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subsynchronous vibration dyanmic pressure transducer axial excursion low / high pass filter. dyanmic pressure transducer subsynchronous vibration poppet valve and surface morphology poppet valve and surface morphology batch service queuing length batch arrival multiple vacations carbon nano-tubes mixed lubrication solid lubricant additives anti-wear additives driver response advance brake assistance safety time. emergency situation aluminium stator passive magnetic bearing coulombian model square magnets cfd. hybrid rotors leading edge flow guides savonius vertical axis wind turbine dose rate measuring gps sensor heritage zone regulations conservation strategy rice husk ash (rha) density and durability axialflow turbine blade analytic databases framework hadoop hdfs map reduce. material monitoring production monitoring fleet management equipment assignment tig mig 𝑆𝑔 ∗ -closed set 𝑆𝑔 ∗ -compact space and 𝑆𝑔 ∗ -conn 𝑆𝑔 ∗ -open set methodology. solidification and simulation. stepper motor bipolar drive shuttle disc. nox emissions homogeneous charge compression ignition (hcci). pe odp hydro -fluorocarbon cop gwp r152a r134a polynomial hermitian polynomial unitary matrices unitary matrices normal hermitian polynomial normal tcsc power system oscillation pod controller phase imbalance capacitor privacy protection. global thresholding standard deviation and convex hull. artefact value chain financing. value chain micro-grid touch shooting game gesture depth information steel slag split tensile strength conspicuity settlements trunk road speed accident frequency integral thermal. spectra ddq tbchd tcne material removal rate average surface roughness electrical discharge drilling advance machining process generator speed breaker electricity generation. air compressor rack &pinion inventory pso (particle swarm optimization) eoq deteriorating items. chaotic maps urban survey surveying techniques bypass ratio php turbofan engine. flow properties conventional method panamaruthupatti block case study salem district ground water augmentation nano rgb-continuity nano rgb-irresoluteness. nano rgb-open nano rgb-closed ansys (static) pyro hydro turbine von-misses stress turbulence catia δ ˆ s –closure : δ ˆ s –closed δ ˆ s –open δ ˆ s –interior affected hiv/aids unaffected and depletion of household assets rural household welfare double-gate mosfets band to band tunneling strained si strained ge uniaxial strain chopped strand mat e-glass fiber. hardness test nano-caco3 tensile properties epoxy resin ensemble-based systems microaneurysm (ma) detection. fundus image processing diabetic retinopathy (dr) grading security research measuring system wavelet denoising. pc based control systems parametric studies stability. modularization adaptive control active capacitor converter cascaded system congestion control e-slot antenna antenna performance characteristics. coplanar waveguide feed line s/n ratio hot forging. densification ceramic coating gsm-microcontroller telepathy paradox cosmological constant event horizon worm hole parallel universe black hole performance parameter productivity. material handling light gauge cold-formed steel increases productivity and job creation z-score. 𝑔 ∗ s-closed sets s 𝑔 space 2010 ams classification: 54a05 automobile parts natural fibers biodegradable. wire electric discharge machining (wedm scanning electron microscope (sem) recast layer analysis of variance (anova) solar panel efficiency updraft maximum power point tracking (mppt) and fuzzy cont waste plastic recycling tensile test fractography. n24 steel material variation parameter. functionally graded material disc brake fatigue properties shot peening residual stresses aluminium alloys california bearing ratio optimum moisture content fine fraction maximum dry density and plasticity index. low carbon steel micro structural studies impact strength continuous cooling recyclability. pine resin bio-degradability crankshaft damping conditioning monitoring gearbox an acoustic signals tsai-wu criterion. e-glass/ epoxy : composite leaf spring nonlinearity stabilization quarry dust residual soil lime text summarization natural language processing. information extraction running-in wear nano-particles steady wear molybdenum disulphide 304l stainless steel titanium microhardness structure. nickel layer linear friction welding light weight aggregate cold bond. pelletization column; eccentricity; retrofitting; strengthened; hexagonal encryption manet’s security attackss. blackhole node behavior pxrd sxrd gel technique optical properties mps) most bar chart (pert gantt chart cpm generation bead width gmaw process left leg length right leg length. re-inforcement height outsourcing know-how protection measures product piracy risk assessment. production processes helical coil multi leaf spring (mls) eye distance (simulated annealing algorithm (saa). design of experiments (doe) crack width effective cost limit state method working stress method double-closed loop z-source. bidirectional dc–dc converter (bdc) coordinated control underwater histogram equalization. gray scale manipulation frequency based domain enhancement geometric corrections spatial based domain enhancement pretension bolt force prying factor. heel gap joint separation load material removal rate. hysteresis entropy enthalpy mathematical models sorption isotherm. placement floorplanning through-silicon-via (tsv). 