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Metro Style Wordpress Theme

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Responsive 1440 to 320 WordPress Theme. Professional website for your business for 45$. Easy to setup, Video lessons included with the theme. Dedicated support forum. More than 3000 customers and counting. Enjoy. Link to preview: http://www.olevmedia.com/themes/preview/?item=metro

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Metro Style Wordpress Theme

  1. 1. MetroStyleWordpress Themewww.olevmedia.com
  2. 2. Lot of features:● Responsive layout (1440 to 320px; on/off via options)● Regular or Magazine homepage layouts available● Attractive slider (automatically resize images, auto-slide feature, supports video)● Tune background, panels’s opacity and 22 theme’s colors via Styling menu. Save your own color scheme or use 25 hand made wordpress skins● Your own logo (image) can be added● Google.Font support (500+)● 6 custom widgets (Blog, Portfolio, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook Like Box, Video)● Basic contact form builded-in (sends form data to email)● Facebook comments integrated (on/off via options)● Shortcodes generator, integrated to visual editor (Galleries, Pricing tables, Testimonials, Logos, Aligned Content, Buttons, Lists, Icons, Videos, Infopanes, Tabs, Pricing Tables, Dropcaps and etc.)● Galleries manager (possibility to create galleries in the separate section and insert to any post/ page with shortcodes)● Multiple portfolio pages● 380+ built-in icons + country flags set available via shortcodes● Breadcrumbs builded-in (on/ off via options)
  3. 3. Lot of features:● Rich theme options● Full localization support (contains .po/.mo files)● Video support● Supports WPML (The WordPress Multilingual Plugin)● 2 layouts for Blog (Full, Lite)● 2 layouts for Portfolio (3 column, Masonry)● Additional page templates (Full-width)● Recent posts shortcode● Recent portfolios shortcode● Custom sidebar for every page/post available● Custom sidebar position (right/left side)● Sliding sidebar● Custom login logo● Demo XML file is included● Contact Form 7 WP plugin optimized● Nested comments for posts● SEO friendly and fast Loading● Professional author’s support
  4. 4. Easy color selection 25 ready colorschemes
  5. 5. Mobile-friendly & responsive
  6. 6. Works onmobile phones
  7. 7. More than 3000 customers and counting!
  8. 8. Dedicated user-support forum
  9. 9. Buy today for 45$! on themeforest. net! Click to preview