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cellular network power consumption; optimization energy efficiency economic effectiveness fpga environmental problem cockle shell partial cement replacement umbilical cord trans-placental congenital malaria plasmodium falciparum maternal parasitemia. heart rate variability physiology of heart rate variability nonlinear techniques. modeling fluidized bed propylene copolymerization gas phase. sudanese crude oil properties. multiresolution analysis (mra) haar wavelet transform biorthogonal wavelets. daubechies wavelet transforms agile. mobile software engineering cylindrical cam kinematics characteristics flexible mechanism wear dos botandbotmaster sipdas ddos cloud server fading factor vector memory length kalman filter bds positioning compensation method position error differential workbench industrialization mithi river heavy metals pollution low-temperature radiant floor heating system condensing wall–hung boiler temperature distribution comfort fractured reservoir critical pressure mudstone closure pressure tool wear time domain analysis signal analysis frequency domain analysis the audio signal. density functional theory. silicon carbide nanotube zinc oxide nanotube carbon nanotube co2 adsorption dsa. mobile cloud computing blowfish privacy plant resistance organic fertilizers rice stem borer scirpophaga incertulas sub-threshold region second-order curvaturecompensation bandgap reference circuit high precision summary inference of intention fuzzy control filtering salt and pepper noise effective software simulation grounding-type memristor floating-type memristor physical circuit memristor emulator compatible mappings fuzzy metric space halide ions inhibitors synergistic effect. inhibition efficiency electrochemical measurements lqv kohonen otsu morphological organizational learning knowledge management ifc bim signal to noise ratio (snr) bit error rate (ber) signal to noise and distortion ratio (sndr) field programmable gate array (fpga). software defined radio (sdr) ergodic sum rate massive mimo mmse channel estimation required transmit power linear beamforming schemes installation angle cutter suction dredger cutter tooth of the reamer position series robot kinematics analysis parameter identification composite digital recursive least square method waste heat recovery cold storage system energy conservation and emissions reduction phase change heat storage active suspension electronic control suspension air suspension multi-body dynamics model eps assistance characteristics voltage reference cmos process variation psrr saturation region cross section curve surface reconstruction reverse engineering synchronous vibration simulink simulation pid control electrical cabinet building fire; automatic sprinkler; fire hydrant informatics security ansys simulation bridge crane rigidity numerical simulation high pressure common rail system unloading bucket elevator calibration safety. loading material handling equipment productivity rail system distribution uniformit y. subsea distribution unit hydraulic distribution module pipe structure design non-equilibrium energy equation orbit. gyro space positioning low power consumption damping mass ratio vertical vibration axle dynamic vibration absorber vertical displacement undercrossing construction cavity expansion shield tunnel thermal efficiency condensing boiler outdoor humidity radiant floor heating outdoor temperature force feedback device delta mechanism forward kinematics inverse kinematics modular multilevel converter (mmc) state equation variable voltage source continuous equivalent mode continuous model re-entrain dust dust collecting plate dust particles heat transfer electric precipitator bond model svd fault model identification emd bss emergency braking thermal analysis urban rail vehicle wheel static analysis random vibration analysis manipulator modal analysis ppr’s. retirement. psychology. worker. the fracture splitting process separated surface simulation study process parameters car’s checking fixture corrugated piece clutch assembly thin work piece machining compensation machining adaptive obtain compensation value noise filter intermodulation frequency. antixenosis varieties of peanut (arachis hypogaea l.) antibiosis electric six degrees of freedom;flight simulator wash out the filter rvm mechanical fault diagnosis intelligent diagnostic method petri net conceptual design fixture ball end milling cutter a cutting edge model pid hydraulic steering dynamic characteristics automatic driving swing rod load spectrum rain-flow cycle quantile extrapolation adaptive protocols semi-global consensus inputsaturation interpolation algorithm s-shape acceleration and deceleration radiation control. i131 external dosimetry hyperthyroidism reconstruction follower motion curve b-spline downstep tone pitch mes plant-level supervisory control and data acquisiti evaluation criteria cad/cam open nc digital control. can bus algorithm improvement. detection image matching single phase pwm rectifier pmsm inertia,mras,rhomberg observer,pmsm,matlab value of inductor parallel interleaving zero-crossing distortion airborne system phase