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Social Media Guru? No Thanks!

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Why you shall focus on your business goals and believe your own people - not social media gurus like me. A bit on major mistakes companies repeat when thinking about social media. Will be updated with a link to video (speech was in Czech).

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Social Media Guru? No Thanks!

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA GURU? No, thanks. Adam Zbiejczukhttp://www.babelguide.com
  2. 2. Who should be in charge of social media in a company? What are the qualities such a person must have? Must be able to read and write! And beside it...
  3. 3. 1. They love their job and brand (and so it doesn‘t bother them to stay over working hours)
  4. 4. Text2. They have a long-term relationship with the company, preferably from different positions
  5. 5. Text3. They‘re popularamong colleagues, trusted by the management
  6. 6. Text4. They can put themselves in clients‘ shoes and hold their positions within the company
  7. 7. Text5. They are ready to learn and talk to people wherever it is needed
  8. 8. TextA Facebook training can hapen whenever needed. The social media skills are secondary, the authenticity and primary skills are much more important.
  9. 9. Text Have you ever hired a telephone media guru?Do not call it „social media strategy“. There are business objectives and you can use social media to reach them.
  10. 10. TextMy ideal (one last time): Makro butcher becoming a blogger
  11. 11. Social media touches (almost) everyone within the company. You must tell your colleagues what it means.Text But please don‘t start with banning everything. How they shall like your FB page if you don‘t let them?
  12. 12. TextThere are social media pirates in your company already.Find them and make them your privateers. (O. Blanchard)
  13. 13. TextFacebook is a network made for people, not companies. As such it prefers personal profiles to pages. Don‘t forget about it.
  14. 14. 4 Hour Workweek? I don‘t want that. I want to have a job that is fun,challenge, inspiration Text – so I stop counting hours!
  15. 15. Such people should be the core of your social media (IText mean... Company!) Not a social media guru.
  16. 16. Books – feed your head Text Jim Sterne: Olivier Gary Měříme a Blanchard: Vaynerchuk: optimalizujeme Social Media The Thank You marketing na ROI Economysociálních sítích
  17. 17. Thank you! Questions?e se!http://www.zbiejczuk.comhttp://www.babelguide.comhttp://bit.ly/AZskoleni You can also find me here: