references solved numericals solved problems conservation of momentum impulse ddu nano-science technology nano technology contact angle resonance collision examples nano mechanics garden city concept sample resume resume making guidelines conclusion triaxial test bet xrd physio-chemical properties surface modification expansive soils bentonite clay theorem-1 (surface area) impact linear momentum momentum newtons laws of motion field forces contact forces types of forces equilibrium of particles force systems forces cg solved problems centroid harmony in self self exploration three magnets concept of garden city features of garden city case study ko condition passive earth pressure active earth pressure earth pressure concluding remarks problem solving approach fundamental concepts system of forces concept of force vectors engineering mechanics construction materials introduction reference books resume making best resume tips tips for better resume temple architecture horizontal plate anchor comparative analysis the human body as temple structure fractal geometry of temples vaastu planning of the building architecture style of construction elements of hindu temple structure steps in temple construction solid waste management gis rs atindra shukla green geotextile natural fibers sand dynamic cone penetration test and sm-sc soils: a case study of nadiad soil fractal architecture uplift capacity ground anchors conference proceedings nano geomaterial frictional la nano-micro behavior icaiie-2023 ppsu conference -2023 nano scale geomaterials challenges nano scale friction factors nano scale friction nano scale friction laws nano scale geo materials learning from gabion failures gabion failures- causes application in tunnel engineer gabion testing geo-5 interface gabion stability analysis gabion failure criterion design requirements wire mesh specifications design components gabion design calculations gabion design criterias erosion protection structures slope stabilization woven mesh faced gabions gabion structures gabions math and english alphabets enjoying tricks in math joy of numbers in math vedic mathematics easy math calculations tricks in mathematics mathematics thumb rules the beauty of mathematics how to improve personality? tips for personality develop self improvement personality developement know who loves you? share it to your near and dear questions and answers know to whom u love know your preferences in life know your pesonality tibetian personality test unesco report on extinct langu contribution to stop extinctio how to save languages ? reasons of extinction of langu extincted languages bhojpuri magadhi maithili indian languages- extinction the endangered languages modern investment tips from ra investment tips from ramayana lake of transverse bars very small dia. rebars poor beam-column joint structural failure-rcc no shear walls insufficient reinforcment no overlap no beams no rebars thin columns faulty rcc design design mistakes construction mistakes fault line number of aftershocks shaking map turkey eq-2023 turkey earthquake it act 2000 security features case studies on cyber crime ipc for cyber crime data recovery softwares types of cybercrime agaist wom tools of conducting cybercrime social media platforms communication interface legal framework digital awarness cyber crime laws women in digital world cyber crime against women cyber crime internet social media law nano technology in energy sect nano technology in smart devic nano technology in food proces nano technology in textiles nano technology in health care nano technology in automobiles nano tech in agriculture nano tech applications nano wires nano dots nano tubes nano material types nano particles nanoscience nano scale what is nano material review article-rs & gis in geo list of gis softwares-pros& co references- seismic micro zona advantages of rs & gis in geot geohazard analysis - rs& gis slope stability using rs & gis seismic micro zonation seismic zoning landslide succeptibility mappi mapping requirement in geotech digital elevation model (dem) rs & gis application in geotec rs & gis in geotechnical engg. geographic info. system (gis) remote sensing (rs) m tech geotechnical engineerin permeability limit piping limit clogging of filter technical diagram-gt filters applications geotextile filters experimental observation types of filters filteration function of geotex geotextile for filteration special features on sanatana? unique features-sanatana dharm freedom in sanatana dharma know- sanatana why sanatana?? sanatana dharma yoga yogeshwar spiritual answers landuse planning solid waste quantity estimatio buffer zoning solid waste collection route waste management using rs&gis iirs nnrms course report technical report rs & gis applications rs & gis in solid waste manage rama temple ayodhya events for rama mandir sequence of events ayodhya ram temple the story of ram mandir sacred ponds and lakes jyotirlingam char dham char dham yatra water tanks of india kunds of india rivers of india k r i s h n a n e h a a g a ancient indian temples centre of shraddha religious centers pilgrimage places of india spiritual centers of bharat temples of india magnificent bharat sanatana way of alphabets english alphabets f for four vedas e for eklavya d for