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Power Electronics and Drives                                             power@pantechmail.com  SI.No                     ...
Power Electronics and Drives                                            power@pantechmail.comPSPOW 25    Active-Power Cont...
Power Electronics and Drives                                              power@pantechmail.comPSPOW 51    Totem-Pole Boos...
Power Electronics and Drives                                               power@pantechmail.comPSPOW 76     High Efficien...
Power Electronics and Drives                                              power@pantechmail.comPSPOW 102    DC to AC casca...
Power Electronics and Drives                                               power@pantechmail.comPSPOW 129    Speed control...
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IEEE 2012 EEE & power_electronics_2012-13_titles

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IEEE 2012 EEE & power_electronics_2012-13_titles

  1. 1. Power Electronics and Drives power@pantechmail.com SI.No Topics FieldPSPOW 01 Modeling and Control of a New Three-Input DC–DC Boost Converter for Hybrid PV/FC/Battery Power SystemPSPOW 02 Analysis and Design of a Zero-Current Switching Forward Converter With Simple Auxiliary CircuitPSPOW 03 A ZVS Inter leaved Boost Ac to Dc Converter used in Plug in Electric VehiclesPSPOW 04 Generalized average modeling of dual active bridge dc-dc converter RENEWABLE ENERGY|MULTILEVEL| RESONANTCONVERTERS |MATRIX CONVERTERPSPOW 05 Analysis and Design of Single-Stage AC/DC LLC Resonant ConverterPSPOW 06 High-Frequency Resonant SEPIC Converter With Wide Input and Output Voltage RangesPSPOW 07 Full-Bridge Three-Port Converters With Wide Input Voltage Range for Renewable Power SystemsPSPOW 08 Switched Z-Source Isolated Bidirectional DC–DC Converter and Its Phase-Shifting Shoot- Through Bivariate Coordinated Control StrategyPSPOW 09 Analysis and Design of a Bidirectional Isolated DC–DC Converter for Fuel CellsPSPOW 10 Asymmetrical Full-bridge Converter With High-Voltage GainPSPOW 11 A Novel ZVZCS Full-Bridge DC/DC Converter Used for Electric Vehicles IEEE 2012PSPOW 12 High power bidirectional dc-dc converter for aerospace applicationsPSPOW 13 Analysis and Design of a Zero-Voltage-Switching and Zero-Current-Switching Interleaved Boost ConverterPSPOW 14 Analysis and Design of a Single-Stage High-Power- Factor Dimmable Electronic Ballast for Electrode less Fluorescent LampPSPOW 15 Interleaved Buck Converter Having Low Switching Losses and Improved Step-Down Conversion RatioPSPOW 16 Design and Performance of a Bidirectional Isolated DC–DC Converter for a Battery Energy Storage SystemPSPOW 17 Switched Reluctance Motor Drive With External Rotor for Fan in Air ConditionerPSPOW 18 Extended phase –shift control of isolated bidirectional dc-dc converter for power Distribution in microgridPSPOW 19 High Efficiency AC–AC Power Electronic Converter Applied to Domestic Induction HeatingPSPOW 20 A Low Cost Fly back CCM Inverter for AC Module ApplicationPSPOW 21 A Novel Single-Phase Five-Level Inverter With Coupled InductorsPSPOW 22 A Three-port Fly back for PV Micro inverter Applications With Power Pulsation Decoupling CapabilityPSPOW 23 A Switched-Capacitor DC–DC Converter With High Voltage Gain and Reduced Component Rating and CountPSPOW 24 Low cost direct torque control algorithm for induction motor without ac phase current sensor www.pantechsolutions.net I www.pantechproed.com I www.pantechprojects.com 26 ©2012Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd
  2. 2. Power Electronics and Drives power@pantechmail.comPSPOW 25 Active-Power Control of Individual Converter Cells for a Battery Energy Storage System Based on a Multilevel Cascade PWM ConverterPSPOW 26 Hybrid Renewable Energy System Using DFIG and Multilevel InverterPSPOW 27 SWISS Rectifier – A Novel Three-Phase Buck-Type PFC Topology for Electric Vehicle Battery ChargingPSPOW 28 A Single to Three-Phase Z-source Matrix ConverterPSPOW 29 Three-Phase Switched-Inductor Z-Source Matrix ConverterPSPOW 30 Novel Intelligent Hybrid Techniques for Speed Control of Electric Drives fed by Matrix BLDC | DC SERVO | SRM | PI-PID-FUZZY LOGIC | BI DIRECTIONAL| SOFT SWTICHING | ConverterPSPOW 31 Multi level inverter capable of power factor control with Dc Link SwitchesPSPOW 32 Hybrid Cascade Multilevel Inverter Using a Single DC Source for Open-End Winding Induction MotorsPSPOW 33 Experimental Analysis of a Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Using Buck EIE ConvertersPSPOW 34 A New Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of SwitchesPSPOW 35 Digital simulation of renewable energy source controlled z-source inverter systemPSPOW 36 Z-Source Three-Phase Four-Switch Inverter with DC Link Split Capacitor and Comprehensive Investigation of Z-Source Three-Phase Four-Switch Inverters IEEE 2012PSPOW 37 Low Cost Transformer Isolated Boost Half-bridge Micro-inverter for Single-phase Grid- connected Photovoltaic SystemPSPOW 38 Intelligent Control Design and Implementation of DC Servo MotorPSPOW 39 Sliding Mode Scheme For Speed And Current Control Of Brushless DC (BLDC) MotorPSPOW 40 A Comparative Study of Sensor and Sensor less Control of Four-Switch Inverter Fed Permanent Magnet Brushless DC MotorPSPOW 41 Reduced Voltage Combined AC Motor and Drive System for Safe Electric VehiclePSPOW 42 Hybrid PID-Like Fuzzy Logic Speed Drive of Switched Reluctance MotorPSPOW 43 Modularized Buck-Boost + Cuk Converter for High Voltage Series Connected Battery CellsPSPOW 44 Interleaved Soft-Switching Coupled-Buck Converter with Active-Clamp CircuitsPSPOW 45 High Performance of Fuzzy Direct Power Control for PWM ConvertersPSPOW 46 Indirect Vector Control of Induction Motor Using Fuzzy Sliding Mode ControllerPSPOW 47 Direct Flux and Torque Control of Induction Motor Drive for Speed Regulator using PI and Fuzzy Logic ControllersPSPOW 48 Comparative Evaluation of Soft-Switching, Bidirectional, Isolated AC/DC Converter TopologiesPSPOW 49 Simplified Generic On-line PWM Technique for Single Phase Grid Connected Current Source InvertersPSPOW 50 Solar Photovoltaic Power Conversion Using Modular Multilevel Converter www.pantechsolutions.net I www.pantechproed.com I www.pantechprojects.com 27 ©2012Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd
  3. 3. Power Electronics and Drives power@pantechmail.comPSPOW 51 Totem-Pole Boost Bridgeless PFC Rectifier With Simple Zero-Current Detection and Full- Range ZVS Operating at the Boundary of DCM/CCMPSPOW 52 Interleaved soft switching boost converter for PV power generationPSPOW 53 Modeling and simulation of single-phase semi-z-source inverterPSPOW 54 Simplified power converter for integrated traction energy storagePSPOW 55 Double input z source dc –dc converterPSPOW 56 Analysis and implementation of a novel bidirectional dc-dc converter RENEWABLE ENRGY | CONVERTER | TRACTION SYSTEM |PSPOW 57 A Safety Enhanced, High Step-Up DC–DC Converter for AC Photovoltaic Module ApplicationPSPOW 58 Simulation and hardware implementation of conductance MPPT with direct control Method Using CUK converterPSPOW 59 11-level cascaded h-bridge grid-tied inverter interface with solar panel IEEE 2011PSPOW 60 High performance hybrid cascaded inverter for renewable energy systemPSPOW 61 A new battery or ultra-capacitor hybrid energy storage system for electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehiclesPSPOW 62 A Simple Digital Power-Factor Correction Rectifier ControllerPSPOW 63 An isolated dc/dc converter using high-frequency unregulated llc resonant converter for fuel cell applicationPSPOW 64 High-Efficiency DC-DC Converter With Fast Dynamic Response for Low-Voltage Photovoltaic SourcesPSPOW 65 Simulation and implementation of a new topology in multi-output dc-dc resonant converters based on SWRC convertersPSPOW 66 Pi, fuzzy logic controlled shunt active power filter for three-phase four-wire systems with balanced, unbalanced and variable loadsPSPOW 67 Implementation of sine-wave input/output BLDC inverter for low inductancePSPOW 68 Analysis of ZVS Non-Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC ConverterPSPOW 69 Implementation of sine-wave input/output BLDC inverter for low inductance shipboard PM motor drives using modular power platform RENEWABLE ENRGY | CONVERTERPSPOW 70 Implementation of sine-wave input/output BLDC inverter for low inductance shipboard PM motor drives using modular power platform | MICRO GRID | FUEL CELLPSPOW 71 A high efficiency solar array simulator implemented by an LLC resonant dc-dc converter IEEE 2011PSPOW 72 A High Step-Down Transformer less Single-Stage Single-Switch AC/DC ConverterPSPOW 73 A Modified High-Efficiency LLC Converter with Two Transformers for Wide Input Voltage Range ApplicationsPSPOW 74 Analysis and Design of a Push-Pull Quasi-Resonant Boost Power Factor CorrectorPSPOW 75 Design of Closed-loop Buck-boost Converter for LED Driver Circuit www.pantechsolutions.net I www.pantechproed.com I www.pantechprojects.com 28 ©2012Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd
  4. 4. Power Electronics and Drives power@pantechmail.comPSPOW 76 High Efficiency Digital Controlled Interleaved Power Converter for High Power PEM Fuel CONVERTER | MICRO GRID | Cell Applications RENEWABLE ENRGY |PSPOW 77 Application of four-switch based three-phase grid connected inverter to connect renewable energy source to a generalized unbalanced micro-grid system FUEL CELL IEEE 2011PSPOW 78 Common-Mode Voltage Reduction Pulse-width Modulation Techniques for Three-Phase Grid Connected ConvertersPSPOW 79 Improved Pulse Regulation Control Technique for Switching DC-DC Converters Operating in DCMPSPOW 80 Extended Range ZVS Active-Clamped Current- Fed Full-Bridge Isolated Dc/Dc Converter for Fuel Cell Applications: Analysis, Design and Experimental ResultsPSPOW 81 A Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy System: A New Rectifier Stage Topology RENEWABLE ENERGY|MULTILEVEL| RESONANTCONVERTERS |Z- SOURCE INVERTER |PSPOW 82 Design and construction of a four-channel interleaved buck dc/dc converter for an electric boat applicationPSPOW 83 An interleaved totem-pole boost bridgeless rectifier with reduced reverse-recovery problems for power factor correctionPSPOW 84 A ZCS full-bridge converter without voltage overstress on the switchesPSPOW 85 Hybrid switching scheme for LLC series-resonant half-bridge dc-dc converter in a wide load rangePSPOW 86 A ZCS full-bridge converter without voltage overstress on the switchesPSPOW 87 Bidirectional dc-dc converter for aircraft electric energy storage systems IEEE 2010PSPOW 88 An integrated four-port dc/dc converter for renewable energy applicationsPSPOW 89 Isolated bidirectional full-bridge dc–dc converter with a fly back snubberPSPOW 90 A novel switching signals generation method for hybrid multilevel invertersPSPOW 91 Modified z-source single-phase inverter for single-phase pm synchronous motor drivesPSPOW 92 Embedded control z-source inverter fed induction motorPSPOW 93 Z-source Inverter Bases Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor DrivePSPOW 94 Space vectors modulation for nine-switch convertersPSPOW 95 Analysis of the PWM boost type rectifier under unbalanced input voltage conditionsPSPOW 96 New converter for switched reluctance motor drive with wide speed range operationPSPOW 97 Double flying capacitor multi cell converter based on modified phase-shifted pulse Z- SOURCE INVERTER width modulationPSPOW 98 Flying-capacitor-based chopper circuit for dc capacitor voltage balancing in diode- IEEE 2010 clamped multilevel inverterPSPOW 99 Multilevel multiphase feed forward space-vector modulation techniquePSPOW 100 An improved control method for inductive load of z-source inverterPSPOW 101 A new direct peak dc-link voltage control strategy of z-source inverters www.pantechsolutions.net I www.pantechproed.com I www.pantechprojects.com 29 ©2012Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd
  5. 5. Power Electronics and Drives power@pantechmail.comPSPOW 102 DC to AC cascaded H bridge multilevel boost inverter for electric and hybrid electric RESONANTCONVERTERS |Z- SOURCE INVERTER | vehiclesPSPOW 103 Improvement of the Electric Power Quality Using Series Active and Shunt Passive Filters RENEWABLE ENERGY|MULTILEVEL|PSPOW 104 A new resonant active clamping technique for bi-directional converters in hevs.PSPOW 105 Common-mode voltage reduction modulation techniques for three-phase grid connected converters IEEE 2010PSPOW 106 FPGA -based intelligent-complementary sliding-mode control for PMSM servo-drive systemPSPOW 107 Reactive Power Allocation in Pool Based Power System Utilizing Proportional Sharing MethodPSPOW 108 Z-source inverter based grid connected for PMSG wind power systemPSPOW 109 Highly Efficient High Step-Up Converter for Fuel-Cell Power Processing Based on