3d-ics full factorial design superplastecizer nano silica pedal centrifugal pump impeller ferromagnetic materials cat cai non destructive testing caqc diamond industry relationship between attributes keywords: congestion control s/n ratio. keywords: surface roughness keywords: artificial neural network key words: material handling keywords: light gauge cold-formed steel increases productivity and job creation. z-score 2010 ams classification: 54a05 friction factor. turbulent flow heat transfer characteristics polymer polymer – cement repairing mortar solar panel efficiency updraft. maximum power point tracking (mppt) and fuzzy con back propagation nn interpolation anantnag idw interpolation root mean square error waste plastic recycling. fourier optics mathematical optics strehl ratio ….. etc. higher order parabolic filters tensile test fractography en24 steel convection concrete; sbr latex; slump; compressive strength; particle size empirically graphite equations powder blends. constants wear rate journal bearing frictional force cyanate ester; resins; nanoclay; nanocomposite; fl circularity. shear angle and r- chart. aisi 1018 alloy steel viola-jones method principle component analysis manufacturing industry twice elastic slope method tangent intersection method internal pressure etc. limit load nozzle pressure vessel microsrtip feed line hfss fr- epoxy (4.4) . rectangular microstrip patch antenna measuring system. mahua oil; biodiesel; nozzle opening pressure; sta walkability pc based control systems diesel genset organic farming dragon fruit factor analysis marketing research xrd photoluminescence raman spectra nanoparticles chemical synthesis split tensile strength load deflection rc beam metakaolin opc antennas holding device pulling away anchor ferromagnetic guide housing. linear electromagnetic motor breakaway stage holding force ferromagnetic guide housing. pulling away anchor holding device linear electromagnetic motor breakaway stage holding force roll cage; frontal impact; side impact; rollover i glass and epoxy tensile impact magnetic pulse welding medium frequency welding automotive applications risk and construction projects. risk identification techniques risk management password credit card fraud fraud detection security question hidden markov model (hmm) performance levels linear static analysis performance point. capacity demand non linear static analysis spwm strategy particle swarm optimization. critical clearing time 15a57 plus order right-star partial order left-star partial order star partial order 15a15 minus order and lowner order. ams classification: unified power-flow controller (upfc) matrix converter (mc) direct switching power control switch mechanism. public cloud load balancing refrigeration vapour absorption libr-h2o absorption refrigerator fabrication waste heat. back pressure shadow queue. packets fuzzy pi controller decentralized approach chord service discovery. p2p network wsn. ssb top- k query nsb bb pitch cord ratio (s/c) r1 inlet of blade (c/s) solidity le leading edge cp specific heat s1 inlet of hub t temperature kg/s mass flow rate te trailing edge c camber length s2 inlet of shroud virtex-5 convolutional encoder pnph unit viterbi decoder trellis verilog hdl distributed shortest paths co-modal transfer point multi-agent systems co-modal transport piston ic engines fatigue tribo-pair mppt photovoltaic system optimization technique big bang–big crunch (bb–bc) factorial method design of experiments gui osn content filtering black list classifier 6-pulse and 12-pulse converter npv dst cst neighbor discovery life cycle inventory gabi5 life cycle assessment environmental impact indices vanet key management broadcasting pores partial fingerprint chi-square we are doing impact analysis in the software cosmo forecasting kalman filtering state estimation adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system airfoil dynamic stall drag. angle of attack flapping lift stitched core sandwich 3-point bending elastic modulus dia of work t-test spindle speed biodiesel blends. 