grant thornton grant thornton llp performance improvement growth compliance manufacturing tax risk grant thornton us cfo advisory financial services ceo business owner regulatory compliance technology audit accounting cybersecurity governance managing risk nonprofit chief development officer business supply chain regulation nonprofit operations chief audit executive strategy aicpa cfo or controller accounting management asset management manufacturers not-for-profit organizations sustainability food and beverage affordable care act health care international growth regulations real estate hr it cio retailers risk management m&a internal audit culture banking challenges webcast mergers & acquisitions energy data security higher education guide regulatory erm irs dodd-frank data analytics innovation survey thought leadership business consulting nonprofit organization tax reform event board members talent health care systems management compensation alerts aca technology solutions private equity banks sustainable business strategy nfp hedge fund compliance requirements acquisition cae best practices not-for-profit washington sponsorship register subscribe issues insights program articles disruption finance management pci dss hot topics in compensation and benefits for not-fo providers information technology finance food and bev due diligence consumer protection boards cloud computing roi chief financial officer insurance enterprise risk management r&d construction business intelligence big data industry state and local tax infographic retail risk mitigation life sciences healthcare risk assessment data breach chief risk officer administration’s policy agenda academic quality accounting pronouncements advisers trump committee middle market audit committee briefing big data analytics big-data analytics not-for-profit corporation not for profit accounting not for profit organizations bank missions hospitals regulatory risk communication integration controller executive 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state tax federal tax chief compliance officer cyber risk advantages apps assets america administration architectural approach accounting standards survey reports government contractor block chain distribution c-suite middle-market executives mastering talent planning: a framework for success present and future skill gaps national center for the middle market survey board leaders association for corporate growth american bar association disruptive forces cultural divide middle market indicator middle-market companies trump tax shift in-depth understanding of market conditions hiring new talent new-product revenue newly introduced products middle-market growth impact on performance market smarts donald trump election politics audit committee roles higher ed board guidebook institutional reputation stewardship accountability not-for-profit board of directors nfp audit guidebook mission conference not for profit online universities not-for profit organizations tax-exempt organizations 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practices financial commonwealth center for governance studies anne mcgeorge hospira university of kentucky college of public health operational collaborations improving community health through hospital‒publ prevention and health the robert wood johnson foundation inc. dr. lawrence prybil population health public health departments collaborations public health agencies financial executive financial executive compensation survey 2015 brad preber cyberrisks regulatory efforts legal counsel anti corruption programs cybersecurity risks corporate general counsel corporate counsel bill olsen tech compliance anti corruption general counsel regulatory environment digital malware cyber threat cyber security digital media digital media companies employees asset managers oil and gas hart energy survey forensic technology health care it matt thompson payment card industry data security standards breach brian browne implementation systems board compensation employer mandate jeff french remote seller cyber comp and benefits foundations health it vendors on-time-delivery quality landed cost supply chain management new market entry international expansion expanding to china restaurant industry expanding to india business strategy independent contractors human resources cloud software life sciences industry timing of revenue model for new rev rec christine janis global accounting standard gas ifrs 15 rev rec revenue from contracts with customers asu 2014-09 mergers financial institutions coverage staffing agencies common law employees worker classification workers analytics oracle reporting food and beverage industry trends social media marketing social media food and beverage processors supply chain risks supply chains food and beverage executives food and beverage landscape executive summary global food and beverage benchmarking survey global food and beverage survey global food and beverage year-end tax guide grant thornton us year end tax tax deductions hart energy energy survey internal controls iasb fasb economy chief financing officer cfpb advanced analytics ferf financial executives international case study jack katz occ revenues fiscal responsibility financial statements bank profits cloud solutions the state of sustainability sustainable retail sustainable distribution sustainability infographic consumer packaged goods johns hopkins ronald chronister state statutes insurer payor provider buchanan ingersoll & rooney francis bossle david tyler jack stover retail technology ibr attracting new customers inversions jacob lew tax inversions manufacturing compliance u.s. economy manage costs assets under management northern trust hedge fund services joseph magri peter sanchez ss&c alternative investments kristin castellanos hedge fund manager northern trust regulatory requirements emerging funds fred jacobs deutsche bank fund services aum treasury department r&d tax credit legislation tax credit insurers underwriting increase profitability succession planning tech company acquisitions grc third-party risk sox chief audit scatter cloud comparative disruptions sparklines geospatial geo prompting strategy tree classic waterfall advanced data visualization adv visualization data visualization data integrity master data management mdm erp operating group erpog corp gov enterprise resource planning erp service transactions international financial reporting standards ifrs cfo survey food safety food beverage section 199 retail operations third-party compliance hipaa data management fcpa anti-corruption compensation and benefits advance pricing agreements acquiring omnichannel real estate strategy same-store noi brick-and-mortar showrooming reits expansión decreased liquidity fee dependency performance incentive fee management fee hedge fund fee pressure software internet and it communications and media platform business model regulatory complexity digital tax strategy mitigating privacy risks technology innovation washington impact foreign earnings future ready business accounting methods modeling report audits value creation ai national center for the middle market research ncmm middle market investments middle market growth middle market employment growth middle market revenue middle market revenue growth middle market capital expenditure public sector nfp guidebook organizations social media strategy grantthornton government contractors hospitality and restaurants broker-dealers budget by substitution institutional closures stateofhighered student attrition industry trends populism internationalism future of industries act revenue growth attract and retain talent high-potential employees able talent planning process talent planning energizes your future retention processes external and internal talent pools improve talent planning to activate growth senate house republicans tax law hospitality aca / affordable care act deregulation trump administration employee engagement developments association top middle market what is a middle market company middle-market middle-market business lower middle market insurance industry investment state of banking us banking industry business models industry challenges the state of asset management iran house gop china gregory daco grant thornton public policy wto ttp nafta 2016 election mexico congress oxford economics external audit development americans state of real estate millennials lifestyle urbanization real estate demand stateofrealestate housing live leisure time play tax tips budget tax season ira tax guide year end tax compensation committee mergers and acquistions finance committee new administration voter turnout presidential election hillary clinton voters presidential candidates notforprofit notprofit higher education board of trustees higher education board guidebook college and university board of trustees organizational reputation nfp audit committee guidebook not-for-profit audit guidebook nonprofit audit committee guidebook nonprofit audit guidebook not-for-profit audit committee guidebook jim brady employment midmarket high growth financial management transformation transaction activity risk adverse strategic risk strategic value strategic risk management risk opportunities gtstateofnfp gtstateofhe regulatory updates what is data analytics not-for-profit nonprofit big data and analytics us corporate tax rate what is the tax rate for a small business what is pass through entity tax small business pass through taxes pass-through tax treatment corporate tax reform legislation what is the average tax rate for a small business corporate tax reform revenue u.s. corporate tax rate us tax reform tax reform proposals small business tax rate corporate tax reform proposals u.s corporate tax rate corporate tax rates corporate tax rate corporate tax reform issues for congress corporate tax reform main street fairness act healthcare data analytics state of the not-for-profit sector in 2016 nonprofit operating model performance transformation meaningful data patterns data analysis not for profit financial statements pacs segregated fund section 501(c)(5) political activity not for profit vs nonprofit taxexempt section 527 section 501(c)(6) section 501(c)(3) organizations not for profit universities section 501(c)(4) benefits of higher education articles on higher education cost of higher education diversity issues in higher education diversity higher education trends in higher education federal funding for hig diverse issues in higher education assessment & evaluation in higher education highered colleges universities enrollment assessment and evaluation in higher education current issues in higher education american higher education in the twenty first cent challenges facing higher education american higher education budgets and financial management in higher educati declining by degrees higher education at risk department of higher education diversity in higher education assessment in higher education cybersecurity business continuity planning informa data analytics training " bigdata service data analytics software big data analytics companies market solutions management solutions big data analytics big-data analytics business technology financial analytics data analytics companies benchmarking risk and control self-assessment process data management and reporting grc solutions control gaps legislative compliance operational risk