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Digital disruption

  1. Digital Disruption by James McQuivey M2- School of Communication - Agathe JOUBERT
  2. What is Digital Disruption?  Definition by the author    Rethink the entire business not just one’s technology portfolio Require to behave like a digital disruptor The power of Digital Disruption  Ex: Thomas Suarez 13 years old boy and his apps Earth Fortune Digital Innovators + Digital Infrastructure = Digital Disruption
  3. What is Digital Disruption?  How to adopt and be in the Digital Disruption  Adopt a Digital Disruption mindset  Behave like a Digital Disruptor  Disrupt yourself Think differently  Digital disruption is a mindset that ultimate leads to a way of behavior  Need to change the approach of companies  Ex: From “make products” to “give to people” Main idea: give to people something they really want?
  4. What is inside this new mindset?  A tendency to use and create free digital tools:   Nearly Free   Totally free Essentially free Aggressive exploitation of digital platforms (Apple, Amazon, Google)  Ex: Lose it!  A perpetual relationship with clients  Treat failure as feedbacks to improve
  5. What is inside this new mindset?  The customer is ultimately in charge of your strategy  Disagree with the Maslow’s hierarchy  The 4 fundamental humans needs: Comfort Variety Connection Uniqueness
  6. How to behave as a Digital Disruptor ?  Need to apply the theory of innovating adjacent possible 1. Seek the adjacent possible 2. Depend on convergent adjacencies 3. Persist in the paths of innovation  The preference to innovate through rapid, focused pursuit of adjacent consumer benefits  Give to your customer total product experiences  Apply his CBSP checklist: Consumer: What your target really needs ? Benefits : What is the next thing that customer needs ? Strategy : Identity measureable success Product : Think about our innovation in our product
  7. Methodology to Digital Disruption  Analyze 3 things in your company: Energy, Skills and Policies  Disrupt your process to digitally disrupt your product experience (ex: Headband Zeo)  3 Questions: HOW, WHO, WHAT How can we disrupt ourselves? ① Establish Digital Disruption as C-level priority ② Identify the barriers between departments in the company ③ Design small innovation teams to identify disruptive opportunities ④ Make all indirect competition explicit and learn from it
  8. Methodology to Digital Disruption  3 Questions: HOW, WHO, WHAT Who do we need to track? 1st Consumer ① Identify the fundamental customer needs you meet or should meet ② Put yourself in your customer’ shoes and ask what benefit they want next ③ Construct a list of adjacencies possibilities for your customer then identify that are possibilities for your companies.  let the customer’s needs and benefits be your guidance (use the CBSP model)
  9. Methodology to Digital Disruption  3 Questions: HOW, WHO, WHAT What our new product experience looks like? Create a Total Product Experience ① Build a digital bridge into your product experience ② Use totally, nearly or essentially free digital tools ③ Partner promiscuously ④ Measure differently: the ROD ⑤ Accept and expect failure
  10. The next Disruption? The power of one Living a Data minded life Share and Share a like The disposable company: need to rethink the firm, need to be create on a particular task defined by its collaborates and it will be always on an open market, open to new investment at any time. Regulation becomes obsolete
  11. Thank you Now, do you think you are Digital Disruptors ?