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Mobile Banking

knowledge about the mobile banking.

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Mobile Banking

  1. 1. 1 Department of Computer Science and Informatics, University of Kota, Kota. A Seminar Submitted on: Submitted to: Submitted By: Prof. Reena Dadhich (HOD, CSI) 1. Ashish Sompura (04) 2. Sanjay Kumar (35)
  2. 2. Mobile Banking 2
  3. 3. INDEX  Introduction to Mobile Banking.  Mobile Banking Services.  Why Banks Promote Mobile Banking?  Technology Changes Behavior.  Reasons to decided not to use Mobile Banking.  Mobile Banking Advantages.  Security Requirement.  State Bank of India’s Mobile Banking (Example).  SBI Freedom: Registration Process.  Mobile Banking in India.  Growth of Mobile Banking.  Survey about the Mobile Banking. 3
  4. 4. Introduction: (Your Mobile, Your Bank)  Mobile Banking is an application that lives on a mobile phone, which access and manipulates their bank accounts at anytime & anywhere.  Mobile Banking is a system that allows customers to perform a number of financial transactions through a mobile device.  Monitoring our Bank accounts through the Mobiles, is known as Mobile Banking. 4
  5. 5. Mobile Banking Services: 1 Typical mobile banking services may include:  Balance Enquiry.  Mini Statement Enquiry. (Detail about last 5 transactions)  Cheque Status Enquiry.  Cheque Book Requests.  Fund Transfer between Accounts.  Credit/Debit Alerts.  Minimum Balance Alerts. 5
  6. 6. Mobile Banking Services: 2  Bill Payment Alerts.  Utility Bill Payment.  Generate OTP.  ATM Location.  IMPS- Interbank Mobile Payment Service.  Manage self Accounts.  Mobile Top-up and DTH recharge. 6
  7. 7. Why Banks Promote Mobile Banking?  Improve customer service and satisfaction.  Reduce Operating costs. (Cheaper than ATM Exp.)  Time Saving Process.  Increase the customer retention.  Transaction become more faster.  Provide multiple services under single mobile.  Also improve the branding. 7
  8. 8. Technology Changes Behavior: 1 Customers’ Behavior:  Save Customer’s Time and Energy.  Reduces Dependency on Bank Branch.  Generate More Transactions.  Become more educated.  Aware of their money.  Access their account 24 hours in a week.(24X7) 8
  9. 9. Technology Changes Behavior: 2 Banks’ Behavior:  Cost effective for Banks.  Be able to Generate More Loyalty.  Increase number of customer by attracting feature.  Reduce the crowding in bank branch.  It enables the bank to be better connected with their customer.  Helps to retain the valuable customers. 9
  10. 10. Reasons to decided not to use it: 10
  11. 11. Mobile Banking Advantages:  Simple and Easy to use.  Menu based Application Program.  Transmitted data are secured.  Almost every handset can Support this feature.  No need to go for Bank Branch.  Handle all type of Transactions from anywhere at anytime. 11
  12. 12. Security Requirement:  Every transmitted information between Mobile User and Banks are + In the Encrypted form and Secured by Firewall, + Authorization Key is also exist (UserID) + required PIN no. and OTP (One Time Password).  When a transaction will done, then authorized customer will receive a alert message.  If customer lost their Mobile, they can call to the bank to block their channel. 12
  13. 13. State Bank of India’s Mobile Banking Service: If you have an SBI account then you should register for SBI Mobile banking. There are absolutely no hidden costs. SBI offers Mobile Banking to its customers, in convenient, simple, secure form and takes the facility of banking at anywhere and anytime. Registration for SBI Mobile banking is available in two forms. • Only GPRS Enabled App. (State Bank Anywhere) • SMS + GPRS Enabled App. (State Bank Freedom) Most importantly the phone number which you have given to SBI Branch should be in this Mobile Banking Service. 13
  14. 14. SBI Freedom: Registration Process- 1. 14 Follow the steps carefully and in order. Step 1: Send a message to 9223440000 . Content of the message is “MBSREG” You will receive two SMS within the next 5 minutes. One which gives your userid and default mpin and the other one is a service message. E.g.- userid: alb956, default mpin: contains 6 numbers.
  15. 15. SBI Freedom: Registration Process- 2. 15 Step 2: Now, we need to install the “SBI Freedom” App on your mobile. Step 3: Open SBI Mobile banking App. Application will ask for userid, then press OK and then press accept to SBI terms of services.
