BlogWell New York Social Media Case Study: Cisco Systems, presented by Amy Paquette um
12. Apr 2011

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BlogWell New York Social Media Case Study: Cisco Systems, presented by Amy Paquette

  1. Platform to discuss the role of the network
  2. Integrated with campaigns
  3. 66 Not Official (Employees or not related to Cisco)
  4. 9 key Channels with strong viewership/subscriptions and videos
  5. More than 6,000 Cisco official videos identified, only ½ unique due to redundancy
  6. 3 Types of videos most popular
  7. Elegant, professional highly stylized videos (CEO roundtable, commercials)
  8. “Real-world” type of videos (Digital Cribs), still professionally shot
  9. “Amateur” in the office, office humor, (“What will your employees do when the network is down?”) —could work for business testimonials too
  10. 3 key themes emerged based on viewership, likes, subscribers, comments/engagement and viral activity (videos picked up and embedded elsewhere)
  11. Changing the World/”The Future Of” (technology, healthcare, shopping)
  12. Cisco Practical Applications (Digital Cribs, Demos, Small Business)
  13. Be a social butterfly! Ongoing outreach to other channels, subscribers, friends;
  14. Updating Twitter , Facebook when new videos uploaded
  15. Engaging: Asking questions,promoting feedback,replying to posts from users commenting
  16. Getting “out there”: actively browsing Web for like-minded bloggers/influencers, asking them to subscribe
  17. Contests or fun ways to promote engagement
  18. Tagging,attribution of videos to improve search and find-ability
  19. Watch retention: Interact with your most-active subscribers, subscribe to their channels, and follow them on Twitter. Show them attention, and make them feel valuable.
  20. Monitoring analytics and optimizing video, tagging, and commenting strategy
  21. Design
  22. Elegant, professional designs that reflect a company brand and overall vision
  23. YouTube Branded Channel
  24. Easy-to-navigate with tabs and a browse structure showcasing the video library archive in a simple way
  25. Good Content
  26. The #1 reason people subscribe to a channel, and comment on videos
  27. Refreshing content 1X a week, with known entities/qualities of what viewers and potential viewers like to see
  28. Cementing the overall brand and corporate strategy through strong content strategy
  29. Strong production quality does matter—people respond to videos that are well-edited and professionally created
  30. Engagement: Participation determines engagement (engagement>loyalty>high value customer or lead). Track:
  31. # of Subscribers
  32. # of Friends
  33. # of Favorites, Shares, and Comments (negative and positive) on each video.
  34. Brand Awareness: Word of mouth and the viral factor (sites like Twitter, Facebook and Digg) can help shift key brand metrics, such as brand favorability, brand awareness, brand recall, propensity to buy, etc.
  35. Viewership/Social Impact: Track # of viewers, subscribers, commenters come from places like Digg, Facebook, and Twitter to judge how seriously you should market to these social media sites. Track viral impact (retweets, number of Diggs, etc) from sites as well to judge the overall success.

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  1. YouTube use is huge …and still growing for all groups144.1 million viewers watched 14.6 billion YouTube videos in May 2010. (ComScore)38% of viewers are 35+29% make $100K+ (households)50% have college / grad school
  2. 1. Fun, entertaining while being informative2. Production QualityWe recommend higher-aesthetic videos, particularly for those around “Future of” Videos or Product launches. That said, amateur videos do garner viewership, and hosting amateur videos (contests from businesses, or the occasional employee/office humor) video done with a Flip camera increases the diversity of viewership, and also the content appeal. 3. Video LengthVideo length will vary from 60 seconds to 5 minutes, as appropriate for the content. We recommend most videos be no longer than 2 minutes.
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