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Odoo OpenERP 7 Medical Hospital Healthcare Management

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We provide implementation service for Medical which is an open source, centralized Health and Hospital Information System that provides the following functionality :
1 )Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
2) Hospital Information System (HIS)
3) Health Information System

EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is computerized legal medical record created in an organization that delivers care such as Hospital or doctor’s clinic. EMR will provide to improve the quality of life by reducing costs. The use of the system will help to centralize the medical information.

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Odoo OpenERP 7 Medical Hospital Healthcare Management

  1. 1. OpenERP7Medical Hospital HealthcareManagementPower Point PresentationPragmatic Techsoft Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. OpenERP Hospital Management ModuleOpenERP Hospital Management Module is highlyscalable, centralized Hospital Information System (HIS) for doctorsand institutions.OpenERP hospital management covers the following features: Appointments Electronic medical record Medicals Patient Hospitalization Administration Laboratory details Billing and financial accounting Outpatient and inpatient management
  3. 3. Brief about – Hospital Management ModuleCore modules incorporated in Hospital Management vertical is as follows :1) Patient registration Information :Patient Administration (creation, evaluations / consultations, history ... )Patient Emergency contact detailsPatient Critical Information details- eg. Allergic to penicillin (anaphylaxis), Type I Diabetes etcHealth Evaluation.Print student ID, Student Attendance report2) Laboratory test:• Create Lab Test.• Create Lab Test invoice.• Manages the request, creation and evaluation of laboratory analyses• Integrated with Lab test – Lab test, Lab test reports.• Create Lab testing unit and New test type.
  4. 4. Brief about – Hospital Management Module Cont...3) Patient Prescription details :• Create Prescription detail.• Prescription with Pharmacy details.• Strong focus on family medicine and Primary Health Care• Create Prescription Invoice• Track prescription treatment duration.• Attach prescription note or documents.• Medicine dose details.4) Medicine details• Medicine / Drugs information.• Medical stock and supply chain management• Medicin records with components and Price details• Storage condition information
  5. 5. OpenERP Hospital Management Module5) Patint Hospitalisation• Admit patient with details• Patient Admission Registration form• Patient Hospitalised reason details• Hospitalised Ward details• Admit and discharg process6) Health Center Ward• Helth center ward details• Available beds details• Other services details- AC, TV, Internet, Guest Sofa, Private bathroom etc.• Availability status
  6. 6. Brief about – School Management Module Cont...7) Invoices :• Lab Requests to be invoiced• Appointments to be invoiced• Print Prescription reports• Prescriptions to be invoiced• Create Lab Invoice• Pre-operation checklist, procedures.• Operating rooms, patient surgery history.
  7. 7. OpenERP Hospital Management ModuleThe Hosiptal record is created and the Hierarchy of the Hospital infrstucture ismaintained by defining Building , Units , Wards , Beds etc
  8. 8. OpenERP Hospital Management ModuleScreen-shot showing a record for a ward
  9. 9. OpenERP Hospital Management ModuleThe classification of 14181 diseases is done according to ICD 10. new records can beadded to the already present list
  10. 10. OpenERP Hospital Management ModuleList of 4298 Genectic Risks along with their official symbol is provided to maintain thedetails of the patient. New records can also be added to the already present list
  11. 11. OpenERP Hospital Management ModuleList of 72589 Medical Procedures along with their long Text is also available. We canalso add more medical procedures to the list.
  12. 12. OpenERP Hospital Management ModuleAbove screen shows the patient details form where we can enter patient generalinformnation, Diesease infromation, Lab test details ,Medical history etc.
  13. 13. OpenERP Hospital Management Module :Appointment can be scheduled using above form in Hospital management..
  14. 14. OpenERP Hospital Management ModulePatient Hospitalised details we can fill in the above Patient Hospitalisation Administrationform.
  15. 15. OpenERP Hospital Management ModuleAbove is prescription form where we can add prescription details of patient , we can printreport.
  16. 16. OpenERP Hospital Management ModuleWe can create Lab request and print invoice for Lab report
  17. 17. OpenERP Hospital Management ModuleUsing OpenERP Hospital mangement we can add medicine details in record with Activecomponents and Price detailsWe can attached documents or reference papers about the medical
  18. 18. OpenERP Hospital Management ModuleUsing Insurance records added into system we can track insurance details whilepatient admission into hospital
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