optimization routing differential evolution intrusion detection fpga particle swarm optimization discrete wavelet transform clustering encryption data mining genetic algorithm wavelet transform wireless sensor network fault tolerance visual cryptography manet decryption distributed generation wireless sensor networks steganography ontology vhdl security semantic web genetic algorithm (ga) surface roughness finite element analysis gis taguchi method mac psnr reliability ieee 802.16 neural network trust qos wireless networks wimax aodv state estimation filter banks ccccta current-mode ga pso total harmonic distortion variable frequency transformer (vft) harmonics power quality voltage sag matlab genetic algorithms face recognition fifth term first term fourth term third term second term fft pi controller biometrics smes statcom tcp risc wsn delay upfc simulation adaptive filters delay calculation ofdm inverted-f antenna (ifa) wlan wormhole attack kbrp image enhancement congestion control computational modeling system optimization energy saving serrated chip chip formation hardened steel finite element simulation high speed machining optimization. shuffled complex evolution response curvature damage surface crack beam modeling constraint optimization mechanical design problems mems tmac micro lid-driven cavity lbm microchannel elph vehicle hybrid vehicle fess precision grasping power grasping hyper elastic finite element method pressure brake thermal efficiency throughput steel abrasion microstructure microscopic simulation fly ash stress world wide web artificial neural network balanced two phase induction motors satellite communication ecg hyperspectral remote sensing flann digital signature discrete cosine transform image compression recall precision standard deviation digital watermarking qrs salt and pepper noise esprit image segmentation segmantation ocr connected components impulse noise bandwidth cloud computing load balancing wireless privacy quality of service congestion mac protocol virtual reality shares frequency pattern recognition svd cryptography ant colony optimization performance routing protocols reputation capacitor placement distribution systems attacks data transmission biogeography biquad universal facts artificial bee colony algorithm unit commitment chopper vlsi wireless sensor network (wsn) vector control soc firing angle harmonic three phase controlled rectifier pid controller friction ansys mobility return loss fpga. high altitude platforms (haps) dct dwt parallel algorithm data warehouse hidden markov model pca image denoising denoising sixth term mfcc euclidean distance electrocardiogram interconnect data hiding magnetic resonance angiogram 3d reconstruction sift svpwm zcs and zvt. zct soft switching (ss) pde ultrasound speckle path planning automatic parking system shunt active power line conditioners (aplc) active power filter robust norms adaptive inverse models hybrid particle swarm optimization (hpso) resonant gate driver pspice simulation tcps agc deregulation resonant semiconductor zvzcs converter mathematical modeling feature extraction localization ber business process redesign process mining concentric circular antenna array internet classification moment matching industrial image processing fault detection thickness electric discharge nox removal voltage sag mitigation optimal dg placement power loss reduction controllability power system modeling static var compensators. observability synchronized phasor measurements kalman wls pmu lav evolutionary programming facts devices fast voltage stability index reactive power planning tcsc svc facts (statcom tcsc) - optimal power flow algorithm (n-r method) ansys’11 openings in dam koyna dam 2d plane strain analysis geometric discontinuity uncertainty base shear geometric modeling pushoveranalysis cloud pbe md5 dsa hmac jar framework routing security manets data storage security watchdogs selfish nodes tdma dpr genetic algorithm. firewall httpbotnet layered approach osi layers promiscuous mode malevolent nodes mobile privacy electronic payments negotiation multi-party signature mobile authentication pixel expansion correlation function periodicity defect independent template dcsfpss morphological correlation tribrid approach rotman lens phase error beam steering array factor lossless compression; hyperspectral images; band o behavioral modeling proteins verilog-a hydrogen bonding network image-depth self organizing map (som) scene image texture unit matrix texture unit k-nearest neighbor classifier (knn). svm wireless sensors self- reporting score eda hrv mosaics rmse mis 3-d fft velocity filters remote sensing imagery multiobjective optimization (moo) land cover classification image de-noising restoration mixing fitness function artificial bee colony (abc) sub-gaussian and super- gaussian signal blind source separation h.264/avc motion estimation video compression vlsi architecture. variable block size motion estimation (vbsme) nano concrete nano silica flexure calcium silica hydrate toughness roughness international roughness index construction work zo e-brainstorming privacy preference ontology intelligent agents learning object recommender software customization user- centered design tailoring human computer interaction ac-dc converter active rectifier soft-switching dcm single-stage high-frequency isolation soft storey steel moment resisting frame infill walls