displacement magneto-rheological damper semi-active control automobile suspension life prediction defects s-n curve aluminum alloy quadrotor uav head recognition monitor earlywarningmodel opencv principle of positive pressure driving nested middle frame turning with constant angle adcp sediment rating curves al-betera regulator. suspended sediment sediment discharge analytic hierarchy process comprehensive evaluation monorail sky train passenger evacuation chip three-dimensional cutting model acceleration/deceleration control high-speed machining s-curve algorithm tire road flight mechanism mav flexible wing drive mechanism flapping flight canny camera calibration empirical mode decomposition end effect short signal temperature field piston cooling design fuzzy algorithm; fidelity; factors; weight set natural frequency coil spring buckling factors wave spring five-axis cnc tool path planning general stiffness product innovation design; tacit knowledge; the im jerk feed rate multiresolution;material defect;elasticity modulus minimally invasive surgical robot; remote center-o cloud service collaboration manufacturing resource sharing manufacturing mode cloud manufacturing camshift algorithm; target tracking; review matlab / simulink adrc user defined library subsystem packaging technology dynamic tire forces weigh-in-motion friction force compensation chatter signal speed control pose two dof parallel platform kinematic analysis application field thermal barrier coatings development trend springback error coupling coefficient local optimization compensation dpta cristy-eckermanphantom renal function mirddosimetry hippuran lipschitz nonlinear dynamics less conservative condition consensus 6-dof motion platform motion washout algorithm flight simulator simulation fidelity automatic; remote control; stm32; gsm network; uc/ small modulus gear precision measurement active front steering; yaw rate; fuzzy control; st semiconductor. resonant-tunneling-diode (rtd) peak-to-valley current ratio (pvcr) thin films structural emc motor protecto. dspic scara industrial robot orthogonal testing method five parameters position and orientation error mod error distribution principal component analysis finite element method inherent frequency model analysis cymbal transducer mode of vibration optimize sled test; numerical simulation 5083 al alloy,fiber laser welding ,weld formin cam mechanism; tension control; matlab/simulink imu hexapod fuzzy-pid optimal layout of rectangular parts;firefly algori pipeline; amesim; position control; simulated anal kalman filtering random error gyroscope angle testing pertechnetate cristy-eckerman phantom iodid mird dosimetry thyroid uptake rock investigation; geological observations; sampl train model ato simulation platform mechanical product; quality characteristics; sorti refactoring; refactoring techniques; analytic hier extreme programming nanocomposites sol-gel; ni nano phase turbine blades gas-solid erosion rate gas turbine hot erosion contact; scanning ;thread measurement welding robot; kinematics; analytic solution; adam parallel mechanism; direct kinematics; numerical s parallel manipulator; kinematics; dynamics; positi machine tools; thermal error; dbn; fuzzy classific knowledge discovery academic advising statistical analysis enrollment systems prediction algorithms. key technology status precision and ultra-precision machine tool development tendency neuro-fuzzy adaptive virus antivirus anfis <ranking > method of characteristics finite differences method. minimum length nozzle ducted axisymmetric prandtl-meyer function characteristic lines soil physical properties; pedons; horizons; mazimb clay thermo-mechanical fireclay bricks. silica sand machinery discussion agricultural straw crushing optical path seat; refractometer; finite element a new species insect taxonomy mangrove forest insect dna barcode kalman filtering; 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superheat; electronic expansion valv the numerical algorithm nonlinear material absolute node coordinates method the flexible multi-body system beeadhoc swarm routing probability collective network simulator internet protocol). dnp3 (distributed network protocol) tcp/ip (transfer control protocol arm (advanced risc machine) lecturer and academic advisor shape-based matching computer vision system omr questions region of interest (roi) atm terminal; arm9; fingerprint recognition; gabor the laser cutting automatic edge extraction dress patterns mechanism sol-gel sintering jaw crusher; dual chamber; adams; kinematics simul two-dimensional finite area; consolidation settlem ids fc-ann nte hte gte ete physiological parameters zigbee. hyperbaric oxygen chamber neural network heart disease apriori k-means pcb; drilling; thrust force; wear blowfish. sensitivity. fall detection system heart rate fluctuation elderly monitoring titanium dioxide opticalmicroscope aluminum oxide sem andxrd. afm mobile robot strength analysis flip arms optimization design ansys hypermesh intelligent rehabilitation nursing bed; side turni marshall – olkin extended lomax distribution weibull distribution generalized exponential distribution consumer’s risk. rayleigh