  16. 16. SBI Freedom: Registration Process- 3. 16 Step 4: Then it will ask to change the PIN. Enter your old password and choose any 6 characters numeric PIN as new PIN. If this step was successfully completed, you will receive two SMS, One which says "Mpin changed" and other "Handset validation successful”.
  17. 17. SBI Freedom: Registration Process- 4. 17 Step 5: (i.) Registration from ATM: Now, Go to your Nearest SBI ATM. Insert your ATM card, enter your ATM PIN. choose Mobile Banking and then choose Registration option. Enter your mobile number and confirm it. You will receive the response from SBI on your mobile number. Check the transaction slip from the ATM Machine. It must say "Request accepted for further processing“. You will almost instantly receive an SMS. or (ii.) Registration from Branch: Fill up the mobile banking registration form at your home branch and then Bank will be processed and you will get the registration message the next day.
  18. 18. SBI Freedom: Registration Process- 5. 18 Step 6: Now Send a message like, “SACCEPT Userid MPIN” to 9223440000. Now, Registration Process has completed… After successfully registration Process. Login to the app. Here, It is the First look that appear after the Login process, and now you can access your banking account through your Mobile.
  19. 19. Mobile Banking in India: With mobile banking, bank provide the facility to access their accounts from anywhere, at anytime and in any condition. Mobile Banking is the newest area of development in the banking sector and is expected to replace the credit/debit card system in future. In past two years, mobile-banking users has increased three times. it is extremely easy and inexpensive to implement. It reduces the cost of operation for bankers in comparison to the use of ATMs. The survey found that Indian users to be more aware of mobile banking than other countries. 19
  20. 20. Growth of Mobile Banking: 20
  21. 21. Survey conducted from the Public: 1. Do you know about the mobile banking facility? 21 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Yes No This graph represents the amount of customers who are aware of the mobile banking facility. Indians are well aware of the services such as mobile banking which are provided by banks to them. A service such as mobile banking is definitely not a new concept to the Indian people.
  22. 22. Survey conducted from the Public: 2. Are you aware whether your bank provides the mobile banking facility? 20 15 10 5 This graph represents the amount of customers who are aware whether their bank provides mobile banking services or not. 22 0 Yes, it does No, it doesn't I don’t k now
  23. 23. Survey conducted from the Public: 3. Do you prefer mobile banking / traditional method of banking? 23 20 15 10 5 0 Mobile Banking Traditional Banking This graph represents the amount of customers who prefer to bank using mobile banking services or traditional banking methods. The main reason for the fall of mobile banking graph is that people believe that banking through the mobile phone is risky and that it can lead to information falling into the wrong hands.
  24. 24. Survey conducted from the Public: 4. Do you have confidence in the mobile banking facility? 16 15.5 15 14.5 14 13.5 This graph represents that the Indian people are still unsure and are not confident enough to take transaction using mobile phones. 24 13 Yes No
  25. 25. Survey conducted from the Public: 5. Would you recommend such a facility to others? 25 20 15 10 5 0 Yes No This graph represents the amount of customers that recommend the mobile banking facility to others. If a customer, who has used the mobile banking facility in the past, recommends such a facility to others. “A point to be noted is that even though the Indian people are not fully confident about mobile banking, but they are willing to experiment with new ideas and innovations.”
  26. 26. Survey conducted from the Public: 6. Why do you feel mobile banking is beneficial to society? 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 This graph represents that mobile banking is beneficial to everyone. 26 0 Cost effective for banks Saves Customers' time and energy Reduces dependency on bank branches All of the above
  27. 27. Q&A? Ashish Sompura: ashish.som555@gmail.com Sanjay Suthar: sanjaymsuthar@gmail.com 27 Thanks