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Technology in the mid-market: Seizing opportunity

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In our seventh annual survey and analysis of the technology needs and priorities of America’s private and mid-market companies, business leaders we polled generally believe that they’ll be able to keep pace with or even move to the vanguard of technology-driven growth. They are prioritizing investments in AI, predictive analytics, and other emerging technologies to gain a competitive edge, reskilling employees, and redesigning jobs to seamlessly integrate people and machines. For the full report, go to: https://deloi.tt/2NkjTmq

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Technology in the mid-market: Seizing opportunity

  1. 1. Technology in the mid-market Seizing opportunity Copyright © 2019 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved. Member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited In July 2019 Deloitte Private polled 500 US executives from private and mid-market companies on the role that technology plays and how it influences business decisions. Here are some of the most significant findings; access the full report at http://www.deloitte.com/us/mid-market-technology. 43% of companies surveyed are spending more than 5% of firm revenue on technology, up 15% since 2016. How are companies mitigating cyber risk? 95% say they benefit from the use of predictive analytics.2016 201920182017 28% 32% 34% 43% 72% of surveyed execs say “reskilling employees through experiential learning, gamification and cognitive skills will help us enhance employees’ potential.” 54% encrypt sensitive information 53% perform periodic testing and certification 52% provide education and training Significantly more firms use AI for analysis automation. 48% 2019 30% 2018 39% say managing information security risk and adoption of 5G technology are their top tech investment priorities.