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How to create a mobile strategy

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Smartphones are changing customer and staff behavior. Information needs to be aware from everywhere, at anytime, and from any device. But don't do random acts of mobile - consider instead the strategic role of mobile for your staff and customers.

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How to create a mobile strategy

  1. 1. HOW TO CREATE A MOBILE STRATEGY askjekkeland@aiim.org Cell 240-491-7498 Image: Michael Sohn, AP
  2. 2. Welcome to the Mobile Era Console Terminals PC Laptop Notebook Smart Phablet Direct Connection RS-232 Ethernet Dial-Up Modem Broadband 3G / 4G WiFi / Fibre IT Only Specialist Office Worker Mobile Workforce Any Employee Customers Data Room Location Based Company Wide Customer Site Home Working Anywhere 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 Location User Connectivity Device Mobility (Distance from Source) Timeshare Multi-User Client- Server Web AppsInterface Source: George Parapadakis, IBM
  3. 3. Mobile - The New IT Platform “Mobile Computing will become the standard universal computing platform on the planet” - Michael Saylor, Chairman and CEO of Microstrategy “When the platform change, the leaders change” - Seth Godin, best-selling author and marketing guru WordPerfect went from market leader to irrelevant in only 2 years when the platform changed from DOS to Windows
  4. 4. Mobile Changes Behavior  67% of organizations consider mobile technologies to be important or extremely important to improving their business processes (source: AIIM)  30% of young professionals feel that the ability to work remotely with a flexible schedule is a "right.” (Source: Cisco)  28% of cell owners used their phone while inside a store to look up reviews of a product to help decide if they should purchase it or not (Source: Pew Internet)  We check our cell phone every six and half minute (Source: Tomi Ahonen)
  5. 5. Example: Mobile Retailing  Apple’s iBeacon and QualComm’s Gimbal Beacon allows you to track mobile customer down to 2 feet using low-energy Bluetooth.  Price is $5 per beacon – supported by Android and Apple iOS7+.  Use this to communicate offers, provide information, accept payment.
  6. 6. Example: Mobile Medication  FDA has now approved new chip-embedded pills.  The smart pills report back to a sensor and your smartphone when meds have been ingested.
  7. 7. Example: Mobile Telemedicine  US general practitioners make in average $186,000 per year, and specialists $340,000, while Indian GP’s earn $5,260.  You will soon by able to schedule an online assessment by a doctor for only $10.  Review of your online medical record  Assessment via mobile video call.  No waiting!
  8. 8. Example: The Mobile Home  The new ZigBee wireless control standard allows manufacturers to embed small, cheap, low-power digital radios into their products  Possible ZigBee applications  Lighting controls  Fitness monitoring  Access control  Asset management  TV controls  Irrigation  Toys and games  And many more…
  9. 9. Mobile2Mobile  Mobile often enables customers to bypass companies  New players provide a platform for connecting mobile customers Hotels vs. Taxis vs. Restaurants vs. Source: Jeremiah Owyang, Crowd Companies
  10. 10. Mobile Disrupts Say goodbye to…  Keys  Wallet  Keycards  Credit cards  Remote controls  ID cards  Baby monitors  Pocket cameras  Navigation systems  Watches  Remote controls  And many more…
  11. 11. Get Ready for the Future EVERY organization has to progress through a “wilderness moment” according to H. James Dallas, COO of Medtronics. A wilderness moment is… “When you know what you’re doing is NOT the right thing AND you don’t know what the right thing to do is yet” Image source: http://arthistory327.wordpress.com/2012/09/15/perception-of-
  12. 12. Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends 2014 Mobile Device Diversity and Management Mobile Apps and Applications The Internet of Everything Hybrid Cloud and IT as Service Broker Cloud/Client Architecture The Era of Personal Cloud Software Defined Anything Web-Scale IT Smart Machines 3-D Printing You Have to Address it Now!  “The Future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed”  William Gibson
  13. 13. Don’t Do Random Acts of Mobile  Enterprises spend $Billions on mobile apps every year …  More then 70% of apps were discarded before the end of the year (source: MGI Research).  Don’t just do random acts of mobile  “Why don’t we have a mobile app?”  Address instead the strategic role of mobile.  Reach  Commerce and loyalty  Customer journey  Distributed workforce By 2020, our smart phones will have the capability of storing and accessing as much information as IBM’s Watson and supercomputers can (source: IBM) Source: Bill Seibel, Mobiquity
  14. 14.  Seth Godin defines a tribe as a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea that inspires their passion.  Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work.  Tribes grow when people recruit other people. That’s how ideas spread as well. They don’t do it for you, of course. They do it for each other. Provide a Mobile Platform
  15. 15. Provide Value to Customers  Customer  What value do you provide to customers?  What does it mean that customers now carry around a geo- aware connected computer?  Information  What are the tasks that need to be mobilized?  What type of information will help customers at time of need?  Infrastructure  How can you provide this to customers when, where, and how they want it?  What is the required infrastructure? Complement or replace existing solutions?
  16. 16. Mobile Decision Framework Source: Fed Gov CIO Council’s “Mobile Computing Decision Framework” https://cio.gov/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2013/05/Mobile-Security-Decision- Framework.pdf
  17. 17. Source: Fed Gov CIO Council https://cio.gov/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2013/05/Federal-Mobile-Security-Baseline.pdf Mobile Governance
  18. 18. Thank You Atle Skjekkeland, Chief Operating Officer, AIIM askjekkeland@aiim.org Twitter: @skjekkeland Picture courtesy of Oscar Berg