Three- State Commutation CellPSPOW 110 Predictive Current Controller for Sensor less Induction Motor DrivePSPOW 111 A ZVS Interleaved Boost AC/DC Converter Used in Plug-in Electric VehiclesPSPOW 112 A high efficiency synchronous power converter for photovoltaic applications APPLICATION BASED INDUSTRIAL DRIVES CONTROL| TRACTION SYSTEM | AIRCRAFT |PSPOW 113 Nine level Double Flying Capacitor Multi cell Converter Based on Modulation TechniquePSPOW 114 Single-phase five-level inverter with less number of power elements for grid connectionPSPOW 115 A Safety Enhanced, High Step-Up DC–DC Converter for AC Photovoltaic Module ApplicationPSPOW 116 New Approaches for Harmonics Reduction in Solar InvertersPSPOW 117 Control of a Two-Port Super capacitor Converter Based on Differential Flatness Principle for Transportation ApplicationsPSPOW 118 Practical design and implementation procedure of an interleaved boost converter using SiC diodes for PV applicationsPSPOW 119 An improved direct torque control for three-level inverter-fed induction motor sensor less drivePSPOW 120 Reduced switch count multiple three-phase ac machine drive systemsPSPOW 121 Four switch buck boost converter for telecom dc to dc power supply applicationsPSPOW 122 Modeling and simulation of BLDC motor in electric power steeringPSPOW 123 PV Power System Based MPPT Z-Source Inverter to Supply a Sensor less BLDC MotorPSPOW 124 Modeling and simulation of BLDC motor using soft computing techniquesPSPOW 125 Control scheme for brushless dc motor drives in domestic applications using PIC controllerPSPOW 126 Sensor less based control of BLDC motor using 4 switch 3 phase converterPSPOW 127 Performance analysis of a four switch 3-phase inverter fed IM drivesPSPOW 128 A New Adjustable-Speed Drives (ASD) System Based on High-Performance Z-Source Inverter www.pantechsolutions.net I www.pantechproed.com I www.pantechprojects.com 30 ©2012Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd
  6. 6. Power Electronics and Drives power@pantechmail.comPSPOW 129 Speed control of three phase induction motor with advanced thermal productionPSPOW 130 Induction motor control using SCADA ,ZIGBEE and micro controllerPSPOW 131 Four quadrant operation of SRM using DSPIC30F APPLICATION BASED INDUSTRIAL DRIVES CONTROL| TRACTION SYSTEM | AIRCRAFT |PSPOW 132 Effects of common mode active filtering in induction motor drives for electric vehiclesPSPOW 133 A five-leg inverter for driving a traction motor and a compressor motorPSPOW 134 Analysis of cm volt-second influence on cm inductor saturation and design for input EMI filters in three-phase dc-fed motor drive systemsPSPOW 135 Circuit analysis and modeling of a phase-shifted pulse width modulation full-bridge- inverter-fed-ozone generator with constant applied electrode voltagePSPOW 136 Implementation of fm-ZCS-quasi resonant converter fed dc servo drivePSPOW 137 A FPGA based generalized PWM modulator for three leg centre split and four leg VSIPSPOW 138 Position sensor less control of switched reluctance generator for wind energy conversionPSPOW 139 A Bidirectional DC–DC Converter for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Driving SystemPSPOW 140 Parallel connected single phase multilevel inverter for high power applicationsPSPOW 141 Vibration analysis of 3 phase induction motor with automatic failure notifications system notifications systemPSPOW 142 Voltage controllable power factor corrector based inductive coupling power transfer systemPSPOW 143 Fundamental frequency switching strategies of a seven level hybrid cascaded h-bridge multilevel inverterPSPOW 144 Application of the z-source converter for aircraft power generation systemsPSPOW 145 High performance algorithm realization on FPGA for stepper motor controllerPSPOW 146 Closed loop control of PMBLDC motor using DSPIC30F4010PSPOW 147 Design and implementation of an accurately regulated multiple output ZVS DC–DC converterPSPOW 148 Low cost utility interactive inverter for residential fuel cell generationPSPOW 149 A novel zero-voltage-switching PWM full bridge converterPSPOW 150 Soft-switched CCM boost converters with high voltage gain for high-power applications www.pantechsolutions.net I www.pantechproed.com I www.pantechprojects.com 31 ©2012Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd