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Do you need quality construction craftsmen?

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Research Project to Establish a "Standardized" Measuring system in the Construction Industry.

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Do you need quality construction craftsmen?

  1. 1. Join PayCrew, LLC and Clemson University’s Construction Science Department in a Research Project that will change the way the industry has traditionally recruited, trained, measured and retained Craftsmen in the construction industry. Do You Need Quality Construction Craftsmen? Attention!
  2. 2. Participants Needed Self-Performing General Contractors Subcontractors (AllTrades)
  3. 3. Requirements  Be committed to the goals of the project.  Have a computerized accounting system with cost code and phase capabilities that stores both estimated and actual quantities.  Be willing to share the results within the research project’s participants.  Be willing to meet bi-weekly via the web and quarterly in a round table discussion.  Financially support the project through donations.
  4. 4. Goals of Project  Establish accurate, timely obtainable field measurements by using a “Standardized” cost code structure for every project.  Phases can be ad-hoc and descriptive based on cost code breakdown of large projects so that shorter spans of time can be realized for completing cost code goals for team results.  “Clearly” let each employee see the goals and the results “daily” of what they are producing.  Establish a “Standard of Talents” based on each of the “Standardized” cost codes to measure the daily talents of every employee so he/she can see their strengths and areas to learn, improve and experience needed.  Develop a Incentive system from the results.  Establish a “Historical Database” for reference by estimators and human resource personnel.
  5. 5. Results Expected  Accurate Daily Production Measuring System usingWeb Technology in conjunction with Database Integration of Company’sAccounting System.  Daily Evaluation system that is non-subjective and factual in recording and reporting each employee’s development of talents and experience over the their entire Career in the Construction Industry.  Build a Shared Production Historical Database for use by all participants to use for future estimating, profit improvements, employee recruitment, talent training and incentives, marketing.
  6. 6. Benefits to Participants  PayCrew will donate it’sWeb Based Daily Production Software to Participants for FREE. Participants must meet the “Requirements” as defined on page 3. (some modification costs may be required to integrate with your accounting system)  FREE use of the Shared Production Historical Database  Publicity during the Research Project with different publications and articles.  Input and creation from a research project that will impact and change the Construction Industry and Create a Pool of Students wanting to learn aTrade and become tomorrows Career Craftsmen.
  7. 7. How to Participate  Contact Lee A. Clark 864-404-8510 lee@paycrew.com LinkedIn PayCrew is a product that has be tested for over 15 years with success. PayCrew was highlighted at theWOC in LasVegas this year during a 3 hr. seminarTH36 - Create and Use Custom, Real-Time & Accurate Data Information Systems. If you would like more information go to www.paycrew.com A demo of the software can be scheduled anytime by calling or emailing.