earthquake. concrete strength strength prediction local aggregate concrete stone aggregate concrete in t e rn a t i o n a lro u g h n e s s indexconst ro u g h n e s s vehicular emissions; air quality; air quality mode stand alone system power quality. dstatcom pv system electrical distribution system dimension reducing distribution load flow algorith differential evolution (de) algorithm power factor correction optimal capacitor placement valve-point effect mathematical modeling. binary bat algorithm economic load dispatch electric field magnetic field exposure limits extremely low frequency modified shuffled frog leaping algorithm (msfla) damping oscillations pss design multi-machine power system mcsa. dissymmetry fault diagnosis instantaneous power voltage measurement broken bars current measurement unsinusoidality frequency domain analysis induction motors pi genetic algorithms magnetic levitation ball fuzzy control cluster computing environment enhanced pid controller zero voltage switching quasi resonant converter (qrc) push-pull converter power supply spwm switching function static var compensator voltage source converter (vsc) current source converter (csc) doubly-fed induction generator (dfig). self-excited induction generator (seig) mutual inductance wind power generator (wpg) regulation lever. speed control tension force fine material coil mr damper magneto-rheological (mr) fluid magnetic field intensity magnetic flux density fish oil methyl ester unburnt hydrocarbons brake specific fuel consumption corn seed oil methyl ester exhaust gas temperature peak pressure heat release rate heuristic nonlinear creep model critical hunting speed numerical simulation bifurcation analysis railway vehicle dynamics third order theory first order shear deformation theory composite beams hybrid beam zigzag theory electromechanical loading piezoelectric layer static analysis dental implants stereolithography (sla) surgical guides dental prosthesis rapid prototyping (rp) digital mammograms morphological filtering markov random fields marker controlled watershed transform medical images ridges indexing minutiae locality sensitive hashing pores ultra low power diode ground bounce noise body biasing leakage current recognition rate (rr) delta delta mfcc (ddmfcc) delta mfcc (dmfcc) automatic speech recognition (asr) hidden markov model (hmm) mel frequency cepstral coefficient (mfcc) noise reduction color image processing texture complex wavelet transform color histogram content based image retrieval coding gain and psnr lifting scheme computational complexity dual tree complex wavelet transform (dt cwt) radon projection. video shot boundary detection adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system asymmetric trimmed median filter fingerprint matching; poincare index; singular poi cardiac mri levenberg marquardt algorithm deformable superellipse region growing gray space map volume measurement discrete wavelet transforms; general fusion proces gaussian mixture model line spectral pairs voice conversion radial basis function. long term prediction even degree method cross correlation process. image fusion image registration image in motion quarterions image processing robustness. lsb fragile watermark non-causal prediction inter-frame coding conditional pel replenishment structuring element spatial domain techniques morphological operations psnr. point on wave initiation exploratory search algorithm random migration. digital iir filters opposition based learning multi-parameter power optimization method eigenvector. qmf bank polyphase component ct matitk. lbp lung nodules image restoration-degraded function-noisegenetic a cross-layer design loadpower superscalar cache memory pipelining processing ipc computer architecture branch folding parallel processing xilinx ise costs branch methodologies btb loop unrolling electronic health record hl7 ccd standard clinical documentation xml temporal attribute nested relation er model sql temporal element bitemporal data model websites attributes e-commerce internet stores web site assessment fuzzy expert system. data integration linked data rdf heterogeneous data swoogle semantic search owl web search time economic knowledge temporal reasoning economic environment temporal intelligent systems range imagesensor logging pedestrian traffic sensor fusion tailgating detection multihoming. service replication content distribution comparative genomics sorting by reversals genome rearrangements algorithms opm3. fuzzy expert system maturity assessment meta search engine surface web. deep web ranking cosine similarity concept absolute snr scheduling spectral efficiency normalized snr scheduling multiuser mimo correct recognition rate failure probability normal bias wireless sensor and actor networks false fear rate. offloading heterogeneous network brokerage service flow management differentiated management policies. micro strip patch antenna comb type antenna frequency reconfigurable pin diode multi band wireless communication. performance of digital frequency synthesizer direct digital frequency synthesizer simulation results. design approach network on chip (noc) modified xy routing algorithm nirgam simulator 2d torus topology protocol design. trend loss rate wired networks queue notification system priority flow age command bragg mirror directivity electromagnetic band gap (ebg) circular patch antenna surface waves