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  1. Interviews before the course: 21 Interviews during the week: 50 Last 24h interviews: 6 Total customer Interviews: 71 TOP FreshMan Helping Brazilian college students to graduate and plan their careers Team: João Gallo Miguel Andorffy
  2. Why Top Freshman??? How does higher education look like in Brazil ● Students must choose their major BEFORE they get into college ○ They must have another admission in order to change their majors (REALLY STRESSFUL AND TIME WASTING) ● Admission to colleges done through one flat test ○ No recommendation letters ○ No interviews ● 7.305.977 students in college ○ 5.4MM (73.5%) in private institutions ○ 4.7MM (64%) won't graduate on their majors (THIS % IS RAISING ON THE LAST YEARS)
  3. What is Top Freshman? ● Information aggregator about career opportunities on every major ○ Exchange programs ○ Scholarships ● Information producer about careers ○ Interviews with experienced professionals ○ Course selections aligned to each career ○ Extracurricular courses for professional improvement ● Information producer about courses ○ Interviews with professors and coordinators of different institutions ○ Interviews with senior students and recently graduated professionals ● Handicap fix ○ Identification of academic gaps to take courses ○ Online remediation courses ○ Online career counseling
  4. Top Freshman Delights ● Customer relationship ○ 10 MM students from Me Salva! that are in high school and college ○ 700K students from AppProva ○ B2B relationship from AppProva with 2 of the 5 largest higher education groups in Brazil ● Partner relationship ○ AppProva relation with professors and content producer of higher education groups ● Technology ○ AppProva's data processing tools for academic gap identification ○ Joint venture matching of Me Salva's remediation courses and AppProva's technology ● Content ○ Me Salva's remediation courses
  5. Here's what we thought: Day #1 Steve’s feedback day #1: “The worst canvas made by experienced entrepreneurs who already work in this market I've ever seen!”
  6. Progress this week Day #1 Initial idea ● Identify academic gaps ● Provide remediation courses for higher education Day #2 ● Information about careers showed up as a major value proposition Day #3 ● Parents turned to be a possible customer segment ● Students to be leveled prior to courses have been refined only to technical based majors ● Channels refined to use AppProva's and Me Salva's reputation and customers Day #4 ● Students willing to change majors expanded to include students willing to dropout ● Parents influence but are not a customer segment ● Information gathering, production and distribution turned to be the main value proposition ● Colleges showed deep interest on developing and using the solution ○ We are already spending money to try to do it but we are no experts ○ We should definitely talk more about this when you come back to Brazil ● Landing page test collected 170 interested people in 20 hours ○ 50 BRL in adwords / Family and friends Facebook sharing
  7. Here's what we learned ● Students are more concerned about knowing what they can really take from their majors and what they have to do to take what they want than dealing with academic challenges ● Lack of fundamental knowledge is a problem for students of technical majors such as engineering and computer science ○ Specially in courses like Calculus, Programming and Analytical Geometry ● Colleges are more than concerned about students dropout ○ Reducing the 67% churn of private colleges is definitely something they would pay for ● Parents are always involved and influence students choices but the students have the final word most of the time ○ Parents are more driven by their prejudices and are likely to be changed by information presented by their kids ● Many students who have dropped out or changed major wouldn't do it if had a broader view of their choices ● Colleges are definitely not doing a good job on showing the career opportunities to their students
  8. 6 - Key Partners Colleges Professors Former Users Student groups Market reference professionals Senior students Recently graduated students 7 - Key Activities Data analysis Content publishing for career SEM Social Media Marketing 1 - Value Proposition (A, B,C,D) Show the career opportunities in a major (B,C) Build a course selection based on a desired career (B,C) Know your own skills and have counseling (E) Lower churn rates by keeping students motivated 4 - Customer Relationship Online Ads Mobile Ads College Bulletin Boards Word of mouth 2 - Customer Segments (A) Freshman students of Engineering, Computer Science and Other Science/Tech majors. (B) Students that are willing to change majors or dropout college. (C) Students that wonder about they’re future and want to have a clear view of opportunities early in college. (E) Private colleges that want to reduce churn 8 - Key Resources Professors Data Scientists Content Publishers Information Architects 3 - Channels Own - Direct Web Sales - Direct Salesforce Partner - AppProva’s B2B customers - Me Salva!’s B2C customers 9 - Cost Structure Content Development Software development Servers Marketing 5 - Revenue Streams Remediation courses > Subscription model or individual modules Tutoring B2B contracts with strategic partners Online counseling Online vocational test Online skill analysis
  9. Main Field Tests Landing page lead acquisition B2B Selling approach to real potential buyer
  10. Landing Page Results 768 visits 24 hours 170 interested customers 22,1% conversion visit > leadURL: