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How Pandemic is Reshaping the Product World by Uber PM

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Main Takeaways:
- Shifts in consumer behavior are completely redefining what products are being built.
- Companies are betting on a completely new post-covid future accelerating several trends
- Being laser focused in execution matters more than ever.

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How Pandemic is Reshaping the Product World by Uber PM

  1. 1. How the Pandemic is reshaping the Product world Shiva Arunachalam Sr. Product Manager, Uber
  2. 2. Agenda ● What we do ● How we build ● The Pandemic strikes! ● The Human toll ● Organize-Reorganize ● Acceleration of trends ● The Big Bets ● Laser focused execution
  3. 3. What we do
  4. 4. Software products Touch the real world Shape societies Change behaviors
  5. 5. How we build
  6. 6. Build locally Experiment rapidly Scale globally Operate regionally
  7. 7. The Pandemic strikes!
  8. 8. Wuhan, China U.S. in lockdown Economies shut down Great Depression?
  9. 9. The Human toll
  10. 10. Over 8 million cases Over 449,000 dead Over 40 million unemployed in the U.S. The human cost is real
  11. 11. Organize-Reorganize
  12. 12. Technology as a force for good Tech adoption skyrockets Re-organize the workforce Rethink what products mean
  13. 13. Acceleration of trends
  14. 14. Retail / E-commerce Remote work / learning Gaming / Entertainment Healthcare
  15. 15. Big Bets
  16. 16. Ambient Wellness with Contactless options E-commerce with A.R. / V.R. Virtual Companions with Smart Assistants Virtual Experience Economy
  17. 17. Laser focused execution
  18. 18. No more BAU Constrained problem solving Quicker execution Everyone’s remote!
  19. 19. Key takeaways ● The world has changed, behaviors can be shaped ● Deeper embrace of Technology ● Safety first solutions ● The future is now
  20. 20. Thanks!