adaptive histogram histogram blob pruning object tracking and two cycle algorithm. cooperative game vanet fuzzy obstacle management mixer cmos frequency synthesizer multiplexers. spur adpll digital pll agent communication protocol agent communication cnp cntep fipa peer-to-peer broadcast distributed hash table kademlia shoot- through ez-source inverter adjustable speed drives z-source inverter delay testing low power. parallel bist digital vlsi isi wireless communication system signed regressor lms channel equalization signed regressor flann. permanent magnet direct current motor; matlab/simu pmos source follower (psf) output resistance voltage buffer super source follower (ssf) nmos source follower (nsf) level shifter real-time communication mobile networks multiobjective optimization shortest path routing computation optimization delay reduction load-balancing flywheel t-s curve vvvf drive process machine demand torque denial of service data mining. ipv6 security network security wireless senor networks spatial correlation adaptive filter data accuracy bilinear pairing blind signature group signature log based systems network logs log management ecc ec-dh koblitz encoding koblitz’s method elliptic curve cryptography hyperelliptic curve cryptography (hecc) dna sequence substitution cipher transposition key aes bit error secured communication majority rule error propagation sensor networks efficient public key implementation practicality homomorphic encryption cloud security trust value subrange values cluster head anonymity energy aware agriculture response curvature error damage surface response curvature error damage surface. introduction sample calculation & results computer analysis conclusion procedure for calculation of maximum span comparative analysis bridge isolator bi-directional seismic pushover time history dosing screw; mass flow hoppers; flow profile pencel pressuremeter test p-y curves sands lateral loads moduli. clays dilatometer piles seismic analyses soil-structure ovaling deformation circular tunnel meshless method asphalt mixture discontinuous mechanics numerical manifold method anisotropy intraocular pressure tonometer; corneal thickness silica sand eglass fiber impact angles graphite particles epoxy resin design of experiment ride comfort suspension settings vehicle solid particle erosion polymer-matrix composite electron microscopy wear testing particle swarm optimization (pso) chromosome crossover mutation hydraulic force electromagnetic actuator punching high efficiency mechanical force current energy burring. airflow orifices elliptical spray pattern airblast atomizer combustion exit temperature oil consumption engine experimental method drain and weigh response surface method factorial design metal cutting amplitude of vibration contact pressure optimisation surface speed cae cfd analysis apdl programming laminar flow macro fruit and vegetable juicer juicer-mixer-grinder juice extractor multi food processor artificial neural network. unconventional machining processes algorithm error analysis turning parameters orthogonal array injection moulding experimental investigation on heat transfer enhanc helix angle gear power density tooth interior fracture inclusions. linear elastic fracture mechanics voids accumulator water hammer butterfly valve head hss torque. thrust manufacturing glass fabric – epoxy / rigid polyurethane foam s design of dnv container dnv 2.7.1 (det norske veritas) standard for certif offshore container requirements lifting test vertical impact test. container calculations lat of engine lat of compressor compressor performance limiting ambient temperature mepdg model climatic parameters fatigue cracking three-dimensional finite element analysis simplified methods u-girder bridge deck moves emissions epa pure friction base isolation earthquake hazard mitigation masonry buildings geosynthetic adsorption absorption macrophytes bioaccumulators. heliophytes phytoextraction bill of quantity quantity takeoffs california bearing ratio subgrade proctor compaction regular and random waves coastalprotection cnoidal waves seawalls run-up environmental management ecological footprint analysis kochi city coir cotton fibre tapioca stalk pineapple leaf fibre off-white rice husk straw floodplain modelling software development sandwich plates composite structures composite rigid pavement slab thick plates buyer-seller protocol buyer - seller protocol street canyon air quality vehicular emissions air quality models coconut fibre stone matrix asphalt repeated load indirect tensile test velocity distribution horizontal interface main channel over bank flow flow distribution flow interaction flood plain high performance concrete silica fumei. high strength concrete superplastcizer functional magnetic resonance imaging gust pressures reference evapotranspiration performance evaluation multiple linear regression two way eccentric load no tilt condition bearing capacity bi-angle shape skirted footing model footing industrial waste effluent standards law enforcement waste minimization eco-friendly disposal avifauna. bio diversity eco system fauna flora mangroves corals heterogeneous traffic condition traffic state estimation intelligent transportation system macroscopic traffic modeling canal runoff peak discharge dem watershed fractal architecture temporary housing. density metakaolin mortar fine aggregate quarry dust strength cut