distribution and inverse rayleigh distrib truncated life test marshall olkin extended exponential distribution slim adaptor llc resonant converter voltage-doubler rectifier clc output filter wastewater treatment; beverage industry; moving be polymer composites filler composites wollastonite strength of composite. experiment low temperature impeller turbine flowmeter wastewater fenton reagent distillery chemical oxygen demand biological oxygen demand casting; numerical simulation; casting simulation were used for analyzing the technique. the accurac efficient and robust algorithm for the analysis of the objective of this paper is to develop an easy al bauga sediments. passive margin major and trace elements geochemistry tectonic setting nuba mountains alluvial aquifer artificial recharge rans solver turbulent flow delta wing ring nucleus centre nonassociative derivation prime ring aphis melifera r. solanacearum phylotype iv formicidae north minahasa chelisoches morio oscinella sp. blaberidae colony forming units antioxydants water melon polyphenols alcoholic content compliance rest apis; virtual machines mobile application methodology education domain owl ontology semantic web nut cracker grading cracking energy palm kernel nuts contact characteristics solder bump friction end effector network security situation (nss) daid rdbms. intrusion detection system (ids) network security medical equipment; mechanical linkage; care bed spherical plain bearing; liner bounding quality; c cleaning boat; non-structural environments; propul decision improvement. innovative intensity haptic feedback; virtual reality; surgical clamps; parallel mechanism topology structure position and orientation characteristics (poc) the maple software s-box cfd high speed rear spoiler orthogonal experiments aerodynamics lemniscate of gerono wheeled mobile robots physical limits convolution nrm concrete sulphate attack china clay industrial waste fine aggregate split tensile strength flexural strength mixed combustion combustion emissions lean combustion equivalent combustion classification summary wedm tension control direction voltage magnitudes fault level constraints fault current optimal power flow matpower multiple vacation restricted admissibility and close down m- vacation. general bulk service opc technology; matlab; wincc; real-time control; ansys workbench non-metallic of large diameter disk fluid solid coupling pig loop module submarine manifold triflex. piping stress analysis piping system plastic zone disturbance factor (d) wedge angle approximation formulas the dispersion relation. classification code msc 7 waveguide orthogonal sweep impedance thermodynamics polarization inhibitor semiconductors cuk ripple power- factor water quality. household water borehole water physico-chemical properties microbial properties ota mullite metals ceramics 𝑀[𝑋] /𝐺/1 queue first essential service multiple vacations. second optional service he’s polynomials fractional initial boundary value problem. fractional linear inhomogeneous kdv equation homotopy perturbation sumudu transform method sumudu transform scada · smart grid · security · mutual authenti adams;feeding system;table;ball screw process parameter al based metal matrixcomposites aluminiumalloy. frame splitting abandoned objects. homographies frame exrtraction spatio-temporal data fgpa smart toys autism screening motor; fault diagnosis; wavelet packet analysis; f abaqus johnson-cook model ale cutting force disease severity chili leaf curl complex southeast minahasa natural agriculture ngl gas irr. gtl npv investment revenue profitability liquid lng economics payout costs diesel carbon nanobuds (cnbs) 0) swcnt transmission probability (14 i-v characteristics. non-equilibrium green function (negf) electrochemical potential geostatistical analyst; gis; traffic accidents; pr critical success factors; web-based decision suppo zero voltage switching (zvs) zero current detector (zcd) proportional-integral-derivative (pid) synchronous rectifier (sr) discontinuous conduction mode (dcm) three-in-one control platform; genetic algorithm; balance circuit. speed-limit circuit hydraulic locking circuit and numerical integration. rigid body dynamics euler parameters lie group vector control wind power fuzzy pi. impedance index(ht.2/z). sex age phase angle total body water body mass index fat free mass %fat mass serrated chip formation abaqus/explcit chip morphology high speed cutting design; library; mems; skill; technology light dependent resistor microcontroller infrared sensor gps (global positioning system). gas sensor stepper motor attribute enhanced sparse coding content-based image retrieval (cbir) face attributes catalyst sunflower methyl ester (sfme) taguchi technique bio lubricant viscosity and four ball wear test. transesterification gesture recognition fsm yuv camshaft hmm sound pollution; concrete buildings; noise control transition layer mass flow supercritical drop evaporation service oriented computing chord4s loss tangent mineral oil dielectric breakdown voltage relative permittivity refined bleached and deodorized palm oil humidity. ageing time child activity activity recognition. rfid reader basalt