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Olena Boyko

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Actions on improving the system of Development and implementation of the regional policy in Ukraine

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Olena Boyko

  1. 1. ACTIONS ON IMPROVING THE SYSTEM OF DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF THE REGIONAL POLICY IN UKRAINE Olena Boyko, Regional Development Directorate Council of Donors Meeting, 21.06.2019, Kyiv МІНІСТЕРСТВО РЕГІОНАЛЬНОГО РОЗВИТКУ, БУДІВНИЦТВА ТА ЖИТЛОВО-КОМУНАЛЬНОГО ГОСПОДАРСТВА УКРАЇНИMinistry of Regional Development , Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine
  2. 2. On the changes to the Law of Ukraine “On fundamentals of the state regional policy” On the changes to the Budget Code of Ukraine (Article 24-1) On the changes to the Tax Code (on stimulating of investments within the problem territories) 01 02 03 On the stimulating of regions development (new version) Development, follow-up, communication of legislation changes RENEWAL OF THE REGIONAL POLICY LEGISLATION:
  3. 3. Improvement of supervision system, focus on policy’ results evaluation Strengthening of Minregion coordination roleComplexity of the strategic planning : - Strategic planning is an “essence” of regional development management at all levels; - Smart structure and priorities of the action plan on strategies’ implementation, RD-programs, only confirmed, predictable and estimated assets and their sources - compliance between strategic and budgetary planning: financing RD-programs based on principle “first planned - than financed”, but not “as bottom line” - Possibility to develop the territory under its –geo, economic, demographic, environmental and other peculiarities. Draft law “On the fundamentals of the state regional policy ”: State regional policy - is the policy of “synergy” Creating conditions for development of RD Agencies
  4. 4. 2/3 of the State Found on RD For supporting projects and programs implementation, which are based on the Outcomes of Regional Strategies 1/3 of the State Found on RD For supporting projects and programs implementation, which are based on the Outcomes of the State Strategy on Regional Development Increasing resources of State Found on RD: Changes to the Article 24-1 of the Budgetary Code of Ukraine: Connectivity between the State Found on RD and strategic planning Additionally, the State Found on RD will accumulate the financial resources of the State Budget, received from the programs of the EU, other countries, donor organizations for the purposes of regional development by 1,5% of the resources from the previous year budget
  5. 5. The State: The Cabinet of Ministers will decide to provide the legal status of the problem territory Preparing and implementation: - Agreements on regional development - State program on problem territories development The Region: Oblast Council will decide to provide regional legal status of the problem territory Preparing and implementation: - Development of infrastructure projects in accordance with the regional strategy - remuneration of the credit percentage for SME - Development of business-infrastructure - Development of labor resources State support to SME, remuneration of credit percentage, development of business- infrastructure Re-training and professional development programs for labor resources, promotion of labor migration ; education and culture development Special tax conditions for newly created entities and investments to the priority sectors, state risk insurance Support of agriculture divergence Implementation of infrastructure projects within the State Found of RD and in accordance with the regional strategies Draft Law “On the stimulation of the regions development”: Consistent support of the problem territories Changes to the Tax Code
  6. 6. STRATEGY-2027 PREPARATION STAGES: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Preliminary Stage Preparation of the components Inter-ministerial approval Meetings and discussions Public discussion Public announcement through the Media on the start of draft Strategy-2027 preparation 1 February Proposals to the Strategy-2027 submission by the stakeholders 1 April WG on the preparation of the Strategy-2027 is composed 13 May All-Ukrainian Meeting on actual issues of the development and implementation of state regional policy 16-17 May Round-table discussion «Strategy-2027: Consistency in Development!» 20 червня Analytical part is prepared, the objective and strategic outcomes are formulated July-August Public discussion on the Strategy-2027 held, CEO is provided September-October Follow-up revision, inter- ministerial approval, Presentation for Inter- Ministerial Coordination Commission (MCC) November Submission to the Government for approval December OUR PARTNERS:  Program “U-LEAD”;  UNDP Program;  Project «Partnership for cities development “PROMIS”  Project «Enhancing Competitiveness of Ukrainian Regions and Development o Polish-Ukrainian Economic Cooperation»
  7. 7. Creation of Working Groups (WG) current situation Чернівецька – 85 Черкаська – 194 Херсонська – 123 Львівська – 208 Transparency Equality Gender balance Broad scope The Principles of WG creation WG are created Oblast State Administrations – 35% Science – 3% Business – 9% Civic society representatives – 53 % Chernivtsi region – 85% Cherkasy region – 194% Kherson region – 123% Lviv region – 208%
  8. 8. 1 2 3 5 Preliminary stage: Notification through the Media and www Creation of the WG Meeting of the steering committee Strategic analysis Development of other components of the strategy, detailed description Follow-up revision after review all proposals from the stakeholders 4 Public discussion Strategic environmental evaluation 6 1 December Submission to the Oblast Councils REGIONAL STRATEGIES PREPERATION STAGES :
  9. 9. Methodological and informational support of the preparing Strategies process (with regard to the SMART-APPROACH) Smart-approach – is an approach, which envisages argumentation of the objectives and outcomes, developed within the framework of the Regional Strategies. Those objectives and outcomes should focus on economic activities, which have innovation capacity and define competitive advantages of each region. Strategic objectives should promote transformation of regional economic sectors into the most efficient.  February-March – trainings on smart-approach for representatives of Oblast State Administrations and regional departments of the State Statistics Service  May – All-Ukrainian Meeting on the actual issues of the state regional policy (Odessa)  June – participation in the WG activities on development of the regional development strategies  July – workshop on the methodology of identifying of economic and innovation potential of regions using the European Commission approach Other tasks:  Training of professionals for Oblast State Administrations on the identification of the smart-approach of the region;  Creation of the Coordination Center under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on functioning of smart-approach;  Assist Oblast State Administrations on the involvement of stakeholders for identification of smart-approach of the region Our partners:  Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine and Directorate General on research and innovations (DG JRC);  Program “U-LEAD”;  Project «Enhancing Competitiveness of Ukrainian Regions and Development o Polish-Ukrainian Economic Cooperation»
  10. 10. Cross-Border Cooperation Key aspects Danube transnational program 5 mln. € for Ukraine Novation in legislative and financial support of cross-border cooperation (CBC)  State support for CBC-projects – FIRST TIME 10 mln. UAH of subvention from the state budget on implementation of the CBC-projects  Establishing conditions for creation Euroregional Co-operation Groupings (development of templates for agreement and statute)
  11. 11. Development and approval of the templates for agreement and statute for euro-regional cooperation grouping Implementation of changes to the Law of Ukraine “On cross- border cooperation” Coordination system of Ukraine’ participation in the EU Strategy for the Danube Region Creation of the national system of control and audit, National contact unit for implementation of the Danube TP Coordination Financing Elaborating of the new State program on the cross-border cooperation development for 2021-2027 DEVELOPMENT OF THE STRATEGIC POLICY PAPERS Approving of the new Order of state financial support to the projects (programs) of cross-border cooperation Subvention for cross-border cooperation projects (10 mln. UAH) CROSS-BORDER COOPERATION – KEY FEATURES