dhruva c for chanakya b for balrama a for arjun innovations in building planni building plans hospital building plans school building plan office building plans hotel building plans hostel building plans institutional building plans residential building plans out standing building plans mischellaneous plans innovative architectural plans unique building plans standard dimentions layout plan sectional elevation cross section sketch line diagram bubble diagram key plan working drawing column layout structural plan foundation plan civil engineering drawing planning residential building how to draw plan of building? residential building plan guidelines to draw understanding universe cartwheel galaxy universe astro physics james web telescope solved umericals fin stabilzer ship response reduction pitch motion roll motion heave motion ship movement ship response simple harmonic motion-waves destructive effect due to sup waves superposition wave creation -causes sea waves characteristics what is sea waves? b tech 1st year level practical examples- resonance practical examples- damping resonant system oscillations energy in damping swing effects of damping light damping heavy damping critical damping damping and resonance damped vibrations free vibrations damping simple shear test drained triaxial test soil mohr-coulomb model constitutive relationship-soil constitutive modelling stress-strain relationship mohr-coulomb model research surface area fetr wettability surface treatment bet surface area qas x-ray diffraction spectroscopy ftir nano modification of bentonite swelling pressure advancement in triaxial test triaxial compression test applications of triaxial test review on triaxial test strain controlled test stress-controlled test retaining wall - mode of failu cullman's graphical method coulomb's theory of earth pres renkin's earth pressure renkin'e theory earth pressure at rest soil mechanics procedure - back analysis how to make back analysis advanatages back analysis limitations practical problems factors affecting back analysi what is back analysis ? back analysis -review back analysis definition back analysis in slope stabili introduction to p-y curves p-y curves for clay p-y curves for stiff clay wrinkler's analysis- piles laterally loaded piles p-y curves rules for vector operations parallelogram law of focres resolving forces concurrent forces compoent of forces vector mechanics scaler operations vector operations basic mechanics sample problems rotating frame analysis of plane motion coriolis acceleration absolute and relative velocity general plane motion rotationa about fixed axis instantaneous centre velocity analysis location introduction instantaneous cen applications ic instantaneous center equations to remember practice problems theorem-2 (volume) volume from centroid surface area from centroid pappus centroid theorem pappus-guldin theorem pappu's theorem mathematical representation diffraction spring shm standing waves superposition of waves reflection and transmission types of waves wave motion forced oscillation damped harmonic motion simple pendulum energy in shm simple harmonic motion shm numericals solved problems-power solved problems- energy work-power work and energy spring constant energy in spring potential energy kinetic energy net work done zero work done virtual work work done work- meaning types of energy energy forms of energy conservation of energy impact at intersection impact of car the centre of mass 2-d collisions 1-d collisions mechanics of impact practice problem inelastic collisions elastic collisions collsion with smooth plane direct collision mechanics of collision what is collision applicaions of angular momentu principles of raotational syst rotational motion angular momentum rotation and angular momentum inelastic collision types of collision impulse and momentum what is momentum standards to learn collisions pictorial explaination sample examples motion comparision - kanad rishi vs n vaisheshika - laws of motion laws of motion by rishi kanad newton a modern thief? how newton theft the laws ? laws of motion explained newton's three laws forces and mass excercise components of forces resultant of forces principles of forces what is force system classification of forces vector to represent forces charactteristics of forces free-body diagrams addition of forces resultant of several concurren addition of vectors resultant of two forces centroid excercise centroid of composite area centroid solved problem jai mataji jai gurudev shri ram sharma aacharya gujarati book why aadhyatamavaad? aadhyatmavaad theme writing style historical context social context about book book review kite runner accuracy in calculation vector quantitires scalar quantities idealization in mechanics si system general introduction to engine engineering mechanics introdu introduction- engg mechanics eamples free body diagram equilibrium of 2d forces resultant forces particle engineering mechanics fundamen basic of engineering mechanics equations of cg for integratio practice problem cg solved numerical; cg of 2d elements cg of line element center of mass centre of gravity bharatiya music instruments musical instruments of gujarat gujarat na lok vadyo places of fairs in gujarat famous fairs of gujarat gujarat na