capital requirements risk mitigation planning centralized risk repository operational risk management process credit risk management basel requirements scenario analysis allowance for loan and lease losses and current ex risk mitigation reporting capture internal loss data rcsa pressure group campaigning customer complaints sophisticated analytical risk management capabilit regulatory issues reputational resilience legal issues social media criticisms level of litigation control environment risk register news media criticisms monitoring risk governance and operating models guilt by association political scapegoating interest rate reputation reputation loss strategic credit banks’ eight risks low risk profile unfounded rumors and accusations deliberate reputational sabotage trust market liquidity reputation risk management operational reputational damage cycle customer data analytics what is business analytics data analytics tools application of business analytics business analytics big data analytics financial services big data and analytics predictive analytics & business insights what is predictive analytics data analytics definition bank stress testing underappreciation for compliance function stress testing tools stress testing means for institution what is stress testing stress-testing banks simulation of stress testing stress testing finance essential to risk identification rationalization policy stress testing implementation stress-testing multiple stress testing cycles stress testing banks data mgmt liquidity stress testing dfast data mgmt sec exam priorities 2016 priorities of the financial industry regulatory au us asset management the financial industry regulatory authority financial industry regulatory authority finra financial industry regulatory authority advisors asset management grant thornton l l p rules of the financial industry regulatory authori grant thornton l.l.p financial regulatory industry authority grant thornton asset management u s financial industry regulatory authority sec 2016 exam priorities grant-thornton finra sec exam priorities tax credits tax deal path buyer capital adjustment software business software companies transactions pitfalls working capital adjustment working capital venture capital nonprofit compensation report not for profit news nonprofit ceo compensation not-for-profit news compensation in nonprofit organizations nonprofit executive compensation policy nonprofit compensation policy compensation of nonprofit executives executive compensation policy nonprofit nonprofit executive compensation report on compensation and benefits nonprofit compensation and benefits report not-for-profit accounting excessive compensation nonprofit nonprofit compensation state and local politics government local state and national government local and state government local state and federal government performance budgeting for state and local governme federal state and local government differences between state and local government state and local government issues state and local government federal state and local government powers difference between state and local government national state and local government state and local government articles federal state and local government responsibilitie state and local government jobs state and local government review state and local government accounting services provided by state and local government state and local government the essentials state and local government news takeaways multifactor segmentation dfast stress tests segmentation risk segmentation bhc financial crisis granular segmentation ccar dodd-frank act stress testing purpose of ccar comprehensive capital analysis and review macroeconomic factors bank holding companies article on supply chain management advanced manufacturing techniques adaptive manufacturing benefits of supply chain management agile supply chain advanced manufacturing technology agile manufacturing advanced supply chain planning advanced supply chain international advanced manufacturing services advance manufacturing advanced manufacturing advantages of supply chain management advance manufacturing technology analytics supply chain advanced manufacturing process article advanced electronic manufacturing benchmarking supply chain management basics of supply chain management articles on supply chain management planning reality check cadillac tax white papers health plans small tier banks consumer financial protection bureau asset threshold growth strategies operational growth oil #oilandgas energy survey infographic infrastructure energy companies u.s. oil and gas companies operational barriers grant thornton energy survey infographic grant thornton energy survey oilandgas risks hart tax treatment incentive stock options alternative minimum tax amt executive pay packages executive pay iso stock options employee benefits executive benefits employee pay packages taxation restricted stock green business strategy green business green company sustainability best practice sustainable company strategy growth through sustainability sustainability as a core strategy sustainability best practices corporate sustainability green strategy sustainability program international standards for the professional pract audit plan internal audit departments external qar risk assessment process carolinas healthcare system iia medical practices mike fabrizius institute of internal auditors external quality assurance review practice guide: quality assurance and improvement iad risk and compliance magazine jurisdiction enforcement ofac sanctions multinational bis fines regime sanctions compliance nydfs restricted goods penalty nonoperating activities financial accounting