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IoT and applied Social Capital Theory

AUTHOR: Willi Schroll, strategiclabs Berlin –
CONFERENCE: IoT Week – London 16th-20th June 2014 –
DATE: 18th June 2014 –
TRACK: Society –
HASHTAG: #IoTweek –
Please download the study "Connected Reality 2025" for free:

OUTLINE of the presentation:

I. Foresight perspective on IoT and related drivers
II. IoT and the „Power of Social“

Thesis I: Most of IoT has as much to do with social relationships as it does with technology
Thesis II: Socio-­centric analysis complementing the user­‐centric standards
Thesis III: Network theory and Social Capital theory are essential perspectives to build a framework for IoT development/UXD

A dominant part of the slidedeck introduces the study "Connected Reality 2025".

The Living Bridges Planet community (facebook group of 6.800) is intended as an exemplification of applied Social Capital theory. Since 2012 a "network of networks" has been – including frequent video chats, peer2peer learning, knowledge flow, the spreading and the re-accumulation of the social capital form trust. This dynamics illustrates the "power of social".

Implications for IoT design and development are affecting the IoT research design and the assumptions / process design in product and service development. (See theses above)

IoT and applied Social Capital Theory

  1. IoT  and  applied     Social  Capital  Theory   T h e   e x a m p l e   o f   L i v i n g   B r i d g e s   P l a n e t   Willi  Schroll,  strategiclabs  Berlin  –  #IoTweek  –   IoT  Week  –  London  18th  June  2014  –  track:  Society  
  2. What  is  foresight?  
  3. Foresight:  A  Birds  eye‘s  view  –  zoom  in  &  out  
  4. Tracking  all  STEEP  sectors  ...  
  5. IntersecQons  &  interferences  growing  massively   Foresight   Technology  Society   InnovaQon   Change   TransformaQon  
  6. Foresight  –  Emerging  Technologies   Technology  Society   TransformaQon   ...  and   Emerging   Cultures   conflict  zone   evoluQon  zone   entangled  systems  
  7. I.   Foresight  perspec:ve  on   IoT  and  related  drivers  
  8. Sources: http://www.computerweekly.com/news/2240212466/Google-bets-on-internet-of-things- with-Nest-acquistion – http://time.com/37842/facebook-oculus-rift/   2014   January   February   March   $ 3.2 billion   $ 2 billion   First  big  acquisi:ons  in  the  new  tech  wave  
  9. Measurable  acquisi:on  ac:vi:es     Source: http://iotpedia.com/2014/01/28/latest-acquisitions-from-the-internet-of-things-space/ (January 2014)  
  10. Technology   Society  
  11. Economy  
  12. Table  of  content  (1)   Analysis  of  technological  key   trends  and  innovaQon  fields   Analysis  of  social  drivers,   life-­‐  and  workstyle  trends   „Weak  signal“  cases  of  today   –  to  anQcipate  a  scenario  of   CONNECTED  MARKETS  2025  
  13. Table  of  content  (2)   CONNECTED  BUSINESS  2025   transformaQonal  drivers,  key   concepts  and  mindsets,   impact  compass  for  econo-­‐ mical  branches   CONNECTED  LIVING  2025  – scenario  story,  radical  change,   societal  and  poliQcal  impact  
  14. The  following  selected   „weak  signal“  examples  of   today  anQcipate  some   aspects  of     Connected  Markets  in  2025    
  15. Tesco  –  Online   pickup  at  local   retailer  –  p.34  
  16. Fitbit  FlexTM  –   The  moQvaQon   coach  on  your   handlebars  –  p.36  
  17. Wi-­‐Fi  Bulb  –  The   remote-­‐ controlled   lightbulb  –  p.38  
  18. Zookal  –  Flying   textbooks  –  p.40  
  19. Double  –   Omnipresence  for   all  –  p.42  
  20. MeMobility  –  En  route  to  a   seamless  transport  service  –   p.44  
  21. (1)  Echelon  –   Intelligent   streetlighQng  in   500  towns     (2)  Big  Belly  Solar  –   The  solar-­‐powered   compacQng   rubbish  bin    p.46  
  22. Baxter  –  The   intelligent   manufacturing   robot  –  p.48  
  23. Bitponics  –     The  gardener  in   the  Cloud  –  p.50  
  24. III.  Challenges   Challenges   Technological  challenges  
  25. III.  Challenges   dynaxity   realQme   regulaQons   complexity   standards   safety  &  security   really  big  data  
  26. Image  source:  hgp://makerswarm.com/     With  a  broader  definiQon   of  „connectedness“  the   volume  of  objects  might   exceed  even  the  trillion  in   2025.   1  trillion  connected  things?  
  27. Example:  The  „Cogni:ve  cams“  assump:on   SoK  connec:vity   Cheap  „cogniQve  cams“  recognize  and   track  objects  and  states   Collage;  image  source:  hgp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:DeskUnion_Coworking_Glasgow.jpg    (2014-­‐04-­‐12)  
  28. III.  Challenges   Challenges   Examples  with  a  social  context  
  29. Security  at  home   Source:  hgp://www.laQmes.com/business/technology/la-­‐fi-­‐tn-­‐refrigerator-­‐hacked-­‐internet-­‐of-­‐things-­‐cyber-­‐ agack-­‐20140116,0,5757808.story  