lokmedao local fairs of gujarat vedic rituals with reasons- gu in gujarati- scientific reason science in ancient bharat ancient scientific wisdom science behind hindu culture philosophy of life way of life how to live life inspiration for life good philosophy files and streams pointers creating a structure if statement logical operators arrays strings introduction to “c” programmin lessons from mahabharat mahabharat 7 lessions friction at small scale coupled behaviour of soil scale effect behaviour of geo materials factors affecting nano mechna micro- nano behaviour study macro to micro nanoscale friction small scale friction clay minerology friction at nano scale behavior of nano scale mater. friction- common equations geo materials nano-geo-mechanics is code recommendations codal provisions burj khalifa in-situ tests stages of found. design soil investigation structural aspects definition- tall buildings tall buildings site investi. site investigation for tall st dynamic soil-struct interactio dynamic ssi travelling wave effects lumped parameter model staggered solutions governing equations bem analysis fem interaction analysis methods of analysis ssi effects ssi problem definition minerals and rock types rocks inner core outer core ashthemosphere plate tectonics lithosphere mantle crust layers of the earth causes of rock formation rock formation rock types type of rocks earth crust and rocks codes for seismic design web links -seismic design moment resisting frames seismic resistance devices seismic design strategies soft story captive columns increase in ductility design stage- structure ana. design performance goal building configuration seismic site investigation construction stage design stage planning stage stages of seismic design seismic design of structure seismic design steps properties of frozen samples remolded samples for liquefect shear modulus of frozen sample liquefaction resistance modes of vibrations model question papers calculations performance properties modelling fundamentals vibration of machine foundatio numericals for seismic force response reduction factor factors affecting base shear base shear coefficient is-1893-1984 limitations coda provisions procedure in codes seismic force evaluation wall with bilinear backface limit equilibrium method seismic passive earth pressure seismic active e.pressure seismic earth pressure seismic v. uplift capacity upper bound limit analysis seismic bearing capacity pseudo dynamic approach tutorial links teaching modules characteristics of seismic wav demonstration of seismic waves web links-seismic waves internet resources links to study seismograms seismic wave animations slinky seismic waves law of gander law of rhythm law of compensation law of gendre law of polarity law of relativity law of cause and effect law of transmutation of energy law of inspired action law of attraction law of correspondence law of vibration law of oneness 12 universal laws strategies against stress coping with stress symptoms of stress am i stressed? how to know ? approach to deal with types of stress activators of stress what is stress? managing stress how to reach mani mandir architectural plan waghji thakor morbi mani mandir willingdon state building morbi mani mandir mani mandir morbi groom advise to bride saptapadi kanya vidai aashirwad mangal fera hom hast medap mangalastakam sequence of rituals gujarati lagan sanskar lagna sanskar geospatial artificial intell. scope of ai in rs & gis ai application for rs & gis ai enhanced rs ai enhanced gis remote sensing with ai artificail intelligence esri dss iot asi agi ani ai holistic development harmony in nature feeling of respect harmony in family harmony in society body and self prosperity role of value education human conciousness need for value education universal human values uhv-ii load vs settlement water content vs depth single stone column bearing capacity granular pile moisture content of clay group of stone column uncased stone column encased stone column stone column in clay stone column experimental study soil improvement future of gps different types of locations pseudo range determining position one way ranging how gps works what is gps pictorial views industrial parks facilities required environmental issues disadvantages advantages concentration of industries different classifications pictorial views of garden city garden city walwyn principles of garden city garden city movement town-country planning diagrams for garden citites ebenezer howard examples of different cities conceptual layout garden city principles components of garden city definition urban renewal re-planning phases re development features to be added characteristics of st satellite town three magnet theory re-centralization decentralization urban renewal project data collection defects of existing town objects of re-planning of city central park transport hub mahatma mandir latest features added master plan of gandhinagar guj. case study- gandhinagar sample master plan planning standard features of master plan drawings to be prepared data to be collected necessity of master plan objects of master plan master plan- definition cyclone vulnerable zones salient features- mbbl 2015 mbbl-2004 tsunami safety flood safety earthquake safety disaster mitigation