in counterfeit trade counterfeit trade pharmaceutical america latina y el caribe alc administraciones publicas citizen participation governance-indicators highlights keynote aspectos clave bizkaia capabilities capability assessment nrca national security foreign influence electoral interferences management floods ppp critical functions sante fe scan vie publique locale participation des jeunes elileenregan wildfires social vulnerability equity measures eco-system mlit ungrd mena-sbo-july-2019 local youth councils youth participation 11th-mrp-conference-oslo youth governance survey access information digital gobierno abierto policy monitoring and evaluation natural disasters fiscal resilience duties prime minister's office president's office economy intellectual property technology pirated goods egypt legislative drafting manual legislation transparencia etica integridad free trade zones working paper blockchain cost of disasters education panorama del mercado de leche de bovino oecd-risk-gov-event-morocco-december 2017 gestion des risques inondation skills human resources delsa-gov-sbo-health-september 2017 government tasks government staff g20 terrorism cyber-attack crisis centres behavioural insights business regulatory impact analysis recommendation integrity principles clean government public integrity inclusion government reform institutions fairness media policy design law perú systems change service delivery regional innovaiton supporting regional economies subnational finance promoting growth regional growth subnational level investment fiscal councils public finance europe investigation the netherlands fraud prosecution mexico tobacco illegal greece european commission legal roads national government rail oecd urban land use risk analysis risk measurement community income safety living conditions indicators gouvernement ouvert ethics launch event planning urban sustainability regional productivity social issues #nationalurbanagenda sustainable cities un national urban agenda smart cities driving-performance-of-regulators digital strategies tallinn e-leaders access to justice sdg16 judicial review justice services world water week policy indonésia regional disparities fiscal relations regulatory independence metropolitan governance agglomeration independence-of-regulators public sector reform united kingdom northern ireland disasters mitigating critical risks mena - working-group-i-on-civil-service-and-integr working-group-i-on-civil-service-and-integrit integrity week oecd integrity forum 2016 women in politics jordan food security sécurité alimentaire seminar regulatory compliance global value chains services la gouvernance de l’eau communicaiton strategy strategic crisis aviation water in cities water usage water wastage urban governance campaign financing policy capture political funding election financing metropolitan review governe threats united arab emirates poverty unemployment growth for all fairer societies empowerment gender issues lagging regions human smuggling migration integrated policies cross-border cooperation regional innovation oecd national urban policies urban policy asia pacific green growth asia urban green growth regional statistics regional well-being dynamic asia; urban green growth gobernanza pública administración pública country review ministerial meeting tip urban-rural linkages delsa-gov-sbo-health-february-201 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