moving project open education information technology textual query analysis linked open data open leadership innovation improving professionals' information literacy data-savvy information professionals author disambiguation mooc oer certh-iti data mining education through digitization technology enhanced learning e-science digitization and web 2.0 reflective learning learning analytics recommender systems for learning automatic learning guidance ai web navigation behaviour knowledge acquisition trecvid 2018 science 2.0 and open research methods moving mooc video browsing and retrieval interactive search engine video annotation video lecture fragmentation ir document selection framework linked open data cloud vocabulary evolution knowledge graphs wikidata lod cloud evolution of vocabulary terms deep learning multi-task learning (mtl) support vector machine (svm) two-phase support vector machine (svm) model platform development requirement analysis learning environment industry 4.0 video analysis demo platform text processing video education and training open innovation leadership user interface evaluation a/b testing hypothesis testing • human-centered computing web log analysis zero-example event detection event-based concept concept language models ad-hoc videosearch concept detection trecvid 2016 ad-hoc video search certh-iti trecvid trecvid 2016 avs task video representation uncertainty rules of photography and cinematography support vector machine video aesthetic quality assessment clustering techniques lod application of roadmapping methodology including financial criteria in the strategic plan financial criteria moving graph mining profiling recommender system twitter social media
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