parameters disaster mitigation plan vulnerability to disaster safe cities salient features- mbbl disaster preparedness model building bye-laws rera bye-laws- mezzanine floor bye-laws -basement super builtup carpet area built-up area front-side and rear margins margins in plot area building line light plane set-back effective implementation functions of local auhority applicability of bye-laws importance of bye-laws objects of bye-laws necessity of bye-laws terminology pre-requisite model building bye laws pradhanmantri aawas yojana preventive measures for slums slum prevention works of improvement improvement method open plot scheme complete removal method slum clearance effects of slums in urban area characteristics of slums causes of slum development introduction to slums agencies for housing low cost housing trends in multistory buil classification of residential requirements of residential building site demand of houses importance of housing hosing in town planning sub-division of land neighborhood planning zoning maps industrial zone recreational zone commercial zone residential zone transition zone non-profit making use of land profit making use of land zoning economy zoning powers objects of zoning zoning principles how to separate zones? types of urban zones essentials of zoning zoning purpose zoning of cities urban zoning civic survey-design methods of data collection civic survey techniques regional survey national survey survey of commerce functional survey social survey physical survey types of civic surveys civic surveys urban sprawl site for ideal town concentric spread central business district stages in town development horizontal growth of city vertical growth of city suburbs satellite city ribbon development planned growth scattered growth growth of cities principles of town planning objects of town planning introduction to town planning chandigarh & gandhinagar post independence town plannin pre independence town planning buddhist town planning dholavira lothal harappa mohen-jo-daro indus valley civilization ancient vedic town planning town planning in ancient india history of town planning new urbanism modern age urban design pre-industrial urban areas beginning of settlements ancient civilizations evolution of house evolution of fire evolution of wheel progressive housing developmen history of urban design institute to do masters in tp scope of subject urban planning syllabus city planning syllabus b tech civil engineering town planning syllabus submission of election forms rules and regulations polling procedures polling station arrangement tags to attach forms to fill up end of election start of election election procedure working of bu working of vvpat working of evm gujrat - election training ancient indian contribution ancient indian technology ancient indian buisness vedic literature ancient indian knowledge syste vedic indian scriptures aacharya shurshurta lilawati bhaskaracharya maha rishi aaryabhatta bodhayan pramey telegraphy in vedas light of moon gravitational force distance between sun and earth accuracy in speed of light speed of light land of innovations energy dispersive analysis eds x-ray fluorescence analysis antigorite braggs law x-ray tubes spectral lines black body radiation fundamental equivalency x-ray range construction detailing structure and building definitive design investigating structure perfor evaluation of loads preliminary design functional requirements gazetas et al. embeded circular foundation viscous damping radial waves horizontal loading lysmers analogue impedance function reference modeling machine foundation simplified solutions machine foundation human body and eating utensil effect of cooking utensils mud pots for cooking metallic utensils software to write res. paper steps to write paper process to write paper organization of paper structure of research paper research paper writing tips to write paper writing research paper faq- gd gd dressing tips gd dress tips how hr judges gd? how evaluation done in gd gd topics tips for gd common mistakes in gd don't in gd do's in gd gd tips types of group discussion topi what is gd group discussion steps to write review paper review paper outline four basic sections how to write review paper mistakes in resume resume mistakes resume common mistakes drilling for pile foundation equipment for pile driving bored pile driven pile pile group application of pile found. loads on piles capacity of pile construction of piles installation of piles classification of piles introduction to pile foundatio interface roughness influence of type of apparatus interfacial friction in sand soil friction angle apparatus used to evaluate field situations friction between soil and stru soils and solid surface interfacial friction- soil equivalent stress concept critical state soil mechanics cssm for slow learners yield surfaces dst results 1d consolidation cssm critical state soil mechnaics stress function polar coordinate formulation airy stress fucntion method plane strain problems 2 and 3 dim. problems elasticity problems simplified elasticity formulat strain rosettes strain gauges maximum shear stress plane stress transformation mohr circle principle stresses principle planes transformation plane stress loading collocational integration