standards board exposure draf the national association of college and university the governmental accounting standards board august 20 non-profits the not-for-profit advisory committee proposed standard non profits standard operating activities comment period not for profits outsource new staff jeff pera semiautomated tasks employment in food and beverage industry skilled talent technical training new employment food and beverage industry survey line operators new hires 2015 food and beverage industry trends food trends m and a transaction tax process after acquisition tax function tax workflow transaction cost language m&a and tax tax requirements tax time requirements after acquisition after an acquisition tax return tax after acquisition investment banking fees acquisition tax m and a contractual deadlines 100 day plan transaction costs tax m&a time and costs oncourse bottom-line results administrative costs direct expenses budgetary authority academic units budgets resource allocation higher ed institutions revenue generation deans responsibility center management provost president indirect expenses rcm principles cyberrisk vendor risk data privacy fraud business continuity it systems employee retention executive ubi unrelated business income how to negotiation compensation package financial exec vp of finance talent retention public companies talent compensation exec compensation compensation incentives private companies production growth food and bev trends green initiatives industry expectations hiring plans key strategies trends key findings 2015 manufacturing trends survey capital spending triple bottom line environmental control sustainability-related risks environmental impact social risks to sustainability emagazine food and beverage companies green tax credits sustainable strategy sustainable activities bonus and compensation amount thriving collaborative partnerships norton professor in healthcare leadership 11 recommendations collaborative partnerships detroit community health salary public company senior executives sign-on bonus private company salary increase chief executive retention bonus base salary staffing health insurance bonus phishing nist cybersecurity framework media companies data theft cyber risks payment card standards watering hole attack media data cybersecurity breach email scam foresnic investigation cybersecurity consultation forensics cyber security attack cyber attack ransomware commercial construction spearfishing skip westfall incident response cybersecurity plan data breach planning incident response plan information security data mapping it security corporate response planning incident response planning data classification corporate governor corporate security privacy data risk risk profile vendor assessment snapchat payment card standard cybersecurity threat pci dss 3.0. payment security cybersecurity program pci compliance photo-sharing sites cybersec digital media company payment card industry data security standard restaurant franchise expansion to asia hospitality industry market entry strategy sandy chu franchising international market entry strategy franchisor international expansion franchisor expansion professional services expanding to asia franchisor new market entry employers minimum value penalties aca irs requirements staffing agency workers affordable coverage premium tax credit aca misconceptions exchanges health care coverage soc 1 report audit standards sifma asset management group ssae 16 financial markets securities industry transparency sifma sas 70 asset management operations auditing standards number 70 amg service organization controls financial reporting it controls soc 1 state taxes income and franchise taxes drilling local taxes texas federal policy oil industry gulf of mexico oil prices gas prices cash flow property taxes severance taxes general taxes cybersecurity best practices cybersecurity in franchising franchise pci credit card franchisor cybersecurity technology security johnny lee credit card security it security breach computer network security franchisee repurchase obligation stock valuation contributions employee stock ownership plans cash fiduciary duty corporate trustee checklist feasibility study esop distributions feasibility review stock appraisal installation checklist repurchase study employee shares esops project roadmap transformational initiatives transformational change succession plan backfill strategy pmo service provider project team manage scope steering committee change management tax regulation mu2 medicare and medicaid electronic health record inc research & development arra health care it software r&d credit regulatory changes meaningful use 2 franchisees business data intrusion-detection software papa john’s international business advisory services franchisors customer data visa franchisee ownership real-time information benefits of cloud software as a service. saas cloud functionality silver lining systems integration four cloud criteria erp framework cost of ownership cloud framework cloud software provider release management erp environments quality assurance research and development credit internal revenue services tax insights federal tax services software internet tax management currency going public financing secondary market securities company exempt offerings kendra decker ipo capital debt financing decker fundraising crowdfunding excessive compensation disqualified person nonfixed compensation schedule j form 990 rebuttable presumption of reasonableness intermediate sanctions proportional benefits conflict of interest policy comparable market data incentive compensation question salary budgets vision 403(b) 01(k) dental discretionary bonus merit