erosive wear wear mechanism vacuum assisted resin infusion technique fillers exponential moving average logarithmic trend equation single exponential smoothing double exponential smoothing simple moving average linear trend equation time series data residual analysis. fuel tortuosity porosity. forchheimer equation darcy multiparameter system of operators nonlinear algebraic system of equations eigen and associated vectors resultant-operator for two pencils finite dimensional space ductile particles alumina qnoc emi spin. cdma soc vlsi noc vct gmaw sa. clad bead geometry cladding membrane nanofiltration desalination pressure recovery rate dtn geographical routing limited broadcasting. wireless networks clustering. lifetime survivability floating point multiplier fir filter dadda multiplier booth multiplier motorcycle scooter solar energy mechanical energy mppt algorithm charge controller solar pv panel cotton seed oil; biodiesel; nozzle opening pressur scanning electron microscopy properties squeeze-cum-stir casting flex spline wave generator zero backlash positional accuracy e-government adoption is success conceptual framework delone & mclean model. it infrastructure fuzzy wavelet neural network; genetic algorithm; n organizational system soft or operational research critical or. hard or secure neighbor detection rtls distance bounding protocol cold-adapted yeast• cryophilic fungi• fluoresc image compression haar wavelet transform lossy com discrete wavelet transform automotive vehicle recognition driver assist forward collision image processing. dwt watermarking pulp juice mucilage coffee waste reducing sugar bio-energy global positioning system (gps) red-green-blue(rgb) unlinkability. anonymity unobservability usor string matching system. optimistic results artificial bee colony optimization plug in asp.net prevention and curing measures msaccess feature vector ordinal scale similarity measure ordinal value certificate revocation mobile ad hoc networks (manets). load balancing master-slave rigid dynamic analysis quarter car suspension double wishbone suspension multibody dynamic analysis pressure1.5barandusingmaterialslpgfuelas a source temperature120℃ plannedatype offire tubeboilerthatcanhelpthe avail fire tube boiler have efficiency of 0.934 % . the so the boiler is very significant equipment to inc the number of requests oyster mushroom spawn have steam boilers (boilers) is a closed vessel made of neural network. inverters dc–dcconverters pv cells goodput bit error rate performance analysis resource reservation ad hoc wireless networks throughput delay thin film transistors transparent electronics gis water erosion soil cover assessment usle boost converter wind generator pv array constant voltage method mppt lcd. engine fuel fingerprints brake oil level private sector banks. fip financial inclusion slbc hybrid composites hand layup. mechanical properties coagulation fluorides fluorosis nalgonda process flocculation path-coefficient analysis groundnut yield contributions. alectra vogelii groundnut. wecs dq vector control. mpr. backbone based broadcasting road projects. delay effects delay causes les explosion reaction rate dynamic flame surface density four-stage cycle time adsorption cycle utilization of waste heat. algebraic curves vsb circular harmonics am geometric figures. phasor diagram spray-angle propeller co2absorption coanda effect atomizer tcp/ip ethernet. osi switched ethernet industrial ethernet ethercat avalanche breakdown voltage punch through breakdown voltage silicon carbide (sic). dimosfet power system stabilizer (pss) solar and ocean thermal energy conversion (sotec). dynamic stability mining geology tanzania slope stability engineering fractional derivatives stokes` first problem fourier sine transform caputo fractional derivative. laplace transform vibration suppression boring operation surface quality operators. operators kogg-stone carry-tree adder fan-out oo software software network design patterns stability of software structure jumping robot; singular point; variable freedom polyvinyl chloride methyl methacrylate dehydrochlorinated polyvinyl chloride benzoyl peroxide photo-induced grafting dimethyl amine anoxic denitrification; fluidized bed biofilm reactor (fb lvof coating hot corrosion oxidation configuration spaces.2000 mathematics subject clas complexity sequence entropy 54h20. leakage current control power finest point low power active voltage scaling (avs) scheme active voltage and threshold scaling (avts) system of linear volterra integral equations linear algebraic equations. legendre wavelets system of linear fredholm integral equations antioxidant activity pyrrole pyrazolines isatin peg (400) chalcones mechanical behaviour. ultimate tensile strength metal matrix composites ijres. ijres.org nonlinear structural dynamics nonlinear forced vibration beam. pad´e approximants finite element high order continuation power series expansion vehicle route scheduling transportation cost economical-and-valuable materials . promising material airfibre ubiquity point-to point spectroscopy pulse laser optical fiber observation surface cleaning
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