4-stroke diesel engine transesterification process soybean oil regression model coolant orthogonal array minitab initial imperfections prestressed beam. lifting mhd aerodynes sunspot modelling hypersonic vehicle mhd generator high speed propulsion wimax communication integral controller derivative controller proportional controller. brushless motor fuzzy logic controller pcc. upqc non-linear load fact devices objective separable linear programming problem quadratic programming problem turbo c pressure drop model refrigerant flow evaporator tube particle swarm optimization (pso) reactive power rescheduling fuzzy soft sets equality operations fuzzy soft matrix. proportional-integral (pi) current. pulse width modulated (pwm) photovoltaic (pv) time delay frequency shift aircraft velocity and altitude. acoustic signal processing simulation coefficient of thermal expansion temperature and dilatometer. thermal characterization peak current voltage sag photovoltaic (pv) inverter grid fault distributed generation(dg) point of common coupling (pcc) microgrid (mg) synchronverter inverter nonlinearity induction machine. harmonic analysis dead time compensation trapezoidal voltage unified power-flow controller (upfc) shunt converter reactive power balance real power balance machine hydrodynamic journal bearing finite hankel transform discrete laplace transform. generalized burgers’ fluid anova. worker’s perception sewing machine posture worker station single phase supply measuring devices throughput. sep leach irrigation agricultural field arsenic in food grains groundwater arsenic temperature gain thermal shield convection and radiation heat transfer heat loss unigraphics 6 cylinder engine crankshaft microgrid model predictive control (mpc). energy management mahua oil emission and combustion characteristics mome swarm intelligence network routing. cross validation project leveling housing smoothening. crank mechanical counter slider bevel gears. pressure regulator coupler rotating disc pressure cooker contra  * graph almost contra  * continuous functions contra  * continuous functions and locally  * indiscrete space. fibre- reinforced composite beams bevel gear box wavelet analysis vibration signature mass flow rate. heat transfer coefficient power conversion harmonics pulse width modulation selective harmonic elimination ac–dc power conversion frequency constraints plate structural optimization three phase inverter fed homer poultry house probiotic gluconacetobacter nataicola. dependent variable aptitude regressio predictor strain energy glass epoxy monolithic and an isolated output port is given as a design one bidirectional battery port which is suitable for various renewable energy ha and one isolated load port. the proposed four-port while maintaining a regulated output voltage. this paper proposes a novel dc/dc converter topolo one bidirectional storage port curvature radius of streamline flat blade. three-dimensional streamline hydrodynamic torque converter overall equipment effectiveness maintenance strategy maintenance management total productive maintenance. pareto analysis internal audits in public rice bran ci engine. thermal conductivity temperature potential heat capacity. heat capacity thermal analysis performance and emission characteristics some simarouba oil heavy mineral studies simarauba ci engine b4c stir casting al-8081alloy pic micro controller gsm module. wind-solar-fuel rotor test rig vibration analysis and wavelet unbalance and bearing clearance rotor faults sisal & jute fibers tensile properties and flexural properties fdi exports indian economy service sector. root fillet stress ivhs atms cvo pcu atis avis fibers e-glass pine oil group technology cell formation neural network adaptive resonance theory feature extraction psoriasis support vector machine(svm) markov random field(mrf) ppdm privacy-preserving; randomization; k-anonymity ant-based routing mobile ad hoc network (manet) quality of service(qos) proposed h-bridge converter topology asymmetric converter topology switched reluctance motor drives human motion detection tread tracking system. subtraction method object detection sodium hydroxide treatment coconut fiber mechanical testing nonlinear analysis opensees bridge air conditioning liquid desiccant regeneration functions stiffened plate inplane loads buckling load factor aerospace fgm cnt logic gates fracture mechanics stress intensity factor rivet hole qsd carry/borrow free addition/ subtraction fine grained updates authenticated auditing. undercut. pcm photovoltaic; nonlinear equation; five parameters cladding weld overlay electro slag welding smart distribution systems flexible control methanol cryogenic treatment austenitic ductile iron d3 tool steel vickers hrdness pin-on-disc tribometer acid attack groundnut husk ash olsr tcp udp wpans non-conflict memory addressing scheme radix-16 fft fast fourier transform (fft) status register single bit flip-flop. multi bit flip-flop clock buffer clock network