slot. energy absorption axial crushing welded joints peak force spark gap machining rate electrical discharge machining graphite powder concentration taguchi methodology additive mixed electrical discharge machining specific fuel consumption air fuel ratio. volumetric efficiency variable compression ratio product configuration configuration management product development operating parameters material identification vision system slip properties longitudinal/lateral forces aligning moment and tyre model. microforming; incremental forming; laser; micro ma fuzzy logic power loss optimisation. maximize savings boiler tube failure erosion arresters and use combustion modeling diesel engine cfd exhaust manifold fem tmf fev hcf lead time cycle time wip lean manufacturing takt time utilization calculate tool operating points tool logistics objectives simulation study cause-effect interdependencies forging industry tool logistics influencing factors contact stress contact clearance contact angle half space conformal cylindrical contact slurry wear metal evaporative cooling; cross flow; heat exchanger; c heat transfer rate heat transfer coefficient air conditioning system two-phase region pressure drop brazed aluminum heat exchangers biot’s constant crested waves thermal relaxation transversely isotropic viscous critical angle inviscid fluid transmission reflection viscoelastic solid damping; frobenius method; cylinder erosion wear rate red mud hybrid composite hardness heat treatment b-spline surface collision detection deformable object modeling and simulation virtual concept design inverse modeling simulink feedforward-feedback parallel manipulator forward modeling composite ceramic (alsiti) subsurface damage grain refining welding pulsed current alloy 617 dlcc optimal feedback manipulator sdre sa network performance signalized intersection continuous flow intersection (cfi) eterogeneous traffic flow heterogeneous traffic queue jump lane exclusive bus lane bus priority cbr copper slag triaxial shear strength unconfined compressive strength resident welfare association community solid waste composting hot mix asphalt ultra- thin whitetopping deflection uml ip maude formal verification integration resource usage componentbased applications runtime resource management resource model resource prediction benthic habitats water depth correction gui neuronal group selection latency snn classifier plasticity event-driven threshold spiking neural network (snn) neuron traffic rate estimation flip-flop filter metering clahe local contrast enhancement histogram equalization objective criterion parameter tuning enhancement parameter age freshness service crawling cloud search cloud crawler carry save adder variable precision vedic-wallace structure web wrapper offline browsing web data integration web data extraction evolutionary testing multivariate problems test-suite reduction path coverage stage-based genetic algorithm execution time smart environment parallelization hashing membrane computing assisted living distributed p systems searching in files application sentence searching text search watermarking vital image host image superior self organizing maps embedding mining counter propagation network average correlation value gene ontology gene expression data biological significance biclustering heart arrhythmia verilog hdl mit-bih voltage lift technique coupled inductor boost converter high voltage gain leadacid battery dump load electronic load controller self-excited induction generator wind energy source software embedded software coverage analysis software safety safety critical system temperature compensation capacitive pressure sensor non linear estimation sensor modeling concrete sliding mode controller based on trending law indian road conditions sand medium hard transfer function of electric vehicle exponential curve fitting loss curve loss factor load curve sub transmission and distribution load factor maximum power harnessing; water pumping; solar pho sampling time space – vectors variable moment of inertia; speed control; simulat dc motor drive classical method; phasor measurement units (pmus) full weighted least square (wls) state ziegler-nichol’s autotuned pid controller aznpid discrete pid controller lu factorization dc servomotor interior-point method proportional integral observer model predictive control cholesky factorization bispectral index (bis)) active set method (asm) propofol closed-loop control of anesthesia linear model predictive control (lmpc) power transfer power system networks matlab simulink flexible asynchronous ac link sparse linear array krylov subspace doa rain attenuation propagation impairments ccf and doppler frequency shift. acf kasami code gold code interconnects data bus deep submicron socs data analysis. bias field fcm mri segmentation random valued impulse noise. impulse detector image filtering invisible watermarking cheating prevention lpf dsp discrete fourier transform (dft) discrete cosines transform (dct) electrocardiogram (ecg) adaptive filtering noise cancelation. fxlms artifact face detection; skin color detection image classification message logs checkpointing mobile agents antecedence graphs line edge roughness (ler) random dopant fluctuation (rdf) image splicing phase congruency statistical moments characteristic functions modular pca overlapped modular pca vhaha vpn mobility agents faulttolerance and reliability. skew anfis. fic ramp input. rlc interconnect dalut asic sdr nonlinear dimensionality reduction (nldr) mlp chebyshev flann salt and pepper noise. image encryption hill cipher integer wavelet transforms human recognition video-on-demand (vod) quality of service (qos) payload cover-medium universal steganalysis e-banking e-cheque correlation filters entropy percentage of energy retained percentage zero wavelet packet tree compression ratio arial images context modeling h.264 digital video motion vector rtp udp error concealment speech recognition lbg algorithm voting scheme sense disambiguity natural language processing language model shape and margin properties digital mammogram iscriminant analysis robustness epr medical image roi stego image variance histogram bins cbir lifting based wavelet transform ragile watermarking colour space transformation biometric watermarking geometric attacks bi-orthogonal wavelet savitzky-golay filter pan tompkins’ algorithm repetition code hamming code lsb watermarking inverse free krylov subspace direction-of-arrival. segmented matrix algorithm cuda haar discrete wavelet transform (dwt) gpu fisher linear discriminant depth image speeded up robust features point tracking feature selection object representation rscr functional equivalence isomorphic redundancy evolutionary optimization technique ipso parks and mcclellan algorithm rga lms mean squared error (mse) rls biquadratic filter commercially available ic fd-ota rgb color model hvs quality measure (q) multimodal biometrics fusion speech signal palmprint noncausal linear prediction detection based median filter performance analysis network protocols intercarrier interference (ici) ofdm systems carrier frequency offset (cfo) web usage mining pattern discovery virtual circuit mobile network nemo privacy control collaborative networks application metadata. short-range communications spectrum sensing cognitive radio context-aware intrusion tolerance multi-hop routing mesh network mesh mode. rfid internet of things modified epcglobal architecture smart home application optimal fast replica. son dson dominating set cdn direct sequence spread spectrum (dsss) wideband code division multiple access (wcdma) re-keying key pre-distribution key management mobile sensor network movement fuzzy priority coverage cellular ip networks k-anonymization masking proxy signature access control poset wireless ad-hoc networks meta classifier unsupervised clustering multilabel data multilabel classification error correcting codes broadband wireless access spread spectrum single hop rare event wake-up receiver cbmr peak to average power ratio (papr) –nonlinear companding transform energy consumption sensor networks routing protocol overhead wireless mesh networks cluster key chinese remainder theorem hierarchical sensor networks ad-hoc networks key generation and rekeying secure group communications 3d input device wii remote optical tracking cbrp cluster maintenance control overhead secret sharing drop-tail random early detection flash memory wear-leveling data cleaning process concept drift content based filtering machine learning classifiers cryptanalysis benefits user satisfaction fairness welfare received signal strength positioning filtering receiver mail server sender mail server leader election distributed algorithms multicast anycast machine printed string k-means clustering image noise pnn kurtosis skewness face anthropometric measures image scrambling random permutation fingerprints core point olsr dymo zrp singular value decomposition logistic mapping conditional random fields alert reduction false positives human visual system hsv color model replay attack; ddos attack ip spoofing syntactic indexing semantic indexing content based retrieval testing effort software testing software reliability search engine query log www database cracking self-organization lexical references vicinity driven semantics index partition sequence plaintext gabor wavelet transform adaptive polar transform manifestation of faults communicating fsm sensor and actuator fault model gold codes linear parallel interference cancellation (lpic) positivefeedback node balancing narrowband oqpsk zigbee mobile adhoc networks(manet’s) routing misbehaviour selective or malicious dropping attacks internet routing security markov chain banyan fault-tolerant route maintenance adhoc networks template matching normalized cross correlation hyperelliptic curve cryptography ssl rsa access control. file sharing p2p map selection scheme mobility anchor point hmipv6 herbal formulae adaptive systems autonomic computing mobile ip 4g mobile networks loss reduction 802.16j hard handover transparent relay hard handoff heterogeneous traffic load wireless sensor networks (wsn) data fusion techniques 802.11 security rc4 wep least squareapproach aggregate usage profile hierarchical cellular network (hcn) blocking probability destination sequence distance vector (dsdv) selective forwarding attack perimeter sybil attack greedy gpsr two phase diagnosis value faults on-line diagnosis mobile payment electronic commerce protocol wireless payment polynomial matrix. data security steady state analysis unbalanced. self-excited induction generator proportional integral (pi) controller proportional integral derivative (pid) optimal power flow tunable filters filter voltage-mode. all-pass filter analogue signal processing current mode