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wallet popmoney m-pesa ondot apple pay digital payments strategy amazon redshift relational database management rdbms simple storage service amazon s3 open-source tools sqoop elastic mapreduce hive tables amazon emr pig scripting data warehouse systems big data migration testing r code mls acxiom multiple listing services financial crisis enquiry commission reso property listing data star model experian real-estate broker property valuations appraisal foundation buy online pickup in store (bopis) ris news and cognizant examine the likes and disli security privacy 000 shoppers to help retailers understand the late store experience customer insight store associate application rationalization it complexity infrastructure optimization it simplification lean infrastructure cognizant process and quality consulting simplifit cognizant application and value management service track-and-trace serialization authentication serialization data patient authentication data workforce analytics digital 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operating center transformation technology stack legacy enterprise applications consolidation and ledger close reporting and analytics daily financial close financial close processes accounting treatment and reconciliation f&a governance f&a value chain single-day financial close accounting hub loss prevention strategy loss prevention models retail shrinkage loss prevention solution loss prevention kpis nondiscretionary application maintenance incidents lean maintenance avmplus discretionary spend cognizant energy & utilities value tree asset analytics upstream companies oil prices oil and gas value tree value tree analysis contract management lifecycle cognizant cognitive computing technology lab contract management ocr enterprise contract management master data record mdm hub cognizant enterprise information management data analysis data searching "smart" parsing banking experience digital business model next-generation it operating model cognizant business consulting’s communication a digital support channels digital transaction services personalized services hsi code halo (tm) customer engagement modeling cognizanat communications industry customer experi digital sales channels customer support organization product support organization customer care transformation framework customer support economics u.s. healthcare reform part-time employees massachusetts' healthcare reform law employee wellness programs obamacare full-time employees preventive care workforce definitions smart home infrastructure real-time sensor information homeowners insurance carriers loss control self-learning devices property and casualty insurers home security platform capability matrix releases functional specification documents platform documentation platform catalog document instances fsds pcd pcm rating middle market premium leakage loss analysis risk segmentation submission data mime acord xml submission documents submission intake case preparation risk classification acord forms prequalification erm gap analysis risk profile exposure profile erm programs enterprise risk management risk modeling it resilience erm cognizant enterprise risk and security consulting national society of genetic counselors kols european board of medical genetics medical science liaisons nodes moreno centrality measures social capital msls pubmed sociogram thought leaders data-driven culture data culture cdo chief data officer data strategy wearit@work smartglasses smartwatch transcelerate biopharma clinical trial operations clinical trial management clinical trial process shared investigator platform governance and regulation elt customization extraction sap abap cloud applications cloud console record of transactions platform-safe transformation and loading multicloud integration port operations port disruptions retailer supply chain operations alternate routing strategy port shutdowns supply chain risk risk-assessment methodology obsolescence risk-assessment framework managing risk obsolescence policy asset obsolescence obsolescence risk screen widths form factors html 5 multiple screens media query apple continuity browser utility tools wireframes os x breakpoints jquery yosemite fluidic design concepts know your client ediscovery foreign bank organization sr letter 12-17/ca 12-14 recovery and resolution mandate guidance standard chartered plc banking regulation compliance fbo legal process services providers non-prosecution agreements deferred prosecution agreements npas dpas and iot internet of things(iot) transforming manufacturing with the internet of th smart manufacturing connected supply chains smart technologies smart product economy web experience management promotional material approval promotional material review promotional content ecosystem active demand management smart buildings sustainability strategies energy demand management remote asset management informed infrastructure dynamic energy real-time payments infrastructure alternate identifiers npp iso20022 messaging real-time payments and settlements npp solutions framework australia's new payments platform new payments platform reserve bank of australia social media performance social media maturity assessment social media maturity social media governance social media-centric semiconductors livio aggregators ip connectivity odms machine to machine communications repeaters bluetooth low-energy ems gateways surface mount technology uuid ip addressability original design manufacturers near-shoring electronic manufacturing services high technology companies routers asset management systems iso55000 asset-intensive companies asset management strategy asset modeling back end as a service mobile back end as a service api management anypresence feedhenry madps mobile channel mbaas kinvey service oriented architecture mobile application development platforms micro services omni-channel experiences mobile client layer banking convergence customer journey analytics customer journey ecosystem corporate level financial visibility achieving p&l lineage visibility processes and department drivers developing information management processes intraday collateral compliance costs intraday liquidity monitoring gross liquidity inflows liquidity risk management complaints process automated return/refund management complaint categorization return management complaint recording cognizant medvantage profitability management customer-service analysis customer segmentation analysis insurance distribution sales conversion analysis cross-sell/upsell analysis field management customer probability analysis rwe xigris wellness medhelp patient adherence study emr gsk rct real-world evidence avandia real-life data patientslikeme patient registry electronic medical records randomized control trials curetogether amazon google digital companies explicit needs implicit needs discovery showtime hbo nordic hbo cbs all access univision online video distribution services broadband amazon prime video nielsen’s total audience report over the top ovd nbcuniversal hulu netflix 4k comcast ott dcba methodology process assessment process transformation lean and six sigma tools lean philosophy methodology process mapping outcome-driven change customer experience framework capital adequacy net stable funding ratio (nsfr) basel committee on banking supervision (bcbs) intraday liquidity management social customer care social-media monitoring social care prioritization framework query redirection dynamic prioritization customer care social-media intelligence cognizant's social prism supply chain network optimization supply chain network modeling simulation techniques supply chain network design supply chain networks cognizant analytics for banking & financial servic cognizant business analytics services social media feedback social prism tool product user likes and systems engineering automotive companies fiesta movement bill of materials accelerator soap/rest pulse nlp systems car review forums takaful insurance distribution channels multichannel integration hni formative online aggregators bancassurance tied agents metlife fod future-ready future of distribution high-net-worth individuals foundational kroodle microensure life insurers aegon upset conditions pump simulation hazard operating parameters process plants soft sensing process transient behavior reactor catalyst activity thermal effectiveness turbine driver power conversion efficiency compressor operating efficiency process management operability analyses critical failure scenarios process safety studies heat exchanger fouling furnace firebox thermal efficiency dynamic simulator subscription model perpetual license soe sor isvs systems of record independent software vendors european private banks uhnw european wealth management bhpn auto finance industry compliance monitoring fair lending act auto loans larger participant rule buy here pay now ecoa auto lending markup and compensation