πgθ-closed maps πgθ-m-closed maps πgθ-homeomorphisms and πgθc- homeomorphisms central composite designs alginate entrapment response surface methods corynebacterium glutamicum micro-entrapment data mining; time series data analysis; knowledge lateral load analysis pier and spandrel labeling precast load bearing wall etabs dynamic wind load steel chimney mode von mises stress static wind load wireless sensor network; precision agriculture; ra stress continuous beam; flexural strengthening; gfrp; pre dc-dc converter robot manipülators nmpc dmpc ann based model model predictive control (mpc) aisi 1078;v shape notch ; stress life approach ;fa chaos angle divergence power system period doubling bifurcation pulsim apl langaguge api 618 fft analyser pulse viterbi decoding awgn channel. soft & hard viterbi decoding sova decoder convolution code bronze artificial cooling zn-al alloys tribological cast nylon engine efficiency round tube numerical analysis colburn j factor fins extended surface flat tube free vibration analysis. nano clay-poly proplyne composite cantilever beam environmentally conscious manufacturing; product r mesh and tree topologies star throughput end to end delay mobile coordinator sterculia striata; characterization of biodiesel; she three phase transformer. data stream offline alert aggregation online intrusion detection system online alert aggregation etc ids alert aggregation temporal database. itemset association rules transactional database frequent patterns etar apriori algorithm vacuum assisted resin infusion technique wear mechanism. erosive wear nanoclay basalt fabric exhaust emission engine gasohol substitute fuel. response spectrum analysis equivalent static analysis diagonal strut infill walls open ground storey low rise building . crack detection vibration analysis damage condition monitoring. hot forged dissolved microstructures furnace cooled applications tensile. structural ductility bars composition sintered fractography taguchi techniques optimization orthogonal array. scada receiver module data transformation power line carrier communication (plcc) power monitoring distribution system power theft. prolonged exploitation 14mov6-3 microstructure evolution semi α-closed set semi*α-closure. semi*α-interior semi α-open set semi*α-closed set semi*α-open set numerical analysis. dynamic response deformation impact loading seismic analysis seismic zones overall cost we also demonstrated a proof-of-concept mobile tar this implementation can be included into existing a deployment and evaluation of our system on plane regression analysis design of experiments(d.o.e) cold storage refrigeration plant orthogonal array(oa) the results obtained show that my scheme produces imc controller mathematical modelling conical tank interacting level systems non linear process. matlab software distributed generation (dg); fuzzy logic; fuzzy ru gluconacetobacter nataicola rsm-ccd. turning operation; surface roughness; genetic algo reservoir operation ukai reservoir project. optimal release membership functions fuzzy rules voltage control negative-sequence current power sharing unbalance load medium voltage (mv) microgrid tear strap bulkhead circumferential crack damage tolerance fail-safe design optimum control. evolutionary algorithm pso bacterial foraging pid tuning adf lms blms rls social media crowdsourcing machine science human behavior modeling surveys valve opening. cfd flow analysis butterfly valve chemical pollution biological. physical distance groundwater tools. indigenization blacksmithing rural industrialization residential complex open space apadana. physical and spatial factors electrode. bentonite electrical resistivity transport sector of india. exergy sectoral energy use mos devices low power applications. pass-transistor logic (ptl) material properties arm type flywheel fe analysis. cutting parameter tool- holder overhang. metakaolin (mk) silica fume (sf) fly ash (fa) ground granulated blast furnace slag wireless communication and ostbc transmit diversity multipath channels multiple input multiple output ga load forecasting types of load forecasting. materials (al-6061 floefd analysis creo design copper and steel) heat transfer rate. dimensions of materials mass flow rates qam phase rotation slm etc. qpsk ifft ber psk fsk ask cordic diverse subset selection problem maximum diversity selection heuristics beam and shell utilises load combination resource scheduling section library unit cost of construction realistic estimates. affordable housing house hold income below poverty line environmental performance. distributed generation technologies economic benefits and challenges microgrid (mgr) lbak. approximate keyword euclidean space typos collector tower liquid sodium heliostats attachment power a turbine deformation measurement – horizontal deformation sine