  30. Infrastructural  security   Source:  hgp://www.wired.com/2013/07/securing-­‐the-­‐internet-­‐of-­‐things/    –  Image  source:     hgp://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/HAL_9000     “The   Call   to   Ac7on:   The   Internet   of   Things   is   s7ll   in   its   infancy   and   the   security   community   has   a   chance   to   build   in   new   approaches   to   security   if   we  get  started  now  ...”                                  Bruce  Sterling  
  31. Job  market   Source:  hgp://www.salon.com/2014/01/17/ robots_are_stealing_your_job_how_technology_threatens_to_wipe_out_the_middle_class/  
  32. Business  model  challenge   Sources:  The  Zero  Marginal  Cost  Society:  The  Internet  of  Things,  the  CollaboraQve  Commons,  and  the  Eclipse  of   Capitalism:  Jeremy  Rioin  hgp://www.amazon.com/Zero-­‐Marginal-­‐Cost-­‐Society-­‐CollaboraQve/dp/1137278463/    –     the  quote  is  from:  The  Internet  of  Things:  Monopoly  Capitalism  vs.  CollaboraQve  Commons  |  Jeremy  Rioin     hgp://www.huffingtonpost.com/jeremy-­‐rioin/internet-­‐of-­‐things_b_5104072.html     „In  this  new  world,     social  capital  is  as  important  as   financial  capital,     access  trumps  ownership,   sustainability  supersedes   consumerism,     coopera7on  ousts  compe77on“   Jeremy  Rioin  
  33. System  challenge?   Sources:  How  the  "Internet  of  Things"  is  killing  capitalism  hgp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_fq2Y8TfRg   Jeremy  Rioin  on  YouTube:   How  the  "Internet  of  Things"  is  killing  capitalism    
  34. Power  shiK  to  machines?   The  power  shiw  to  algorithms  and   machines  might  result  even  in  new   unknown  risk  types.     Image  source:  hgp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:EEG_Recording_Cap.jpg    
  35. III.  Challenges   Challenges   =  also  a  new  opportunity,     a  new  market  in  IoT  
  36. III.  Challenges  Collabora:ve  economy  +  IoT  
  37. III.  Challenges  Smart  green  economy  +  IoT   •     
  38. beyond  lew  and  right   Maker  culture,  crowdfunding  &  open  innova:on  
  39. III.  Challenges   Development  has  to  take   into  account  ...  the  user   We  already   know!  
  40. III.  Challenges   Inconvenient  truth:   Development  &  design   have  to  be     socio-­‐centric     from  the  very  beginning     –  think  of  defini7on  of       iot/„things“  
  41. II.   IoT  and  the     „Power  of  Social“    
  42. Social  Capital  Theory*   =   One  perfect  example  for  the     power  of  applied  social  capital  persepc:ve   (it  works)   *according  to  sociologist  Robert  Putnam    
  43. Living  Bridges  Planet     is  an     acQon  and  learning   plazorm   Bert-Ola Bergstrand
  44. •   Started  March  2012   •   Network  of  networks   •   About  50  events   •   6.800+  members   •   Sustainability  +  supporQveness   •   CreaQng  social  capital,  visibility  
  45. Thesis  I:  Most  of  IoT  has  as  much  to  do  with  social   relaQonships  as  it  does  with  technology   We    should   start  to  see   with  both   eyes  at   once!  
  46. Thesis  II:  Socio-­‐centric  analysis  complemenQng  the   user-­‐centric  standards  
  47. Thesis  III:  Network  theory  and  Social  Capital  theory  are  essenQal   perspecQves  to  build  a  framework  for  iot  development/UXD  
  48. visibility   connec:on   flow   apprecia:on   inspira:on   value   flow   mo:va:on   belonging   fun   trust     support   flow   RecommendaQon:   IntegraQng     Social  Capital   pespecQve  into   user  research  and   development  of   IoT  products  &   services   knowledge   flow  aYen:on  
  49. beyond  lew  and  right   Contact     Willi  Schroll   hgp://about.me/wschroll     hgp://strategiclabs.de   hgp://socialforesight.net     schroll  [at]  strategiclabs.de   (hgp://livingbridgesplanet.wordpress.com)   Download  „Connected  Reality  2025“     English  and  German,  two  opQonal  formats.   English  version  –  DIN  A4  upright:   hgp://de.slideshare.net/Z_punkt/z-­‐punkt-­‐ studyconnectedreality2025englsingle     More  versions:     hgp://www.z-­‐punkt.de/connected-­‐reality2025-­‐en.html         Sources   Pleases  find  the  sources,  including  images  sources,  in  the  study   menQoned  above  (free  pdf  download)  
  50. 18th  June  2014  –  Track:  Society  –  2pm-­‐5:30pm   Bridging  the  World  -­‐  Learning  by  Connec:ng   IoT  and  applied  Social  Capital  Theory  –  the  example  of  Living  Bridges  Planet   Willi  Schroll,  strategiclabs,  Eric  Lynn,  cultureQs  (Living  Bridges  Planet   Community)     Barriers  in  Home  Automa:on  and  how  to  un-­‐stuck  (Impulse  from  Jürgen   Wege,  AALIOT)     Panel     IoTPeople  –  The  community  to  connect  technological  and  social  innovators  -­‐   Kim  Balle,  Ina  Lauth  et  al.  -­‐  IoTPeople  Community   IoT  and  rela:onship  dynamics  (Jolocom)  –  Vision  and  status  of  Jolocom   sowware  development  –-­‐  Joachim  Lohkamp,  founder  Jolocom,  ChrisQan   Hildebrand,  partner