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Top 10 Route Launches by Airlines & Airports

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Top 10 Route Launches by Airlines & Airports

  1. Great examples of airlines and airports using social media to promote new routes, thereby building their brands and driving customer engagement. <br />Route Launches through Social Media<br />Featuring<br />Helping airlines & airports engage travelers profitably<br />http://www.SimpliFlying.com<br />
  2. Case-study 1<br /> Virgin America: “Toronto”<br />
  3. Discounts for Twitter users!<br />One of the earliest examples of route-launches using social media.<br />Virgin America, while launching its Toronto route, offered 50% discount to the first 500 people who booked tickets using their Twitter handles. Those with higher Twitter influence got more perks!<br />Money spent on traditional advertisements:<br />$0<br />Goals driven<br />Revenue <br />Engagement<br />
  4. Case-study 2<br />Lufthansa: “A380 launch”<br />
  5. Driving huge buzz online for 1st A380 flight from Frankfurt to JFK<br />Lufthansa invited a number of aviation bloggers and geeks on-board their inaugural flight resulting in a tremendous amount of buzz being generated online regarding the launch of their first A380 flight. <br />This resulted in tremendous awareness being generated via social media.<br />Goals driven<br />Engagement<br />
  6. Tremendous buzz driven online<br />
  7. Case-study 3<br />American Airlines: “Helsinki” <br />
  8. Fantastic Facebook competition to get eyeballs!<br />AA gives away a free luxury trip to Helsinki to one lucky winner a pizza-design contest:<br />As AA puts it:<br />“Create a Chicago-style pizza with a Finnish twist –cook it, draw it, mould it or just describe it, we want to see your ideas! Upload your pictures or ideas to the competition tab on the American Airlines page and get your friends to vote for you.”<br />
  9. Driving a huge number of conversations online<br />Goals driven<br />Engagement<br />
  10. Case-study 4<br />AirAsia X: “Osaka”<br />
  11. Elaborate Facebook campaign<br />1st Step: Ask fans to guess the new destination.<br />2nd Step: Tease the fans with more photographs and heat up the guessing game.<br />3rd Step: Announce the route but promise and exciting upcoming contest<br />Goals driven<br />Loyalty<br />Engagement<br />Revenue <br />
  12. Successful in driving huge engagement<br />4th Step: Release a video with clues to answering 5 questions.<br />5th Step: 3 lucky winners get round-trip tickets<br />Outcome: Widespread engagement driven. <br />Mission accomplished! <br />
  13. Case-study 5<br />Cathay Pacific: “Chicago” <br />
  14. Cathay holds Facebook competition for HK-Chicago non-stop service launch<br />Cathay invites Facebook fans to produce any form of art that blends Hong Kong and Chicago into a single piece of art. These submissions are then subjected to online voting by their friends and peers<br />Goals driven<br />Engagement <br />
  15. Encouraging creativity, driving engagement<br />The winner will get:<br />2 tickets to Hong Kong and a cultural FengShui architectural tour, courtesy of the Hong Kong Tourism Board. <br />In addition, the winning entry will be featured on the Cathay Pacific Facebook fan page and will be on display at select airport locations.<br />
  16. Case-study 6<br />SpiceJet: “Q400 launch” <br />
  17. SpiceJet organized 3 contests to drive awareness about their new planes and destinations in India<br />1. Name the plane –Fans and followers were asked suggest 5 names for SG Q400 aircraft in 'Hindi' after Indian spices that would be appropriate as names for the planes. If their choices matched SpiceJet’s, a lucky winner would get to inaugurate the first flight of the Q400 fleet! <br />Goals driven<br />Revenue <br />Engagement<br />
  18. Trivia contest<br />2. SG400 trivia - This six-day long contest had one question everyday regarding the SG Q400. Every correct answer gave the fan/follower a DIGIT. At the end of the contest, these digits formed the key to win some great prizes! <br />
  19. Loads of responses<br />
  20. 3. Guess the destination<br />
  21. Click here to download.<br />
  22. Case-study 7<br />Liverpool Airport: “KLM long-haul routes” <br />
  23. Liverpool ties up with KLM to promote long-haul routes<br />Liverpool John Lennon Airport and KLM collaborate to promoto KLM’s long-haul flights from their airport. <br />To promote this, they’re driving awareness through their Facebook page as well as micro-site. <br />Goals Driven <br />Engagement <br />Revenue<br />
  24. An independent microsite<br />
  25. Case-study 8<br />Eindhoven Airport: “Cityjet launch”<br />
  26. Eindhoven promotes its new CityJet flight<br />Eindhoven Airport is the Netherland’s fastest growing airport and to promote its new business-friendly flight to London, they created a video in which Eindhoven Airport’s CEO explains the benefits of flying from Eindhoven. Check out the next slide for the video.<br />Promotional return fares are offered at GBP 142 per person.<br />Goals Driven <br />Engagement <br />Revenue <br />
  27. Case-study 9<br />Edmonton Airport: “Stop the Calgary Habit”<br />
  28. Edmonton International Airport launches intervention campaign<br />Edmonton International Airport (EIA) estimates that it strikes up to 750,000 people annually: The Calgary Habit, the drive or flight south that many Edmontonians make to catch a plane from Calgary. <br />The symptoms: travellers using the Calgary airport don’t weigh in costs like gas, parking, time, inconvenience, lost economic activity for the region and the toll they’re taking on Edmonton’s capacity to grow its air service. <br />The cure: EIA’s “Stop the Calgary Habit” intervention campaign.<br />Goals Driven <br />Engagement <br />Revenue<br />
  29. Widespread grassroots campaign!<br />Aroving rally was organised with a prize giveaway. The winner walked away with a $4,000 travel voucher to purchase a trip for two to any of the more than 50 destinations EIA serves non-stop. <br />The cheeky campaign is also meant to discourage them from flying via Calgary and make them aware of the toll this behaviour has on Edmontons ability to attract new routes. <br />
  30. Case-study 10<br />London Southend: “easyJet launch”<br />
  31. London’s newest international airport launches new routes with fanfare!<br />With up to 70 flights a week on sale and starting fares from £23.99, passengers will be able to experience easyJet’s newest UK base built ahead of the London Olympics in 2012.<br />To celebrate the announcement, Sally Gunnell, local Essex girl and Olympic champion, joined local pupils from Eastwood School, at London Southend Airport. The pupils then joined Sally onboard an easyJet aircraft and asked her questions about her sporting achievements.<br />Goals Driven <br />Engagement <br />Revenue<br />
  32. Acknowledgement<br />Special thanks to Mark Scourse of 3Sixty (3sixty.co.uk) for contributing to this report. <br />You can connect with him on Twitter @mark_scourse.<br />You can hear both Mark and Shashank Nigam (@simpliflying) speak at the conference below:<br />
  33. For more case-studies:<br />www.SimpliFlying.com<br />Helping airlines & airports engage travelers profitably<br /> http://www.SimpliFlying.com<br />