negotiating production planning system factors determining production planning procedures production planning and control factors determining pc procedures classification/functions of ppc objective of ppc material handling objectives of materials handling master production schedule(mps) types of costs inventory management inputs to mrp use of inventory inventory status file fixed position layout cellular layout operations strategies for multiple facilities factors affecting facility location planning facility location planning management geographic segmentation bases for segmentation satisfaction consumer behavior marketing management consumer behavior: its origins & strategic applic process marketing mba sales and distribution asymmetric fighting malware zeus sality malware defensive attackers defenders botnets comparison of lean manufacturing with gscm barriers to implement gscm in indian automobile i pollution prevention hierarchy benefits of green scm life cycle thinking green supply chain in automobile industry responsibility matrix work breakdown structure activities to complete technical requirements project assumptions project objective a not-for-profit medical research center goal and objective finite loading forward scheduling dispatching ‘as last as possible backward scheduling prioritizing routing as early as possible scheduling line balancing procedure schedule gantt chart line balancing strategies and costs infinite loading what is scheduling ? receive purchase request value analysis follow up supplier selection determination of price and availability market research and information principles of purchasing management or (8 r's) value engineering purchasing management functions of purchasing management selection of source payment authorization levels of ppc production planning and control objective of ppc c functions of mrp fundamental concepts of mrp mrp outputs bill of materials (bom) objectives of mrp material resource planning (mrp) standardization objectives of codification storage equipment belt conveyor codification advantages of standardization objectives of store material handling principles spare part management classification of spare parts for stocking policy store management eoq curve types of inventory management system abc analysis function of inventory ved analysis abc and ved classification economic order quantity (eoq) basic fixed order quantity model (eoq) assumptions of eoq kishore biyani built from scratch future retail made in india future capital future media. future brands it happened in india android enters india merger decline of nokia nokia when did nokia enter india? range of prodcuts nokia introduction microsoft failure early stages of smartphone in india nokia : history success developing research objectives the importance of the consumer research process la and anthropology secondary data designing primary research sociology qualitative collection method depth interview the consumer research process psychographic segmentation criteria for effective targeting of market segment targeting what is market segmentation? family life cycle advertising criteria for effective targeting of segments psychological implementing segmentation strategies demographic market segmentation use-related segmentation geographic plant layout principles an assembly line product layout assembly line balancing merit and demerits factors affecting location plant process layout facility layout planning u shaped assembly line plant layout group technology dimensional analysis locating foreign operations facilities brown and gibson model for site location why location planning location planning what is facility location ? functions /scope of pom operation strategy concept of production and om production and operations management the product hierarchy (using life insurance examp use setting product strategy functions of labels packaging objectives packaging consumer goods classification components of the market offering product line analysis labeling product systems and mixes warranties durability and tangibility what is a product? positioning and branding a small business brand mantras consumer desirability criteria for pods deliverability criteria for pods crafting the brand positioning segmenting for business markets segmenting consumer markets steps in segmentation process behavioral segmentation effective targeting requires… flexible marketing offerings loyalty status four levels of micromarketing what is a market segment? effective segmentation criteria preference segments identifying market segments and targets methods for researching customer value supplier search forms of electronic marketplaces buying situation characteristics of business markets top business marketing challenges analyzing business markets factors affecting buyer-supplier relationships establishing corporate trust and credibility participants in business buying process the buying what is opportunism? what is organizational buying? analyzing consumer markets fast facts about american culture reference groups model of consumer behavior lifestyle influences roles and status what influences consumer behavior? personal factors motivation social classes the family life cycle what is culture? problem recognition consumer buying process characteristics of social classes maslow’s hierarchy of needs subcultures what is marketing-mix modeling? the marketing research process marketing research process conducting marketing research types of marketing research firms characteristics of good marketing research marketing dashboards what is marketing research? economic environment secondary commercial data sources marketing intelligence internal records collecting marketing intelligence on internet marketing information system analyzing the microenvironment needs and trends gathering information and scanning the environment creating customer value measuring satisfaction what is quality? and