signaling on-chip interconnect uwb patch antenna dielectric permittivity and conductivity nonuniform excitation digital control modeling phase-shift control electromyography motor unit action potentials indirect vsi. csi rotor flux orientation direct torque control (dtc) fuzzy logic control (flc) wls. ipfc power injection model lagrangian relaxation power factor correction (pfc) pscad point of common coupling (pcc) vsc . speed sensorless induction motor load angle control economic emission dispatch flying capacitor multilevel inverter fuel cells non-conventional energy sources pmsm sub synchronous speed wind generator tachogenerator teleoperation system wave variabls methode quadrature mirror filter subband coding. pulse width modulation phase disposition pulse width modulation model reference adaptive internal model controller dc/dc converter real coded genetic algorithm power systems dynamic programming delay; multimachine; wave variable centralized optimal control field test energy audit induction motor parameter estimation flc. dc motor sub-threshold leakage standby power deregulated market profit based unit commitment multiple objectives rural energy resource allocation optical measurement total harmonic distortion (thd) grid connected inverter moment rlcg oscillator ota mo-cdta multiplier/divider electrical distribution network optimal capacitors placement fcpp sofc fuel cell fused deposition by electrochemical discharge fir filter system on programmable chip (sopc) pulsed orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing low density parity check (ldpc) hmm hfcc hoap-2 xilix cpu mxe ic ip core space vector pwm dual-fed induction motor transmission line faults placement problems memetic algorithm mppt wecs optimal control wind energy 48-pulse gto thyristor model statcom unified power quality conditioner ultra-low power subthreshold cnfet analytical approach line loss market power electricity market market concentration asynchronous tiq. cmos adc passive shunt filters single tuned filter passive filter continuous conduction mode body diode conduction loss chaotic harmony search current transformer; shuffled frog leaping algorit the output of mppt controller is the optimum power the main purpose of this work is to present a new pv array is connected using tct (total cross-tied) this method can streamline the time and reduce ope this paper present maximum power point tracking (m differential amplifiers ac-coupling passive filters conventional 6t sram bit cell hetero material band-to-band tunneling five-level cascade inverter active power filter(apf) bldc neural position control back emf inertia closed loop dc-dc boost converter active power filter (apf) integrated power supply dual frequency alternator twin stator axial-field alternator rotor compact generators characterization sar human health gps mechanisms location based services preemption parallel systems computational grid patient scheduling agents customer satisfaction operational efficiency service oriented architectures security architectures mesh networks reactive dijkstra. clapping sound flipping sound biometric scheme kd-tree hierarchical clustering web service discovery security service mobile satellite systems design issues for msss patch antenna coplanar waveguide matrix converter space vector modulation median filter broadband communications source separation r.f. signals. high speed dynamic tspc pipelined infinite impulse response linear programming multilevel inverter diode-clamped inverter multimode interference (mmi) coupler all optical switches printed monopole antennas uwb distribution static compensator (dstatco m) reactive loading index radial distribution system integer linear programming (ilp) pmu placement qft mimo quadruple tank process eda. robust control zero voltage switching (zvs) zero current switching (zcs) distance protection ehv transmission line domino logic diode-footed domino dynamic logic convergent network operator 4g networks iris fingerprint euclidean distance. number system differential technique. bit saving time series forecasting otis-mesh. time complexity prefix computation fft (fast fourier transform) dit (decimation in time) dft (discrete fourier transform) web services visualization zebrafish atlas etl processes slowly changing dimensions program visualization. visual programming visual language ngoss process process simulation process modeling dimension integration p2p olap constrained forest problem spanning forests rate distortion jpeg 2000 pushing prefectching activity mining race identification fluent interfaces enterprise software systems slantlet transform ridgelet wdr wavelet image compression aswdr software metrics software complexity weka predictive modeling linear regression analysis heuristic method cross lingual information retrieval interpolation pdtdfb high resolution image colorization distributed arithmetic (da) field programmable gate arrays (fpga) fragmentation dynamic fragment allocation distributed database normal forms. relation functional dependency normalization email spam computer forensics fuzzy string match. dtw csl spectrogram speech recognition and statistical method lipreading incremental difference feature koyama public key cryptosystem (pkc) singular cubic curves ldpc codes source channel coding distributed source coding part of speech disambiguation machine translation genotype carotid artery detection