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Location-based-Storytelling stART11 conference session (english version)

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With the explosion of the mobile internet market, location-based-storytelling is a storytelling method which is based on scavenger hunts, geocaching, using location-based-services.
In our session at stART11 conference in Duisburg 2011 we made a storytour through Duisburg Ruhrort, explained afterwards how we did it and what else is possible. This is the english version of our presentation.

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Location-based-Storytelling stART11 conference session (english version)

  1. 1. Location-Based-Storytelling stART11 Dorothea Martin / Patrick Möller imaginary-friends.de
  2. 2. Thesis 7 Location based storytellingThe experiencer becomes the vehicle offiction by visiting real places where parts of the story-universe unfold. Transmedia Manifest
  3. 3. IndexLBSt?! Why How Who When
  4. 4. Location-Based-StorytellingSo far known only as LBS (Location Based Services)"A location-based service, or LBS, is any information,entertainment, or social media service that is available on amobile device, and makes use of geographical position. Positionis determined by GPS, A-GPS, or Wi-Fi/cell tower triangulation"(Quelle)
  5. 5. Location-Based-StorytellingLBSt (Location Based Storytelling)Experiencer (user/reader/... more than a consumer) becomesthe vehicle of a story:movement necessarystory unfolds itself at real places, connected to the story-universe Plotpoint The  Experiencer End
  6. 6. Why?  
  7. 7. ExperienceImmersionImmersion is a kind of flow:"Immersion is the state of consciousness where animmersants awareness of physical self is diminished or lostbe being surrounded in an engrossing total environment;often artificial" (Wikipedia)
  8. 8. ExperienceImmersion Location-based-StorytellingSelf-perception steps behind, the senses and perception ofenvironment are higher than usual due to the stepping intoan augmented /story infused surrounding. Reality STORY-LAYER Fiction
  9. 9. ExperienceGamification"Gamification is the use of game design techniques andmechanics" in non-game environments to engage and activatepeople for fun, loyalty, ... (Gamification.org)Basic game mechanics: badges, rankings, virtualcurrencies/goods, progress bars, ... (Wikipedia) Realität STORY-LAYER Fiktion
  10. 10. How?  
  11. 11.   Tools, Apps, and Projects Pearltree  http://pear.ly/4pzj
  12. 12.   Tools + Projects Simplest method: enhance Google Maps with videos, pics, ... Most simple solution: Google Maps with texts, pics, videos
  13. 13.   Tools Great tool. There is even a free version.
  14. 14.   Tools
  15. 15.   Tools Users record their stories. 
  16. 16.   Tools Great tool (Germany). Users buy stories in-app.
  17. 17.   Projects London Streetview Museum - Augmented Reality App
  18. 18.   Projects
  19. 19.   Projects
  20. 20.   Projects
  21. 21. Game-Mechanics
  22. 22. Tasks and rewards
  23. 23. Examples
  24. 24. Mercators Ruhrort Spaziergang
  25. 25. Transmedia Manifest
  26. 26.   
  27. 27. Thank you!Questions, comments or just staying in touch: @doromartin and @patmo