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Maester — The First Platform for Lead Generation on Mobile

Maester is build on San Francisco B2B Startup Weekend.

Want to use it to get new leads from mobile? Ping Yury at yury@yury.name

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Maester — The First Platform for Lead Generation on Mobile

  1. 1. Lead Generation on Mobile 2.1 B$ US Market Infographics, webinars, drip campaigns, ebooks ~ 45 % Time spent on mobile
  2. 2. In line to try and see our mobile leadgen solution Sasha Markova (oDesk): “We are running our first Maester campaign this Wednesday”
  3. 3. Android app on Google Play maester.co  3 mobile courses created   Several dozens of installs Maester app for AppExchange In private beta
  4. 4. Key features (all implemented):  Graphic and text slides  Multiple choice questions  Offers and links  Basic course builder
  5. 5. Coming soon  Course discovery and promotions  Email and push notifications  Analytics  iPhone app
  6. 6. Professional look and feel for better conversion
  7. 7. Quiz and rewards to make people go through more courses
  8. 8. Financial projections 5$ ASP per lead First year opportunity 100 firms * 20 campaigns * 1000 leads * 5$ ASP = 10M$
  9. 9. Go to market 1. Find existing content (slideshare, infographics, whitepapers) 2. Adapt for mobile (5-slide demo course) 3. Cold call and offer a pilot Best cases of our customers -> top leadgen blogs and conferences
  10. 10. Thanks Yury Alex Anton Abilio Venkat Soma Bahar Steven Fan maester.co pilot program: about.maester.co
  11. 11. B
  12. 12. Maester app for AppExchange
  13. 13. Poll 80% prefer interactive learning to plain content
  14. 14. Business Canvas
  15. 15. Content storage Training Engagement Marketing
  16. 16. Validation “A training course ,originally from our social workers can capture passion and will be more interesting for families to watch and learn …” CEO, A Better way (non profit organization) “our L&D department has been wanting to transfer our existing content to mobile for over a year and our current solution just can't do it." Director of HR, Corporate Concierge Services company