policies credit bureau reporting equal credit reporting act on-demand testing service on-demand testing managed testing services taas testing as a service testing mobile apps mobile applications testing mobile test automation mobile testing vendor selection core replacement clearing and settlement execution planning global banks hmv predictive data analysis online conversations predictive online reputation management domino's brand reputation amy's baking digital influencers orm systems thinking engineering analytics domain engineering warranty claims processing warranty strategies warranty data high-tech manufacturers warranty processes warranty information mlr review pdf rendering pdf rendering factory model learning management systems educational value chain cognizant's education practice new learning delivery models mrl requirements digital content compliance digital content auditing digital promotional content cfo alliance cfo's influence intelligent sourcing kpmg new process genome consero drive efficiency role of cfo business partnership maturity ovum resource forecasting change agent network field services workforce change implementation tool deployments process improvements truck rolls mobile initiatives. mobile workforce apple ios 8 ios 8 and the enterprise post-sales support wireless sensor networks lcc code halo(tm) connected workforce workers' compensation insurers loss control consultants smart factories m&a lifecycle it synergy it integration management m&a integration process m&a value creation m&a strategy it transformation it portfolio rationalization it value cem roadmap integrated channel experience cem cem maturity ladder branding experience cxm customer lifecycle customer experience management plant operations transformation oneplant plant operations management apex floortrack it/ot convergence networked supply chain reliability responsiveness competitive edge supply chain maturity supply chain orchestration supply chain benchmark supply chain leadership agility supply chain performance maturity curve supply chain effectiveness strategy lifecycle component testing data quality assuance (qa) big-data validation big-data testing hadoop validation framework cognizant's data testing center for excellence diversified multi-vendor sourcing strategy managed service model straight-through processing payments operating models selective outsourcing dutch banks peer-to-peer payments providers shared service model digital media solutions digital media services cognizant dms cognizant digital media cognizant digital media services practice overview digital media consulting cognizant dms practice enterprise robots robots outsourced testing services structure of testing functions ovum decision matrix outsourced testing service provider 2014–15 the evolution of testing services invest sef review strategic execution capability strategic execution framework sef strategic execution insurance self-service portals smart processes agency and distribution management new business and underwriting retirement and wealth management property and casualty contextual customer experience hotel industry oracle product hub capabilities cognizant’s scalable framework robust product information platform cognizant’s scalable framework and solutions reservations millennial mobile device hospitality consumer restaurants location-based traveler principal banks merging banks bank mergers integrated healthcare idn idn maps idn analytics integrated healthcare model integrated delivery network cognizant's analytics practice consumer finance protection bureau loss mitigation unified servicing platform ots fha default mortgage servicing federal housing administration deed-in-lieu u.s. department of housing & urban development real estate owned short sale office of thrift supervision hud reo op-ex smart asset management eam eam-gis equipment failure costs t&d utilities asset maintenance online monitoring systems failure event saifi transmission and distribution utilities cap-ex historian saidi maifi reducing outages microsoft playready video transformation theplatform digital rapids aspera online video ineoquest me-cast adaptive streaming multiscreen solutions motorola securemedia uhdtv multiscreen video rhozet jdsu scte standards cablelabs tektronix facebook fbx promoted listings in-feed units programmatic real-time bidding paid search units native advertising google play in-app advertising in-ad ads with native elements yahoo rmx online marketing transactional ads recommendation widgets ios app store rtb google doubleclick dynamic creative optimization diverse identities commodity futures modernization act eugene f. fama emh glass-steagall y v reddy efficient market hypothesis difference anxiety plurality of thought contrarian thinking lars peter hansen grabcad robert j. shiller risk classes nike fuelband mortality assessment technology insurance underwriting ebm ebu misfit shine ebra biosignia evidence-based risk assessment wearable fitness devices evidence-based medicine evidence-based underwriting medical innovations gene testing risk assessment fitbit flex granular risk classification bio-monitors wearables market wearables ecosystem smart glasses data transformation trustworthiness assurance reasonability check extract transform and load processes data origination trustworthiness assurance governance program data lineage process data sources operational data quality directory services hosting solutions dam system locally attached storage hybrid dam administration domain name service co-location dam applications management digital customer engagement digital engagement search-driven commerce automated software testing minimum viable product development lifecycle time to market e-commerce businesses software engineering code quality measurements multi-variate testing supply chain code halo sconto supply chain council supply chain ontology ontology supply chain operations reference extract transform and load sybase iq data validation process qe&a macro sql queries flat-file validation database testing microsoft sql 2008 sql scripting netizza informatica vertica etl testing m&e software vendors commercial off-the shelf software software selection best practices m&e m&e software selection software selection centre of excellence media & entertainment practice cognizant information cognizant ime practice packaged m&e software cognizant's global technology office gamified experiences behavior-change initiatives gamification 3.0 big-data analytics for personalization hyper-personalization behavior-based frameworks card-based payments payment cards atm and cds hosting cots payment software card payment processing payment cards software pos commercial off-the-shelf payment software non-cash payments atms contactless cards mobile cards wealth managers hnw high-net-worth clients u.s. private banks patient centricity medication non-adherence health activate patient adherence medication adherence program adherence framework medication adherence coordinated care triple healthcare aim patient adherence program patient-centric care performance testing data warehouse testing digital wealth management tools asian private banks wealth management app wealth management platforms healthactivate fitbit employee wellness personal wellness employee health wellness improvement program icommit2fit hcp digital interaction systems of insight hcp engagement platform hcp engagement customer data banking and financial practice basel iii capital requirements basel iii capital quality sifi basel iii countercyclical buffer the third basel accord basel iii liquidity ratio basel iii leverage ratio basel iii framework basel iii capital conservation buffer systematically important financial institutions credence attributes t1 it services search attributes experience attributes infrastructure arbitrage l1 claims adjustment unmanned aerial vehicles field adjusters agricultural claims personal lines insurers drones risk-engineering post-catastrophe claims uavs coherence correctness completeness geographic location information database listings lbs application service level isv churn cac independent software vendor cost of acquiring customers loop back renewals consumer insights command center cicc multi-tenant architecture quality assurance and testing customer relationship management systems amazon ec2 underwriting assistants commercial risk business manuscript endorsements workflow management tools cep electronic communication network " "cross-asset surveillance slow market arbitrage " "spoofing trade surveillance " commodity futures trading commission " "pump and dump" hft complex event processing "cross-market surveillance "quote stuffing ecn electronic front running financial industry regulatory authority (finra) current-state analysis compliance gap analysis ecm pillars ecm strategy cognizant ecm practice content management strategy ecm roadmap future-state analysis unstructured content intelligent semantic model enterprise information management intelligent data management semantic models peer-to-peer lending sites cloud-based contact centers end-to-end digital processes auto lenders digital blueprint self-help web sites lead-management channels automotive financing star dealerships e-mechanism differentiation end-to-end supply chain visibility informed products informed manufacturing maturity framework informed people product-condition monitoring informed processes barcode synchronization outcome-based learning educational assessments los platform los implementation failures los failures loan origination platform los implementation customer service representatives tpas voluntary market csrs third-party administrators business process reengineering voluntary offerings bpr group insurers private banking regulatory compliance wealth management services high net worth customers private banking mobile apps pb services mobile banking apps hnw customers private banking services private banking customer sentiment customer insight command center clarabridge scriptless automation traditional test automation scriptless testing scriptless automation testing cloud-based services cloud infrastructure captcha advanced encryption standard cloud provider network address translation server payment card industry data security standard pci security standards council nats 300 shoppers to help retailers prioritize investme cross-channel customer service ris news and cognizant examine travel planning trip planning application portfolio assessment linear tape open digital asset management system cost basis high-resolution video files cost factor media asset management cost avoidance lto cost area enterprise storage area network ingested content real-time monitoring geofence smart mobile apps geolocus user-based insurance programs (ubi) telematics platform telematics consulting teen safe driving event processing real-time alerts machine-to-machine gateway value delivery network specialty crop block grant program research institute of organic agriculture ifaom international federation of organic agriculture mo farmers markets organic cost share program afs the united states organic food market forecast & o usda organic standards 2014 farm bill value-added product market development grants alternative food systems organic monitor industrial organics fibl small farms organic food supply chains journey maps ifx/fdsm novantas mobile user interface gmc software technology peoplemetrics check balances moven personal financial management pfm customer-centric strategy simple digital banks mint emerging analytics technologies usbhc fed-fnbfcs stress-testing cross-border banking u.s. federal reserve enhanced prudential standards risk technology analytics and reporting liquidity risk framework fedboard fbos foreign banking organizations ihc u.s. bank holding companies collins amendment operational and reference data fatf enhanced due diligence usa patriot act specially designated nationals office of foreign assets control money laundering control act false positives bsa politically exposed persons edd financial action task force watch-list filtering cdd bank secrecy act pep money laundering automated monitoring and mitigation performance tracking collateralization event-based monitoring non-performing assets ews asset covenants early warning system pre-default identification day-on-day monitoring bank assets early warning system framework smart life smart-home market smart-life services smart-home system communication service provider smart-life market smart-home services hybrid applications flotr2 webkit native applications mobile web applications iscroll jquery mobile swipe js rgraph js libraries webview html5 css b2c zynga scroll health insurance exchanges hix model state-based health exchange federally facilitated exchange european banks peppol twist bank services billing eteg european union community cloud single european payment agreement financial supply chain e-invoicing bsb cloud-based e-invoicing tri-party model "pay-as-use" model margin pressure retail shrink video surveillance. patient-centric network patient-centric triple aim framework use case business case product mobility cognizant business consulting wholesale banking partner transfers electronic fund transfer act u.s. remittances disclosure approvals fx remittance international remittances white-labeling remittance hub standardizing disclosures efta section 1073 collateral-based lending online borrowing p2p lending marketplace lending aftermarket service strategies batch processing data fencing data masking release management extract-transform-load payment card industry’s data security standards white box online analytical processing phi protected health information black box ibm spss temenos t24 ibm idataplex server cluster analysis ensureit dexguard comscore aite group online banking mobile applications m-banking services arxon trusteer mobile sdk mqa research manual regression qa teams preproduction deployment agile testing sei advisory assessment models software test maturity assessment execution environment tmmi foundation ansi nonfunctional testing ieee promotional material review and approval lmr process pillars bio-pharma marketing lmr methodologies lmr transformation lmr process demand signals bullwhip effect business process design business process diagram bpd business process management notation iot-based solutions manufacturing value chain iot-enabled capabilities iot concepts master data management proof of concept mdm poc iosco and bcbs sponsored working group iosco bespoke international monetary fund central counter party non-centrally cleared bilateral contracts international organization of securities commissio standardized derivatives wgmr complex derivatives initial international swaps and derivatives association margin provisions mmf exemptions mmf disclosure mmf stress-testing investment company act money market reforms sec liquidity fees and gates floating net asset value rule 2a-7 intraday settlements basis-point rounding method form n-mfp penny-rounding system nav mmf reforms u.s. securities and exchange commission mmf portfolio valuation diversification rule omnibus accounts social banking credit support annex operational silos total return swaps swap counterparty algo collateral settlement calypso optimize collateral total return payer total return receiver funding bank treasury borrowing advisory committee swot raas strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats ana pestle political economic social technological analysis research services fte research as a service full-time equivalent collateral demand rehypothecation lehman centrally cleared central banks standardized derivative contracts u.s.treasury dodd frank derivative exchange aaa assets chicago mercantile exchange risk aversion begg-gray method modified home loans debt-to-income ration markov chain negative equity multinomial logistic regression foreclosure risk estimates loan modification programs re-default carve out sap asap shadow implementation sap infrastructure divestitures commonality pci skill gap talent constraints technical resources scarcity crossover wto interactive voice response phoneme enterprise voice technology solutions voice automation voice biometric acoustic model voiceprints dtmf tones speech transcription slm statistical language model ivr asr automatic speech recognizer pstn telephony lossy compression accusoft tweetbot decoding inter-frame compression storage and retrieval storage and transmission incredibooth motion estimation images and videos image codec decompression intra-frame compression digital media content motion compensation lossless compression compression techniques contact center infrastructure communication-as-a-service self-service contact centers virtual contact centers contact centers multi-channel service smac stack(tm) cognizant technology solutons cross-channel communications customer touchpoints multi-channel enablement contact center trends username tokens legacy applications j2ee sla management security bots enterprise soa secure sockets layer ws-security model data sniffer ssl chaps fps registration authority bacs global payments clearing ra neft mx real time gross settlement rtgs chats chips fedwire swift mt financial messaging standards differntiation social business insurance and retirement services producers insurance and retirement services social business tactics shared services center shared services leaders enterprise shared services wealth management market hnwi high net worth individuals asian wealth management self-service omnichannel customer support cross-channel customer support online self-service portal online self-service self-service portal principal component analysis condition index methodology tukey's method f-test eda outlier analysis investigative analytics t-test repeated value analysis exploratory data analysis z-test pca chi square test scatter plot inferential statistics case report form jamie dimon jp morgan bank of new york marshall and isley