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Unit 4 lesson-2

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Unit 4 lesson-2

  1. 1. Unit Four Lesson Two
  2. 2. Practice What We learned Fill in the blanks with the present perfect tense of the verb that have been provided to you at the end of the sentence 1. I ___________________ a lot of countries (visit). 2. She _________________ from her illness (not/recover) 3. ________ the surgeon ____________ the operation (finish). 4. I ______________ to Atlanta *(drive). 5. Elizabeth ________________ a book yet. *(not/write) 6. ________ Tom ____________ to the supermarket yet *(go)? 7. They ___________________ to Tokyo, Japan before *(be).
  3. 3. Remember: Present Perfect does not state when the experience happened! Choose the correct form of the verb. 1. I (visited / have visited) a lot of countries in Asia. 2. Last year I (went / have been) to China. 3. The government (built / has built) ten new hospitals in the last five years. 4. (Did you ever / have you ever been) to the USA? 5. My mother (phoned / has phoned) me every week when I worked in London. 6. Jake (didn’t see / hasn’t seen) me yesterday. 7. I (didn’t finish / haven’t finished) my essay last night. 8. I (wrote / have written) about 5,000 words on the essay so far.
  4. 4. Complete the following statement with the following words from the text question Past participle irregular have gone subject has between To make a verb in Present Perfect tense, then you need to add ________ or _______ and regular _________ ___________. For example, “I have finished my test.” Meanwhile, if you want to negate the sentence you should add not ________ have/has and the past participle. Such as, “I have not finished my test.” Finally, if you want to write a __________ then you need to begin it with have/has and followed by the ___________ then the past participle such as “Have you ever worked in Starbucks?” Do not forget that some verbs are __________ such as go-went- ___________.