loyalty steps in a customer value analysis determinants of customer perceived value what is customer perceived value? organizational charts understand four ps (marketing mix) core marketing concepts marketing tasks holistic marketing concept company orientation towards marketplace marketing concepts what is marketed? company orientation demand states levels of a marketing plan what is holistic marketing? what is the value chain? corporate headquarters planning activities core business processes value delivery process core competencies limitations of ppc there are three stages in ppc benefits of ppc production control production planning / operations planning main functions of production planning & control plant planning & facility planning evolution of iso 9000 standards two documents iso 14000 iso 9004 benefit of iso 9000 certification iso 9000 international organization for standardization six sigma iso 9002: iso human factors importance of material handling scope of material handling types of material handling equipment types of material handling systems equipments factors supply chain management concept of jit mrp just-in-time / toyota production system bom example inventory management system kanban jit and scm kaizen need for capacity planning type of capacity layout planning facility capacity / location analysis / k-center problem foreign operations facilities facility location services operationsmanagement operations design transformation product management production determinants of net exports saving determinants of net capital outflow open market economics the equality of net exports & net capital flow investment the international flow of goods & capital closed and open economies and their relationship to the international flows dena bank sundar pichai icici bank kajol quiz facebook hsbc google infosys basic business / entertainment quiz market logistics & supply chain management scope of logistics the value chain logistics defined abc inventory analysis factors which drive inventory logistics focus areas elements of a channel information system channel information systems use of information information process it system for channels competition tracking classification of information sources of data intensive distribution channel performance evaluation information - advantages developing a channel mis purpose consumer price index contrasting the cpi and gdp deflator how the cpi is calculated problems with the cpi correcting variables for inflation: measuring the cost of living emotional advertising appeals framing designing persuasive communications targeting consumers through new media comparative advertising resonance sleeper effect / source amnesia the credibility and dynamics of informal source an message the target audience (receivers) basic communication model communication and consumer behavior the message initiator (source) multiattribute attitude models attitude consumer attitude formation and change changing the basic motivational function attitude-toward-the-ad model tricomponent attitude model structural models of attitudes what are attitudes? elaboration likelihood model (elm) theory of trying to consume a simplified version of the theory of reasoned act degree of involvement distribution channels vertical marketing system indirect distribution direct distribution marketing channels channel levels three flows recognized multi-channel distribution marketing channel systems financial support temporal discrepancy channel functions need for assortment breaking bulk spatial discrepancy horizontal ms key learnings channel flows role of intermediaries evaluation of major alternatives channel design issues channel design steps channel design factors designing channel systems outsourcing distribution motivating channel members selecting channel partners steps for modifying networks channel design components channel comparison factors vertical integration unfavourable factors dealer characteristics of wholesalers channel institutions wholesaling cost of servicing need for wholesalers expectations from a distributor managing distributors favourable factors difference with retailers need for distributors distributor stocks major wholesaling decisions types of wholesalers limitations of wholesalers functions of wholesalers benefits to franchisee organized retail - features channel institutions retailing product differentiation retail strategy how do customers decide on a retailer? functions of retailers what is retailing? retail performance measures trade / retail format kinds of retailers franchising retailing on the internet retailing scene - global fdi in retail in india the indian retail scene nominal gdp gdp circular flow diagram components of gdp real gdp the gdp deflator why do we care about gdp? gdp does not value: measuring a nations income establishing objectives establishing a budget communications effects pyramid marketing vs. communications objectives budgeting for the prom top-down budgeting methods sales response models the dagmar approach major reasons / benefits of sales territories management of sales territories and quotas sales quotas procedure for designing sales territories what is market segmentation opinions and attitudes psychological segmentation criteria for effective targeting of segments imple types of needs goals model of the motivation process goals structure for weight control the dynamic nature of motivation needs and motivation consumer research qualitative research quantitative research consumer decision process types of secondary data customer profitability-focused marketing customer value trust & retention simplified model of consumer decision makingtechno impact of new sales budget and strategic planning its linkage to strategic marketing and marketing m planning and budgeting sales forecasting write an effective way to resume resume writing cv personal selling strategy
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