ford pinto unknown risks unknown unknowns zba donald rumsfeld monte carlo theory zero balance accounting black swan theory general ledger software m&i known knowns enterprise architect known unknowns reducing sg&a sg&a european banking authority financial service authority product control profit and loss positions ipv independent price validation fsa otc operations gaap transaction accounting system p&l static application security testing vulnerability analysis application vulnerability automated security code scanning sast dast dynamic application security testing security coding cloud-based solutions cloud adoption cloud return on investment capital markets cloud roi the cloud non-judicial foreclosures loans real estate judicial foreclosure housing servicers benchmark days foreclosures attorney performance foreclosure process mortgage servicers attorney player personas maslow's hierarchy of needs behavioral economics virtual economy bartle model gamification program managers income replacement retirement planning post-retirement income income replacement ratio retirement offerings irr retail supply chain material handling systems asn label-free receiving warehouse management systems mhs logistical unit barcodes automated conveyor-based receiving conveyor-based receiving and sorting cross-docking strategies advanced shipment notification service-based process automation digital supply chain work-in-progress assets workflow automation digital content management cognizanat 20-20 insights digital workflows damification metadata automation compliance-centered platforms medicare fee-for-services costs ffs business process automation mapd proactive risk management mapd change management platform cms online channel integration tax management non-discretionary model 2008 financial crisis discretionary model rep-as-portfolio manager advisory platform uhnw segments automated overlay wealth management best practices relationship management frontline performance re-as-advisor sticky products mass market segments mass affluent market hnw segments edi swift mt103 fx receivables multinational banking fx price aggregation algorithmic trading iach payments b2b fx operating model b2b fx payments fx payment input channels global transaction banking electronic data interchange fx pricing models foreign exchange transactions b2b foreign exchange fx payables integrating bids consolidating bids pre-trade price discovery municipal bonds municipal bond market cusip alternative trading systems order management system pre-trade price transparency bids-wanted platform optimization technology zone pricing key value items kvis price setting cost to serve showrooming price-intelligence services price elasticity demand-based technology advanced price optimization retail margins price-management software price recommendation tools retail pricing the crossroads model run better run differently cognizant global clinical services medical management budgets case management enterprise architecture frameworks enterprise architecture planning zachman it enterprise architecture togaf enterprise architecture methodologies social media tools 360-degree customer view customer brand score multiplier effect minimizing liquidity risk risk-management risk-monitoring the dodd-frank act market liquidity risk liquidity risk global financial system mobile analytics mobile analytics suites mobile web analytics real-time data collection mobile analytics for business intelligence real-time mobile analytics customer profile digital footprint multidimensional customer profiles smart grid innovations cis regulatory compliance cis implementation cis assessment cognizant energy and utilities practice cis capabilities cis transformation customer information system global technology consulting practice retail planograms planogram compliance merchandise placement store-specific planograms intelligent image integration technology mobile shelf management technology planogram components shelf-level planogram compliance planograms priority sector lending in india reserve bank of india guidelines foreign banks in india wholly owned subsidiaries in india investment banking in india banking in india rbi financial inclusion it consulting for banks in india hni population in india rbi regulations business consulting for banks in india mobility implementation mobile maturity index creative destruction insurance processes banking processes hybrid service models business process work reimagining work social media functionality healthcare processes third-party logics e-commerce fulfillment real-time synchronization e-tailers last-mile delivery automated order fulfillment omnichannel warehouse management hub-and-spoke distribution models on-demand fulfillment offsite storage e-commerce fulfillment centers same-day delivery service excellence output- and outcome-based delivery it service management strategies vendor risk management vendor resiliency risk vendor resiliency program vendor resiliency customer grouping analysis clustering health clustering validation. peer grouping anti-money-laundering systems segmentation variables it sourcing service delivery output- and outcome-based commercial model sourcing models service delivery model finrep foreign account tax compliance act capitalization crd iv capital requirements directive iv it service providers nordic banking market data security standard for improved card holder pr fis omni-channel banking misys intelligent machines cyber-physical systems manufacturing innovations health insurers member centricity cognizant's business process services practice optimize it spend business innovation reduced it spend it cost optimization strategic it cost optimization eep strategy erp systems erp solutions volume-weighted average price calculation market depth vwap algorithm mathematical model liquidity aggregation global mes mes manufacturing execution system workforce diversity center for talent innovation acquired diversity serial innovation diverse workforce diversity inherent diversity inclusive workforce mortgage rules atr new mortgage regulations atr regulations ability to repay atr/qm rules qm qm regulations qualified mortgage cfpb regulations u.s. housing market global services swiss banks global sourcing swiss private banks ipsoft cortex it process automation microsoft opalis microsoft orchestrator ca server automation hpoo autonomics self-healing automation automation solutions ipcenter self-learning automation hp operations orchestration run-book automation hp database and middleware automation juniper dma innovise it operations automation bmc bladelogic automation suite risk and compliance trade repositories g20 collateral requirements interest rate swaps australia emir requirements hkma central counterparty transaction reporting electronic trading sert odwalla business continuity plans chief information security officer security emergency response team denial of service attack security response ciso crisis management exxon valdez icd-10 codes icd-10 compliance icd-10 analytics icd-10 data insurance regulatory and development authority united healthcare private health insurance medical diagnostic national health package central government health scheme rural india medical health insurance private health insurers india healthcare general insurance corporation healthcare standardization depository disclosure fund managers record keeping communication transparency ucits investor protection regulations capital requirements transactions process optimization cognizant cloud services modernization cloud solutions cloud-enabled enterprise transformation fabric it infrastructure services outcome-based approach information technology infrastructure library itil v3 blas business level agreements millennial workers gamified applications reward systems mobility strategy mobile center of excellence mobility policy cognizant mobility consulting mcoe non-compliance audit trail nonbank student loan cfpb regulation student loan servicers cyber security qualys pallets packing dc kvi kpi key performance indicators diverse pos systems cognizant business consulting's retail practice point-of-sale systems pos systems pos data quality pos data testing in the cloud cloud testing testing teams cognizants insurance business unit core process supporting processes enterprise application data social software brand advocate personalized shopping customer loyalty analytics code rules digital lives culture code culturecode #culturecode flexible value chain ghs; ghs-compliant; material safety data sheets; m bank channel integration multi-channel integration channel integration u.s. wireless communications market u.s. wireless carriers u.s. wireless market claims submission semantic enterprise semantic technologies agent-driven integration agents web 4.0 web 3.0 iso 8859/9 iso 8859/1 extended binary coded decimal interchange code character set ibm db2 kanji hp sql/mp drda nonstop guardian parallel processing joins locking ebcdic ksc5601 z/os index recovery