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Npn 2011 building community capacity through ttambfn(2)

  1. BUILDING COMMUNITY CAPACITY THROUGH TTA learn.understand.adopt Marcus Bouligny Tiffiany M. Aholou Pam Johnson
  2. Presentation Agenda learn.understand.adopt !  Overview: SPF-SIG in Georgia !  CITF Framework !  CITF Framework in SPF Context !  Learning Community Comments !  GA-SPF Nine Video Clip !  Closing 2
  3. SPF SIG Cohort III learn.understand.adopt State of Georgia Training and Technical Assistance GA-SPF-SIG Coordinator - Pam Johnson 3
  4. Lack of Coordinated State Level Technical Assistance learn.understand.adopt !  In response to the SPF SIG RFA we cited this area as a challenge for the State of Georgia for several reasons: –  Size/Area of the State of Georgia –  Density of Metro populations –  Number of prevention funded service providers needing technical assistance 4
  5. Extending State Capacity !  Community Initiative Task Force learn.understand.adopt (CITF)= a pool of consultants with expertise in each area of the SPF process !  Contract with Georgia State University/School of Social Work 5
  6. Prevention Provider’s level of Knowledge learn.understand.adopt !  Prevention workforce lack of baseline knowledge of core prevention strategies and best practices !  Lack of sharing of knowledge - creating disproportionate number of services in more rural counties 6
  7. Need for more “specialized” TA learn.understand.adopt !  Every County-Community-Provider is different !  Varying skill levels in prevention core competencies !  Lack of Culturally Competent Trainers/ Coaches 7
  8. learn.understand.adopt CITF Framework Team Lead CITF Coach – Marcus Bouligny CITF Coach – Tiffiany Aholou 8
  9. Complexity !  SAMSHA's expansion of the SPF and the launch of learn.understand.adopt the eight strategic initiatives have laid a very clear direction for change. !  Although this shift has opened the door for exciting new advances in community health and wellness it has also revealed many gaps in understanding, skills and adoption by those charged with implementing programs.
  10. Big Question learn.understand.adopt   How do we prepare the nine SPF-SIG communities to learn, build skills and facilitate adoption of the SPF framework as well as the implementation of their Strategies?
  11. Conceptual Framework CITF Framework SR Challenges CITF Outcomes Solutions !  Communities !  Lack of are prepared !  Training understanding to impact !  Technical of new process selected Assistance (SPF 5 steps) priority areas !  Guidance !  Limited History Documents !  Lack of skills !  Monthly !  Limited Human Check-in Resources !  Information !  Limited Peer Transfer Access/ Work (web-based Silos
  12. At the Core learn.understand.adopt ELEMENTS ATTRIBUTES  Research  Collaboration  Support  Adaptation  Access  Interpersonal Skills
  13. Roles & Responsibilities The primary role of the CITF Coach is to: learn.understand.adopt !  Act as a conduit for T/TA and other state- sponsored support services. !  Maintain consistent contact with the SRs to stay abreast of their ongoing needs. !  Ensure that SRs receive timely and appropriate support with the SPF process.
  14. Training and Technical Assistance Training: To increase knowledge and skills of SPF learn.understand.adopt using various state approved tools Technical Assistance: Coach SRs to understand and adopt the principles of SPF
  15. Modalities Face-to- learn.understand.adopt Face (F2F) Conference Conference Screen Calls Share (CC) (CSS)
  16. Technical Services Technical Services: Aid in the development of core tools and guidance documents as well as provide access to empirical literature that supports SRs selection of evidenced-based interventions. learn.understand.adopt WRITING •  Development of training curriculum •  Creation of SPF Tip Sheets REVIEW •  Review of SR products SEARCHES •  Empirical searches of evidenced based practices, policies, and programs
  17. e Information Transfer Information Transfer: To create an open exchange of information to the State and SRs learn.understand.adopt MONTHLY SHARE CALLS •  Create an outlet for SRs to share their progress on the various steps of the SPF •  Provides a ‘learning community’ for SRs to learn from their peers successes and challenges WEBSITE MAINTENANCE •  To provide web-based access to updated tools, documents, and other pertinent information regarding the various SPF steps •  Acts as a portal to other web-based services offered to the SRs (i.e. RTI , ECCO, and Empirical Search Request ECCO ENTRIES •  To document SR progress •  Provides a vehicle to track and monitor TTA requests
  18. learn.understand.adopt CITF FRAMEWORK IN SPF CONTEXT Team Lead CITF Coach – Marcus Bouligny CITF Coach – Tiffiany Aholou 18
  19. Assessment Challenges! Tools! Core-at-a-Glance learn.understand.adopt Communities were Tool unfamiliar with doing a Developed using RTI Comprehensive Needs SPF Needs Assessment Process and Assessment. Guidance Binder TA Objective! TA Modality Help communities understand how to F2F Training capture, catalogue and Coaching & Debrief prioritize intervening sessions after CAC variables and meetings contributing factors 2
  20. Capacity Challenges! Tools! Communities needed learn.understand.adopt to understand and • Stages of Readiness build their internal • Suggested approaches capacity. Based on the to build capacity new data from the Needs Assessment. TA Objective! TA Modality Help communities F2F Training/CAC understand the Meetings importance of Coaching & Debrief community readiness sessions after CAC meetings scores.
