tense modals corporate social responsibility social responsibility corporate csr definition of teaching aptitude teacher teaching trade union in india webb's theory karl marx theory trade union over at in on types of preposition preposition future tense past tense present tense rules of verbs auxiliary verb past participle past present intransitive verb transitive verb make get let must might may should ought to have to would could can indirect speech direct speech passive voice active voice software requirements spiral model prototype model waterfall model software development phases recovery trough recession peak business cycle non verbal communication verbal communication barriers of communication models of communication communication techniques job analysis job specification performance analysis job description network layer application layer osi model data link layer presentation layer physical layer session layer transport layer premium pricing pricing strategies of pricing penetration pricing skim pricing price mcclelland theory of needs theory of profit leibenstein schumpter innovation theory x-efficiency theory software testing integration testing black box testing unit testing system testing white box testing alpha testing dijkstra's algorithm binary tree tree traversal spanning tree avl tree tree kruskal's algorithm prim's algorithm data concurrency control schema database management system data abstraction functionality database router switch topology computer networks fddi bus topology bridges tree topology unicast repeater ring topology wan simplex ethernet nic man star topology lan quality circles total quality control quality assurance quality organization quality quality audit quality control control expediting corrective action loading planning production follow up dispatching scheduling routing arbitrage pricing theory security market line capital market line beta capital assets pricing model separation theorem payoff options black-scholes option forward contracts futures derivatives production management job production continuous system mass production intermittent production system
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