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100 Trends: What’s Up In Business And Culture For 2013

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“100 Trends: What’s Up In Business & Culture For 2013”, covers 100 new trends in digital marketing which are influencing how we live and work this year. Relevant to marketers and business professionals, the report goes in-depth into new trends in the arts, business, communities, food, marketing and technology.

Download the full report here: http://100trends.room214.com/

The report was compiled over months of analysis and online data monitoring by the Room 214 research team to uncover the rising themes that were driving changes in popular conversation. What resulted was an invaluable look into the mindset of consumers and culture for the upcoming year.

In an ever-changing world, business leaders and marketing professionals are constantly on watch for shifts in culture. Ideating around these shifts can mean the difference between a marketing campaign that flops and one that makes a real impact.

So there are all of these trend lists on the web, ranging from the obscure to the obvious, the insightful to the banal, edicts from on high to mainstream front-page news. We get it. They’re fun to make and easy to read. But what’s the point? That sweet moment of inspiration and innovation, and of course the ensuing questions: What new foods will we see on menus? Which burgeoning digital communities should we sign up for? Will we finally have flying cars this year?

Although sometimes these “trends” don’t ultimately amount to much, and since we’re pretty sure flying cars aren’t happening anytime soon, we thought we’d make a list of the things that intrigue and inspire us at work, at home, and online to see what larger cultural trends surface.

Here are some themes we’re seeing:
You Today: You change. You evolve. You improve. Every day.
You In Charge: You are no longer beholden to brands, to limitation, to lack of choice.
You Share: You don’t need to own what you can borrow.
“You”, Plural: “You” is not just one – we’re all in this together.
You Care: You think about the social and environmental implications of the way you live your life.
You Make: You are not content with prepackaged. Instead, you create for yourself.

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100 Trends: What’s Up In Business And Culture For 2013