disributed relational database architecture risk view new vantage partners northern trust global custodians operational agility bny mellon global exchange analytics solutions asset servicing data aggregation cross-selling statestreet on demand cmmi it delivery excellence outcome-focused it delivery it value chain software supply chain software value chain cognizant 20-20 reports rural banking in india rbi guidelines service providers for indian banks unbanked/underbanked population in india new banks in india financial inclusion reserve bank of india licensing guidelines consulting for indian banks banking licenses in india emc hortonworks google file system century link replication factor cloudera google mapreduce idc distributed file system redundant array of inexpensive disks mapr business rules management human intervention workload management solution insurance claims management bpm technology triage manual claims automated claims uml suppliers input process output consumers sipoc computer economics activity-based costing it cost management extended business modeling language it organization abc unified modeling language managing it costs xbml dhanlaxmi bank ramco systems edw cdr rbi wolters kluwer financial services indusind bank adf automated data flow enterprise-wide data warehouse dbs bank of baroda biz$core hdfc bank dcb reserve bank of india central data repository department of banking supervision pharmaceutical supply chain pharmaceutical value chain thornton may icd-10 transition reimbursement analysis financial sensitivity analysis lead generation phoenix marketing survey hartford center for mature market excellence claims processing pitney bowes software allstate nationwide social media platform youtube liberty mutual claims transformation candidate assessment talent management candidate sourcing talent forecasting gamified user engagement gamification techniques customer segments customer segmentation framework north american retail banks student information system learning analytics student portal sis affordable learning distance learning online learning digital textbooks cognizant social cognizant technology reports image recognition analytics social media command centers laei framework health patient adherence management managing digital content rights management system rights management mobility strategy; mobile business strategy; enter data warehouses; information lifecycle management; tealeaf omniture mongo db cloudbees electric cloud elasticsearch logstash ticketing systems hudson chef kibana soft skills jenkins configuration management tools puppet data management gold copy gamification; gamifying; game mechanics; employee business model innovation the tipping point projectvision early warning systems opportunistic disruptions tomcat db2 custom java virtual infrastructure platform hbase weblogic business-critical applications websphere microsoft exchange microsoft sql server big data solution big data platform big data technology reference architecture social metrics social media measurement social data private exchanges private health insurance exchanges consumerization of healthcare opendaylight project abstraction software layer volumetric modeling infrastructure architecture nicira ip virtualized compute nodes software-defined networking cisco cloupia lan hypervisor manufacturing; mobile computing; mobile solutions; ahrq healthcare information technology agency for healthcare research and quality nhs england hit the foresight report healthcare organisations ehrs integrated delivery networks cpoe patient care idns world health organization healthcare technologies marketing analytics; insurance marketing; p&c pers flexible commercial models; business process servi banking services agile data warehousing dw/bi maas smb subscription business models recurring revenue caas average selling price office 365 monitoring as a service communications as a service avsp on track rail freight international union of railways ptc smarter railroad gotcha rolling stock orbita intelligent infrastructure thalesman rail companies uic signalling equipment rail systems assetview positive train control assetwatch ii point-to-point enterprise application integration hub and spoke eai finance organization poi adaptive supply chain order execution perfect order index legacy conversion platform conversion score pcs cognizants center for the future of work moores law engineering manufacturing solutions financial advisory firms; social networking. socio data validation; qa; quality assurance; quality te picture manipulation inspector test management class codes national council on compensation insurance elf primary layer granular pricing ncci combined ratio excess layers excess loss factor hazard groups net written premiums predictive analytics; predictive models; fraud det qpi cost of quality cpi cost performance index zero incident products schedule performance index coq ocm quality performance index zero defect releases test design automation spi unified test strategy world leading quality food and drug administration amendments act rems risk evaluation and mitigation strategy ds&e credi fdaaa drug safety and epidemiology clinical research document and information system microsoft sharepoint document management socialbakers cognizant academy altimeter group enterprise social community semiocast job control language dsn jcl environment division cobol enterprise compiler ibm z/os mainframes file-entry clauses application performance analyzer availability statistics and performance data source name data division hp nonstop tandem systems reference format identification division scobol data dictionary dd input-output section screen cobol deviceware adaptable infrastructure service-based infrastructure services economy radical adjacency peer-centric leadership externalization fluid core inventory planning vendor-managed inventory meaningful use value-based purchasing connected care mobile medical devices u.s. healthcare vbp continuous care just-in-time intervention patient self-care mhealth high performance analytical appliance restful api pal predictive analysis library apache uima hana ibm impact anything as a service capitalone forbes insights open innovation w. w. grainger first mover virtual idea management platform my starbucks idea fast follower johnson & johnson banking systems market survey union bank of california irish bank aib finacle solution nontraditional testing snp lean management snc lean principles atp sap erp global availability to planning advanced planner & optimizer supply chain planning mps first time right muda gatp supply network planning sap apo lean sap supplier network collaboration master production scheduling available to promise mobile banking adoption mobile banking devices banking consumer segments tablet computing retail banking segments digital wallet mobile banking security mobile banking transactions banking channels food and drug administration risk-based monitoring strategies risk-based clinical trial monitoring draft guidance on risk-based monitoring cognizant life sciences clinical trial performance gmp fcf sap grc 10 sarbanes-oxley act good laboratory practice risk management and compliance approva one approva bizrights enterprise risk financial control framework cobit good manufacturing practice grc uk bribery act glp cg companies medical devices industry medical device makers medical devices excise tax collections and recovery solution retail debt recovery debt recovery processes pd credit risk mitigation ead probability of default esma loss given default lgs exposure at default central clearing counterparty ccbm collateral crunch european securities and markets authority public provident fund 401(k) plans project oasis epf pfrda national savings certificate swalamban yojana employees provident fund new pension system pension reforms melbourne mercer global pension index tdd test-driven development stand-up meetings software service providers global service delivery scis agile delivery model software delivery lifecycle watefall models software configurable items capability-led it business-it strategies competitive differentiation application disposition evaluation offshorability multidimensional analysis as-is analysis apr application management insurance industry mobility mobile ecosystem manufacturing execution system; mes; agile solutio corporate governance strategic alignment holistic governance gamification; insurers; customer experience; axa u underwriter assistants risk consulting incurred losses premiums brokers casualty loss ratio post binding services insurance products decision support automation consumer goods and services manufacturing productivity u.s. manufacturing manufacturing revival digital manufacturing age cgt research; consumer goods companies survey; con new technology merger and acquisition synergies ec enterprise consolidation distributors eca content consumption broadcast industry entertainment industry tablet cisco ios high-technology