wave comparator triangular wave. gyro aircraft fir filter distributed algorithm land use geographic information system remote sensing land caver dynamic models matlab/simulink. dq0 axis transformations reference frames transformer less inverter unipolar spwm common mode leakage current virtual dc bus uasb reactor anaerobic digestion vinasse organic load rate (olr) reactive power. power factor correction dstatcom load compensation fea. non conventional behaviour non linear three dimensional finite element reinforced concrete beam investigation psnr dct rmse dwt dht dkt damping mechanism structural damping factor energy balanced approach material damping single-phase inverter sinusoidal pulse-width-modulation and microcontrol battery cell area execution time. 45nm cmos technology no of transistors vlsi multilayer perception. d-optimal designs em algorithm generalized gaussian distribution ml estimation discrete wavelets user plane mos oma poc push-to-talk stability isolated base non linear response cable dynamic mechanic analysis pre-stressing load. test span heterogeneous substratum. non-destructive ultrasonic x-ray diffraction morphology analysis maize stalk beam gabor filter moment invariant. concept based image retrieval content based image retrieval euclidean measure reverse image search svm flux error about dtc stator flux torque error. feeding aid. design lm6(al alloy) hotspot simulation software autocast-x weakly convergent sequence absolutely summable series. 2-banach space cauchy sequence convergent sequence energy detector cognitive radio spectrum sensing eigenvalue based detection integrity digital signature. confidentiality peer-to-peer systems security. trust management reputation abrasive flow machining grinding. rayleigh number. three dimensional computation wide band frequency synthesizer dfs money supply wold representation gdp stationarity varma model bilateral causality air cushioned vehicle air box. hull hover craft skirt hybrid vessel pcr. corals pathogenic bacteria pcb design solenoid valve µc components selection-pressure sensor mechatronics system design travelling wave solutions convection diffusion equation modified f-expansion method sensitivity analysis slope stability. : safety factor serial data bus time-division - multiplexing data compression run-length encoding mil-std-1553 visually impaired. voice signal navigation obstacle detection customers traffic intensity queuing length. additional servers maximum likelihood estimate boost converter & photo-voltaic cells. interleaved boost converter cooperative communication relay selection medium access control protocol bagging(bootstrap aggregating) feature selection is one of the most common and cr boosting and stacking for various fields of datase tested with radial basis classifier (rbf) network this makes the diagnosis process accurate and com effective network performance database staging requirements traceability matrix user interface design load balancing strategy application execution total harmonic distortion variable frequency drives power harmonic analyzer chain strip tensile loading. roller conveyor chain link plate cop of refrigerator 165 liter domestic refrigerator waste heat recovery refrigerating effect. example based super resolution (sr) image restoration. patch velding tubeless tires operations. motor electrical controllers non suspended suspended moments stability stiffness numerical method fss wideband fractal multilayer structure electromagnetic clutch dynamo regenerative braking. infrared sensor multi-resolution transform afcpv compression ratio hybrid transform patterns classification of text. associations sequence patterns or relationships peak signal to noise ratio. impulse noise mean fuzzy c means algorithm classified average precision. member function feedback sessions pseudo documents genetic algorithms bolted joints aircraft engine cenosphere. queue length exponential service erlang arrival control limits. waiting time autonomous vehicle; ultrasonic sensors ;compass; g parallel converter vector control ac to dc to ac converter high power factor converters pwm generator two arm universal bridge ac source transformer transient stability. wind generation digital images processing images segmentation. spatial domain methods carrier five-level filter referring to the combination of erosion followed by dilation is bond line diffusion bonding semi-solid metal ssm 356 aluminium alloy fermented tea antibacterial activities kbc. dpph primary users (pu) cognitive radio ad hoc network (crahn) wireless sensor networks (wsn). dynamic spectrum access (dsa) secondary users (su) ansys 13.0 auto cad 2012 solid works 2011 tata 1109 ex2 frame imperfection nonlinear buckling web panel. ultimate shear strength steel plate girder the concept of microstrip radiator was first propo wireless sensor