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The Social and Community Strategist Role

  1. The Social and Rachel Happe! Principal & Co-Founder Community Strategist The Community Roundtable Role Image by Dave Gray, The Connected Company
  2. What is a Social or Community Strategist? An individual who has tacit or explicit authority to define enterprise- wide standards for social media and community engagement. This includes approaches to strategy, leadership, culture, community management, content and programming, measurement, policies/ governance and tools. The corporate social strategist is the business decision maker for social programs who provides leadership, roadmap definition, and governance; and directly influences the spending on technology vendors and service agencies. – Jeremiah Owyang, Career Path of the Corporate Social Strategist
  3. Strategists Play A Critical Role Roles Supporting Cast and Tools Futurist •  Analysts •  Research •  External connections to peers and thought leaders Connector of dots •  In-person meetings •  Telephone •  Internal advocates •  Peer support Leader •  Time alone to reflect •  Supportive mentors and peers Storyteller •  Practice audiences •  Training and reading Therapist •  Training •  Peer support
  4. Skills and Qualities of Strategists Skills Qualities •  Research and analysis •  Persuasive •  Marketing or communications •  Persistent •  Program and resource •  Passionate but tempered management •  Open minded and collaborative •  Business development •  Optimistic •  Curious •  Modest •  Calm •  Fascinated with humanity •  Authentic and trustworthy •  Comfortable with ambiguity
  5. Strategists Face Unique Challenges Keystone A Foot in Each World Matrixed Responsibilities Isolating Perspective
  6. Approach
  7. First: Define What Success Will Look Like 1. Personally Example: Executives who understand the social opportunities and risks. Approval from compliance groups to execute. Successfully getting investment to execute. 2. Organizationally Example: Organization has a consistent approach to social initiatives, there is a governance model in place, staff participating in social initiatives are trained.
  8. Second: Articulate Three Basics Purpose Business Advocacy Case
  9. Third: Define an Adoption Approach Full-Frontal Attack Pincer Movement Networked Pros Cons Pros Cons Pros Cons Clarity before Resource Conserves Can be slow Builds diverse Requires you and after intensive resources support to cede control Big, hairy, Requires Can reduce Can backfire Creates Interim audacious significant initial with multiple shared milestones goal C-level buy- resistance groups ownership of are less energizes in success predictable people Raises stakes Raises Can produce a Difficult to see Aligns with Few models and anxiety stakes and fait accompli the complete social to copy levels anxiety for executives picture business levels strategy Structured Emergent
  10. Deciding on Your Approach Influencing Factors: •  Executive commitment and decision making style •  Cultural support for experimentation and initiative •  Level of current activity in the social space •  Frank assessment of strategists’ influence in the organization
  11. An Enterprise Relationship Roadmap" The Community Maturity Model
  12. Fourth: Develop Your Supporting Cast— Internally Marketing Customer IT Support Community Business Owner Product/ Compliance Innovation Group HR
  13. Fifth: Develop Your Supporting Cast — Externally Accenture CMSWire Deloitte Fast Company McKinsey InformationWeek/The Brainyard Protiviti Social Business News Management PWC Social Media Examiner Consulting Social Media Today Firms Edelman Digital The Community Manager Fleishman Hillard Porter Novelli/Voce Marketing Social Media Group Media Agencies Weber Shandwick Acquia Awareness Get Satisfaction IBM Community Igloo Community   Business Jive Business   Ants Eye View Owner Owner   Niche Lithium ComBlu Moxie Vendors Consulting Dachis NewsGator Firms Roberts Golden Telligent SideraWorks BlogWorld DeFrag Analyst Enterprise 2.0 Conferences Firms Altimeter SocialFresh Constellation WOMMA Summit Forrester MarketingProfs Gartner Pivot Conference IDC Web 2.0 RedMonk
  14. Additional Reading 2012 State of Community Management Report: Altimeter: The Career Path of the Social Strategist - CSC Case Study - SAP Case Study - Dell Case Study -
  15. Research: The State of Community Management 2012 •  Market analysis •  Industry and market perspectives •  Artifacts, patterns, initiatives and resources by maturity stage Download 2012 report here:
  16. About The Community Roundtable Mission:  Advance  the  Business  of  Community   Services   1.  Champion:  Advocate  for  the  needs  of  community   •  TheCR  Network   business  owners  and  teams   •  TheCR  Focus   2.  Educate:  Provide  training  soluHons  to  community  &   •  TheCR  Advisory   social  business  leaders   •  TheCR  Research   3.  Curate:  Aggregate,  document,  and  share  community   •  Community  Management   management  best  pracHces   Training   Member  OrganizaHons  &  Clients   Leadership  Team   Rachel  Happe   Principal  and  Co-­‐Founder   @rhappe   Jim  Storer   Principal  and  Co-­‐Founder   @jimstorer
  17. TheCR’s Solutions We develop client competencies through training, professional development and research Start Build Grow TheCR Training TheCR Training TheCR Training • Community Lead • Community Team • Stakeholders TheCR Network TheCR Network TheCR Network •  Community Lead •  Community Team •  Community Team Stage Stage Stage Stage 1 Research 2 Research 3 Research 4 •  TheCR Focus for •  TheCR Focus for •  TheCR Focus for Executive Sponsors Executive Sponsors Executive Sponsors •  TheCR Focus for •  TheCR Focus for TheCR Advisory Stakeholders Stakeholders •  Executive Education TheCR Advisory TheCR Advisory •  Stakeholder •  Stakeholder Education Education •  Workshop •  Workshop
  18. TheCR’s Services Our services are designed to educate different audiences at different stages of the social business journey TheCR Network Training A membership-based network of On demand and in person training community, social media and social modules for a variety of community business leaders which provides: roles: •  Peer and expert interaction •  Specialist/Moderator •  Report library of peer practices •  Community Manager •  Tools and templates •  Social or Community •  Professional concierge services Strategist TheCR Focus TheCR Advisory A monthly report subscription Industry experts that deliver providing insights gleaned from customized solutions in the following practitioners and for: ways: •  Executive sponsors •  Keynotes •  Operational stakeholders •  Executive Education •  Advocates and part-time •  Workshops community managers •  Retained Advisory
  19. TheCR Thought Leadership Our research platforms educate the market, inform our services, and enable partner services State  of  Community   The  Social  Execu6ve   Management   TSE  looks  at  execu6ve   The  SOCM  provides   adop6on  and  the   insight  on  community   TheCR’s research portfolio linkage  between   programs  and  prac6ces,   business  strategy  and   learned  from  leading   is designed to provide a the  use  of  social   prac66oners.     comprehensive view of technologies.   how leading organizations are succeeding in social business. Career  Path  of  the   Community  Maturity   ModelTM   Community   Professional   By  capturing  the   This  research  looks  at   maturity  of  different   compensa6on,  roles   organiza6ons,  we  help   and  experience  of   the  market  mature   community   more  quickly.   professionals.
  20. Ways We Partner We partner with vendors, consulting firms and agencies to enable their success in marketing, customer support and service development Content Sponsorships Experiences Thought •  Subscription Research • Webinars Leadership •  eBooks & white papers • Keynotes •  Reports • Workshops A La Carte Services Solution Packages Customer Success •  Training •  Start •  TheCR Network •  Build Membership •  Grow •  Advisory Research Based Staff Training Partner Services •  Maturity Assessments •  Specialist •  The Social Executive •  Manager Assessments •  Strategist
  21. Thank you! Questions? Rachel Happe @rhappe