hardware manufacturers business intelligence layer sensor cisco smart call home comcast xfinity home netapp auto support device connectivity gsm association machina research e-reader entitlement management medical management as a service mmaas insurance industry; crm; limra; multichannel distr merchandise sourcing e-tailing distributed order management hub-and-spoke distribution agvs automated guided vehicles fulfillment centers sku count transportation management sales fulfillment fulfillment kiva warehouse management skus navigators qhps hix marketplace health insurance exchange qualified health plans health benefits exchange ppaca put way picker inbound materials processing warehouse managers outbound shipping order accuracy epod epoc inspection account executives personal and casualty insurance sales analytics sales calls supply chain systems supply chain operations sales operations framework sales operations excellence sales operations cognizant bpaascloud-based bpaas world health organizationlife sciences & pharma mobility strategies enterprise information management & analytics enterprise architecture case studies web self-service. energy & utilites value chain business process services supply chain management consumer goods regulatory submission and approval process computer systems validation eudralex annex 11 21 cfr part 11 csv hp quality center e-signatures iauthorize electronic signatures utilities value chain u.s. electric power sector electric utility business model cognizant informatica tdm solution informatic ilm test data tdmaxim others veeva irep ecoupons apple ipad boston scientific esamples medtronic abbott closed-loop marketing otsuka pharma digital detailing ipads net stable funding ratio payment card industry data security standard; pci agile architecture continuous flow manufacturing synchronous manufacturing flow manufacturers lean manufacturing ccm platforms ccm applications ccm technology xbrl iso 15022 corporate actions processing extensible business reporting language corporate actions automated corporate actions processing mifid-ii client hierarchy onboarding process socia media social media for utilities gray marketing counterfeit drugs internet engineering task force e-pedigree law ietf gs1 sfda product identification equipment serialization line system pie farmers insurance group all state kasina american family bazaarvoice pemco social design state farm new york life radian6 aviva american family insurance northwestern mutual kontsurnous generali farmers insurance thrivent rapleaf healthcare analytics u.s. healthcare industry mdm project failures mdm projects mdm programs mdm readiness mdm initiatives m-wallets dwolla banking business model sewell wright fit-destroying change siggelkow fit-conserving change pay with square quantitative easing remote infrastructure services; rim; rim services; vpn domino http request proxy extended library lotus notes simulators javaserver faces dojo toolkit mobile application dmz environment javascript xpages mobile controls ajax cloud erp environmentally friendly pmdm data validations oracle fusion oracle product hub product data bpel components product master data management sourcing-to-shelf source-to-shelf source to shelf insurance fraud geospatial analytics text mining p&c claims fraud national insurance crime bureau nicb link analytics claims fraud pfizer patent cliff sanofi-aventis takeda glaxosmithkline roche abbott labs contract research oganizations r&d site closures astrazeneca bayer merck ssis; sql server integration services; etl; extrac migration planning and execution large-scale soa technology migration migration units legacy technology migration technology migration large-scale technology migration web services migration programs large-scale migration program soa technology migration multidomain mdm mdm coe enterprise master data management multidomain master data management master data management center of excellence business transformation programs mdm center of excellence enterprise mdm systems integrator; si; systems integration; core market basket analysis; mba; retailers; retail sto software reuse. variation points application bootstrapping localization commonality and variability analysis likert scale application code base internationalization extensibility exception handling rdm utilities roe reengineering rdm rdm capabilities rdm otc market reforms rdm operation rdm as a service reference data management overhauling rdm capital markets firms agile project; scrum team; product backlog priorit agile planning; multi-project; multi-team; scrum a holiday shopping season retail mobility tablet-based shopping smartphone-based shopping mobile commerce trends average order value mobile strategies mobile shopping behavior mobility investments retailer strategies mobile commerce channel strategies shopping behavior mobile shopping future of learning m-learning m-learning initiatives salesgym learning content strategies corporate learning learning technologies value stream mapping poka-yoke 5s just-in-time inventory andon collaborative forecasting and planning rmp identification of medicinal products. eudract european commission ctd xevmpd clinical trials directive european organization for research and treatment o eu 2020 extended eudravigilance medicinal product dictiona 2001/20/ec eortc clinical trial conduct costs imp standard naming convention adobe sitecatalyst tag management systems javascripts server-side conditionals tagging tools tms adobe cq client-side conditionals silverlight demand analysis supply chain risk management demand-driven supply chain information and communication technology utility consumption utility costs leakage energy management green sigma coalition heating ventilation and air conditioning hvac ecometer ict consumption monitoring enterprise carbon automotive electronics vehicle-to-vehicle communication ecall phyd mechatronics v2v v2i pay how you drive connected life cagr consumer finance anywhere - anytime borrower registration loan servicing nomadic computing; mobile technology; nomadic comp cloud 360 icici icici bank transferwise global remittance low-cost remittance money transfer operators moneygram western union global remittance market global remittance business cash to cash services cost of remittance private banking; india; pb; pb services; reits; th mobility initiatives mobile initiatives mobility maturity framework mobility roi insurance mobility initiatives actionable information information self-sufficiency icc self-service information business intelligence competency center nfc-equipped devices innovative mobile solutions nfc applications three-dimensional augmented reality innovation in mobility mobility 3.0 cloud360 management platform cognizant cloud strategic marketing tool e-mail marketing marketing tools can-spam act can-spam act of 2003 customized e-mail e-mail marketing campaigns security services cloud security concerns obfuscation cloud security requirements virtual lans virtual data center technologies security for cloud environments cloud security controls cloud security process-centric crm do-178c guidelines do-178c aeronautical software airborne systems certifiable avionic software avionics software rtca do-178c avionics equipment radio technical commission for aeronautics rtca do-178b software considerations in airborne systems and eq erp; enterprise software; amc; application managem medical applications contracts maintenance service response object ui template mobile mim gateway services json parser loose coupling the mit center for digital business communications media and entertainment industry the production search delivery framework cme industry digital platform ebook value chain newspaper value chain cme industries psd framework social computing social initiatives finance operations fao outsourcing transformation roadmap finance transformation roadmap finance and accounting outsourcing shopper study store associates insurance companies; mobility; social media; enter worker empowerment; boundaryless workplace; social virtual collaboration; virtual collaboration platf value at risk; var; revaluation method; historical social; mobile; analytics; cloud computing; elasti submission intake; commercial underwriting; middle pharmacovigilance; pv organizations; pharmacovigil healthcare reform; md; medical device; hcp; health healthcare model physician contact multimedia channels multichannel marketing spend allocation marketing channels cross-channel planning pe foreign accounts tax compliance act blackstone ipo kkr form pf private placement memorandum private equity bain capital alternative investment fund managers directive ftse it-bps ppm global capital markets mitt romney sudhir gupta akhil tandulwadikar financial market landscape rajeshwer chigullapalli financial innovations post-trade function post-trade infrastructure eggplant wi-fi test quest zap silktest symbian jamo robotium gprs qtp windows mobile gsm see test rft wi-max energy conservation han automated