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Customer retention strategy simplified

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Simplifying a customer retention strategy for small clients!

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Customer retention strategy simplified

  1. 1. Customer Retention Strategy, simplified! NurtureConvertReach How do we reach and get customers? Where & how do we store customers’ data and convert into sales How can we retain customers and sell more.
  2. 2. Reach: How do we get leads CRMToolCampaigns Website Customer views our ad through search, social, display, SEO, email marketing, etc. and click to visit our website or landing page. Website or landing page has a contact us, form, etc. Also customer can directly visit our website or landing page and fill up for inquiry. This is where all the leads or inquiries stored. Also leads can be uploaded directly here. Customers Interactions & MarketingActivities InternalTeam
  3. 3. Convert: how to convert, a defined process! CRM Manager Sales Rep Convert ? Lead Status Final Status All leads are stored in the CRM system. All leads assigned to an individual sales rep. Sales rep takes an action Manager will have full- view of all the leads and assign leads to respective sales reps from there. Manager can upload or create leads manually Lead NO Contact YES Account Potential Potential Status Quote Negotiation LOST WON Next Steps & Follow up Sales reps will take an action on the assigned leads and do necessary steps before moving to a next step. Sales rep updates the status of the leads. E.g. Contacted, Junk Lead, etc. Based on lead status, sales rep converts the lead into contact, accounts or potential Sales rep creates potential and update the potential status and next step and follow till the final status. LEADS OPPORTUNITY SALES Sales & Revenue
  4. 4. Nurture: How to retain clients General or Personal Interaction with Customer UpsellCross-sell A cross-sell is to get the customer to spend more money buy adding more products from other categories than the product being viewed or purchased. An upsell is to get the customer to spend more money – buy a more expensive model of the same type of product, or add features / warranties that relate to the product in question. Birthday wishes, festival festivals, etc. via email
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