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Florian Bauer: Using open data thesauri to connect climate platforms

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Florian Bauer: Using open data thesauri to connect climate platforms

  1. 1. Using Open Data Thesauri to connect Climate Platforms SEMANTiCS 2015, Vienna
  2. 2. CLIMATE KNOWLEDGE: THE INFORMATION EXPLOSION 1992 76,000 Articles related to “climate change” on Google Scholar 2014 1.7m Articles 300+ Think tanks working on climate change (ICGG)
  4. 4. Image credit: lightwise / 123RF Stock Photo Finding the right information is often difficult
  5. 5. Image credit: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1042408 Lots of data and information silos
  8. 8. CLIMATE KNOWLEDGE BROKERS: FOUR CHALLENGES Understanding user needs Signposting the right platforms Connecting climate websites Learning from each other
  9. 9. Based on our experience we know: Climate knowledge brokers worldwide use different terminology in different languages to describe the same things connection and understanding is lost Need to increase consistency and connections to see the full picture The answer is standardized tagging CONSISTENCY IN TERMINOLOGY IS KEY
  10. 10. REEEP’s climate smart thesaurus: • is available in 5 languages (en, fr, es, pt, de) • describes more than 4.000 terms • covers renewable energy, energy efficiency, REDD, green growth and climate compatible development • based on „PoolParty“ by Semantic Web Company • and offers: • Definition and synonyms for each term • Links to related, broader and narrower terms • Links to and information from other sources like Wikipedia, Climate-tech wiki, …. using LOD • All information free for re-use in Linked Open Data formats The open data climate thesaurus
  11. 11. The thesaurus can be used for: • Explaining terms (glossary) • Showing relations between terms • Supporting auto-complete features in search boxes • Provide definitions for extracted terms of wordpress blog-articles (plugin available) • Support tagging & categorizing Use-cases for the thesaurus
  12. 12. STEP 1: Climate Tagger is installed on knowledge platforms
  13. 13. STEP 2: Climate Tagger scans unstructured information and identifies relevant terms and concepts … … and “tags” content based on the expansive Climate Tagger Thesaurus
  14. 14. Added functionality via the enhanced Climate Tagger API Geo- Tagging Connecting content to geographic locations Enriching Content Automatically adding related information (such as definitions) to content Content Pool Connecting data and information related documents from other Climate Tagger users.
  15. 15. Live Demonstration http://www.climatetagger.net
  16. 16. Possibilities to join us to connect climate data, information & knowledge Join the CKB Community of Practice http://climateknowledgebrokers.net/join Use tools such as the Climate Tagger to connect climate data and information http://www.climatetagger.net Make use of the LOD Climate Thesaurus: http://data.reegle.info/thesaurus/guide
  17. 17. The knowledge café: We would like to discuss the following topics with you in the next 30 minutes: • Barriers and challenges (operational, financial and technical) to standardize “tagging” terminology and link related content • Thesaurus development + quality assurance • In-depth discussion on climate tagger