  21. Planning Challenges! Tools! Communities might say “sounds" like a great NREPP website learn.understand.adopt strategy or intervention; however there is no Evidenced-based strategies guidance document evidence of outcomes. TA Objective! TA Modality Help communities understand the Conference Call/ significance behind Screen Share selecting evidenced- Coaching & Debrief based strategies. sessions after initial strategies that already training have demonstrated success. 2
  22. Planning Challenges! Tools! Communities lack the Refer to Evidenced-based capacity to find strategies guidance learn.understand.adopt documentation that document supports their evidence- Empirical Request based practice strategies System TA Objective! TA Modality In consultation with Website communities, assist in Conference /Screen Share accessing Coaching & Debrief documentation empirical Sessions literature related to a community's selected evidence-based strategy. 2
  23. Planning Challenges! Tools! learn.understand.adopt Communities typically intervene at the host not the environment TA Objective! TA Modality Conference/Screen Share Help communities understand that real Coaching & Debrief change occurs when sessions after initial strategies are applied in training a comprehensive manner 2
  24. Implementation Challenges! Tools! learn.understand.adopt When and how do communities CLI /Action Plan implement their approved strategies? TA Objective! TA Modality Help communities Conference Call/ stay grounded and Screen Share focused on their Coaching sessions approved Action Plan 2
  25. Implementation Challenges! Tools! Different communities; learn.understand.adopt similar but unique challenges SPF Tip Sheets implementing strategies TA Objective! TA Modality To create tips that addresses some of Information Transfer similar issues or Technical Services challenges experienced by the SRs 2
  26. Evaluation Challenges! Tools! Communities and local RTI Local Evaluation learn.understand.adopt evaluators could Guidance Workbook become burdened with having to develop RTI Evaluation Portal evaluation tools TA objective! TA Modality To develop uniformed evaluation tools that Conference Call/ can be used to assist Screen Share local evaluators across Coaching sessions GA-SPF sites 2
  27. Cultural Competency Challenges! Tools! Communities have Characteristics of a learn.understand.adopt different understandings Diverse CAC Worksheet of how cultural competency should be infused in SPF process. TA Objective! TA Modality F2F Training Communities will have a CAC Coaching common understanding the significance of cultural competency. 2
  28. Sustainability Challenges! Tools! learn.understand.adopt Staff turnover presents challenges in maintaining Topical consistent SPF community efforts TA Objective! TA Modality Help communities diffuse SPF knowledge through Standing Ad hoc their CAC Trainings as requested 2
  29. learn.understand.adopt LEARNING COMMUNITY Team Lead CITF Coach – Marcus Bouligny CITF Coach – Tiffiany Aholou 30
  30. Learning Community Which SPF Step presented a notable challenge in your community or learn.understand.adopt system? What was on your T/TA wish-list around this particular challenge? Team Lead CITF Coach – Marcus Bouligny CITF Coach – Tiffiany Aholou 31
  31. In Their Words…
  32. Special Thanks Dr. Jim Wolk learn.understand.adopt Dr. Amy Glass Tiffiany Aholou Shayla Bennett Marcus Bouligny Adriel Jones Dr. Phillip Graham & RTI Team Margie Irizarry-DelaCruz SPF Nine Communities 33