pre-processing ventricular tachyarrhythmia flutter tachycardia rr intervals fibrillation fast ica infomax ica-2 ica-1 mammogram images automated system user requirements elicitation awareness systems mobile computing binary coded genetic algorithm (bga) bacteria foraging optimization (bfo) linear classifier text classification class frequency term weighting distributed rlcg segment crosstalk model concolic testing specification-based model checking memory access high-level synthesis data prefetch latency hiding handel-c exploiting modification direction (emd) method bin-division method pseudo-invariant features dtcwt ear detection ear recognition ear biometrics pre-process circle of willis process oriented model legacy system data oriented model underwater video features tracking dag static scheduling dynamic scheduling semantic web services ontology extension sws reconfiguring xilinx interoperability altera software quality metrics pagerank algorithm coupling metrics pseudo-random binary code linear feedback shift registers gpr. artificial neural networks inverse scattering computer modeling computer simulation business process management random forest classifier persian/ arabic alphabet security services digital forensic information security 5-segment svm 7-segment svm single-pole two-pole dspace kcl contact macro-gate kvl digital gate organic field-effect transistors ieee1620 congestion management goertzel algorithm spectrum analysis selective harmonic elimination median filter. tracking algorithm tsk type fuzzy controller nonlinear load real power loss reactive power dispatch (rpd) hydraulic turbine. non-thermal plasma fading channel diversity moment generating function(mgf) second-generation multiple output current conveyor voice recognition finger print combines cycle generation technology (ccgt) generation expansion planning (gep) mobile robot; reactive navigation; neural network voltage source inverter transient stability sssc closed loop control power system stability voltage security assessment mpls .path -recovery traffic engineering software modeling and simulations svc vlf and owt. light triggering thyristors hvdc mds current applications mds algorithm mds types voltage source converter bootp cunit dhcp dora udp and ip address. lease file light source silicon photonics agent mobility uml state diagrams sc. mrc siso simo snr composite generation and transmission system digital fir filter far-end stopband attenuation array signal processing uniform linear array phase locked loop (pll) phase frequency detector (pfd) carbon nanotube field effect transistor (cnfet) fast fourier transform magnetic resonance imaging rayleigh pn sequence rician ssm ann concentric circular antenna arrays source evaluation credibility score asip datapath cisc nisc web service selection updated services aging factor rating variability moderate inversion region (mir) power-delay product (pdp) base stations vertical handover orthogonal pilot maximum likelihood technique multiple input multiple output bpf (band pass filter) uwb (ultra wide band) noc routing network on chip wi-fi. hlifa slifa triple ifa (tifa) nverted-f antenna (ifa) inverted-f-l antenna (ifla) non-uniform current-location profile chromatic dispersion m-ary ocdma walsh code client data-acquisition resonant filter third order pll chaotic dynamics stability analysis lyapunov exponent confidence factor rtd look-up table. portable sensors near-far resistance code division multiaccess wireless communication dco pulse width zc1-dpll bifurcation diagram motion blur support vector machine (svm) point spread function(psf) phillips- heffron model. ofsc smib lqr coc dsc labview process instrumentation control design relative humidity dry bulb and wet bulb temperature active noise cancellation quantum evolutionary algorithm fast speed response sensorless power system planning load forecasting curve fitting adaptive optics deformable mirror influence function zero voltage switching. multiphase buck self balance mechanism short run marginal cost papr slm clipping cmos integrated filters active filters organic analog circuits. slew calculation pv modeling pv module multicrystalline mono-crystalline plc machine tool oac hmi cnc blackbox unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) soft computing techniques telecommunications demand standard statistical methods depth information 3d face recognition features vectors parametric integral equation systems (pies) boundary integral equations (bie) nctf control adaptive control and underactuated fingers. aspect- oriented programming tool support software engineering edge gsm multi-model system identification machine vision microaggregation privacy protection disclosure control inrush currents. distribution networks motorized automatic path finding sensor aided wheelchair variable data rate. multiuser sub-channel lognormal distribution maximum likelihood wind energy probability weibull distribution goodness of fit probability distribution function wimax. low profile antenna double ifa (difa) pavement management system fault isolation two-port memories bisr pvt faults sram michelson interferometer. measurement electronic system optic device power system problem. gerschgorin theorem instability bisection method system matrix inelastic moesfet filtered diesel exhaust. dielectric barrier discharge cross flow reactor (
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