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Letter Of Enquiry

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Letter Of Enquiry

  1. 1. Tel: 0123456789 P. O. Box 8765 Fax: 0129876543 PRETORIA 0001 16 November 2009 Travel Consultant STA Travel 45 Skinner Street PRETORIA 0001 Dear Sir or Madam, RE: EQUIRY: HONEYMOON RESERVATIONS: My fiancé and I are getting married in four month's time. We want to start planning our Honeymoon to Mozambique. We are both interested in culture, arts and adventure. We are in our early thirties and are both professionals. We want to tour Mozambique for two weeks and we want to experience life in there. We also want privacy, so we do not want to stay in crowded places all the time but we don't mind staying at hostels etc. 1. Where can we rent a car to travel in as I heard that you need a four-by- four in Mozambique? 2. Can we stay on the beach? 3. How far will we have to travel to see and do everything we can? 4. Can you work out an itinerary for us based on the information I supplied? 5. Will we be able to pay out-of-season rates? I would appreciate a speedy reply to my enquiry. I am looking forward to doing business with you. Kind Regards, _________________________ Ms. S. Gordon Manager of SDP