life annual incentives medical ltd health benefit plans 95% coverage offering annual statements lowest cost self-only coverage fte 1095-b 1095-c 1094-b 1094-c minimum value coverage affordable 50 or more employees full-time employees grant thornton 2014 nonprofit compensation survey 100 or more employees health care reform premium paid reporting requirements self-pay vacfo supply chain performance supply chain objectives suppliers executives alternate apportionment multistate tax compact market-based sourcing 2015 incentives packages burden of proof multistate tax commission three-factor election corporate disclosure income tax cuts revised texas franchise act clawbacks predictions bank failures framework model risk operations regulatory bank commercial banks nigel smith 2014 banks bank revenues government compliance chief acquisition officer federal communications psc federal survey acquisition policy survey government 2.0 government innovation professional services council federal government workforce chief procurement officer federal budget budget uncertainty international organizations jewish and israeli organizations year of vesting 457(b) plan deferred compensation nonqualified deferred compensation plans form 990 401(k) internal revenue code section 457 schedule j reporting 457(f) plan retirement electronic health records epic generated metrics suny upstate medical university suny ehr cio finance management epic metrics c-level strategies for growth supply base global entry global franchising new market entry for restaurant franchises food and beverage franchises restaurant franchises business plan franchise industry international expansion for franchisors business plan for international expansion business plan for new market entry global trade new market entry for franchisors global international expansion for restaurant franchises worker classification threshold procedure worker misclassification worker classification formula aca classification aca penalty. u.s. department of labor irs rev. rul. 87-41 internal revenue manual 20-factor analysis software industry cloud services industry matt mccleary incentives it capital security barney frank chris dodd requirements financial reform great recession banking industry financial services committee financial regulation title vii volcker rule dfa dodd–frank wall street reform and consumer prote dfa/volcker conformance going green creative thinking green innovation sustainable suppliers supplier metrics supplier due diligence sustainable supply chains supplier relationships green manufacturing sustainability metrics green suppliers green productions financial control minimum coverage coverage requirement equivalency methods full-time employee weeks worked days worked relationship of the parties health coverage actual hours behavioral control customer goodwill intellectual property cost of debt warehouse space/costs transportation costs procurement staff costs component/product damage costs salaries expediting costs material handling costs inventory carrying costs offshore suppliers reshoring potential co-locate operations production and services service providers domestic manufacturers wholesalers/distributors trade balances executive sales strategy executive sales strategies sales channel conflict sales conflict internet sales taxation business channels online retailers online sales top 3 sales channels 3 sales channels 3 primary sales channels top sales channels sales channels distributorsnew pricing models sales through retailers and dealers direct to customers sales pricing models internet sales executive analytics analytic strategy executive decision model dashboards john stilwell regulatory risks risk and compliance practice risk and compliance regulated industry governance practices trade-offs regulatory burdens chief audit executives survey corporate income tax corporate franchise tax transportation industry ifrs implementation service transactions tax sales tax changes customer retention on time delivery rates delivery rates supplier risks customer experience customer satisfaction consumer loyalty business operations. customer loyalty food safety modernization act consumer trends food and beverage trends social media policy social media compliance social media risk assessment digital marketing marketing corporate marketing social media risks and rewards survey social media benefits social media risks social media rewards social media business commodities rising commodities imports exports disaster recovery disaster recovery strategies business disaster recovery interruption risks forensic accountant risk and recovery plan business risk and recovery plan natural disaster planning corporate risk and recovery plan risk consideration corporate disaster planning disaster planning business disaster planning business interruptions documentation tax exceptions adjusted gross income kiddie tax significant participation tax thresholds return nii passive income internal revenue code rental income net investment income tax filing net investment income tax agi material participation medicare tax energy workforce domestic oil and natural gas production energy mergers & acquisitions oil and gas industry fracking oil & gas energy taxes energy industry energy infographic u.s. oil and natural gas production energy m&a oil & gas survey barriers to sustainable growth oil & gas executives u.s. oil & gas energy boom energy regulations grant thornton international business report global sustainability report nonfinancial reporting csr global csr report sustainability reporting csr activities food and bev sustainability internal processing generally accepted accounting principles gaap u.s. gaap international accounting standards board financial accounting standards board revenue rules national association of manufacturers gift tax local sales tax state income tax itemized deductions local tax internal revenue service deduction student loan payments deductions student loan interest gt raw materials healthcare benefits comptroller us vies valuation sox controls risk function impairment sarbanes-oxley act big four investment manager problem banks molly curl bank m&a loan demand bank margins fdic bank merger udaap tariq mirza udap brokers bank regulation postinversion inverted capitol hill decontrolling decontrol notice notice 2014-52 department of the treasury treasury rules section 7874 earnings stripping anti-hopscotch rules cfc controlled foreign corporation hopscotch loans finance function encore enterprises inc. prescriptive analytics finance transformation fei sbv services (pty) limited thomas tompkins philip higginbotham cox industries mark springer transaction risk tone from the top compliance risk product governance risk controls low-interest governance framework allowance for loan and lease losses bank products reducing bad debt bank data loan risk loan restructuring all loan performance alll levels alll dorsey baskin loss discovery period saas cloud implementation cloud strategy sustainability in the food and beverage industry sustainability roi finance executive kpis bi program it executive cpg large-scale data analysis food & beverage retail sales manufacturing technology manufacturing it retail it manufacturer marketing spend international business report grant thornton international section 956 treasury deputy assistant secretary section 385 inversion treasury secretary inversion tax benefits stephen shay u.s. company inversion tax benefits of inversion us treasury u.s. treasury tax inversion new york times u.s. corporate tax curb inversions obama administration offshore global compliance offshoring transfer pricing international taxation bonus depreciation manufacturing tax economic optimism economic outlook u.s. manufacturing fsb orsa filings risk management own risk and solvency assessment m financial stability board naic insurance groups national association of insurance commissioners enterprise risk orsa u.s. insurance orsa summary report risk management framework regulatory guidance remorsa nonprofit board mark oster erm adoption paul klein organizational risk nonprofit organizational risk implementing erm nonprofit leadership erm benefits non profit boston beer company joseph mulligan catholic charities partner with for profit nonprofit revenue accion u.s. network corporate philanthropy for-profit not-for-profit nonprofit accountability catholic impact nonprofit growth be the match archdiocese of washington nonprofit resources adam day social stewardship social services organizations social service state of the not-for-profit industry donor expectations social services nfp operations nonprofit funding community services social services sector amy henselin nfp funding bond tax treasury bonds bond purchases bond holder coupon bond debt instruments corporate tax treasury inflations protected securities john stomper bond premiums bond regulations jim marks bond premium tax guidance premium bonds tax accounting mark andrus basim shami and rania ardab et al v commissioner o r&d tax credit team document analysis union carbide corporation and subsidiaries v. comm xbrl us inc. state tax credit federal tax credit technical uncertainty federal r&d tax credit strategic federal tax research development randd hedge fund advertising hedge fund startup new fund manager finding investors new hedge fund hedge fund structures new fund tax efficiency hedge funds 101 raising capital governance risk compliance internal audit efficiency compliance activities mitigating risk ia executive survey claims insurance claims underwriter price-level report gap analysis p&c insurer roe insurance carriers direct underwriting p&c insurance international p&c property and casualty p&c joseph morris matthew tierney underwriting metrics compensation strategy compensation plans long-term plan compensation programs equity ownership family business selling your business the chapman group llc global contractors bechtel construction accounting and taxation todd taggart mega-contractors construction industry kiewet 10 steps david chapman small redemption exception secondary transfer exception loss trafficking section 382 nol net operating loss tax loss technology company tech m&a small shareholders m&a tax emerging technology 80 20 relationships graphical relationships poc proof of concept analytic assessment approach warren stippich coso compliant cxo scatter plot bubble chart whisker boxplot data trends geo tagging decision making top 10 data discovery industry innovation academic innovation business innovation industry-academia academic partnerships education academia erp organization manage releases erp environment erp program enterprise software private company cfo transpo cost effective energy audits fsma survey results 2014 food manufacturing food bev food industry compensation and benefits issues final repair regulations reserves policy risk analysis financial modeling reserves planning tangible property regulations retail tax credit global supply chain multichannel retailing retail industry global corruption issues compliance in life sciences compliance in health care hipaa omnibus rule electronic health information corruption risk china bribery law anti-corruption compliance business in china asc 740 international tax income tax portfolio management valuation debt debt-like securities business and economy investing funds
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