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Risk-Based Capital Reporting

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Risk-Based Capital Reporting – Diagnosing Data and pinpointing hidden fragilities

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Risk-Based Capital Reporting

  1. 1. Risk-Based Capital Reporting Rating Ontonix S.r.l. Piazza G. Mazzini 2, 22100 Como, Italy, www.ontonix.com December 24, 2014 Risk-Based Capital Reporting – Diagnosing Data and pinpointing hidden fragilities Dear Sir, The implementation of BASEL is a multi-disciplinary task involving complex data. However, high complexity can often hide fragility. A highly complex system may perform well but be vulnerable at the same time. Our focus is on detecting hidden problems in apparently healthy systems. This is something that conventional techniques are unable to do. Ontonix atypical data analysis technology, known as QCM (Quantitative Complexity Management), analyzes data for hidden fragilities. A Basel compliance process can indicate an apparently healthy situation, which in some cases may hide vulnerabilities. Our analysis exposes such vulnerabilities and provides a global measure of quality of the compliance process. By sharing BIS Basel mandated data, Ontonix will process it and quantify its fragility, providing your Basel implementation team precious insights, helping to accelerate the process and improve your compliance pinpointing potential problems. All data shall be treated as strictly confidential. The cost for QCM-based Basel compliance data analysis is as follows: Global Top-10 Bank $US 250,000 National Top-10 Bank $US 125,000 Tier-2 Bank $US 75,000 Small regional bank $US 50,000 If you wish to diagnose the quality of your Basel compliance data, please contact us. Yours truly, Alexander Kopriwa VP of Global Business Development