network advertisement sensor protocol via information negotiation pid control rules outlier analysis association higher education knowledge discovery titanium alloy ladder chassis frame rectangular box (hollow) typecross sections. plate fin heat exchanger flow maldistribution computationalfluid dynamices(cfd). header configuration satellite take images of the earth in selected sp conductivity physico-chemical solids toxicological. anticline anomaly data confidentiality false positive intrusion misuse. feature selection principal component analysis : enhanced gabor filter recognition wavelet shrinking remote sensing image denoising international statutes rights minority differential operators and binary morphology. boundary edge digital image edge detection image wireless robot renesas optimum level and optimum scaling maaoq etc. aoql sampling inspection plans load flow method voltage stability index multi parameter regression load humidity mlp.short term load forecasting using multi layer analysis of variance and t-test. belt performance evaluation retrofitting wire mesh jacketing strengthening graphics processing unit (gpu) and video analysis. depth estimation heat treatment pin-on-disc. en 353 steel discrete cosine transform principle components analysis discrete cosine transform coefficients face detection threshold eigen faces. face recognition technicians. maintenance repair sub-systems earth-moving equipment operators discharge data climate change scenarios global climate change demand sites weap 54d15 54d10 gr- regular. ams subject classification: 54a05 gr- normal gr-t2 –space gr-t0-space gr-t1- space flow efficiencies fluent fluid dynamics pressure drops economizer cfd histogram modification image interpolation reversible data hiding two stage embedding multiview mixed data k-prototypes. view weighting variable weighting power quality(pq) active power filter (apf) grid interconnection computer aided engineering (cae) leaf span leaf spring (ls) static loading material recycle degreasing circulation once-through superheated steam energy balance micro air vehicle vertical takeoff & landing (vtol) coaxial rotor aes 3d virtual environment. otp ftp osi model and bit stuffing. hdlc controller crc dc source pwm rlc load gto solis dielectric cell; leather belt; ansoft hfss standard union fuzzy soft set standard intersection fuzzy soft set fuzzy soft class soft sets fuzzy set palmprint extraction machine learning principle lines palmprint identification biometrics automatic dispense machine. fsm xilinx ise 14.2 end user’s personalization (eup) self-selection user centered design (ucd) user participation architectural design process (adp) geographical routing. routing protocol privacy manets alternative fuel; vegetable oil; biodiesel; viscos bogie and suspension system of adsorption system working pairs waste heat. improvement control process gas cylinder voltage source converter (vsc). wind energy conversion system (wecs) battery energy storage system (bess) squirrel cage induction generator (scig) synchronous generator wireless communications network topology sensor networks positioning algorithms. algorithm design capacity index capacity management oee capacity utilization renewable energy sources technique grid fc-tcr flc. rf signals; vanet; gsm; gps bearing clearance unbalance. misalignment white power led integrated double buck–boost (idbb) bluetooth physionet asphyxia power-line interference baseline wander abdominal electrocardiogram (aecg) smartphone maternal & fetal heart rate (mfhr) corrective maintenance predictive maintenance expert choice. single ended primary inductance converter(sepic). ipower factor correction (pfc) high-efficiency power conversion voltage clamping. coupled inductor soft switching single-input multiple-output (simo) converter switched capacitor (sc). current ripple cancellation duty cycle selection complete charge interchange (cci) boost converter single-stage (ss) transformer less power-factor correction (pfc) direct power transfer (dpt) integrated buck– buck–boost converter (ibububo orthogonal array. laser welding fluent. critical velocity substrate cold spray carrier gas stand- off distance dc-dc boost converter dc–dc boost converter high step up voltage gain high step-up voltage gain. complete metric space multivalued mapping. fixed point indirect vector control induction motor. internal model control ziegler-nichols rules pid controller brittle fracture taguchi technique erosive wear rate impingement angle erodent size. ground penetrating radar (gpr);uniaxial complete m transmitting boundary condition; finite element me heat transfer coefficients artificial roughness thermo hydraulic performance aspect ratio. roughness geometry solar air heater construction electronics mems bone. thorax rib cage finite element model link capacity expansion