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ERP Best Practices Assessment                                                          Gain more value from your current E...
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Best practices assessment

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Implementing lead management best practices through marketing automation reduces the cost of marketing, fills the sales pipeline faster with better quality leads, and grows revenue

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Best practices assessment

  1. 1. ERP Best Practices Assessment Gain more value from your current ERP investment CDC Software’s ERP Best Practices Assessment supports organizations of all sizes as they strive for continuous improvementCDC Software’s ERP Professional Services and greater efficiencies in their people, processes, and technology.can help increase user adoption and In spite of working hard at developing and refining a strong business strategy and supportingstreamline your business processes to ensure it with enabling technologies, many businesses have yet to reach their full potential. In manyyour investment is fully realized. instances, the key to realizing the business’ overall strategic vision lies in finding the perfect• Maximize return on investment combination of people-skills, effective processes, and responsive, adaptive technology. through effective utilization of ERP across your organization While we strongly believe that our technology is the best in its class, our experience with hundreds of EPP deployments and our continuous involvement with customers have shown us that it takes• Create the ideal customer experience more than great technology to make a company successful. by following proven best practices and supporting the right skills for your customer- That’s why we have taken the best of our ERP Technical Advisory, Business Advisory, and Change facing staff Management practice methodologies and packaged them into a high-quality fixed-cost, rapid- turnaround offering: the ERP Best Practices Assessment.• Increase revenue by ensuring that customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty are maximized Our Approach In the discovery phase of this assessment engagement, we:• Gain valuable insight into the business processes of peer organizations • Meet with key business stakeholders and make sure we understand your business strategy and• Improve performance and reliability by overall vision leveraging best practices • Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that measure user adoption and business performance• Increase user adoption through • Review key business processes and employee roles that relate to business objectives streamlined usage patterns • Review change management practices and employee training programs• Decrease total cost of ownership and get • Use tools and techniques to measure actual usage of ERP applications and look at the net more value from your system—sooner output of transactions, while inventorying applications and their supporting infrastructure A detailed analysis phase follows, in which we: • Review and qualify selected key processes and workflows to rate them against industry best practices • Conduct interviews and shadowing activities with a representative sample of end users and managers • Rate application usability and performance against best-in-class deployments • Review change management and training practices and identify areas for improvement • Provide some immediate quick tips and tricks to improve system usage The final report contains the results of the analysis, with details on how the organization performs and aligns in its use of technology in achieving its business vision. The report will: • Set out a plan of action, offering clear recommendations on the high-priority initiatives necessary to achieve the defined business vision • Contain comprehensive recommendations concerning: • People: A change management and training plan identifying 3–5 initiatives that will help your employees embrace the technology and adhere to your business processes more effectively • Process: A written analysis of 1–2 key business processes that can be modified to help improve business performance • Technology: A plan that streamlines your business processes through improvements in your application and its supporting infrastructure With the ERP Best Practices Assessment complete, your company will have a clear roadmap for achieving your ERP vision and realizing greater value from your ERP investment.Learn More About CDC Software’s ERP Professional ServicesTo learn more about how CDC Software’s ERP Professional Services can help your business achieve focus and alignment, call +1 770-351-9600.Copyright © CDC Software 2009. All rights reserved. The CDC Software logo is a registered trademark and/or trademark of CDC Software.