penalty method lagrange multiplier friction constraints contact constraint constrained optimization variational inequality boundary nonlinearity elastoplasticity analysis finite elasticity mathematical formulation elastoplasticity with hyperela finite deformation finite rotation with objective multi dimentional elastoplasti 1d elastoplasticity fe formulations fo non-lin ela hyperelastic materials critical load analysis nonlinear elastic analysis large deformations stress and strains convergence criteria accuracy vs convergence material nonlinearity linera vs non linear non linear structural problems solve non linear problems formulate nonlinear problems linear finite element non linear problem preliminary concepts continum mechanics mechanics of continum mechanics of continuous bodies finite element methods basics fea stress and strain vector and tensor calculus linear finite elements foundation design philosophies procedure to design rotation limits eurocode-7 cfem ibc 2006 load combinations foundation design factor of safety uls ultimate limit states sls serviceability limit state limit state load and resistance factor des lrfd foundation design approaches allowable stress design asd guidelines to make resume resume making tips what is resume doubts and queries steps to make resume theme for cv online help to write cv sample cv information in cv cv making workshop cv important tips cv writing tips curriculam vitae how to write cv points to consider resume make care while preparing resume how to prepare resume 25 tips for best resume common interview questions placement questions placement cell - ddu placement interview questions job placement interview quest. 64 questions asked by hr interview questions hr questions spring equinox autumn equinox tropic of cancer & sun temple solar equinox significance of 108 shrines 108 number of shrines miniature shrines maru gurjara architecture ram kund sita chori surya kunda sabhamandapa modhera surya mandir modhera sun temple jornal paper civil rcc column design structure engineering rcc column desing short column design column design criteria short column bending axial loading combined loading column design n v c swamy heisnam jina devi spectral analysis of mantras robert keith wallace jean paul banquet brain waves aim of meditation beej mantras seven chakras kundalini gayatri mantra mathematical illustration "om" om mantra types of mantras mantra based meditation vedic and yogic meditation association of mantras what is mantra? kundalaini with mantra mantras for seven chakras mantra meditation science of vowels effects of mantra yoga mantra chanting what is mantra vibration by mantras basic of sound and vibration hindu traditions with reasons vedic traditions why to chant omkar why temples have bells why we do aarti why to do navratra? why to apply mahendi in hand why to have shikha on head why to wear janau? why to use kumkum why hindu's have tilak why to wear bangles why do we eat while sitting why do we remove shoes why temples have marble floor why to eat prasadam why to plant tulsi vedic culture seed ball- success rate seed ball - limitations seed balls - advantages seed ball distribution seed ball - type of seeds seed ball to grow trees stop deforestation how to stop global warming grow more trees how to make seed ball material for seed ball making seed ball making seed ball campaign seed ball uplift capacity- anchors embedment ratio analytical varification experimental analysis breakout factor uplift capacity of anchor uplift anchor cohesion less soil hill road- standard references hill road- maintennace hill road- drainage hill road-protective works irc code- hill road drainage irc codes- hill road design set back distance hill road capacity hair pin bends geometric design- hill road engineering data hill road alignment hill road route selection special consideration hill roa design issue hill road hill road definition iitk- geotech term paper constitutive methods- gte research trends-hypoplasticity influence parameters applications of hypoplasticity constitutive equations why hypoplasticity? what is hypoplasticity? modelling approach introduction to hypoplasticity magnitude of earth pressure mode of failure- retaining wal stratified soil in backfill inclined backfill overburden submerged wall special cases unsupported height tension crack at rest condition culman's method colmbs earth press. theory rankine's earth pressure theor lateral earth pressure retaining wall retaining structures surya namaskar pranayama 8 limbs of yoga contributors seven laws of yoga fundamentals of yoga types of yoga meaning of yoga four path of yoga yoga sutras contribution of patanjali astang yoga geology for construction engg. geology- references geology in foundation of stuct geology in hydrology geology in ground water geology in mega projects site selection geotechnical investigation geology in civil engineering entrepreneurship-civil engg. civil engg. firms civil engg- govt. jobs civil engg- consultancies construction jobs further studies- civil emplyment-civil engineering construction engineering jobs career -civil engineering after civil engineering accuracy of engineering calcul scalar and vector operations idealized mechanics measurment units force system scalars mechanics defects in