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NRF 2016: Top 5 Trends from Retail's Big Show

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The retail industry has been disrupted in a big way. Here are the top 5 trends from NRF 2016 - Retail's Big Show.

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NRF 2016: Top 5 Trends from Retail's Big Show

  1. 1. NRF 2016Top 5 trends from Retail’s Big Show
  2. 2. Retail in a Big Way The retail industry has been disrupted in a big way. Digital transformations, empowered customers, and low barriers to entry creating increased competition are changing the retail experience. Retailers must be nimble, leverage technology and analytics, and deploy new innovations to stay ahead of the game. Trend #1
  3. 3. Digital in a Big Way Emerging digital technologies and business models are creating new ways to attract and engage the ever-connected customer, but innovation must be driven by the customers’ needs and wants. Social and digital networks can help strengthen brand attributes and create new opportunities for engagement. Trend #2
  4. 4. Engagement in a Big Way To engage in a big way, you must put your customers at the center of your business. This means engaging your customers on their terms, seamlessly across touchpoints. And be sure to really know them so you can deliver relevant and personalized content at each stage of the journey. Trend #3
  5. 5. Relationships in a Big Way Empowered customers and increasing competition put a greater emphasis on the relationship your customer has with your brand. Cultivating relationships requires trust, shared values, and innovative programs and services to create truly meaningful experiences. Trend #4
  6. 6. Big Data in a Big Way It’s not enough to have big data, you need the capabilities, tools and talent to extract meaningful, actionable insights from the data. New ways to explore your data create opportunity for micro-insights that can drive highly personalized experiences and hyper-localized offerings. Trend #5
  7. 7. to put customers at the center of your business. ibm.com/newwaytoengage Discover new ways