unblocked reliability continuous network design problem bi-level program user equilibrium co sp mnre dg set. second law of thermodynamics coal based thermal power station exergy analysis energy analysis fossil fuels irreversibility quadratic demand trade credit holding cost. constant deterioration perishable consumer decision product marketing management services compact fluorescent lamps (cfls) efficacy. distortion power light emitting diodes (leds) incandescent lamp preplanning methods of lob 1 line of balance disadvantages advantages leaf recognition radial basis function (rbf). digital morphological features (dmfs) dual tree discrete wavelet transform (dt-dwt) wtc. multiple constant multiplication accumulation trun finite impulse response (fir) filter truncated multipliers digital signal processing (dsp) glycerol bio diesel karanja oil. esterification catalyst personal computer solid modeling centre lathe fluke 62 max ir thermometer (range -40 0c to 650 0 single point cutting tool (hss) tool and carbide t physical machine skewness virtual machine hot spot alternate source methane waste biogas plant upfc real and reactive power power flow plate with cutout plate thickness ratio inplane compression loads elastic buckling load fragment based approach point based approach clustering aggregation loop power controller solar power distribution grid minkowski distance emsvm. feature selection video-based smart surveillance object tracking. background subtraction moving object detection call for pape hardware system real time monitoring gprs system wavelet transforms. multi resolution analysis energy monitoring to illustrate the effectiveness and convenience of we give several new fixed point theorems to extend and we apply the effective modification of he’s in this paper this paper deals with the stochastic behavior of a expected number of visits by the server and the co pointwise availability mean time to system failure repair and physical conditions (good - poor) times and steady state availability of the system are ob green communication parking management system ultrasonic sensors rfid-tags homer. simple payback time hybrid system energy payback period nlp ie rees dela optical multistage interconnection network omega network time domain approach crosstalk multistage interconnections network crosstalk modified omega network production line casting shakeout lean manufacturing takt time no2 absorption na2co3 solution packed column absorption efficiency. busy period. mean sojourn times semi-markov process availability regenerative point performance analysis probabilistic modeling lss (lean six sigma) lean dpmo (defects per million oppurtunities project delivery cost overrun. delay stake holders wml etc. wap 5s discipline continuous improvement complexwaveletdenoising sobeloperator white gaussian noise. jatropha brake specific fuel consumption honge brake thermal efficiency optimal power flow (opf) facts device loss minimization range query b+ tree p-ring map reduce adaptive optics directed energy weapon laser beam jitter tip-tilt mirror speech recognition csl proteomic sequences frequency response genomic sequence fir dsp radiation finite difference method unsteady flow mass transfer inclined plate reconfigurability . low complexity digital filter banks software defined radio channelization rankine cycle coal fired thermal power plant afbc boiler ash handling system wireless sensor network(wsn). broadcast security material cost inspection. cyclic loading factors rapid protyping brain-like learning and subsystem control theory. autonomous neural networks solar heating thermal insulation concentrating solar cooker and thermal performance pfrc fbc ppf sfrc gfrp north east india economics bioenergy tea industry computerized relative allocation of facilities tec direct clustering method (dcm) group technology. computerized relative allocation of facilities tec direct clustering method (dcm) group technology. regression analysis. spark gap m.r.r impulse duration regression analysis. spark gap m.r.r impulse duration h2-cordial labeling joint sum shadow graphs. h-cordial labeling von misses stress canister testing chamber contact analysis artisanal mining; small-scale mining; sustainable lithography. van-der waals force geckel setae spatulae critical path method (cpm); time-cost trade-off pr partitioned vertical column structural analysis finite element analysis [fea] sector idss fahp armatim retention distribution acryl resin radioisotope 241 am lime tree planning etc. tpm manufacturing performance overall equipment effectiveness implementation xrd analysis. bath-dipping process microscopy protective coatings nigerian bitumens corrosion of steelworks fraud management system investment frauds nigerian letter fraud business frauds internet fraud online survey fraud business ethics two-stage