timber is code- timber processed wood artificail timber products applications of timber market forms of timber preservation of timber decay of timber pros and cons of diff methods methods of seasoning seasoning of timber cross section of tree trunk classification of trees timber civil engineering nanomaterials in metals applications of metals-alloys zerconium lead zinc different furnaces blast furnace metal alloys manufacturing steel non ferrous metals ferrous metals precautions in painting painting on metallic elements painting on plaster surface painting on wood painters kit-tools and equip. workmanship in painting defects in painting properties and applications types of paint characteristics of good paint preparation of oil paint composition of oil paint functions of paint paint civil engineering materials plastic electrical conduits water storage solutions fibre reinforced plastic frp use in construction industry properties of plastic polyesters epoxies melamine nylon acrylic pvc thermosetting plastics thermo plastics classification of plastics polymerization associated feature in images pattern & texture shadow special characteristics image characteristics irs1c liss-3 aerial photography role of sensors sensors activities to interpret image factors governing types of interpretation methods of image interpret. image interpretation rs & gis gergely-lutz equation 99 aci 318 - 89 ceb-fip 1990 (mc 90) bs5400 bs8110 ec-2 as 5100 as3600 design crack width is 456 indian code provision crack width prediction prediction of cracking geotechnical risk and reliabil factors affecting tolerance tolerance limit- geotechniques safety in geotechnical engg. analysis methods design methods reasons for wrong prediction methods used for prediction load test set-up in situ field testing prediction from tests geotechnical engg risk assesment servo controlled test appratus true triaxial test iit kanpur - m-tech geotech n r patra term paper advantages - strain controlled advantages- stress controlled cd conditions cu uu strain controlled stress controlled experience expectatons goals skill set to show content in resume sections of resume getting started overview how to make resume career placement help scope of research art and culture locations of temples ancient names of cons. team human body and temples fractal architecture in temple vaastupurusha in temple geo.. architectural style temple town temple complex elements of hindu temples temple design geometry allumnies placements value education academic procedures economical planning for mark short term marketing long term marketing stratagies of marketing academic institute university marketing ssnt ddu nadiad chemical engg. dept. dharmsinh desai university international conference references for coating on fibr advantages of coating methods nano coating of fibers pre-treatment of natural fiber less carbon foot print sustainable geotextile bio-polymer geo textile emedment ratio analytical study variable reinf. depth variable depth of anchor embeded in reinforced sand scale model experiments results calibration model mathematical formulatio c.zhou and cww ng modeling multiple loading cam clay yield locus experimental model layout of investigation scope related terms and sketches geoid types of ellipsoid selection of projection system projection parameters stereography utm polyconic projectio lambert conformal conic proj. cassini-soldner projection transverse mercator projection mercator projection conic projection cylindrical projection azimuth projection classififcation surface development map projection numerical study- soil nailing experimental set-up detail analysis inclined vs horizontal nails ramalingum raju method scale model- soil nailing model experiments soil nailing case studies vaastu planning natural construction mat. low-cost houses rural house materials rural india iitk structures lab foundation soil analysis soil–structure-interaction design wind load full-scale field test psc poles stress strain tests on soil strain control test stress control test recent development stress-strain controlled triaxial test teps in temple construction buffer zone nhst-surat 2011 the international daily journal issn 2278 – 5469 gradation relative density direct shear test samirsinh parmar natural geotextiles chemical coated chemical treated geotextiles nano treated geotextiles coated geotextiles properties of nano-modified geotextiles nano-modified geotextile sustainable material correlation silt static cone penetration test standard penetration test cl and dcpt correlation for sc scpt spt debi prasad mishra samirsinh p. parmar stepwell self-similarity kunḍa (water tanks) fractal geometry dobry and gazetas for evaluation of impedance func domínguez barkan dynamic soil-structure interaction foundation vibration impedance function ø –soil. c-ø soil slope angle β meyerhof theory analytical method footing on inclined slope analytical solution for ultimate bearing capacity prof. r.m. patel. analytical on the skirted foundation. samirsinh pa model plate load test confinement effect mechanism of skirted footing skirted foundations analytical study on anchors in reinforced soil. anchors in reinforced soil model study reinforced soil plate anchors
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