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  1. Media Objectives
  2. Media Strategies
  3. Marketing & Advertising Objectives
  4. 4% growth for Schick at the expense of Gillette/Bic
  5. Gillette share is now 73%
  6. Younger target market strategy has paid off
  7. To generate sales revenue of $20.8 million by end of 2011.
  8. Men 35-49 in English Canada
  9. Enjoys eating out and going to bars
  10. Loves expensive sports cars
  11. Spends money on shopping and leisure activities
  12. Average number of visits to the mall
  13. Below average consumers of magazines
  14. More likely to use the internet and have in-town travel
  15. Watches a lot of television on the weekend; 82% watch TV on Saturday and 85% watch TV on Sunday
  16. Modern/Alternative Rock
  17. Rap/Hip Hop
  18. All Sports
  19. Sports News
  20. Sports
  21. Entertainment/TV/Radio
  22. Reads an average of three magazines per week
  23. Medium quintile consumers of magazines
  24. 50% more likely to surf the net
  25. Average number of visits to the mall
  26. Largest volume of opportunity are in Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia
  27. The category is weakest in Quebec
  28. Gillette Mach 3 is doing strong in all the major markets
  29. The brand has opportunities in BC, Atlantic Canada and Manitoba-Saskatchewan
  30. Consumption increases during the Summer and the holiday season in December
  31. Goal is to reach at least 90% of the target market over the course of the campaign.
  32. $3.0 million (Gross Canadian) for media advertising
  33. Out-of-Home
  34. Magazines