stabilization and stress-strain behaviour. unconfined compressive tests cascaded h-bridge multilevel inverter (chbmli) switching characterization. distribution static compensator (dstatcom) multiband hysteresis modulation rigid link manipulator dynamics discretization kinematics flexible link manipulator (flm) personal computer (pc) pulse per revolution (ppr) programmable logic controller (plc) external plunge grinding machine (epg) computerized numeric control (cnc) mgvs-(microgrid voltage stabilizer) diesel hydrogen dual fuel numerical investigation trajectory. artificial bee colony algorithm 2r robotic arm srss modal combination earthquake analysis cqc. response spectrum analysis inventory control algorithm automated systems production systems low frequency oscillations (lfo) single machine-infinite bus (smib) neuro-fuzzy controller unified power flow controller (upfc) active ac/dc converters power-factor correction sinusoidal line current. basic equations generalized thermoelasticity two-temperature parabolic disc manual bi-axial tracking in-house cooking solar energy. rock lobster (panlirus homarus) – bacillus amyl optimization of lipase enzyme with different sub free expansion thermal stresses & deformation. arc welding voice over internet protocol (voip) text-to-speech (tts) voicexml ippbx (internet protocol private branch exchange) session initiation protocol (sip) dual-tone multi-frequency (dtmf) portal frames flexibility method stiffness matrix axial deformation and reconfiguration graph theory real power loss distribution network bidirectional dc–dc converter coupled inductor. flexible ac transmission systems (facts) coherent groups nonlinear control interarea oscillation wide-area control. dominant machines phasor measurement unit (pmu) reverse recovery proton-exchange membrane (pem) converter fuel cell voltage clamped. geotechnical investigation; rock formation; upper plc level detector ladder logic silos. grid connected spv system. companding obi normalized correlation (nc) mean square error (mse) peak signal to noise ratio (psnr) discrete wavelet transform (dwt) principal component analysis (pca) period-doubling bifurcation/ periodic orbits / fei noise level traffic. noise pollution laeq hebron multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) system 3d-radiation pattern channel capacity zeros bounds polynomials pulsewidth modulation (pwm) ac/ac converter reduced switch count topology differential phase shift keying (dpsk) keywords: free space optical communication (fso) uncertainty neuro-fuzzy system evaluation highway design keywords: sustainability keywords: finite state machine (fsm) ip watermarking and state transition graph (stg). intellectual property (ip) protection substitution. natural pouzzolane compression traction key-words:characteristic keywords: weathering of ancient wall paints semi-quantification of damage category iron oxide content field and laboratory studies keywords: manet; routing protocol; clustering; aod keywords: dc-dc converter proportional – integral control positive output triple lift luo converter multiple criteria decision making decision matrix rank weight keywords: vendor’s selection fuzzy sets nonlinear differential equation 2010 ams classific subcritical hopf bifurcation key words: supercritical hopf bifurcation reactive power compensation multilevel converter keywords: facts desorption kinetics keywords: adsorption isotherm stishovite-tio2 nanocomposite methyl violet keywords: adaboost; architecture; face detection; mobile satellite key words: disaster management remote sensing. tandem solar cells mbe tunnel junction keywords: alga as/gaas insb desktop sharing keywords: cell phone gsm microcontroller analysis of bearing structure blower vibration data collection corrective actions on equipment comparison of results & standardize the method spectral plot analysis wind fram keywords: unified power quality compensator (upqc) voltage fluctuations. squirrel cage induction generators (scig) pounding seismic gap key words: seismic isolation steel moment frame demand estimation performance-based design keywords: probabilistic models for seismic demand key words: slump loss keywords: industrial technology building capabilities and limitations tunnel format concrete construction chakghat madhya pradesh keywords: groundwater quality india rewa ved analysis inventory carrying cost (i.c.c.) xyz analysis and mat lab r2011b . keywords- re-order point (r.o.p.) keywords: permanent magnet synchronous generator loss minimization. magnetic saturation thrust stand keywords: pulse detonation hoop stress. e-learning content key words: courseware van hiele theory individual learning figure learning ddt key words: pulse detonation smart phone picture quality keywords: character recognition
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