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Speakeasy 2.0: Leverage To Grow A Business And Scale A Business

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This presentation was first presented at Speakeasy 2.0 and provides three methods for identifying and using leverage to grow your business and scale your business. It begins with a simple 3 part test, then progresses to a leverage checklist and eventually to completing a Leverage Mapping Canvas, process map and matrix.

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Speakeasy 2.0: Leverage To Grow A Business And Scale A Business

  1. 1. facebook.com/RolandFrasierPage “Using Leverage To Rapidly Grow Your Business,Find Investors + Scale Your Team” Roland Frasier DigitalMarketer | NativeCommerce
  2. 2. Let’s Be Real facebook.com/RolandFrasierPage
  3. 3. 8 Reasons You Might Not Want To Listen To Me… Lost $1MM cash last year in one company by expanding to fast Passed on owning products that have earned over $1 billion in sales Had to lay off 54 people last year due to inadequate hiring controls Shuttered 2 separate companies in 2016 for underperforming growth Sued in a class-action lawsuit demanding millions in damages Took a company public during one of the worst bubble busts ever Defended actions by US Atty, State AG, DA, IRS, SEC + Postal Inspector Guessed wrong on inventory + left with over 100,000 “fuzzy ducks”
  4. 4. #tcs2017 facebook.com/RolandFrasierPage But Despite All That…
  5. 5. Members in continuity programs ($XXMM+ MRR Before Events + Other Product Sales)
  6. 6. Happy members of all shapes and sizes…
  7. 7. One Thing Makes All That Possible…
  8. 8. Leverage
  9. 9. 3 Ways To Find The Leverage In Your Business… #1: Contribution/Replication Test #2: Rapid Growth Leverage Checklist #3: Leverage Mapping Canvas
  10. 10. Contribution/Replication Test To Determine Ideal Leverage Opportunities… #1: What activity contributes the most to top line revenue? #2: What activity contributes the most to margin? #3: Is either #1 or #2 above replicable? DM = Events DM = Events So… Do More Of #1 + #2 And Replicate Wherever Possible Yes, Both Method #1
  11. 11. Method #2 __ Expand Internationally (T/G/S/F) __ Manufacture In-House (S) __ Buy Your Competitors (T/G/S) __ Buy Your Suppliers (T/G/S) __ Buy Your Clients (T/G/S) __ Buy Out Your Partners (G/S/F) __ Buy Complementary Media (T/G/S) __ Franchise (G/S/F) __ Create JVs + Strategic Partnerships __ License Brands / Products / Services (G) __ Crowdfund With Clients + Customers (G/S/F) __ Debt / Equity Offering (T/G/S/F) __ Borrow A Salesforce / Rep. Network (T/G/S) __ Outsource Or Offshore Functions (T/S) __ Add Services To Physical Products (G) __ Add Physical Product To Services / Info (G) Benefits Key: T = Team G = Growth S = Scale F = FundingRapid Growth Leverage Checklist
  12. 12. Method #3: Leveraged Growth Matrix + Leverage Mapping Canvas
  13. 13. The 3 x 3 x 3 LEVERAGED GROWTH MATRIX
  14. 14. © 2017 Roland Frasier Relationships + Tools Trends Asset Inventory Strategies + Tactics Product or Service + Offer Who What relationships + tools can help you achieve the desired leverage? What trends can provide leverage? What assets can you use to gain leverage? List the products + services you need to achieve your leverage goal… List the partners or targets needed to achieve your leverage goal… What strategies + tactics can you deploy? LCA, LTS + LBF Leverage Mapping Canvas Implementation
  15. 15. LMC Implementation Process Use the LMC to define the desired outcome Reach out to Target List through your network or directly Complete a paid transaction via Designated Access Channels Complete a Value In Advance transaction Satisfy needs/desired outcome of targeted leverage partner DAC Transaction Leverage partner endorses you + gives testimonial Leverage partner intros you to additional potential leverage partners VIA Transaction JV Deal Partner
  17. 17. #1: What partner can contribute the most to your top line revenue? #2: What partner can contribute the most to margin?
  18. 18. #tcs2017 LinkedIn.com/in/RolandFrasier Thank you! Slideshare.com/RolandFrasier