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QA MeetUp Yerevan - Aug 25

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One Day of Quality
QA MeetUp

Speaker Sargis Sargsyan

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QA MeetUp Yerevan - Aug 25

  1. 1. One  Day  of  Quality Speaker  Sargis  Sargsyan
  2. 2. Main  Topics 4Regression  Test     Cycle 5Defect     Management 6Customer  Reported     Defect 7Internally     Reported  Defects 8Defects  Reported     During  Itera>on 9Q  &  A 1Quality  Assurance   Life  Cycle 2Story  Readiness 3Sprint 2
  3. 3. Where  is  the  QA? Quality  Assurance  is  a  part  of  the  Technical  Group Product Group Product Management User Experience Development Quality Assurance Product Group Product Management Technical Groups
  4. 4. 4Quality  Assurance  Life  Cycle Quality  Assurance  ac>vi>es  in  the  SDLC Sprint Regression  Test  CycleReadiness
  5. 5. READINESS Product Management User Experience Development Quality Assurance 5 Readiness Requirements / UX Assets Ambiguity Review Test Map / Auto Tech Approach Tech Approach Test Map Review / Approval
  6. 6. Sprint Product Management Development Quality Assurance Automation Quality Assurance Manual 6 Sprint Functional Testing Manual Test Execution Requirements Validated Implementation Test Map Automated Test Suite Test Map Review Manual Test Complete / Passed Automation Complete / Passed Code Complete
  7. 7. Regression Test Cycle Quality Assurance Automation Quality Assurance Manual 7 Regression  Test  Cycle Test Map [Refactor] Review Archived Test Suite Release Test Suite Test Suite Automated Test Suite Include in CI Regression Dashboard Regression Test Results Manual Test Execution Time Box
  8. 8. 8 Test  Suite Refactoring Root Cause Analysis Story Implementation Test Suite
  9. 9. 9 Test  Case  Review  By  Automa>on  QA One  Time  Verifica>on To  Automated Manual
  10. 10. 10 Test  Pyramid Tradi>onal  Agile  Test  Pyramid UI  Tests Integra>on  Tests JUnit  Test
  11. 11. 11 Defect  Management Customer  Reported Reported  During  Sprint Customer  reported  defects  is  a   cri>cal  need  to  ensure  granular   visibility  and  traceability,  in  case   of  internally  reported  defects   these  controls  are  more  relaxed. Customer  Reported  Defect The  workflow  of  internally   reported  defects  has  many   differences  from  that  of  customer   reported  defects,  whereas  the   former  is  significantly  simplified.   Internally  Reported  Defect Teams  are  generally  encouraged   to  adopt  any  workflow  that  would   beer  fit  the  team's  goals  and   work  paerns. Reported  During  Sprint Internally  Reported
  12. 12. 12 Defects  Reported  During  Sprint Sprint 8 ⚒ In  Development Awai>ng  QA  Verifica>on Closed w
  13. 13. 13 Internally  Reported  Defects Complete  /  Deployed Awai>ng  QA  Verifica>on Defects  are  logged  in     Technical  Backlog  project Star>ng  status  for  these     Defects  is  In  Development w z 8
  14. 14. Customer Reported Defects 14 Customer  Reported  Defects Submitted to Development In Development Awaiting MergeAwaiting Development Awaiting Deployment Awaiting QA Verification Deployed! Feature Team Incomplete information to reproduce Manual QA Reproduce the issue, provide Issue fails customer verification Duplicate Support Won’t Fix Product Mgmt Awaiting Feedback Support / PM Customer Support Technical Group Production Release
  15. 15. 15 What  we  get  from  this  Process Number  of  Customer     issues  was  decreased  from     2012-­‐2014 35% Number  of  CriGcal     issues  was  decreased 700% Story  Readiness  Gme     was  decreased   46% Regression  cycle  reduced     from  2  weeks  to  4  days 60% Test  suite  is  automated 94% CI  running  Gme     reduced  by 17%
  16. 16. Thank  you  for  your  aen>on! Sargis  Sargsyan  |  Automa>on  QA  Engineer  |  sargis.sargsyan@workfront.com  |            @mrsargsyan  !