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data and advanced analytics technologies customer service improvements product innovations mapping product visibility and customer journeys keys to successful cloud transition visualization technology accurate demand forecasts smarter predictive order management predictive order management chain demand forecasting in manufacturing order management platform acquisition and integration careful change management emerging markets trends in the life sciences industry cost optimization and portfolio consolidation vertical integration rigorous pre-deal due diligence capabilities cognitive technology talent crunch digital business partner retain employees use of digital to hire and screen talent needs learn continually internal development and cross-training groom your own emotional intelligence cross-training map product performance reimagine your business huge volumes of digital data technology innovation measuring customer experience market influence drivers of customer experience ai and machine learning dynamic journey maps dynamic and responsive customer journeys executive learning five best practices for executive education digital disruption business knowledge and lighter faster smarter executive worldviews new ways of thinking new business models and strategies customer behavior digital competitive landscape saas analytics techniques metamorphosis of markets keywords: digitization implementing enterprise systems integrating acquisitions it-intensive operations smart cities co-partnering effort partnership with trust co-innovation network airline audit airline revenue recovery airline solution fare auditing solution personal banking banking experience digital banking tcs bps robotic process automation operational profiling m&a integration maximize m&a execution readiness build repeatability integrate core business capabilities factors influencing m&a capability-level blueprint and it toolkit distribution network diversification pressures portfolio growth cost modelling and analytics merger & acquisition m&a governance program merger synergies best fit 3pl partner due diligence supply chain optimization omnichannel opportunities digital disruption in the cpg marketplace digitization of supply chains connected commerce ‘point of demand’ data about consumer optimized fulfilment network customer centricity and personalization oracle hcm hr cloud human capital management hcm talent management rail engage customers informed traveler rail journey customer lifecycle sustainable future tata sustainability month future cem transforming cem tcs customer experience digital age transforming customer experience iot cpg use case sap hana for iot iot perspective for cpg iot investment by companies rfid to connected sensors temperature heat heat wave summer nasa global warming roadmap to s4hana migration to s4hana digital transofrmation sap s4hana sapphire now digital acceleration neural automation it simplification agile excellence two-speed it agile it bizdevops simplify it tcs retail thought leadership tcs retail journal s tcs sustainability report digitization and streamlining business simplification unified processes product portfolio management enterprise systems send and respond business model innovation communications pricing trends real time price updates tcs pricing insights granular price strategies tcs competitive pricing' holiday insights optumera competitive pricing price war pricing insights amazon seller movement internet of things in manufacturing manufacturing new product innovation smart factories supply chain monitoring customer monitoring product monitoring connected cars digital strategies spending on digital digital initiatives industrial manufacturing automotive companies smart technologies pervasive computing digital trends iot platform ubiquitous computing high tech trends iot services sensor data analytics high tech raci matrix bandwidth throttling benchmark customer experience criteria quality customer 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robotics-as-a-services (raas) dare framework future-ready it framework innovation imperatives retail innovation innovation excellence reimagining innovation tcs research collaborative research smart tcup partnership tcs innovation storm utilities winter consumer tcs utilities accessible design principles of accessible design access to digital channels accessible design for software social inclusion compliance vcp product line management what-if analysis sales and operation planning channel inventory s&op supply plans erp universal store commerce brick-and-mortar survival store digitization store transformation reimagining retail global retail cio study digidexterous stores digital solutions bfsi debt management tcs sap sap for utilities csp communication service providers retailers fact sheet q1 #tcsq1 worldcup england fifa world cup uruguay footbal socialsoccer fifa world cup 2014 brazil testing testing trends application testing testing services key player quality asia-pacific test 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