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Corporate training

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An innovating training and consulting company specialised in team building and sales motivation! Bramma Learning Solutions Kochi

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Corporate training

  1. 1. Do you feel that you need to accelerate more? …..with more focus more energy !
  2. 2. We have solutions for you…
  3. 3. Our Services1. Corporate in bound trainings2. Corporate out bound trainings3. Business games4. Goal setting workshops5. Business owner mentoring6. Infotainment sessions7. Corporate Quiz Programmes
  4. 4. Corporate Inbound Trainings• Instructor led classroom trainings• Result oriented sessions on specific topics• Flexible as per the need of the client• Follow ups also available
  5. 5. Outbound Trainings• Experiential learning at awesome outdoor locations• Team building activities• Expert instructor led training• A lifetime experience!
  6. 6. Business Games• Indoor sessions based on business games• Focus on various aspects of management as per the client need• Learning by doing
  7. 7. • Best for the top level management • Maximum 8-12 participantsGoal Setting • Sets the goal and milestones for the next year and come with a graphical representation at the end • Law of attraction oriented session
  8. 8. Business owner Mentoring• One to one sessions with business owners• Strategic consulting• Style and image management
  9. 9. Infotainment sessions• Sessions with high level of interactivity• Knowledge and talent sharing• Includes singers, trainers and talented artists in the programme• Suitable for annual day celebrations etc
  10. 10. Corporate Quiz Programmes• Done by eminent quiz masters• High quality interactive and informative programme• Develop knowledge sharing concept among your employees• Can be done on specific areas of interest
  11. 11. i ss m ’t sD on hi t me ti it fe un li rt po y op Call us @ 9539057778/9747714788