  2. 2. 100 TRENDS | ARTS & LEISURE09. Musicians GetPaidDigital Streaming ServicesSupplant Some PiracyIt is widely believed that music piracy didmuch to topple music industry profits,with artists now looking to touring,merchandise and licensing to make a living. Record companies and entrepreneurs havefinally caught up with what music fans have wanted all along – access to all music,anywhere and all of the time. Spotify, Pandora and similar services make that possiblewhile supplanting the urge to download tracks from questionable sources.As paid subscriptions and advertising revenue increase, so have payments to artists.SoundExchange, the main digital royalty tracking and distribution organization, nowconsistently distributes over US$100 million to artists each quarter. Hopefully this marksthe path away from piracy toward a more practical, enjoyable, fair and sustainable methodfor listening to our favorite jams.SoundExchange Tops $1 Billion in Total Payouts, Surpasses $100 Million in Q1Billboard.biz, June 18, 2012SoundExchange10. NBA HipstersBasketball Ball Stars DonThick-Rimmed Glasses AndBowtiesTraditionally some of the biggesttrendsetters in sports, NBA players haverecently begun dressing more like Brooklyn record store clerks than streetballers. WhenKobe Bryant is photographed in red skinny jeans, you know something is up.In reaction against the baggy clothes and b-boy style that ruled the courts for decades,geek chic is now how NBA stars stand out off the court – plaid shirts, paperboy hats, andskinny ties abound. In other words, goodbye Foot Locker, hello Bonobos.And of course there’s the inevitable tumblr blog to track the latest trendy baller sightings.Check the NBA Hipsters page for what’s hot among the more fashionably-daring eliteathletes of the NBA.NBA Hipsters on tumblrROOM214.COM | INFO@ROOM214.COM | 866.624.1851 | @ROOM_214 | FACEBOOK.COM/ROOM214 10
  3. 3. 100 TRENDS | BUSINESS25. Product SubscriptionsSocks, Razors And More At Your Door Every MonthProduct subscriptions have kicked into overdrive. Grooming essentials, bulk basics, apparel,creative supplies and trendy trinkets are just a few of the myriad goods that can be purchasedvia an online subscription and periodically shipped to your door. Buyers love the convenienceand investors love the recurring revenue.While many subscription services have been created from the ground up as tech startups,there’s every chance that big retailers will start offering similar services to cost-conscioussubscription fans. Meanwhile, smaller players like Bespoke Post will continue to pitch super-unique monthly experiences-in-a-box to connoisseurs of what’s new.Bespoke Post26. “Topless” MeetingsNo Laptops/Phones/Tablets AllowedFrustrated by distractions and disengaged participants, some companies have institutedold school screen-free meetings. While connectivity is key for more and more offices,sometimes it’s nice to turn it all off and have a chance to practice those social skills withan actual face-to-face conversation. It’s also a good way to see which employees are thefirst to suffer social media withdrawal.What is a Topless Meeting? wiseGEEKROOM214.COM | INFO@ROOM214.COM | 866.624.1851 | @ROOM_214 | FACEBOOK.COM/ROOM214 19
  4. 4. 100 TRENDS | COMMUNITY & SOCIETY37. Indie Gaming Gets Its Own ConsoleThe Little Game System That MightIndustry observers have predicted the death of the home video game console for years, butMicrosoft, Sony and Nintendo continue to occupy a place in living rooms around the world.Now there’s a new game in town – OUYA (pronounced “ooh-ya”). The Android-based, YvesBehar-designed, Kickstarter-funded system will take on the big guns in 2013.This product has the potential to represent the true mainstreaming of crowdsourced goods.After raising US$8.5 million on Kickstarter, some big name developers quickly came onboard to support the system. And because it runs on the hugely popular Android platform,thousands of developers already have the capability to make games for it. Finally, at just$99, it undercuts the competition on price. Not just a video game console, OUYA may becrowdfunding’s hockey stick moment.OUYA on KickstarterOUYA official site38. Make Your City AwesomeLowkey Funders Support “Awesome” ProjectsThe Awesome Foundation, comprising 59 chapters in 12 countries, is a growing “networkof people dedicated to the forwarding of awesomeness in the universe”. Each chaptersolicits project ideas, and offers a series of monthly US$1,000 grants to help see the bestones to fruition.From San Antonio to Ulaan Bataar and Berlin to San Francisco, artists and activists havecompleted cool small-scale projects with the aim to make their cities just a little bit cooler.357 projects later, that’s a lot of awesome spread to cities around the world. Does yourcity support awesomeness?The Awesome FoundationROOM214.COM | INFO@ROOM214.COM | 866.624.1851 | @ROOM_214 | FACEBOOK.COM/ROOM214 26
  5. 5. 100 TRENDS | FOOD43. Bacon DustAs Pork Belly Futures Rise, So Bacon Shall Become A Rarer TreatFood prices are on the rise, and bacon is no exception. Climate change and increaseddemand have put upward pressure on pork prices, which may mean we’ll see fewerextreme bacon gut busters on menus.Instead, chefs are turning to portion control by serving bacon in bits, cooked until crispand dry, then buzzed in a food processor to accent a whole array of dishes both sweetand savory. The salty strips are also showing up in baked goods and deserts withincreasing frequency – bacon mints, anyone?44. Classy Cocktail MixersHome Mixologists Class It UpCraft beer, whisky, vodka and other spirits abound inliquor stores, yet the mixer aisle is still crammed withhigh-fructose corn syrup-laden concoctions that feel moreKool-Aid than cosmopolitan. But smallscale entrepreneursare looking to change that.Real fruit juice, agave syrup, organic herbs, and an artistictouch are the hallmarks of this new breed of boozebrighteners. In fact, a healthy handful of entrepreneurshave successfully funded cocktail bitters companies onKickstarter in the past year. Your old fashioned will neverbe the same.ROOM214.COM | INFO@ROOM214.COM | 866.624.1851 | @ROOM_214 | FACEBOOK.COM/ROOM214 30
  6. 6. 100 TRENDS | MARKETING65. A/B Test EverythingLet Your Fans Decide What WorksDigital marketing allows us to easily test multiple versions of advertisements, marketingmessages and design elements. Without the need to print massive quantities of a finishedproduct, savvy marketers have taken to A/B testing everything they do. An experimentalsample of two emails, ads or page layouts can help determine which version has moreimpact. Then it’s as simple as taking the better one and pushing it to the entire targetedaudience. This technique is also helpful for determining how different audiences react tothe same message. A/B testing should be a basic tool in every marketer’s repertoire.Google AdWordsABtests.com Learn. Share. Improve your conversations every day.66. Ask WhyWhy Do You Care About Your Brand? Why Should Anyone Else?All of the conversation aroundquantitative analysis of social mediapost performance, engagement levels,followers and sentiment is importantfor improving data integrity industry-wide. However, the effort to optimizetoward the perfect post can reduce thespontaneity and sense of human-to-human interaction that defines socialengagement.With that in mind, it is important tounderstand what it is about your brandthat excites you every day and how thatshould excite your audience. After all,social media is about driving organicreal-life discussion about the day’s mostinteresting topics. If you want your brandto be part of the conversation, you need to be interesting enough to talk about. This isoften less feature-specific and more about brand essence. What are your fans alreadysaying without prompting from “official sources”? How can you encourage even moresuch discussion?So while quantitative analysis is vital for tracking campaign ROI, it also behooves you tonot forget the qualitative because people are savvy – we all know the difference betweencorporate robo-posts optimized for engagement and real social media conversation starters.ROOM214.COM | INFO@ROOM214.COM | 866.624.1851 | @ROOM_214 | FACEBOOK.COM/ROOM214 42
  7. 7. 100 TRENDS | TECHNOLOGY81. 3D Printing = Invention Revolution3D Printing For AllOffice supply giant Staples recently announced a plan to introduce 3D printing servicesat select retail locations in 2013. Forward-thinking designers have been using 3D printingmachines for rapid prototyping, machine part manufacturing and just plain fun for severalyears. But now we’ll all have a chance to become acquainted with the process. We maysoon see print-your-own toys, tools and replacement parts as a result. This takes Made inthe USA to a whole new level.Staples announces in-store 3-D printing service CNN, December 2012MakerBot desktop 3D printer82. ArduinoThe Next Wave In ComputingCheck out any online forum for tinkerers and DIY gadget makers, and you’re bound tofind tons of talk about Arduino. It’s an open-source electronics prototyping platform,developed in Italy in 2005, that consists of a microcontroller and interchangeable circuitswith a complimentary programming language that engineers and enthusiasts can use tocreate all sorts of devices. LEDs, GPS units, power controllers and light sensors are just afew of the components available for building customized robots and gadgets.Arduino enthusiasts have made musical instruments, home lighting controllers, games,and Lego robots among hundreds of other creations posted online. This could be thebeginning of a custom electronics revolution.Arduino official siteArduino Community40 Arduino Projects on the Web Hack n ModROOM214.COM | INFO@ROOM214.COM | 866.624.1851 | @ROOM_214 | FACEBOOK.COM/ROOM214 51