demand response dsm dynamic pricing green button initiative energy prices home area network adr smart home management peak shaving u.s. federal energy regulatory commission electric power research institute advanced meter electric vehicle demand side management energy efficiency mortgage originators rules engines fico product and pricing management healthcare system healthcare data boxed approach sfdc bloomberg out of the box ims supplier management d&b reuters tco bai banking consumers consumer study connected lifestyle payd programs mobile communications ubi programs onboard diagnostics auto insurance connected vehicle services test risk assessment for project improvement applications development projects test risk assessment terapi testing stage project lifecycle failed it projects gap analysis governance group scoring model it product implementation pharmaceuticals industry; accountable care organiz finacle silverlake sibs si value-based pricing ge spare parts sales rolls-royce abc analysis aftermarket sales spare part pricing manufacturing companies services business core business standard markup cost-plus pricing after-sales service infrastructure rationalization enterprise data management it budget operations optimization slowdown mobile transactions mobile banking services retail banking operations direct banks self-service apps usage-based premiums mobile solutions holistic mobile strategy property and casualty insurance industry mobility platforms loss leader redlaser edlp price match hilo thefind price matching pegasystems siebel gui layer service request business object wrap and renew soap/http. wsdl siebel business layer service request bus comp csr siebel tools prpc financial planning and analysis fao fp&a finance departments finance organizations financial and accounting outsourcing fp&a outsourcing swift global payments payments services directives ma-cug payments processing book transfer payment business basel-iii swiftnet fileact scale player transaction banks single european payments area planning pmi certification project manager portfolio management resources staffing decisions schedule project manager scorecard project management prescription rebates donut hole expansion of coverage u.s. affordable care act cer comparative effectiveness research drug manufacturers medicaid biotechnology covered funds market making systemic risks hedging noncompliance counterparties proprietary trading homecare model insurance contracts british gas building and contents home serve breakdown cover service engineers uk home services boilers workforce planning automation utilities industry central heating equipment interim breakdowns field workforce nist application releases application environment tems application test environments test environment management services millenial malcolm frank next-generation workforce moxie insight collaborative technologies next-generation worker four walls social collaboration collaboration technologies 21st century business digital value chain e-commerce strategy travel industry customer loyalty solutions m-commerce strategy travel & hospitality industry cognizant travel & hospitality practice mortgage desktop underwriter uniform loan data delivery du lp loan processor interface layer mortgage los portfolio performance revenue thresholds niche products noncore brands vbm hcp ad serving viewthrough click forensics regression cnn health care providers last impression ctr doubleclick panel testing atlas cpm webmd iso 9000:2000 business rules engines epcs arc flexcube connect acquire-retain-cross-sell framework business activity monitoring oracle financial services iso 9000:1994 event-driven process chains rdr digital agenda innovator persona brm idea infrastructure idea management system brm organization business relationship management business relationship management operating model business relationship management organization iphone for work ipad at work it process excellence it organizational performance and process improvem it process improvement it organizational performance it performance and process improvement program integrated market research keyword analysis targeting online connections linkedin kol messaging data visualization market research trade execution disintegration ltro contracted euro eurozone post-trade payments ecb european central bank channel access stabilized euro long-term refinancing operation euro crisis byod initiatives byod costs mobile application development platform it consumerization mobile application management madp mobile device management consumer technology byod drivers integrated information management customer-centric business duedil cortera ihs information handling services exabytes dsc tr digital breadcrumbs information services contact directories jigsaw thomson reuters zettabytes multivariate testing digital analytic techniques zero moment of truth best buy advanced analyics offline data reconciliation solutions reconciliation platforms reconciliation post-trade lifecycle trade reconciliation securities firms securities services risk integrated claims management system exposure insurance company bailout gamify collaboration enterprise 3.0 virtual teams luxury products luxury retailers luxury items high-end brands luxury goods luxury manufacturers business competency model data mining three-dimensional visualization workforce turnover efficiency ratio 3-d dashboard iavm real-time analytics system intelligent agents 3-d visualization weighted outlier variable intelligent agent visualization model upstream assets unconventional shale oil upstream operations oil and gas industry oil and gas o&g crude oil production oil & gas industry downstream operations smart meter event data smart meter roi smart meter return on investment smart meter programs smart meter event processing event data smep outage management meter event data smart grid return on investment smart grid roi payment service directive transaction processing corporate treasuries forex open accounts working capital single european payment area demand drivers multicurrency integrated transaction banking content providers ime companies digitization of content media and entertainment practice cognizant information services digitization of media content distribution on-demand consumption fannie mae credit risk analysis originaton data interest rates uniform appraisal dataset uniform loan delivery dataset ucdp umdp uniform mortgage data program housing crisis unifor collateral data portal uad loan origination sgst interstate sale vat warehouse location gst value added tax goods and service tax distributor landed cost central sales tax cgst input tax credit cst distribution networks central goods and service tax state goods and servie tax post-trade reporting global asset management global aum post-trade reporting platform reporting as a service post-trade reporting system cloud-based reporting asset management industry online distribution uae insurance carriers customer portfolio information policy holder self service prospecting tools cognizant technoligy solutions uae insurance premiums uae insurers uae insurance market life sciences commercial operations mdm in the cloud cloud-based mdm mdm systems mdm solutions cloud-based master data management cognizant life sciences practice designing incentives incentive compensation . cognizant enterprise analytics practice innovative compensation design management by objectives ic mbo job mastery incentive models cognizant enterprise analytics practice brand management model the future of healthcare american health benefit exchanges telehealth mobile health apps health analytics aco healthcare conglomerates information value chain information delivery information insight mobile payment adoption mobile payment export sales planning order fulfillment business processes export markets export sales planning systems automotive supply chain automotive exports worker empowerment product and service innovation order management as a service fallout management omaas gsa nutch iwa search requirements google db connector googlebot google web crawler social search integrated windows authentication autosuggest delta query apache solr microsoft sql database collaborative sales planning collaborative planning commercial sales planning cognizant assetserv dam cognizant asset management as a service asset management cognizant kanban board signal card scrum-but retrospective scrumban application value management toyota production system agile scrum tps effectiveness cognizant diamond framework efficiency cognizant value creation framework cloud infrastructure of processes millennial processes cloud architecture globalization of processes knowledge process millennial generation virtualization of process malcolmfrank industrial globalization enterprise 2.0 cloud technology new organization process for enterprise 2.0 cognizant technologies emerging markets r&d supplies management vmi vendor managed inventory pharma supply chain r&d supply chain the new workplace information overload virtually collaborative workplace collaboration tools global collaboration collaborative workplace centre of excellence utility suppliers agent handling time ofgem deregulation holistic approach uk analytics technology consumer goods manufacturers consumer goods industry consumer goods technology version 5010 transaction standard icd-10 remediation international classification of diseases icd-10 testing strategy refinance charges underwater borrowers hafa housing market mortgage originations home affordable refinance project hope fanie mae harp 2.0 adjustable rate homeowners loyalty initiatives social loyalty airline loyalty programs mobile technology deployment consumerization apache software foundation apache mahout intelligent recommendation system naive bayes classifier collaborative filtering recommendation systems screening methods sharia-compliant djimi dow jones islamic market index islamic fund fatwa investing ethically islamic fund portfolio gharar riba maysir sukuk sharia screening human translation hispanic-dominant hispanic community machine translation spanish websites cross-channel integration third-party integration non-banking finance companies cooperatives nbfc gold loan market gold stock gold lenders collateral loan-to-value ratio wire fees payment factory automated clearing house ach lifting fees shared service centers cross-border payments international payments life sciences enterprises single user interface virtualized f&a outsourcing f&a automated workflow cloud-hosted applications biopharma companies in-house erp financial modules outsource end-to-end services finance and accounting (f&a) virtualize evogi group behavior-based insurance telematics pilot projects telematics data telematics insurance products on-board diagnostics teen driver safety programs snapshot telematics-based insurance products behavior-based software solutions patient reimbursement icd-10 migration patient classification systems diagnostic related groups icd-9 reimbursements icd-10 reimbursements drg grouper logic icd-10 readiness t2s platform post-trade arena eu single financial market initiative cross-border trade ucits iv cross-border transactions mifid european securities market pan-european domestic settlement marketplace cross-border settlements target2-securities giovannini barriers business process optimization business transformation initative application optimization advisor recruitment advisor systems practice development wealth management industry advisor servicing mortgage field services field services processes field services companies shopper survey nrf mal-content ugc moderation solution user-generated content ugc content moderation ugc moderation adaptive social media adaptive clinical trial process adaptive design social media monitoring online content eon lead time safety stock forecast error stockout stock-out service level safety stock management buffer stock reorder point customer advocates social shopping agile processes retrospectives tacit knowledge corss-functional teams explicit knowledge data challenges information infrastructure business information model data-driven insight global trade management managing global trade supply chains global trade application quality on-demand provisioning test environments cloud-based test environments canada's big six banks canadian banking system canadian banks canada's banks canadian banking industry reverse supply chain reverse logistics practices reverse logistics processes incentive management software incentive management system incentive management automobile incentives agile principles advanced solutions group sprint team daikibo scrum of scrum scrum masters agile/scrum consumer electronics industry consumer electronics retailers consumer electronics consumer electronics market consumer electronics retailing advanced analystics supply chain analytics security failure security attacks security challenges security flaw security breach security program managed services security security threats security issues security glitches security incidents corporate trade secrets security breaches credit decision trends credit information credit decisions credit data processing credit decision indices credit information providers agile sprint scrum team user story bbi bi adoption bi technology behavioral bi content strategy taxonomy content architecture content supply chain xml architect information and publishing industry content assets xml educational reform educational publishers student-centered learning educational publishing outcome-based education waterfall model hybrid software development approach scrum model software development methodologies private cloud services basel regulations trade finance trade finance software worldwide trade application portfolio analysis applications infrastructure network equipment providers; communication service liquidity enhancement liquidity enhancement schemes indian equity derivatives market equity derivatives market scrm public cloud cloud broker solutions as a service business process testing framework bpt framework reusability siebel testing global pharma companies u.s. healthcare market pharmerging markets u.s. pharmaceuticals industry u.s. pharma industry drug safety pharmacovigilance biopharmaceutical companies drug safety operations online customers interaction with customers dynamic checkout greater customer satisfaction in-store shopping in-store promotions online retail buying decision 21st-century shopping experience shoppers purchase history customer recognition open source testing tools open source tools open source testing software bugs qa process testing tools oracle on vmware oracle rac on vmware vmware vsphere outsourcing mortgage processing mobiliity medicare modernization act cms audit medicare prescription drug improvement and moderni mma itil methodology clinical research organizations service management clinical development pharmaceutical clinical development cro mortgage process as a service housing finance market u.s. mortgage industry government sponsored enterprise mortgage market u.s. lending industry program governance software project governance communication services providers network analytics killer apps high tech social media intelligence voice of the customer program text analysis tools voice of the customer wisard warranty optimization warranty management system warranty management processes warranty value chain multi-dimensional customer index customer composite vector customer vectors customer scoring legal information publisher publishing systems research services provider core publishing systems i2 scaler jda best of breed solutions supply chain software supply chain solutions pharmacy benefits management pharmacy industry pharmaceutical target identification; pharmaceutic westlaw bloomberg law search algorithms semantic search intelligent search legal search google scholar contextually sensitive search legal research location-based applications consumer-oriented technologies virtual goods social currency consumer technologies fixed-price contract fixed-bid contract agile pricing model fixed-bid pricing internet banking virtual financial market virtual bank internet banking model internet banking strategy online banking stem make nysci maker faire new york hall of science mdm testing function point estimation mdm applications function point analysis electronic coupons automated coupon redemption multi-country rollout country-specific customization standard business processes process standardization multi-country solution acquiring new customers retention strategies competitive advantage customer expectations customers customer predictions loyal customers outmaneuver the competition learning from existing customers customer-centric business model acquire new customers analytical tools ateji px parallel computing multi-core systems multi-core processors parallel computer architectures parallel programming flynn's taxonomy online mortgage mortgage lifecycle borrowers visual analytics analytics services operational analytics connect/disconnect advance metering infrastructure outage communications business-it alignment transformational it strategic it return on it investment telecom nep network equipment providers reduce back-end costs consumers multichannel selling front-end flexibility replenishment human resources (hr) payroll (f&a) localization and customization store operations merchandising interactivity iphone enterprise resource planning field sales logistics management scm smart phones mobility coe consumer apps enterprise mobile apps disruptive business models distributor apps retailer apps mobility center of excellence smartdevices role based apps patient-centered medical home healthcare industry trends healthcare delivery smart meter smart meter data stream computing information lifecycle management information lifecycle data usability map reduce mobile internet estee lauder
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